i actually do not understand this meme at all

@nd tumblr

I think it really needs to be said in a more formal way why mental illness Tumblr seriously needs to evaluate what they’re doing. Before I get into this, I wanna say that I know this is just a website and I have a choice in what communities I interact with, but when you are living in an abusive environment and you have nobody to look to but your abusers you usually go to social media. I went to Tumblr because it is the most accepting when it comes to mental illness to some extent, because people didn’t immediately judge me or hate me for my symptoms.

Note: sorry for the strange school-esque organization, i just did headings to make it easier to read for people

Anti-recovery and promoting unhealthy mindsets

For the most part, mental illness Tumblr barely promotes recovery or healthy coping mechanisms. Mi Tumblr (mental illness Tumblr) is mostly talking about symptoms in a unhealthy way and are just saying that suffering is a good thing. I completely understand that being mentally ill comes with a ton of negativity within yourself. It is healthy to talk about your problems, it’s good to be open and to reach out to others, but never promoting good vibes or good coping mechanisms in return is not helping. When someone is having any type of episode, they need help, maybe not immediately for some people because they are in too bad of a state to immediately recover from the episode (just listen to what they need), but they should get support and comfort sometime soon. It’s absolutely ideal to recover and/or get in the habit of healthy coping mechanisms. I feel that mi Tumblr isn’t helping us recover or creating a safe environment for nd folk by not normalizing healthy mindsets and healthy coping mechanisms, they are normalizing the suffering and unhealthy ways to deal with your symptoms. Most posts are just talking about our awful experiences and then ending it there. There is literally no support or comfort afterwards. I understand wanting to relate with others when talking about your mental health. It’s great to know that others are going through the same and you’re not alone, but just do not end it there, for your own health. Try to make a support system for each other with this person since they relate with you. Talk about it with people and try to help each other out. One more example I want to bring into light, is when people reblog others personal posts. Personal posts are for venting and it’s not made for others to spread, but people reblog it anyway for the aesthetic and are not taking the op’s feelings seriously.

I want to get this through with a lot of people that recovering or improving in controlling or coping with your symptoms does not make you invalid. It is okay to recover, it does not make you obsolete to the mental illness community.

Memes within the community 

I want to speak about the whole meme thing going on about mental illness. I can understand that joking about stuff can help you cope, but making mi this huge meme isn’t good for a lot of people. For nd folk, making these memes within the community makes them feel like it’s okay to suffer, like it’s okay and a laughing matter to be depressed or that “lmao i wanna kill yourself everyday.” People make all of these jokes and then say nothing about help and don’t express care for those who are suffering afterwards, it’s just a joke to them. It just promotes more anti-recovery for people. My boyfriend has had actual problems within the community where he would be feeling down and terrible and say “I feel depressed,” and people would actually laugh at him, because it’s a meme within the community to say “I’m so depressed,” or like i said earlier, “I wanna kill myself everyday.” I’ve had similar experiences where I would say “I want to fucking die,” or that “I hate living,” and I am actually entirely genuine and I feel suicidal as hell and people just laugh. People laugh, because they think it’s just a funny meme that everyone parrots in the mi community. It makes me feel disheartened and I regret being open about it because people just laugh within the community because they think i’m just making a meme. All of our feelings aren’t a joke and every nd person knows that, so don’t create these mi memes that we laugh at when they’re an actual serious matter. I understand venting with making jokes, I really do, but do not post it and make it go viral, just keep it personal if you need a way to say something without all of the heavy feelings carried with it. Saying a joke about your mi to avoid talking about the heavy feelings and just mentioning it in a not serious tone is not the best way to tell someone about your problems though. It should be normalized to talk about the heavy emotions when it comes to your feelings, you shouldn’t repress it with making a meme to mask what you’re really feeling. I can understand being afraid of disclosing something that personal to people and saying a joke instead, to sort of say something but not really be serious. Even though this makes sense, try your best to sit down with someone and really talk about your issues to avoid the awkwardness that the jokes could create and also avoid repressing your feelings. These memes about mi to me are just a way of repressing what we truly feel and I don’t think it’s healthy to do that. It should be communnity-wide to feel safe when talking about the heavy stuff and not ignore your feelings, bottling it all up.

Peer pressure

Mi Tumblr makes people feel like they should experience constant negative symptoms to fit in. (”You have to be this negative and upset to be mentally ill”) Having this pressure to be in a perpetuating negative state expressed so often in the community can make us not want to recover because they want to maintain their bad habits to fit in. If you end up recovering or noticing you’re getting better you’ll feel invalid and self conscious about this and want to get back to the unhealthy mindset that Tumblr promotes. I can absolutely vouch for this, absolutely. I have a bunch of mental problems and when I started to date my boyfriend I got a whole lot better about my mental health and I felt I was really starting recovery finally. I looked back at mi Tumblr and I started to get afraid I wasn’t valid as being mentally ill anymore and I started to get back to square 1 because of the lack of talk about recovery in the community. My boyfriend has had same experiences and I also talked to one of my friends about this and she said Tumblr has made her feel mentally worse ever since she joined.

Age groups

The majority of the mi community are minors and are really young in general, and I feel having all of the above normalized in this community is awful to teach these kids at such a young age. The friend I mentioned in the “Peer pressure” paragraph at the ending when I said “I also talked to one of my friends about this and she said Tumblr has made her feel mentally worse ever since she joined,” she is 14 y.o. 

Overall, just learning all of the crap from mi Tumblr is honestly really bad for the minors in the community. For those of you who cannot turn to anything but social media: try to find someone with the same problems as you and create a support system. Try to share coping mechanisms that could help or be there for each other whenever. Make support groups and try to steer away from mi Tumblr, it’s unhealthy as fuck. I could sit and talk about all of the awful coping mechanisms I have seen on this site, but that would be a whole new post. Don’t listen to that stuff, if it involves triggering you or making you upset or lying to yourself in the slightest, just don’t do it. Be safe and treat yourselves right and try to recover together and help each other out. Enough of this perpetuating negativity in the community.

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BPD Groupchat

i want to make a groupchat on either snapchat or imessage open to anyone with BPD or other cluster b
i want like a relatable support chat where we all help each other and receive help and complain and send memes and stuff
like and rb if you are interested and ill message you
(i understand those who do not want internet people or friends knowing irl info like phone number but i have made many good and safe friends online and thats why i wanna dm you first to make sure everyone is ok and safe :))))

Goro Akechi Headcanons

Alright so it’s been awhile that I’ve been wanting to do this so LE TS DO IT


  • Goro always has one pen or pencil on him that he uses. Always.
  • Like someone will offer him a pen but he just whips one out of his pocket and smile like “nah I’m good but thanks”
  • Anxiety is his middle name
  • Honestly that “Detective Prince” persona gives him a little bit of confidence but he’s just walking anxiety.
  • Gets nervous saying anything at all when he’s alone in public
  • Just tries to make it though the day so he can be alone in peace
  • He likes to talk to people face to face sometimes, but honesty texting them is so much easier for him because he can actually think of what he’s saying
  • Wants more friends but is scared to talk to anyone me too
  • Tried to make a friend once but they used him for personal gain and has had lots of trouble opening up since
  • Very good at listening
  • Like too good
  • He likes letting other people talk because he not only gets to know more about them but he doesn’t want to seem cocky if he talks about himself
  • Uses a high pitched voice than his actual voice when in he’s in public.
  • Someone told him his voice was too deep so he decided to never use it.
  • Actually swears a lot, just not around people. He tries to keep his reputation clean.
  • When he gets home he just gets angry and sad and like seventy different feelings at once.
  • “Oh thank you Karen I’m glad you hated my report” *karen walks away* “Fucking bitch ass Karen”
  • I’m sorry Karen
  • Tells nobody what he likes.
  • He’s not even sure what he likes tbh. He’s confused about everything because he’s gotta be the detective prince but he wants to be himself and it’s just “?????”
  • He does like Law & Order
  • Listen I know it sounds basic but listen if there’s a Law & Order marathon on you bet your ass he’s gonna watch it even if he’s seen every season
  • “Sae-san I can’t come into work” “Why?” “I’m sick I’m really sorry plustheresalawandordermarathonbye-”
  • If there’s honestly nothing good to watch he’ll just put on some random movie in the background while he’s doing something else.
  • He’s too busy to watch TV.
  • He does like video games though.
  • This fckin nerd
  • He can’t play them all the time but he really likes Sony and Nintendo.
  • Isn’t too good at fighting games but loves the soundtrack of Street Fighter and Tekken
  • He likes DanganRonpa a lot- y'all knew it was coming
  • He’ll think of cases with the trial music in the background and gets super excited.
  • He also enjoys Fire Emblem and The Last of Us. He just really likes the music and style in those games.
  • Sometimes watches anime.
  • Sometimes.
  • He’ll try to watch some popular ones to keep up with trends.
  • He’s honestly rather watch older anime.
  • He just doesn’t watch a lot of stuff in general. Even getting him to go to the movies is a tiny bit of a stretch.
  • Watches online videos because they cure the soul.
  • Yes he memes
  • Don’t lie to me on this he has a stash of memes on his phone.
  • Will probably send one in the middle of the day or at 1 am
  • “Same” and “me” are what he usually replies with
  • “Dude I wanna mcdie” “same”
  • He’s always cold. Always freezing always cold
  • For some reason though he radiates heat and he ends up sweating a lot maybe you shouldn’t wear suits in the summer you dork
  • Eating is one of the many forgetful things he forgets
  • He’s a little scared that his fans of anyone might say something about his weight but it’s only a light concern. He honestly just forgets to eat the yusuke effect
  • If he does eat though it’s usually a sandwich or some can of soup. He can make some stuff but never has enough time or effort to plan a actual meal
  • He kinda likes ramen but doesn’t like the steam getting in his eyes.
  • Hell yeah he loves sushi
  • He’s with fine spicy sushi. Sometimes. sweats
  • Probably might die from food poisoning honestly because he gets a lot of raw ones.
  • Once ate so much sushi to the point where he got sick
  • God help him
  • He’s a sucker for sweets.
  • If he’s in a bad mood he’ll go to the store and buy himself a bag full of candy stars or chocolate covered espresso beans.
  • Listen he really likes those espresso beans and they’re in stock for a short time so he immediately rushes to the store after work when he hears they’re available
  • Listens to music or random soundtracks all the time.
  • Music makes him feel more relaxed so he always carries a pair of earbuds with him at all times. Plus if he wants to ignore anyone he’ll just quietly put them on while trying to be nice.
  • He listens to a lot of soft piano covers and violin covers if he’s sleepy. But if he wants to wake up he’ll blast techno music.
  • Secretly likes idol groups. Has a playlist full of it.
  • He actually likes music in English
  • He can’t understand anything they’re saying except for like two words but he likes the beat of it.
  • You would not believe your eyes

essay post #3 because im mad about it

if i could go back in time first thing id do is somehow stop fidget cubes and spinners from ever entering the mainstream, i dont care if that means stim toys would stay expensive, hard to find, and always in childish themes - the public reception to fidget spinners makes me fucking mad and i want them back

like i dont think anyone without autism or adhd actually understand the use of them and now all i get bombarded with daily are funny memes abt spinners and the people that use them (fuckboy assholes apparently) 

and i cant say anything bc im one of those assholes who has 2 fidget spinners and uses them in public which makes me gross, mainstream, following the trends just because they were ripped away from the community that actually needs them and treated like a fun little toy without any context

like maybe im getting worked up abt this but like autism has a culture and it’s autistic teens and adults with their own autonomy, not just aggressive moms and young kids

and we deserve to keep the culture without it being made into a Funnee Meme (lord knows we get that shit directed at us already) and treated like a joke with no background

guys!!!! thank you so so so much or 2k i honestly cannot believe that i’ve hit this milestone in such short time.  i’ve had the best time writing for you guys and talking to you and to celebrate 2000 followers i want to do more of it!!!

on tuesday, august 15th, zoe, jen, and i are having a sleepover, and we thought it would be fun to include you guys in it!!!  starting around 7, you guys can send in (including, but not limited to):

  • fuck, marry, kills, 
  • would you rather’s
  • who’s more likely to (between zoe jen and i)
  • blurbs and headcanons (we will expand on them!!)
  • NSFW blurbs and headcanons (we will most definitely expand on them.)
  • spidey/marvel drawing prompts for jen (which may include memes we’re only human)
  • any and all questions or comments you have about skyline
  • any and all questions you have about anything else

we’ll be answering them till about midnight or one am or whenever jen gets too drunk and starts laying on the floor crying about tom 

*billy mays voice* BUT WAIT!!!! THERE’S MORE!!!!

in honour of 2k, we’ll also be doing a livestream (!!!!), starting around 7 or 8, depending on how long it takes me to figure out how to actually do one (apparently, there’s youstream, twitch, instagram…too many options i don’t understand technology i’ll let yall know when i figure it out) and we’ll be chatting it up on there as well!!!  so for the next week, send in any and all questions, comments, or topics you want discussed during the livestream!!!  just make sure to put a “Q&A” at the beginning of your ask so I know to save it for the livestream loveys!!  jen will draw some stuff, zoe will talk about how much she wants to sleep with tom, i’ll be drinking to forget, it’s gonna be great!!!!  pls don’t let this flop yall i’m so excited to talk to everyone and get to know you guys better!!!

please share this to get the word out, and i’ll reblog it a few times with some more details on how we’ll be doing the livestream.  it’s a week away, but feel free to start sending in your questions!!!

thank you so so much for all your love and support, and i’m so looking forward to talking to you guys. all my love.

it seems most days that people on the internet are so desperate for approval and acknowledgement they’ll just jump on whatever other people are saying

i include myself in this of course but i try to stay self critical

i guess it’s why memes get pounded into the ground before i know about the original. people piggybacking off people piggybacking off people piggybacking. it’s also why people appreciate a sassy “clap back” rather than actually trying to understand each other or make any kind of analysis. misunderstanding is Rife on the online. it’s often not a case of Irredeemable Asshole vs Good Funny Clever Person. sometimes it’s Confused Mouthy Youth vs Overly Scholarly SJW. sometimes you ppl are on the same side but your reading comprehension is off. it’s something we all do probably, and there’s no shame in admitting you were wrong, or owning up to a mistake .


nuance, i guess

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shiratorizawa's reaction to being woken up at 3 am by their s/o sending them memes pls ?? thx

this is it everyone. i was put on this earth a little more than 23 years ago to fill this exact request with the expansive knowledge of memes i’ve collected in my spare time since the dawn of memeing, from when it was just a niche subculture coming from the cesspool of Actual Flaming Shit that is 4chan to modern-day popular usage. i even went ahead and gave each one a specific meme to help me out.

i’m going with shiratorizawa starters + semi again. tendou’s ties-in with this headcanon post about him.


The meme you send him: Look at all those chickens! accompanied with the message “Me, showing off you and the rest of the volleyball team”

He doesn’t understand this at all. Those aren’t chickens, those are geese. Shiratorizawa has nothing to do with geese. Perhaps you’re just confused because it’s late at night and you should be asleep. He answers back simply, “Please do not think of me or anyone else on the team as chicken or geese. Goodnight.” He doesn’t bring it up in the morning.


The meme you send him: you just send him a text that says, “The Game”

It takes him a while to register the text between being sleepy and the vagueness of it. But then he remembers and he just about tosses his phone across the room. Really?! People are still playing that?! What year is it?! At least you lost too, because you had to have thought about it to text it to him. He’s a grump in the morning when he sees you.


The meme you send him: Reasons to Live Pepe but with his face photoshopped into the book in the second panel

At first he’s worried that you’re texting him at such a late hour and he’s ready to come to your rescue, but when he opens the text, his fear subsides. He’s very flattered that you feel that way, but the frog-man thing is somewhat… disturbing. (C’mon, Reon, Pepe can be cute at times! just not this Pepe.) Not to mention, you both really should be sleeping. In the morning he gently suggests, that in the future, to not meme too hard past midnight.


The meme you send him: You rapid fire text him “Je suis un Ananas” about 30 times (from this video)

Given that does this to you ALL THE TIME already, it was only a matter of time before you started doing it to him. He should have known better. Now you’ve challenged him to the Ultimate Meme-Off and he has no choice but to scour the internet for the finest vintage memes—we’re talking memes such as the “The Kitty Cat Dance”—because he knows your comebacks will mostly be very obscure or specific ones from the Modern Era of Memes. It is on like Dankey Kang. He can sleep when he’s dead.


The meme you send him: this and various other memes involving “I LOVE YOU” being shouted via caps lock

He forgot to turn down the volume on his phone before going to bed so his text alert going off nearly gives him a heart attack. He gets really flustered from the memes, so much that he has to cover his face with his hands and lie back down because you’re killing him! He doesn’t even care that you woke him up in the middle of the night. This is the best night ever! He can’t wait to see you in morning.


The meme you send him: First you send him the message, “Get ready to have your mind blown” and then proceed to send him rapid-fire Troll Physics comics (example)

He lets out a very resigned sigh because he knows exactly what you’re up to, just not what flavor it’ll be this time. He reads the comics—yes, all of them—that you send and for a minuscule moment he considers sending you the actual math and science behind why they’re wrong. Except that’s the point. He shuts off his text tone for the rest of the night and doesn’t say a word about it in the morning.


The meme you send him: Instagram quote rebuttals / hipster edits (example)

He squints his eyes at the brightness of his screen and it takes him a while to process what you’ve actually sent him. When it finally registers that you sent him a meme of all things (he was expecting something a little sexier given the late hour), he rolls his eyes and sends back a “Go to bed, you meme-loving fuck” before going back to sleep himself. At least it was one you both have jokes about and made your own versions of. He finds a few on his phone during breakfast to show you.


The meme you send him: Spongebob but with Alfonso Riberio’s face… you know the one

The text startles him awake, but he’s slow to look at his phone. He stares at it for a while, expecting something to happen as if it were a GIF or even a jump scare. It’s neither, thankfully, especially the latter. He doesn’t understand this and actually calls you to ask you what this means. Are you being cryptic? Even when you tell him it’s just supposed to be a silly picture, he still doesn’t understand. Poor guy will never understand your weird humor.

Character typing hell and bad MBTI type arguments: The SJs:

Thought this would be pretty empty but turns out that if you have any connection to the past you are an SJ so it was surprisingly uninsightful but full.


  • gets angry at change
  • caring
  • passive
  • cries a lot

Basically ISFJs are like INFJs but worse in every way is the takeaway here I think. There was also a weird overcorrecting which I’ve personally been guilty of, to be fair, in which female ISFJs were overcorrected to ISTJs because they were just performing femininity and not actually expressing it and oh god I can’t get into real discussions of gender norms right now, I’m drinking vodka as is.


  • conventional
  • uncreative
  • likes following the rules
  • not concerned with other people but loyal to external values
  • not a leader
  • sentimental
  • buries feelings
  • resourceful because of inferior Ne
  • obsessed with honor

stay far away from the Prince Zuko discourse good lord stay far away anyway that explains the honor entry (Prince Zuko: not an ISTJ but someone really thought he was). So yes, your typical stuff, the bad Captain America typing, and the conflicting “Ne makes them resourceful/Si doms can’t create things don’t be silly”. Basically if an ISTP can remember things, um, actually, they are an ISTJ. This is why I drink. To forget.


  • doesn’t come up with new ideas
  • too annoying to be an introvert
  • likes to be in charge and keep things orderly
  • has conventional goals
  • unilaterally supports moral positions because of sensing
  • doesn’t understand sarcasm

Also a combination of typical but surprisingly full. Apparently sensors cannot comprehend the complexity of moral gray areas now so that’s news you can flush down the toilet. There was definitely an undercurrent of “I hate this character and how she (they were mostly female characters) is shipped with someone so even though she is actually 100% an INTP I’ve decided she’s an ESFJ because I hate her”. Also stay moderately far from the Leslie Knope discourse.


  • scary
  • likes rules
  • hates small talk
  • can recall stuff from the past
  • under stress may go beyond physical limits

Most of this meanwhile is courtesy of self-typed ESTJ dude who based on his obsession with Grant Ward of Agents of SHIELD might have some things to work out. Anyway if you don’t have high Si you cannot remember things, and we all love rules and both love and hate small talk which…is actually sort of right, but not solely an SJ thing.

Thoughts from this adventure:

I’ve always been anti “Hey guys I made an MBTI table meme for this show” but now I actively want to hunt down everyone who does it and scream “DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU’VE DONE” at them so this was fun

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some HC's about Jared in school?

- supreme asshole
- 2K17
- to the mass public he’s a dick
- he shouts out the answers
- says he doesn’t study for tests
- spoilers: he actually DOES study. But tryings for losers
- he does all his power points in comic sans
- so many memes on the board
- working with him is the worst because he’s either at 0 or 100
- it goes from, “I don’t want to do anything you do it.”
- to “no I’ll do it, you’re wrong about everything.”
- doesn’t know how to make friends
- he doesn’t
- I promise this
- he just shouts mean things and hopes people understand that it’s a joke
- no one ever does
- you didn’t for a long time
- before actually understanding where he was coming from you probably H A T E D him
- but he just comes and sits with you at lunch
- says its because he feels sorry for you
- it’s not
- he likes you
- he has no idea how to tell you
- what a loser

good morning/afternoon/evening everyone!💘😚🤧i just wanted to say a few things briefly about how ive been running this blog and a few apologies too. ive been through a lot with yall lately and a lot has changed so suddenly - including myself. (i’ll put this under the cut for sake of other people)

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studyblr introduction!!

hi, welcome to my studyblr! i figured i should  stop lurking and actually post something so here’s a cheeky little intro to satisfy all your intro needs (maybe)


  • i’m chloe
  • i’m 17, born 29 march 2000
  • i’m from england
  • infp, hufflepuff (and i just realised the yellow theme i got going on matches that, total accident)
  • i’m studying for a levels in biology, maths, psychology, and sociology
  • apparently i like to list subjects in alphabetical order and start every sentence with i’m
  • oh and for some reason i also decided to do the EPQ, i have no idea why
  • i kind of want to do human sciences at uni next year but i don’t really know bc only 3 uk unis actually do the course
  • i guess i started this studyblr so i would actually be motivated to study since i’ve only studied for a total of like 3.1415 seconds in my life
  • and also to stop procrastinating
  • bc i procrastinate a lot, A LOT
  • learning sign language would be good
  • this is my second time trying to write this post bc it didn’t save last time (yayyy!)


  • music (wow such an original interest)
  • but like, for real, indie music is pretty cool. get inuit, the magic gang, marsicans, are all good bands, i could go on but i’m not going to 
  • getting tagged in memes
  • i quite enjoy photography so i’d like to find time to do some more of that
  • sleep
  • sarcasm
  • :)
  • you, yes you, reader

the sections about studyblrs i like:

  • @peachisty - not actually a studyblr but i made the mistake before so i’m sticking to it
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  • @studyblr - do i even need to add something here
  • @studyfreaksdiary - hello there, i’m a studyfreaksdiary nerd
  • @fuckingstudy - nice username pal
  • @problematicprocrastinator - you’re so sweet, your text post about GCSE results is evidence of that
  • there’s a lot more but this post is getting very long

thanks for reading this far, as a reward for your efforts please read the last bullet point of the likes section :), if you still want to read more after that there’s some hashtags tags below


I know nobody’s gonna care but I’m going to rant wtf When I look up a tag I want to see what I looked up and not some fucking bull shit hate. I understand a lot of people on tumblr don’t like onision but to really hate literally 24/7 is getting really fucking annoying. Don’t you guys have anything better to do than hate? Don’t you want to go out and enjoy life and idk laugh a little? When I look up onision on tumblr I always expect to see some nice gifs of old and new videos and maybe some new memes about him or something but literally all I get is hate. With onision I understand why some wouldn’t like him. He does say pretty offensive things I will admit but fucking really just move on. Stop stalking him to find every bad thing about him. I me a why are you looking at his tweets if you actually not interested in what he’s saying. It just gets me so pissed that people are actually spending the time to hate another human being. With his Channel onision. It’s a comedy Chanel. His jokes are offensive but guess what Tumblr people find it funny. It’s fucking comedy guys nothing on that Channel is serious. It isn’t supposed to be. Onision has helped me through so much. I truly believe the reason I’m alive is because of him. A few years back I had terrible depression. Topping that off with other mental disorders my life was practically hell. Then my mom had a stroke and everything went to hell. A year later I was raped multiple times by a family member. I felt terrible. I hated my life and I hated myself. Onision changed that for me. His videos on his channel onisionspeaks really helped me. They practically showed me that I wasn’t alone and other people were going through the same things and I could get help. He put my feelings into words for me with one of his videos. The video was named rape apologists I think. He was talking about a girl and a male friend but the situation was practically the same. Practically my whole family were what you would call rape apologists. I thought what happened to me didn’t matter because of them but he showed me it did matter. Again he put my feelings into words and helped me cope with it. I’ve always wanted to meet him and just tell him how much he means to me and I’m so thankful. It just gets me so pissed when social justice warriors are making him seem like a terrible person for saying an offensive joke. Again he’s a fucking comedian. I’m sorry for the long ass rant I’m sure you can deal. Now have a nice day or night or whatever -a very pissed girl at 3 am

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Ahh I did the steal other artists style meme =w= this was a lot of fun trying to figure out how other people draw xD oh goodness Im sure I butchered all your colouring styles im sorry ^^;

anyways, I tried to do the artist that styles I really admire! (I hope none of you mind) I tried the lovelies n-a-d-h-i-e , easyminds , nalutbh, shandisworld, luciasatalina, and kkumri ;D

Percy Jackson and the olympians sentence starters
  • “That’s not what I meant.” 
  • "Which one is me?”
  • “God alert!“
  • “Can you surf really well, then?”
  • “ Now, if she’d invented pizza-that I could understand.”
  • “Remind me again-why do you hate me so much?“
  • “Hey, can I see that sword you were using?”
  • “Nothing like watching your relatives fight, I always say.”
  • “ Well, we kind of tried to kill each other in a duel to the death.“
  • “It’s useless to lecture a human.”
  • "The little deformed one,”
  • “Oh, shut up.”
  • "I don’t know. But I just know that I’ll be fighting next to you.”
  • “ Any more stupid questions?”
  • “Every time I’m around you, some monsters attack us. What’s to be nervous about?”
  • “I’m calm,“
  • “ Am I a troubled kid? Yeah. You could say that.”
  • “ I don’t hate you.”
  • “ if you’re going to kill me, could you just get on with it?”
  • “ “We’ve learned that your plans really, really bite!”
  • “Save yourselves!”
  • “There is always a way out for those clever enough to find it.”
  • “Lots of death, huh? Personally, I’m trying to avoid lots of death, but you guys have fun!”
  • “Can’t this thing go any faster?”
  • “No argument here.”
  • "I’m a vegetarian.”
  • “Sugar and caffeine. My willpower crumbled.”
  • “You’re afraid of heights.”
  • “Just take the compliment. I swear, is it so hard?”
  • “Not all powers are spectacular.”
  • “ Uh…don’t we deal in myths?”
  • “ No, I mean it’s a MADE-UP myth. Not like, an actual true myth.”
  •   “I know, I’m an idiot!“
  • “ "I don’t understand." 
  • “You forgot, didn’t you?”
  • "You are so good,”
  • “ “How do you greet a god? “
  • “The rivalry ends here,“

For me, it’s not about being “better” or “higher” than someone by being kind and patient with them, it’s about realizing that I would want that same treatment if I were ignorant about something. About knowing how I would feel to be yelled at if I had a “problematic” misconception about something. The world is very big and we are very small and very limited. There is a lot all of us don’t know, even you who think you are so well-informed and perfectly #unproblematic. 

Today, and many many times in my life now, someone said in response to learning that I’m narcoleptic, “you have NARCOLEPSY?! SO YOU’LL JUST *MOTION LIKE FALLING OVER* FALL ASLEEP???” 

Internally, I was pulling my hair out. It’s frustrating. I’m sick of it. It makes me want to rant. 

But my feelings are not a permission slip to take out that frustration on someone who literally does not know better, whether or not they were trying to be an asshole. Doesn’t mean I get to be an asshole. 

So as I try to do, I just sort of laughed and said, “no, actually that’s a huge misconception—narcolepsy is not just some random disorder where you fall asleep for no reason. Some narcoleptics have that symptom but not all, and we are so, so tired because our brains are missing what they need to allow us to get deep, restorative sleep. Most narcoleptics struggle with insomnia, and some like me have frequent waking hallucinations as well as episodes of sleep paralysis with very vivid and strong hallucinations. Depression also comes with it both from the brain itself and how difficult the illness is to live with. We feel as though we’ve been awake for 3 days straight all the time, no matter how much we actually sleep.” 

She was blown away! She had no idea! 

I taught someone instead of yelling and looking like an asshole and wasting an opportunity just for a moment of anger release. That’s why I got squishies for that shit lol. 

I don’t mean that you cannot be firm when you need to (believe you me, like when Latinas, especially older women, tell me that because I’m mixed, I’m not Latina at all! wtf??) but I just feel like… So much of this assholery is completely unnecessary and then they try to justify it with “but I was mad and I have feelings about xyz bad thing I experience due to abc”.

I get it, man. I don’t need to do my whole checklist here to tell you that I get it. Shit is so hard and it makes it easier to be mad at SOMEONE instead of recognizing things on a bigger scale like, “why the fuck does everyone think narcolepsy is just *falling asleep randomly* and not, you know, an actual illness that causes a lot of suffering and hardship just on its own??”

So then, I talk about it, I make videos about it, I take breaks when I’m too tired to talk about it. I’ve had a lot of anger about it, especially when I was first diagnosed. I’ve had people blow the fuck up at me for commenting on their baby animal sleeping pics or random stranger sleeping in public pics because they fucking tag it as #Lol #narcolepsy and I’m like… dude, it’s an illness. It’s not someone just sleeping in a funny or cute way. It’s not #lol at all. I’ve had people tell me I’m lucky and have a gift since I can get stimulants from doctors, which I don’t want or use anyway (they made me worse why the hell did they give a severe insomniac narcoleptic with anxiety who sleeps like 10 mins at a time STIMULANTS I NEED LESS STIMULI PLEASE). 

Point is, with my multiple illnesses/disabilities, I’ve had people say so much fucking dumb shit to me, including everyone’s favorite, “have you tried yoga?” 

Yes. Almost every day, if I can. I love it, actually. I’ve been doing it casually for 10 years. I went to an Ayurvedic healing center for 10 days when I was really sick a few years ago when this got bad. I meditate. I journal. I do just about everything possible except upping my pain medication dose because I’m scared of going down that road. 

And I’m still in so pain and I’m angry 90% of the day because the pain just immediately consumes my body. 

But. I still try my best to be patient with people. As I would want them to be with me. I’m not perfect and I mess up still. But I’ve found it’s so worth trying, instead of just using it as an excuse to make #neurotypicalkaren memes that don’t actually… help the situation? Honestly that’s why I can’t groove with so much of tumblr’s anti-recovery stuff, they prioritize being angry and making mean memes about an issue over actually, like, doing something about it. I’m not saying you can’t vent and must always choose activism (ACTIVE-ISM, actively doing something) but damn, like… All I see is disabled people yelling at other disabled people lmao. And even some white knight actually neurotypical people trying to “protect” me from myself by crusading against menhera fashion (oh, please!).

I’m so mad about no one understanding let alone ever hearing about the illnesses that are making me hold on through high tides. And I mean some high tides. I wanna change that. Even in little ways here and there, if I can. Because education doesn’t just help “neurotypicals” to understand, it helps people who thought they were NT get diagnosed and get help. I mean, I lived with sleep parlaysis and hallucinations from age 12 on but no on ever took me seriously and I also thought maybe I was being visited by demons and didn’t want people to think I was crazier than they already did. If I had known, or if my doctors had known that it sounded off…

If the signs and symptoms of narcolepsy and all my other things were more widely understood (ie, not just “that disease where you fall asleep randomly LOL!!!”) I could’ve been diagnosed at an earlier age. If we had known, there would’ve been plenty to do to make sure I don’t end up a pharmaceutical cash cow by adulthood. 

*x-files theme* medicine in the US is real fishy sometimes

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Can I ask what the weird version of Dumbledore is about? I don't understand anything :/

((OOC: literally, Coachella Dumbledore was a hilarious thing that @lockhart-imagines came up with as a total meme and told @huffledoge and I about it during our Skype calls and we all like DIED laughing cuz the idea was so ridiculous. We loved it. So Allison and I had done a tumblr awards awhile back and one of the prizes for the people who won was that they got to pick a character for us to do a q+a night with. And @thehogwartsdormitories chose Dumbledore for me. So. The actual characterization REASON behind the answers I gave were to point out the flaws in Dumbledore’s character and how irresponsible a lot of the decisions he made were (not only in his youth). Satire is a great thing that everyone should become familiar with as a comedy form))

I’ve Had Enough

Im so sick of people just coming for Azusa. He is such a sweetheart that I would do anything for. It’s like nobody tries to understand him and that hurts. Im sick of all the memes about him being a total murder and such. Cut him some slack. I just feel bad for the people that actually do like him like I do.

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the most noticeable thing is ur hair n eyes!!!!!! also the way you draw yuuri n kotori!!!!!! ur art of them always ends up being my fav ones!!!

hair?? that’s cool actually I wouldn’t have thought that since I feel like the way I draw hair is what shifts the most :00 eyes I can understand though lmao,, and eARS all my ears are the same I wonder if anyone;s noticed

also thank you!! they’re all I draw my favs so I’m glad I do them justice ^^

what’s the most noticeable thing about my art style?