i actually do love and appreciate my brothers

hey wow so I just watched Newsies on Netflix and MMMM BOY 

  • I’ve watched a bootleg of the show before this, but it was in such bad quality I had no idea who anybody was 
  • now that I know this musical has actual characters and I could actually appreciate the choreography, which is frickin amazing??? 
  • the opening on the rooftop is so soft??? 
  • I love that Jack sees Davey who is, like, has no idea what he’s doing and is just trying to look out for his baby brother and goes “yep, that one” 
  • the way Davey looks at Jack in The World Will Know is So Much in HD 
  • Davey Jacobs is in love with Jack Kelly
    • listen homeboy goes from ‘who says we want a partner’ to ‘wow you’re an incredible artist’ to ‘I’m going to put my family’s livelihood on the line because you asked me to’ but it’s whatever 
  • Santa Fe fucked me right up 
  • “YER ERSTER” I love Racetrack so much, god bless Ben Cook
  • Katharine lifting her leg in King of New York is #Iconic 
  • Davey and Katharine dancing in King of New York 
  • Crutchie in the Refuge made me cry what the hell 
    • protect that boy 
  • Jack in a painting smock is a Look
  • Davey in act 2 has lost all his properness and I love it?? where’d the tie go?? when did he start talking like the other boys?? who knows?? but I love it so much…I love him
  • Jack’s face when he sees Katharine in Pulitzer’s office Kills The Man
  • Stealing food and clothes to feed the other kids??? what a Good
  • “HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT” and then she kisses him, honestly is there anyone more Iconic that Katharine Pulitzer?? 
  • and then Jack’s FACE after the kiss…the boy is SHOOK (god bless HD) 
  • “it’s good to have you back” “man, shut up.” I love Davey and Jack so fucking much, oh my god 
  • “so I suppose you’re the son of william hearst” AND THEN HE IS 
  • “those kids put out a pretty good paper” 
  • Teddy Roosevelt is a true icon
  • Jack mouthing “oh my god” to Davey after shaking Roosevelt’s hand 
  • “me, work for your father?” “you already work for my father” 

anyways please watch Newsies on Netflix, thank you for coming to my tedtalk 


Samar Appreciation Week, Day 4: Favourite Samar scene/quote/moment of Season 3?

Ugh, again. I have so many. Do I go with substance or sass? I love them both. I loved that in 3x07, we actually got to see a snapshot of not just her past, but her childhood too. We get so little personal information about Samar, that to see that story of her parents and her brother play out, was both heartbreaking, and one of my favourite things all season. The ending of that particular episode was decidedly not my favourite thing of the season, but we don’t need to talk about that.

Then of course, there’s the sass. Season 3 gave us some great moments. From ‘you boys about finished?’ to ‘going somewhere?’ to jokes about Aram’s music choices and Marvin Gerard’s complaining about stripping down to his boxers, Samar had some truly great one-liners in Season 3, and I will be forever grateful for it.

Then there was the silent, outstretched hand for Aram’s weed when Ress was already so horrified over it. I shouldn’t have laughed there, but I did. The raised eyebrows were just too great.

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How do you feel about Tobirama brushing Hashiramas hair for him?

I actually have a story sitting in the back of my mind that involves this, in a sort of background way. I love the idea of it. This just seems like it would be such a sweet sibling moment for them and it’s got to be hard to brush all that hair by himself. Hashirama probably would appreciate the help and Tobirama could likely use a few minutes to just sit and let his mind rest by performing some mind-numbing task like brushing his big brother’s hair. 

Little Stilinski (Theo Imagine Part 2)

Hi lovers! I blogged Little Stilinski yesterday at midnight and a lot of us sent me messages saying you want the part 2 so here it is. Hope you like it and keep sending me request! 

Part 1 

I did it listening The Reason 


(Y/N)’s POV

I woke up suddenly feeling relaxed. I felt how an arm was around my bare waist, keeping me against another body and I remembered who he was. Theo. He was my boyfriend and this night was our first time together. I still remembered how he felt inside of me, kissing all my skin, how his arms were around my body. I turned around and smiled at him. His face looked so cute while he was sleeping. 

- You know, staring is rude - he said with his sleepy voice. He hugged me tightly and I closed my eyes. I was happy because he was so sweet with me. In all our dates, he never made me feel uncomfortable. 

- It’s your fault, wolfie. I can’t take my eyes off of you.

He smiled softly and kissed my forehead. 

- Last night was amazing, love. If Stiles knew it, he would kill me.

- Nah, he’s a little ball of cutness. 

I stayed a moment quietly but Theo broke it. 

- Princess, I need to tell you something. You are not going to like that but I can’t hide you anything. 

I sat up and he did the same. I looked at him confusedly while he looked away. 

- You can tell me whatever, Theo. I’m not going to tell anyone, I promise. 

- It’s not that, I’m worried of your reaction because I don’t want to lose you. 

I felt pitty for him. He looked so broken and scared that I could help but kissed him on the lips softly. I broke the kiss and held his hand. 

- C’mon wolfie. 

- I-I worked with them. 

I stood frozen. What? Them? He was one of them?! He lied. He was a liar but, how? I got up and put a long t-shirt, Theo doing the same but also he put his underwear and jeans. 

- You work with them. You. Work. With. Them.

- Princess. 

- Don’t call me that! You are the reason of those deaths. You are the reason why my brother is like that. He’s stressed and almost he doesn’t sleep. 

- Let me explain it, please. I work with them because they promised me a pack. But I met you, (Y/N), I got to know you more, how wonderful and complete you made my life. 

Suddenly his phone rang and without even look at the name, I knew it was them. 

- You are late for going and kill people? 

- Since you and I started to date, I haven’t seen them I swear. 

- Stop lying to me, Theo. I hate - I was about to continue but Theo left me there.

In that moment I started to cry. I was in love with him and he was with them. I felt how his confession was breaking me. But, in spite of that, I felt worst because of his leaving. I do love him. Every laugh, every second with him. Actually, since I started to date him, none was missing or death. He changed and everyone from the pack noticed. Maybe it was true that he loved me and he hadn’t seen them. 

I was in the sofa watching a film with Stiles, still crying. My brother did everything to make me laugh but he got only fake smiles. I really appreciated it but I couldn’t. Suddenly, the phone rang and I looked at it. 

- Ugh, he again? I’m going to tell him to stop. 

- Stiles, let me talk to him. I want to. 

- No sis, I knew he would be bad for you. 

- But what if he’s in danger? He call me a lot. 

- Then it’s his problem not yours. 

I looked back at the phone and picked it up.

- Little Stilinski, princess. 

I almost cried again when I heard his soft voice but I couldn’t, infront of Stiles never.

- What do you want? 

- And stop calling her! - said Stiles loud enough. 

- I told them that I’m not going to help them more, that you made me better than I was before. I love you a lot and it hurts to see you hating me. 

I did love him, so so much and I wanted to be with him. When I thought about my happiest moments, Theo was almost in all of them and now he told he loved me back and left them. 

- I never hated you, wolfie - I said smiling. 

- Wolfie? Oh god, sister don’t do it - said Stiles but I ignored him. 

- Come over in ten minutes. 

- Great, I’ve got pizza for us and another one for Stiles. 

- You were so sure of yourself, don’t you? I’m too weak…

- You are not too weak, little Stilinski, you are just too in love. 

I smiled.

- Move your ass and come here. 

I hung up the phone and turned to face Stiles. 

- Are you crazy? I mean, you are the craziest girl ever. 

- He makes me happy, Stiles. He left them because of me, even he didn’t do anything since our first date. 

- But he’s Theo.

- And he’s going to buy you pizza. 

I looked at him with puppy eyes. He smiled a bit and hugged me tightly. 

- I’m not happy with this relationship but, if he makes you happy then he can stay. 

- Thank you, thank you, thank you - I said giving him kissis around his face. 

- Get out, specimen. 

I laughed and went to my room. I was changing myself into some clothes when I felt someone behind me. I smiled and remembered how Theo loved to surprise me. 

- You have been really faster, wolfie - I said and turned around but it wasn’t Theo, they were them, the Dread Doctors. 

Theo’s POV

I nocked and waited for someone to open the door. I didn’t seen her dad’s car so it was going to be just Stiles, my little Stilinski and myself. The door opened and I was expecting to see her but it was Stiles. 

- Hi, Stiles. 

- Hi Theo.

He took from my hands one of the boxes and looked at the pizza. He nodded and looked at me. 

- You can come in. 

I entered and left the pizza in the kitchen. I sat in one of the chairs and waited for her but suddenly I smelled blood. “Stiles” I heard but it was (Y/N) voice and it was like a whispered. 

I got up quickly and ran the stairs up.

- Where are you going?! - yelled Stiles.

- (Y/N) is in danger! 

We both approached her room and I opened it, seeing her on the floor wearing the t-shirt I gave her on her birthday but it was full of blood. I got on my knees next to her and held her in my arms. I started to cry a lot, without caring about Stiles. He was shocked, I could feel it, so he sat down there, watching with tear in his eyes her sister die. 

- No please, no. 

- It was them, the Dread Doctors.

I kissed her on the lips, remembering everything about her, the way her lips taste. I broke the kiss and she smiled at me while I was caresing her cheek. 

- Look after Stiles, okay? Love you wolfie. 

I nodded and she looked at Stiles. 

- Don’t you dare to say goodbye to me, specimen. 

She laughed and both Stiles and me closed our eyes to keep this sound in our memories. 

- You are the best brother ever. 

I couldn’t let her die. Not here. Not now. Not in my arms. I was going to bite her but Stiles stopped me. 

- It’s too late, man. 

It was true, now I didn’t hear her heartbeat, neither her breathing. I cried more than before and hugged her tightly against my chest, whispering ‘I love you, Little Stilinski’. They took the love of my life away and I’m not going to let them live like nothing. 

I got up and approached Stiles who I offered him my hand. He looked at me and I wiped my tears. 

- I’m going to kill them. Are you in? 


Requested by @letjimlightyourfirebaby

“Okay, darling, are you ready?” Kol asks you and you hardly stop yourself from making a sarcastic moment.

“I’m not gonna let you treat me like puppet, Mikaelson.” you grumble. “Just because I made some locating spell on your brothers, doesn’t mean I’ll work with you till the end.”

“Kol is shorter than Mikaelson, love.” he ignores your anger. “And of course you’ll come with me to New Orleans, I know you are looking for your ancestors in there.”

“It’s not your–”

“It is.” he interrupts you. “Since I came back to life due to your ancestral magic, everything you intend to do is my business. So, we should get going I guess.”

“I didn’t bring you back because of some stupid travel.” you insist. “I’ll hand you over to your brothers and they’ll help me reach my actual ancestors, okay? So, if you ever try to escape or anything, I swear to God-

“I want to go to New Orleans as much as you do, love.” Kol says. “Relax for a second please.”

“Whatevs.” you mutter and ignore his grin.

“Human transportation has been improved.” he observes in the bus station. “These things look more comfortable.”

“Your appreciation is admirable.” you mock. “Get in the car, idiot.”

“Oh no, I’m not gonna take of these unless you want me to slay everyone.” he rejects. “Wait here, I’ll find another car for us.”

“If you ever try to–”

“You’ll skin me alive, got it.” he raises his hands and leaves. God, you just can’t stand him.

He finds a sports car which looks way too expensive.

“Nice car.” you admit. “How many people you killed for that.”

“Unbelievably no one.” he says and drives. “If your judging eyes are satisfied, get in the car, witch.”

“You say like it’s a bad thing.” you giggle. “But I know how much you want to be one of us.”

He gives you a scary look. Like, really scary.

“Don’t ever try to play with me.” he says. “Don’t even think you are capable of that.”

“I wasn’t trying to do anything. Geez, you are the one who needs to relax, Mikaelson.”

“Like I said,” he looks at road and smiles like nothing happened. “Kol is shorter and warmer.”

Now you’re in the middle of Bourbon Street.

“See?” you mutter. “We’re here, your brothers are happy to see you and the older sister is willing to help me. Now I can get rid of you.”

He grins and kisses your hand.

“Always a pleasure, Y/N.” he says. “Maybe I’ll see you around.”

“I hated every second of our little journey.” you smile. “Hope you’ll die soon.”

“Do not break my heart and say things like that, darling.” Kol giggles. “If you need anything else, you know you shouldn’t come to my door.”

“That won’t be a problem… Kol.”

“Told you,” he says before he leaves. “The shorter, the warmer.”

Our Wedding (j.j.)

| Requested by onedmofo: Hi (I FUCKING LOVE YOUR STUFF) could you // would you do an imagine where Jack J. has already met your family- and is going to y/n’s brothers wedding? I know you’re brilliant so whatever comes or even changes is perfect for me!!(;


“You look gorgeous.” Jack breathed out as I stepped into the living room where my parents and boyfriend were waiting.

Ouch, parents and boyfriend…

No, no. They actually got along together. They met each other before and it all went pretty well. My parents even told me that Jack is a keeper. “Finally!” Mom said, smirking a a little.

“Thanks for the appreciation, mother.” I teased.

“Kidding, you look amazing honey.” She said while rubbing my arm slightly.

“Thank you.” I said while giving a warm smile.

My dad complimented me simply, he wasn’t one of the ‘giving out compliments’. We gathered our stuff and went to the church to meet my brother and his soon-to-be wife.

They were getting married today.

My prick brother was going to get a wife. He was ready to commit. (Let’s not forget the part where he used to be a huge fuckboy a couple of years ago.) When I first heard Drew was getting married, I might’ve asked everyone he knew if it was true, ‘cause it was pretty hard to believe.

But after a couple of hours, I got pretty convinced that he actually did propose to his girlfriend.

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Things I want to tell the Signs (I know)

Aries: You’re brave and pretty cool friends but you don’t have to make comments about every damn thing

Taurus: You’re so loyal and reliable ily but your stubbornness is OUT OF THIS WORLD like ugh

Gemini: You’re funny and adaptable but how do you always manage put others in the center of attention while still being the center of attention?? 

Cancer: You’re very empathetic and make great friends but there’s this thing called “having a good reason” have you ever heard of it

Leo: You don’t have to compliment my clothes. It’s very sweet of you, but I can’t take compliments, and I don’t really care about clothes. Also, I love your generosity!!

Virgo: I appreciate your help. I know you’re lowkey trying to helping others with little things, thank you. But you’re a bit too analytical for me.

Libra: You’re super friendly and disciplined and you always meet halfway but it makes me so upset because MY BROTHER BIT ME AND YOU’RE LIKE “How about you play together so he’s happy?“ and I’m like djFHNQWEHJAKNJ


Sagittarius: You’re nice and generous but if you would please get serious and get some shit done I want good grades

Capricorn: I love you, you’re so competetive but I am as well and we always fight each other…still love you

Aquarius: you’re very friendly and original, and you’re good at dragging yourself. But you’re also good at making it look like you’re the best lol.

Pisces: You’re imaginative and empathetic but you can’t always run away from your problems? Music won’t always be able to help so you better prepare yourself

Riley and Lucas’s conversation during the line dancing

Riley: The only thing I know is that I always want to be able to talk to you… maybe this (being like brother and sister) is the best way to do that.

Lucas: That’s what you want?

Riley: You know what I don’t want? I don’t want to go out for a while and break up and not like each other anymore! Isn’t that what happens next? Isn’t that what people do? I don’t understand that, Lucas! I always want you around! Maybe the best way to do that is to be like brother and sister.

Can we appreciate the fact Riley couldn’t bring herself to tell Lucas that being like his sister is what she really wanted? It was a simple, direct question. She could have just said yes. But she didn’t… couldn’t actually, I suspect. Instead, she replayed out loud all the reasons why lying about her feelings and pretending to love him as a brother could be worth it in the end, just for the sake of never losing him!

“No, no, no!” The boy exclaims, stopping the woman from colouring any more. “You almost went outside the lines!”

“Yeah, Carm, be more careful where you’re colouring” Laura laughed, getting a playful foot poke under the table from her girlfriend.

“Sorry, Isaac! I didn’t notice, good thing you did! So where have those parents of yours really gone huh?” Carmilla asked slyly, Laura looking to Isaac curiously.

He poked his lower lip out before going back to colouring his Spiderman.

“I’m not supposed to tell you..”

“Is it bad?” Laura asked, Isaac frantically shook his head.

“Oh no!” Carmilla gasped, winking to Laura to play along.

“What?! What’s wrong Auntie Carm?” He asked, his sweet little face  a picture of worry over his aunt.

“You’re not moving away are you? I don’t know what I’d do without my little ‘Zac!”

“I’m not going any where, silly” Isaac laughed. “Okay, but you can’t tell them I told you”

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