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Unfaithful (Part II)

(Part I)

A Little late, I know… But hopefully worth it!

Warnings: Language, mentions of domestic violence (on reader)

I adjusted Daniel, making sure he did not fall off my hip as i walked down the streets of my old hometown. Nothing changed since the last time I was here.

I walked towards Polly’s house, trying to keep my head down, in the hopes I could avoid all of the other Shelby’s. When I knocked on the door, I saw the curtains peel back a little, then the door swung open quickly, hitting the wall.

I was pulled into a hug by the woman who I considered a second mother, trying not to flinch when she squeezed me. After a few seconds of silent embracing, she pulled back to look at me. My eyes flew to the ground, not wanting to look into hers as she saw the reason I was here.

“My god…” She whispered, placing her hand on my chin to fully examine my wounds.

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Imagine being patricks little sister and the loser club being scared of you. Beverly tries to befriend you but richie isnt happy.


Being the little sister of a protective bully was always going to be difficult. Half the kids hated you the other half of kids sucked up to you. Your brother was Patrick Hocksteader, part of henrys crew of dickheads. Ever since he walked you to school on your first day people treated you as his sister not as your own person. People you’d know since you were 5 were now too scared to talk to you let alone be friends with you. The only kids who wanted to be your friend were the kids as bad as Henry who assumed you were as bad as your brother. At first you didnt mind being friends these kids, having crap friends was better than none? But as the year went your dislike for them grew, especially when you saw what they did to the other kids. It took you a whole year to realise it was better to eat lunch alone than with kids who got a kick out of teasing 10 year olds.

Your old “friends” took you leaving as an insult but as you were Patrick’s sister never dared approached you on the subject. The only teased from afar and never up close. All the other kids didnt know what to do. They saw you ditching the group of assholes as a good thing but were still scared of you brother. Seeing it as too much hassle to talk to you all the kids just pretended you didnt exist. You could go days without speaking at school. You’d learn and eat in silence, never speaking to anyone after learning long ago there’s no point in trying to make friends. Patrick ignore this and all his friends banished the rumours you were a loner, leaving you as a pointless person in school.

On your first day back at school after the summer you had science with a new class and a new seatig plan. The teacher sat you next to beverly. Youd know beverly partially, as in you heard a lot about her, mainly from henry, but knew it wasnt true. Your first science assignment in your new seat was to do a project with your partner, which unfortunately for you required talking.

“Hi” she smiled “im Beverly”. “I know…i mean yeah I’ve seen you…I’m y/n”. Beverly grinned at your babbling. You weren’t used to people being nice to you and found it intimidating. You worked hard on the project in class but when the week was up you still hadn’t finished it. You offered to take it home and finish it but beverly said that wasn’t fair and suggested you meet up to finish it. You didn’t want beverly around at yours, henry would be there and well it would t be pretty. Beverly sensed this and asked why didn’t you meet up at the park tomorrow at 12. You agreed and beverly grinned when you said you’d come. “Ill see you there” she smiled patting your arm before she hurried away.

You were ten minutes late to the park and you were very nervous. You weren’t completely sure beverly was going to show. You’d convinced yourself she was just teasing you, she wasn’t really being nice to you, nobody was unless they wanted something from you. You arrived at your agreed spot and looked around. You felt a sinking feeling in your stomach as you couldn’t see her. Embarrassment rushed through you as you felt colour rise into your cheeks. “Y/n”. You turned around and to your surprise beverly marsh stood before you. “Your here” beverly smiled. It took you a while to talk and when you did all you could do was stutter. “Beverly….hi…hi im yeah, sorry im late”. Beverly grinned telling you it didn’t matter.

You were both laid on the floor staring up at the sky. Youd finished the project hours ago but it was such a nice day you both decided to stay for a while. Beverly was so nice to you that you decided she must be a nice person. You were still very cautious of her but came t the conclusion that you liked her.
Beverly laughed “i love that book but did you hear about the movie?”.
Your turned as you heard people call to beverly, your heart sinking as you saw it was bill and the loser club. They ditched their bikes and stopped when they saw you sat next to her. Bill recovered the fastest “hey bev weve been looking all over for you”. “Ow me and y/n had a science project and then decided to hang out for a bit”. “Ow cool” bill nodded sitting next to beverly. Stan smiled at you sitting down next to bill but thats where the pleasantries ended. The others all sat behind bill and stan, not even near you, richie and eddie sitting the furthest away. The other four seemed to not even want to breathe in your presence and treated the situation as if beverly had befriended a grenade. Stan and bill felt bad and chatted with beverly about random things but made sure to include you. You noticed the looks richie was shooting bill and stan so decided to leave. “Thanks for today beverly but i think im gonna go now”. “Aw really?” Beverly asked “are you sure you cant stay?”. “Ow i don’t wanna intrude” you shrugged. “Your not” stan smiled “were just hanging out”. Richie and eddie threw each other looks and you glanced to them making them go red. “No i really should go”. “Well it was nice meeting you” bill smiled and stan nodded “bye”. The others echoed a bye and you walked away when beverly caught you up. “Hey y/n” she said “it was real fun hanging out with you today”. You smiled “i enjoyed it too”. She grinned “so were going to the lake tomorrow and i wanted to know if you wanted to come with”. “I don’t think your friends would like that very much” you laughed awkwardly. “Ow no stan and bill are cool with it and the others don’t mind really there just boys”. “Its fine really im busy tomorrow” you told her “maybe another time”. “Aw okay but heres my number” she said writing it on your wrist “call me if you want to hang out or anything”.

A few days and you managed to use your compulsive over thinking to convince yourself that beverly was only being nice to you because of your brother and that she didnt really like you. And so you never called her not until your mom brought up the fact you hadn’t been out of the house on weekends for 2 months. Your dad had got 4 free tickets for a fun fair from work and your mom thought it would be a great idea for you to take some friends. You said you would just to please her but had no intention of going. You decided to give them to beverly so rang her. You were so nervous you actually jumped when she picked up the phone. “Hello beverly…its y/n” you said meekly. “Y/n” beverly said happily “ive been wondering if you’d call how are you?”. “Im good erm listen i have some free rickets to a funfair and i wondered if you wanted them”. “Dont you want them?” Beverly asked. “Well…erm i haven’t been in years and just thought you’d like the tickets and could go have fun”. Beverly paused for a moment and then agreed “the funfair would be fun which is why i think you should come”. “But i only have 4 tickets”. “Hey thats cool me and you could go and then bill and Stan said for ages they’ve wanted to go too, wed have so much fun”. You hesitated and beverly could sense your nerves. “Listen i know richie and eddie were dicks the other week but i promise stan and bill arent like that i promise wed have fun”. “Okay” you said kicking yourself. “Really?” Beverly asked “awesome”. You laughed “so when do you wanna go?”.

You and beverly walked to bills house on your way to the funfair. Him and stan were waiting outside and they both greeted you like your brother wasn’t a prick which you appreciated. Stan smiled at you “hey y/n thanks so much for the tickets”. “Yeah its real cool how your dad them for free”. Bill agreed “Ow its nothing” you shrugged and beverly steered you all in the direction of the funfair. Stan and bill were as nice to you as beverly and you found they were nice to talk to. You were soon confident enough to chat to them and you found you had lots in common with them. You were starting to actually look forward to the fun fair until you spotted richie and the others up ahead.

“There you you shitheads are my grandmother walks faster than you”. “Richie?” Stan asked “what the hell are you doing here?”. “Heard you were going to the funfair and me eddie ben and mike thought that sounds like a great idea”. “Ow cool” bill said but beverly and stan looked angry. As you lined up for tickets stan said something to richie who replied “i can do what i want alright”. You used your free tickets and got the four of you in and stood awkwardly by beverly. “so what do you want to do?” She asked “did we say ghost train first?”. “Yeah” stan laughed reluctantly “come on lets get it over with”. “So death drop first yeah?” Richie asked separating bill and Stan from you. “come on bill you’ve got to try it with us, i thought you could come with me and ben”. “And stan you could do with me and mike” eddie finished. Bill stuttered trying to make everyone happy but stan shook his head “nah thats okay you all go together were gonna go this way”. Richie laughed “is someone a chicken”. “No someones pissed because you werent invited but classic Richie you had to show up”. Bill grabbed stan “okay we’ll see you around bye guys”. Richie gave up and let you go glaring until you were out of sight. “Sorry hes such a dick” stan said and you shook your head “hey its okay dont worry about it”. “Yeah lets just forget about them and have fun okay?” Beverly asked and you smiled.

An hour later and you actually having fun. Richie and Eddie kept appearing trying to get Stan and bill to join them but the boys kept refusing. Even after you’d told all three of them they could if they wanted to. Stan was the first to respond and told you he didn’t want you to leave which made you embarrassed. You decided you liked Stan almost as much as beverly and felt comfortable with all of them. You were walking across the grass when all 3 of them stopped and looked behind you. You followed their gaze and saw it landed on Henry. Henry smirked as he saw them and then saw you. You saw him look to your brother and Patrick said something to him. Henry shook his head and Patrick stood up looking angry. Henry went to walk towards you but Patrick grabbed his arm. You could see they were arguing when eventually henry slunk off away from you. Patrick looked up at you and then followed his friend. “Wow” Stan said “your brother made Henry back off”. “Yeah well my brother isn’t always a complete dick”. Beverly smiled “i can see that, it was nice of him”. You looked down awkwardly and bill cut in. “Hey y/n wa…wa…want to go on the bumper ca…ars”. You nodded at him gratefully and walked towards them.

All night patrick managed to control henry and keep him from going near you and the others but the same couldnt be said for richie and the rest. You heard yells come around the back of a rollercoaster and Stan frowned. “That sounds like ben”. A string of curses followed by a grunt told you richie was there too. You ran around to the back and saw your brother and his friends beating richie eddie mike and ben up. Patrick had richie against a wall amd had his knife to his cheek. Patrick had eddie in a headlock and the others two laughed as he went through eddies bag. Ben was on the floor with one of the guys foot his chest and mike was trying to help eddie. Patrick shoved mike on the floor and henry howled with laughter. “You’re an asshole you know that?” Richie spat. Henry laughed “you know eye surgery can help you see better, why don’t why try that?” He asked looking at his knife. “Henry stop” you yelled running forward. You yanked his arm away and stepped between him and Richie. “Back off y/n” he said “just walk away”. “No you need to leave these guys alone now!”. “Y/n” Patrick said “just go away okay, these people aren’t your friends”. “So its fine for you to beat them up? No they don’t deserve that its not fair”. “Okay y/n if you don’t move ill beat you up too” henry snarled. “You’re not touching my sister” Patrick yelled. “I will if she doesn’t move”. “If you even try to touch her” Patrick said yanking henry away from you. Henry turned around and looked at him “what?”. “I said you just try to touch her”. “Look i know shes family but shes being a bitch”. “If she says we cant touch them then we cant, were not hurting my sister, got it?”. Henry squared up to Patrick and time seemed to slow down as they stared at one another. Eventually henry sighed “lets get out of here, its lame”. Henry barged Patrick and walked away. Patrick followed him and so did the others. You let out your breath and turned around to Richie. You held out a hand to help him up “you okay?”. “Why did you do that?” He asked after you’d yanked him up. “Because i wanted to” you shrugged. “But you didn’t have to. Nobody asked you to”. “Richie for god sake cant you just be grateful!” Stan spat. “No I’ve been nothing but rude to her all night, i didn’t include you i tried to ruin your night so why would you help me?”. “I might be my brothers sister but that doesn’t mean i like what he does” you frowned. “But still like you could’ve easily have just walked away and let them beat me up after how i acted, i deserved it”. “People always act weird because of my brother” you shrugged “so no offence but if you think how you acted tonight is anything special your wrong”. Richie looked down embarrassed “Well thanks for helping me not get my ass kicked”. “Its okay” you shrugged. “And I’m sorry for being such a dick to you”. You laughed “like i said its nothing major”. “Still though its not right” Richie said awkwardly. “No its not” beverly said “You shouldn’t have to take that”. “Well i know its not great but like what can i do?” You asked “i cant change how people feel about me”. The others didn’t really know how to reply to that and looked down. “No i know you cant, trust me i do” beverly nodded “but you don’t have to go through it alone” she smiled “not anymore”. “What?” You asked. “Yeah” Richie nodded “were not scared of you anymore, i wont act like i did again i promise, you can hang around with us…i mean if you want”. “You don’t have to do this” you frowned. “No y/n” Stan said “we mean it, we like you”. You smiled. Bill nodded “yeah we do” he smiled. You grinned and beverly laughed putting an arm around you “so its decided”. “Welcome to the losers club” Richie announced.


Kai Parker x Reader
word count:
4 335
summary: Kai comes over to Reader’s house with a very important question about their future, when things take an unexpected turn.
* gif by me

A sigh left her lips and she sat on the couch, glancing at the clock. Earlier when he had called, her boyfriend had promised he’d be there by 7PM and it was already 8PM. He was never late and if he was going to be he always called, but just as she reached for her phone someones hands covered her eyes and someone’s breath tickled her neck. Instantly her breath got caught in her throat and her heartbeat increased. There were things she’d recognise in her sleep, things that could bring her back from the dead … and his touch was at the top of the list.

   “Malachai Parker…” she muttered, “Hasn’t anyone told you? It’s not polite to make a girl wait.”

Kai kissed her cheek and tossed himself on the couch next to her, instantly pulling her into his arms. His palm brushed against her cheek and their lips collided in a gentle kiss from which neither could pull away. Or get enough. It was always like this no matter how many times they kissed, ever since the first kiss a few weeks ago.

   “I’m sorry. I couldn’t get here sooner. Something happened.” he said softly, resting his forehead on hers and longingly gazing into her eyes. “I’ll make it up to you. It’s a promise.”

   “What happened?” she shifted on the couch, semi-climbing onto his lap. “Tell me.”

   “Not important at the moment.” he placed his hands on her waist while hers hooked around her waist. “What matters most is you being in my arms and nothing else. I um – there is something I wanted to ask you but you might get upset with me and I –”

   “I am not just your girlfriend, I am your best friend. You can tell and ask me anything.”

Kai smiled nervously, glancing at their hands as their fingers intertwined together. They’ve been together, romantically, for over two months now. Two absolutely blissfully happy filled months, minus the two weeks they spent apart due to her friends leaving him in 1903… They shared laughs, inside jokes and so many of the same interests. And no matter what her friends had told her and kept telling her about him, nothing could change her mind about them. Whenever he was around Y/N was always dopey grin happy and he loved seeing her like this, but –

   “Malachai –”

Y/N tilted her head slightly and playfully slapped his chest once, twice… her lips curled into a smile watching him look at her with his ocean blue eyes glowing like never before. Something was different about him and even though she couldn’t put her finger on it, she knew she liked it. No, she loved it. Slowly her smile turned into a laughter and he started laughing with her until he gripped her wrists, pinning her against the couch.

   “I’m leaving –”


   “—and I want you to come with me.” he added, gazing into her eyes. “I know your life is here, your friends… your family. That I am asking you to leave everything you know behind to be with me and –”

   “My life is wherever you are.” she interrupted him. “Wherever that is – this town, another continent or another planet or galaxy or the corner of the furthest galaxy. Another dimension –”

Kai smiled widely at her and pressed his lips briefly against hers. “You mean it? You’d leave your friends … your home, your family just to be with… me?”

   “Yeah…” she smiled, lightly holding her lip between her teeth. “I have no family remember? I mean, they are all at the cemetery. And I can make new friends um wherever it is we are going. Which is um… where exactly?”

Kai leaned in towards her, pressing his lips against hers and slowly trailing them down her neck.    “Anywhere. Everywhere… another planet, the corner of the furthest galaxy. Another dimension –”

Y/N laughed under her breath for a second and tangled her fingers in his hair.     “Just you and me. Forever. Like we were actually meant to get to the normal boyfriend-girlfriend stuff after everything that happened. You know, Prison Worlds… my friends trying to break us up.” Her eyes fluttered closed for a second enjoying his touch when suddenly his lips dissappeared. Y/N opened her eyes finding him look at her as if he was seeing her for the first time.

   “I don’t deserve you.”

   “You deserve the world, Kai.” she said quietly. “You deserve to get to live the way you want and to be happy. How many times do I have to remind you that, silly? I’ll go pack now cuz that will take forever.” she started to push him off her, when instead he pulled her up and her stomach rumbled. Kai laughed under his breath.

   “You do that.” he tapped her nose, smiling at her. “I’ll go make dinner cuz someone is clearly hungry and … we can leave in the morning?”

   “Sounds perfect to me.” Y/N cupped his face and pressed her lips against his in a long slow kiss before getting off the couch and almost running towards the stairs, stopping at the bottom to look at him. “I love you.”

   “I love you too.” he smiled at her, watching her make her way upstairs while his hand rested over his pocket. “More than words can describe.”

Y/N pushed her bedroom door open and pulled out a suitcase from under the bed, her smile unable to leave her face.  It was happening – she was about to get everything she could’ve ever dreamed about. A boy who loves her with all her flaws, who she loves with all his flaws. Someone she could start a family with, have children with. Someone she could grow old with. Her hands reached in the dresser and she almost tossed everything in the suitcase without even bothering to look until it was so full, she had to push it on the floor and sit on top of it to close it when she heard her phone ringing downstairs. She called out for Kai to pick it up but he didnt seem to have heard her so she ran downstairs. Her slippers slipped on the carpet in her hurry to pick it up and she almost fell on the couch before grabbing her phone from the coffee table. CAROLINE said the caller ID. Swiftly she swiped the screen and answered the call.

   “Hey, Care. Can I call you later? I’m kind of in the middle of something.”

   “Um no.” said her friend, lightly sniffling. “This can’t wait.”

   “What is it?” asked Y/N feeling a pit start to form in her stomach, slowly growing wih every second.

   “You should come to the Salvatore house.”

   “I can’t. Kai is o–”

   “Kai is dead, Y/N.” said her friend.

   “No, Care he isn’t—“  she got up heading towards the kitchen where supposedly Kai was making dinner. “He – he was just…” she ran around the house looking for him, feeling her heart sank a little deeper with every step she took. “What –”

   “Y/N, he has been dead for at least a few hours.” replied her friend. “He linked Elena to Bonnie then tried to kill her…and Damon –”

   “Damon what, Caroline?” said Y/N through gritted teeth, barely able to catch a breath. Tears had started to fill her eyes and even though she knew what the answer to her question would be, she dreaded hearing her friend’s answer. “What did he do?!”

   “He… killed him.”

   “No.” Y/N cried, resting her back against the wall in the living room. “No, you are lying. Damon wouldn’t do this to me. He knows how much Kai means to me. He… he wouldn’t.”

   “Y/N, I asked Damon to wait before he buries him so you can say goodbye but yo—”

Y/N’s phone slipped to the ground and slowly her back slid down the wall. But he would. a tiny voice told her. He absolutely would and he had. Damon had taken him away from her, again. Having Kai back for three days in secret… Three of the happiest days in her life and now he was gone all over again and this time forever.

As if from a distance she could hear her friend still talking to her on the phone but none of it mattered. There were no words that could comfort her, no words that can make the pain go away. Tears started streaming down her face and her body shook from the sobs while she hugged her knees, rocking back and forth on the ground trying to figure out if had her mind been playing tricks on her or if she was seeing ghosts. Or maybe Kai had played a trick on her friends so they can get away.

No, she shook her head. He would’ve told me. He wouldn’t put me through that kind of pain. He wouldn’t do this to me.

Y/N grabbed her phone and smashed it against the wall, quite literally turning it to bits but not before it knocked over the reading lamp hear by. Plastic and glass shreds covered the floor around her and it felt as if time stood still. Or the world had stopped spinning. Her mind kept spinning, replaying everything that had happened barely half an hour ago. It had felt so real, but if what Caroline had said – it hadn’t been and her friend wouldn’t lie to her. As the thought that she had lost him for good started to sink in, she felt as if all oxygen was being sucked out of the room, and the world felt as if was literally crashing and burning around her. It took her a couple of minutes to gather up the strength to stand up, get her car keys and get in her car, headeding straight towards the Salvatore house. On a few occasions on her way there, she ran a red light and when she finally parked the car before the house she had only one thought remained in her mind.

Y/N reached towards the backseat and pulled one of Rick’s compeessed air weapons, tucked it in one of her sleeve and in the other a couple syringes with concentrated shot of vervain.

   “Y/N –” said Stefan, reaching to hug her but she pushed him away.

   “Where is he?”

   “Damon is burying him in the woods.”

   “Where?” she insisted. “Tell me. Now.”

Stefan sighed and opened the front door, motioning for her to follow her. For a while they walked in silence, leafs and branches crunching under their feet. Her mind was drowning in memories shared with Kai – their first kiss, their first time… all the talks about their future, while she tried to decide what she’d do next. Seeing Kai’s body… A part of her knew it would crush her even but somehow, she had to see him herself because her heart refused to believe it. How could it be true? That the only person she had ever loved, ever cared and was ready to leave everything behind for was gone. No.

   “Look, Y/N…” started Stefan. “I know you must be in shock, I know you cared about him and loved him but –”

   “Love.” she corrected. “Present tense.”

   “Right.” nodded her friend. “But he crossed a line.”

Y/N stopped in her tracks. “And you haven’t? Damon hasn’t? Caroline hasn’t? All of us have crossed a line but murder… is never the answer. I thought someone who has lived over century and a half on this planet would know this by now.”

   “I do.” he watched her walk past him. “But Damon –”

   “Damon is Damon. He gets what he wants, as usual, no matter who he hurts in the process.” she muttered, pushing a branch away. “Kai –”

Damon looked up at her and then glanced at Kai’s body at his feet. He took a step towards her, blocking her view.   “Y/N, I am sorry. I –” his hands reached for her, but she pushed him away.

   “Stay away from me or I swear –”

   “Tell me what I can do to make it up to you –”

   “You can go to Hell –” she hissed and when he tried to touch her again, she staked him in the stomach and verivained him. Stefan took a step towards them unsure what to do. “Don’t take another step unless you want to join him on the ground.”

   “I understand you are hurt but this isn’t you.” said her friend, taking in another step. “Don’t –”

   “But it is.” she blinked back tears. “It is 100% me and you know it. Stefan, he took away the person I was in love with. The first person I was ever in love with, the only one who understood me completely. He took away my soulmate. Just be happy I staked him in the stomach, not the heart like I wanted to.”

   “You know what happens if you do kill him?” asked her friend taking another step towards her. “At first it will feel really good… but then you will crumble.” he took another step towards her and placed his hands on her shoulders. “I can help you deal with this pain –”

   “There is nothing you can say or do. I’m sorry, Stef.” she said apologetically.

A second later she watched his body drop to the ground. Taking in a shaky breath she took a step towards Kai’s body, wrapped in a large piece of cloth, and knelt down next to him. He deserved a proper burial, not an unmarked grave in the middle of nowhere and even though she had no idea how she’d get his body to her car she knew she’d find a way. For a moment her hands hovered over the fabric and finally she pulled it away, uncovering the body. Her tears filled eyes widened at the sight before her.

   “Oh my God –" she covered her mouth with her hand. Her world turned upside down again and she fell backwards on the ground trying to remember how to breathe when –

   “Care to explain why I had to do a locator spell to find you?” said a male voice. “And what are those two doing unconscious on the ground?”

Y/N got up and turned around, able to breathe for the first time in the past 30 minutes. There he was, Kai, leaning in against one of the trees. His lips curled into a smile and she took a step backwards from him while he took a step towards her. “You are alive… I will kill you myself for putting me through this.”

   “You weren’t supposed to leave the house. I went to the store – you had run out of a couple of things I needed to make dinner special. How was I supposed to know your annoying friends would call to tell you I died? Well, not died died…” he took a step towards her and another until his hands were around her waist and her back pressed against the tree. Purple/black veins flashed under his eyes and he could see the surprise in her eyes.

   “You are a vampire.”

   “A heretic actually.” he corrected her. “It’s incredible really. I can siphon my vampirism and convert it into more magic.”

   “Good for you.”

   “But what I love most is—” he said softly, brushing his fingertips against her cheek. “—is that now I can hear your breathing change when I touch you. Your heartbeat changing when I kissed you earlier or every time I touch you or call you mine. How it changes when I tell you that I love you. Like it did just now –”

   “I um –”

   “Let’s go home, bunny. I will explain everything.”

   “No. I am not going anywhere with you.” she pushed him off, angrily walking towards her friends then stepping over them.

   “Y/N –” he called out after her but she kept walking. He briskly made his way around the unconscious brothers and when he finally caught up with her, he had to yank her back because she still refused to even say a word to him. “Come on, Y/N. Talk to me.”

Y/N pushed him off, glared at him and scoffed continuing to walk on her way. An hour and her entire life had been turned upside down so many times she wasn’t even sure which way was up anymore.  Or if anything happening around her was real for that matter. Her angry footsteps echoed in the woods and she was pretty sure she was heading in the wrong direction but none of it mattered. Her mind was spinning and having Kai walk behind her wasn’t helping at all. She wanted to kiss him, hug him, slap him, kicking and punch him at the same time. A part of her was so upset with him and wanted to yell at him, to tell him off, the other wanted to suffocate him with kisses and never let him out of her sight again.

   “Yell at me. Punch me, come on.” he insisted. “I hate it when you are upset with me and… I know it’s been a couple of minutes but I miss the sound of your voice so –”  

   “I hate how much I love you.” she muttered more to herself than to him, stopping a few steps later to turn towards her boyfriend. “You mess up, repeatedly and I keep forgiving you because I love you more than I have ever loved anyone in my life. In fact, I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love you and you –” she sighed, placing her hand on her forehead. “You lied to me.” she said, blinking back tears. “You said you weren’t going to the wedding. You said all of this is behind you and that we are going to spend the evening together. And then you came home an hour late as if nothing had happened. Kai, you didn’t even tell me you’ve –”

Kai took a step towards her, attempting to touch her but she pushed him away. “I didn’t mean to hurt you… I –”  

   “You made a life changing choice and didn’t even tell me about it!” she continued. “You took away something I –”

   “Something that you what?” he questioned. “Tell me.”

Y/N wiped her nose with her wrist, blinking back tears before looking at him. “And to top it all, the least thing you could’ve done was leave a note before leaving the house. Ten words, that’s all you had to write…  ‘Hey, kitten. I am going to the store cuz you had ran out of pasta or whatever.’ I would’ve kept your secret. I trusted you…and you betrayed me.”

Kai laughed under his breath. “Kitten? More like a tiger, but yes. I understand. Big mistake… That’s three strikes on me. I – Let’s go home, please.”

   “Home?!” she muttered. “H-how did you even–”

   “—walk into your house without being invited in earlier?” he finished. “Remember earlier when I called you and you told me to ‘let myself in, mi casa es tú casa’?”

   “Right.” she muttered, looking at her shoes. Kai brushed his palm against her cheek and tilted her face up, forcing her to look at him. “Are you going to tell me what happened at the wedding, or should I go wake the two stooges over there?”

   “I got a peace of mind I’ve been longing for such a long time… and now I am free. We are free.” he cupped her face. “We are free to be together forever. That’s all I want. You. Always by my side, always in my arms… To spend eternity with you. And only you. I love you, Y/N. I love you more than you can possibly imagine and I can’t imagine spending a second without you. Yes, I screwed up. And I am so terribly sorry for this. You are right and …” he sighed. “Do you want to spend eternity with me? Or have I crossed the last line in our relationship, because if I had… I wouldn’t be able to go on living.”

   “Why do I feel like this is a marriage proposal?” she ran her fingers through her hair, glancing at him.  He glanced at his shoes and she noticed his hand in his jeans front pocket. Y/N shook her head. “OH no… no. You have a lot to make up for if you want me to say ‘Yes’ when you ask.”

Kai took a step towards her, holding her tightly against him. His forehead rested on hers, his lips almost touching hers as he spoke. “Well, I better start now then.” he pressed his lips against hers, or… tried to.

Instead of his lips meeting with hers, they met with her fingers.

   “No. D-Don’t do that. I am upset with you and –” he cut her off with a kiss and almost instantly she melted in his arms forgetting what he had done until the memory broke through her haze and she pushed him off. “K-keep your lips away from me. I am mad at you.”

   “No, you aren’t.” he shook his head, his lips twitching for a second. “Not really anyways –”

   “I am absolutely furious –”

He cut her off again, kissing her passionately when she pushed him off and her palm connected with his cheek. “I had that coming.”

   “Cloak yourself.” she demanded, spinning on her heels. “We are not done talking about this.” A couple of minutes later she almost ran out in the front yard where Caroline was waiting for her by the door and instantly ran to hug her.

   “Are you okay? Right… sorry, of course you are not okay.”

   “I’ll get better… OH and, I may have vervained Stefan and Damon in the woods. Tell them, I’m sorry.” she opened the car door. “Actually, tell Stefan I am sorry.”

   “You shouldn’t be alone right now. I’ll come with you –”

   “No, Care. I need some time to… process things. Having my life turned upside down in the span of a few hours. Losing everything I’ve ever wanted, I –”

Caroline nodded, watching her get in her car where Kai was waiting on the passenger seat already. “I get it. I’m here for you if you need me.”

   “Thanks, Care.” said Y/N, forcing a faint smile before putting the keys in the ignition and pulling down the driveway without even glancing at Kai.

For a while they drove in silence, both of them getting lost in their thoughts. Kai kept glancing at her trying to figure out what to say but the more he searched for the right words, the more it seemed he got tongue tied. Hurting her had never been his intention. He had hopped to the store to pick up a few things and when he had gotten back and seen the shattered pieces on the floor, unable to find her anywhere in the house he had felt as if he was dying all over again. How was he supposed to know her friends would call her that soon?! He had hoped they’d call her tomorrow when they’d already be gone and now… Whatever future he and Y/N had was so unclear, he couldn’t help but wonder if he had ruined the best thing that has ever happened to him. His gaze drifted from her out the window, watching the people on the street It was late but there were so many – husbands and wifes with children running around them or playing with each other… What if he never got to have that? What if he couldn’t fix things between them?

   “Y/N, I –” he started to say when she turned on the radio so loud his ears started to hurt. He flicked his wrist lightly, lowering the volume and sighed. “Tell me how to fix this.”

Y/N parked the car on the driveway, got out of the car and tossed him the car keys as he got out from his side. He caught them mid-air, quickly locked the car and chased after her only to have the front door slammed shut in his face. A sigh left his lips and he walked in after her, watching her climb up the stairs. It took him a split second and went after her.

   “You are not sleeping in my bed.” she stopped at her bedroom door. “You can sleep on the couch.”


   “No?” she turned towards him, “It’s the couch or the floor. Take your pick but you are not allowed to even get under the sheets with me in any way until you apologize –”

   “I did apologize.”

   “No. You haven’t. You apologized for everything except for the thing I am upset with you about.”

   “How can I know what you are upset about if you won’t even tell me?!”

   “Figure it out.” she started closing the door but he held it open. “What?!”

   “I’m sleeping on the floor.”

   “Not here you aren’t.”

   “You said ‘couch or floor’. I chose floor. You didn’t say where and I choose right there by your bed because I can’t be apart from you.”

   “Sucks to be you, then.”

Y/N struggled against him, trying to push the door. A groan of frustration escaped her lips and finally she decided to push him away herself. Her hands found their way on her chest and for a moment she almost caved in, allowing him in her bedroom. But having him that close to her after everything… No, she pushed him off and shut the door in this face right before locking it.

Kai placed his palm on the door and sighed, listening in to her breathe on the other side. He slid down to the floor, bringing up his knees to his chest trying to figure out what he had to apologize for when suddenly he heard her from the other side of the door… crying.



New Beginnings

Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 8 470
warning: smut
summary: concludes the story from ‘White Christmas’ & ‘Let It Snow’ ☃🎑/ though if you don’t have the time to read them, you can just skip over to this one; it can be read completely separate … ❤
*gif by me / keep reading after the cut🙄😈

New Year’s Eve

Kai rubbed his palms together in an attempt to warm them up on his way up the stairs of her house’s front porch. Snow covered the front yard and the tiny snowman they had built together the day before seemed to greet him with it’s branch-hand lifted up. Lights twinkled around the windows and even though Christmas had been a week ago, the Christmas spirit was very much in the air. As he got closer to the front door, he could hear light music playing inside along with her soft footsteps as she danced or tiptoed around the house humming along to the song. His lips curled into a small smile and he knocked on the door.

During the past few days since their conversation at the Salvatore’s backyard and their snow fun, he had started to see the walls built around her heart start to crumble down. He could see the little passageways in them too, ones that he had created which seemed to get bigger with every passing day along with her smile. A smile which somehow brightened up his day and warmed his heart like nothing else and didn’t seem to leave her lips ever since they had walked in the Salvatore boarding house after their winter wonderland adventure.
He couldn’t get the image out of his head – her eyes sparkling, her smile so bright and warm ot was almost as if it could melt the snow outside. Every time he had thrown a snowball at her a little harder causing her to nearly slip up on the snow, he had ran in vampire speed to catch her… and in the end both of them fell on the ground, her on top of him every time. But one of his favourite moments from that day had been walking into the house afterwards, both of them covered in snow and smiling wider than ever as if they didn’t have a care in the world; For the first time in his life he knew what real happiness felt like.

Kai glanced at his reflection in the door’s small glass windows, ran his fingers through his hair and tried to take a peek inside through the small gap in the curtains. They had spent every day the past week together – sometimes watching a movie; making a puzzle, playing chest, just having fun in the snow or just doing nothing. Kai had never imagined that sitting in silence gazing at her while she read a book next to him on the couch or just tried to untangle a giant ball with Christmas lights she seemed very keen on putting on, could be so much fun. Those days went down as one of the best ones in his life and kind of reminded him of the week he had been taking care of her after her clock tower jump not too long before her parents moved away and she had stayed behind. Just the two of them, no one there to interrupt them or anything. Only problem during those lazy afternoons together was the fact he couldn’t kiss her like he wanted and the close calls like when they reached across the floor for a puzzle piece or to move a chess piece weren’t helping much.

    “Hey. You are so punctual.” she opened the door smiling. Their eyes met and her breath got caught in her throat. His gorgeous blue/grey eyes sparkled like never before causing her heart to do an Olympic gold medal flip and the fact he was wearing that black trench coat wasn’t helping her heartbeat calm down. “Wow –”

Kai smiled at her, barely able to tear his gaze away. “Wow what?”

Y/N took his hand and pulled him inside. “Nothing, just … I don’t know. There is something different about your eyes. I um –” she cleared her throat, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips at her reaction. “I’m almost ready. Just have to grab my coat and bag.” she turned around and took a few steps before he gripped her wrist. “Malachai –”

He looked her up and down. Y/N had chosen a short black skirt, no surprise at all seeing how much she loved wearing those, ankle high boots and a long sleeve white pull over with a horizontal thick black stripe right in the middle. Her hair was pulled in a sideways loose ponytail and there was barely any make up on her face. Not that she needed any, she always looked – “So beautiful. Hmmm—” he licked his lip. “I’ll never get over it… or how much I love hearing you say my name.”

Y/N smiled shyly at the ground, intertwined their fingers together before her eyes met his. “Get used to it.” she took a shallow breath, feeling his palm brush gently against her cheek. “I um… and get ready to watch me fall like a thousand times on the ice skating ring.” she laughed nervously.

Kai’s lips curled into a smile. “How many times do I have to tell you? I will always catch you when you fall.”

*                   *                *

Spending the last day of the year with Kai at the ice skating ring quickly turned into her most favourite memories from the passing year. His hands never seemed to leave her body – he was always either holding her hand or his hand was on her waist keeping her balanced while they skated, not letting her even slip on the ice. His smile never seemed to leave his face and his laugh, well his laugh was the most beautiful sound she had ever head in her life.

Meeting her parents for christmas day dinner (seeing how their plane got rerouted due to a snowstorm the day before) had gone better than she could’ve expected. All those nerves she had felt the night before about the meet had vanished the second Kai’s arm had wound around her waist and everything had somehow seemed clearer than it had ever been before. Kai had gotten her parents approval and even more – her parents had asked when they could expect grandchildren from them seeing how they had been dating for quite a while (though that hadn’t been exactly the truth) at which point, if it hadn’t been because of Kai holding her she probably would’ve fainted. Always there to catch when you fall indeed, she thought.

Later on, after their ice skating adventure, they had stopped by the Grill to grab a cup with hot cocoa before heading towards the boarding house for the New Year’s party. Upon their arrival, they had gotten quite the looks walking in through the front door hand in hand, especially from Damon and Bonnie who were more on the fence about Kai than anyone else in the group. Neither of her friends said anything nor did they tried to separate them as they made their way into the living room and sat on the sofa next to each other. But even if someone had said something, neither Kai nor Y/N would’ve heard it – they were too lost in each other to notice much like all those times before. Only this time it was different because they werent standing on the opposite ends of the room exchanging longing glances, acting as if they didnt feel a thing for the other.

    “I have something for you.” she whispered in his ear while he tried to decide if he should put his arm around her shoulders or if it that would be too much for her friends to see. “It’s um… It’s at home actually.”

Kai turned towards her, his face barely an inch away from hers. He tried to remember if he had seen a gift wrapped somewhere in the house, but the only gift he could think of was her. Unless she had hidden it somewhere… but what else could she give him? He had everything right there by his side.
“You already gave me the best presents ever – spending my first real Christmas with you; this tie –” he wrapped his fingers around the tie on his neck, which she seemed to really like playing with. “—which I absolutely love, though nowhere as near as you seem to. You opening up and letting me into your heart … and something I never thought I’d get.”


    “My girl’s parents’ approval. I love saying that – my girl… Even though you um – you still haven’t given me an answer.” He smiled, watching her cheeks flush a light shade of pink a moment before she pulled his hand around her shoulder. Two days ago he had asked her to go on a date with him, at which point she had neither said ‘no’ nor she had said ‘yes’. There hadn’t been a ‘I’ll think about it’ either, just her eyes lighting up like he had never seen them before and her cheeks flushing a bright shade of red. “So cute when you are blushing.” He tapped her nose. “What else could you possibly give me?”

Y/N leaned towards him. “At least two more things that I can think of… Maybe three. I am not sure.”

Kai laughed and started to say something when Damon popped up in front of them, a drink in his hand and a curious slightly suspicious look on his face. “You two seem… cosy. Anything you’d like to share with the rest of the class?”

    “Awwwh are you jealous I got a girlfriend to spend the holidays with and you don’t?” Kai said innocently. Y/N elbowed him lightly noticing Damon’s expression shift at Kai’s comment. “Sorry, that was insensitive, wasn’t it?”

    “What he meant was – wait, did you just call me your girlfriend?” she asked, having a hard time not to smile even wider.

Kai smiled, tapped her nose again and turned towards the vampire. “We are just two best friends enjoying the holidays together. Why? Got a problem with that?”

Damon raised his hands in defence. “No. Just curious as to why this little sunshine is radiating so much sunshine. It’s melting the snow outside and possibly largely contributing to global warming –”

    “Sure, blame that on me.” she laughed. “I’m just… happy. You know, it’s Christmas. Was Christmas… and a new better year is coming.”

    “Yes it is…and I can tell you are going to be beyond happy.” smiled Caroline, grabbing her hands to pull her up. “But before that, there is something you have to help me with.”

    “What?” wondered Y/N, not wanting to get up from the couch. “Care –”

    “It will only be a minute. I promise.” said her friend determined, “You are coming with me.”
Y/N groaned quietly, got up from her seat and gripped Damon’s shirt. “If something happens to him, you are a goner. Got it?”

Kai watched the scene with amusement – Caroline kept trying to pull Y/N away but her feet seemed cemented in the floor until Damon muttered ‘Got it.’ and she finally let go off him.  “I just love her.” Kai said glancing at Damon who growled quietly and gave him the ‘one more word and you are dead’ look. “I mean um… she is awesome. The best. Really, the most incredible person on the planet.”

Damon sat next to him, almost slapping Kai’s shoulder with his hand. “That she is twerp.” He grinned at Kai’s nervous expression. “A real treasure and if you hurt her, you are a goner. I’ll personally make sure of that.”

Kai swallowed hard and started to say something when Y/N ran back towards him, leaned over him to grab her phone and shoved something in his pocket. She winked at him and ran off to catch up with Caroline. For a moment Kai stood there, watching Y/N’s skirt dance around her legs as she semi-ran away towards her friend who called out for her while he lightly tapped his hand on his pocket when he felt something inside and his breath got caught in his throat. He had felt it before … the way his jeans had tightened around him in the past few seconds. Though not in a familiar way which only added to his curiosity and he looked down at his pocket noticing something red stick out of it a little. His eyes widened at the thought of what was sticking out of his locket and he lightly pushed his hand in his pocket to confirm his suspicions.

Y/N had pushed her panties in his pocket and even though he knew it wasn’t possible, it felt as if fire radiated from them. He took a shallow breath, cleared his throat and looked around for her. Wherever she had gone, she was wearing only a skirt and he couldn’t help the thoughts flooding his mind. What does that even mean? he wondered, his lips curling into a small smile remembering something he had read in her journal by accident about a week ago.

Kai hopped off the sofa and poured himself a drink from Damon’s fancy alcohol, completely ignoring the vampire’s protests mostly because he was trying to figure out where she was in the house. Just the thought of her walking around with no underwear while wearing a skirt was enough for his mind to start drowning in all the things he wanted to do with and to her.

    “Hey –” smiled Y/N, “Are you okay? You look –”

    “Ready to watch tonight’s fireworks with the hottest girl to ever walk the planet?” he winked at her, his gaze drifting down her body and involuntarily bit his lip. If only they were alone his wondering hands and curious fingers would’ve found something else to occupy them instead of his phone. Having all her friends lurking around, he couldn’t even tell her what he wanted to do to her in that moment… “Beyond ready. W-where do you think would be the best place to watch?”

Y/N took a step closer to him without taking her eyes off his for a second. “I think I know a place.”

    “Good, good.” muttered Kai, holding her gaze as he pressed sent. “Drink?”

Y/N’s phone buzzed in her hand and he could hear the sudden change in her breathing and heartbeat as she read the text he had sent her. “No. No, I want to remember every second of tonight.”

You naughty girl. said the text. Teasing me like that? When I get you alone, there won’t be stopping me from g1etting what I want. And what I want is you.

*                       *               *

As the clock got closer to midnight, everyone gathered in the living room talking and laughing while waiting for the clock to mark the last second of the year and the first one of the next. Everyone but Y/N who had slipped away to make sure their perfect spot for watching the fireworks would be theirs alone.

Word about the New Years’ party at the Salvatore’s had spread and crowds with people had filled in the large living room during the past few hours. Kai had a slight suspicion all those people coming in groups for he party at the Salvatore house hadn’t been coincidental or random. Not after seeing that mischevious spark flash in Y/N’s eyes every time the doorbell rang and Damon tried pointlessly to try and compel the groups to go away.

Every time he thought he saw her in the crowd it turned out it wasn’t her. Finally, after what seemed like forever without having her in his arms, he spotted her in one of the corners. She lifted herself of her toes looking around for someone and her eyes instantly lit up when she saw him. Not wasting any time she started pushing her way through the crowd same as him, completely ignoring everyone else’s complains.

They had spent a better part of the past few hours in each others’ arms, dancing or just her sitting in his lap with the excuse that ‘someone else might want to sit down on the sofa’. Though he knew better. Every now and then she’d shift slightly on his lap, grinding her against the slight bulge in his jeans which seemed to get larger with every second. And keeping his hands away from what he wanted; from what he wanted so desperately to touch became harder and harder. All he wanted was to pull her out of the crowd and have his way with her, not carrying who might hear or see them. Or what they’d do to him. All he knew was that he wanted her –

    “Hey, sweet cheeks. I was just looking for you.”

    “And I you.” she smiled shyly, her gaze focused on his. “Do you think we could um, go somewhere a little more private?”

    “Yeah, of course.” he smiled nervously. Both of them made their way through the crowd until they ended up near by one of the hidden closets on the first floor not too far from the stairs and his hands found their perfect spot around her waist. “So, what happened to Clarisse’s playlist? I am pretty sure she didn’t pick those songs.”

Y/N smiled innocently, humming along to one of Kai’s favourite songs from the 80s/90s. “I don’t know. Someone might’ve made a couple additions to the playlist.”

Kai laughed under his breath mentally adding another thing to the list of reasons of why he loved her. “Hmmm, I wonder who that someone is. I want to show them how thankful I am for their awesome choice in music.”

    “Maybe I can help you find them. But I will want something in return.” A smile tugged at the corners of her lips and lifted herself on her toes to whisper in his ear. “Like for those few layers of clothes between us to disappear until its just you and me. Skin to skin. My hands on your body, your hands on mine… Our lips and bodies colliding while you make me moan your name over and over again.”

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(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader

WORD COUNT : 2 058

Both Kai and Reader have feelings for each other but none of them is willing to admit it to the other until Reader gets injured… 

*not my gif

It was Friday night and Y/N and Kai were supposed to meet at the movies. There was this scary movie Kai wanted to see and she had been more than happy to agree because it meant that during the scary scenes , he’ll hold her hand and pull her close to him. They’d sit in the back , away from the other viewers , as if they are the only people there. Y/N had feelings for him , but knew that he most likely didn’t feel the same way about her , so she kept quiet. Some times Kai would do or say something , making her wonder if he does have feelings for her , but … he never acted on it and she thought it she had imagined it.

Y/N walked down the street towards the cinema when her phone rang.
Kai. said the called ID. She smiled and answered.
“Hey.” she said smiling.
“When are you getting here? ” Kai said on the phone.
“I’m just turning down the street…” she said. “Be with you in a jiffy.”
Kai laughed from the other end of the phone.
“Alright , see you in a jiffy then.” he said smiling and hang up.

A moment later Kai saw her coming from other side of the street and his heart stopped for a moment. It happened every time he saw her. Y/N knew his past and everything he had done and had accepted him just the way he was , even before the merge. Y/N never judged him based on his past instead she supported him and had been there for him every single time he needed someone. He’d call her in the middle of the night or just turn up at her place unannounced and she’d let him in. They’d sit together and Y/N would listen and comfort him. Kai didn’t know how or when exactly he had fallen in love with her but he knew there was no changing that.

Y/N was crossing the street towards him when out of nowhere a car showed up and hit her , the driver not stopping. 
“Y/N !” Kai screamed running towards her. Y/N laid on the ground semi conscious. He pulled her into his arms , brushing her cheek. Her eyes fluttered open and closed as she tried to stay awake.
“You will be OK.” he said , his voice trembliing. “You will be OK ….“
Y/N reached her hand towards his cheek ; she wanted to touch him , comfort him but when she tried to speak no sound came out. There were so many things she wanted to tell him … Y/N tried to speak once again , only one wish popping into her head. If this was to be the end for her…
“Smile , please …” she said weakly. “I want to see your smile again.”
“You will be OK , just hold on…” he said , adding a weak smile afterwards.
“Kai , I …” she started to say but didnt get the chance to finish. Her eyes closed and she drifted into darkness./

Kai’s eyes were full of tears as he pulled her body closer to his. He could still feel her heartbeat…barely but still there.
“No , no. Please don’t leave me!” Kai said , his voice breaking. “You can’t die , you hear me! You can’t die , not now …” tears starting to roll his cheeks.
He felt as if air was being sucked out of his lungs , his heart breaking to million pieces watching Y/N’s unconscious body and knowing he can’t do anything to help her. A few moments after , he heard the sirens of the ambulance. The doctors lifted her body onto a gurney and Kai got into the ambulance with them , holding Y/N’s in his feeling her warmth not letting go.
After they arrived at the hospital , Kai spent hours pacing the hallway waiting for the doctors to come out and tell him what had happened. He was barely able to control his emotions , he felt sad , angry and broken at the same time. He punched a wall , bruising his hand but he didnt care about the pain , actually he didnt feel the pain on his hand at all. His heart was aching for Y/N. All he wanted was to take Y/N home , tell her how he felt about her before it’s too late …
After what seemed to him ages , the doctors finally came out to talk to him.
Soon after they transferred Y/N to a single room. His heart breaking a little at the sight of her in a hospital bed.
Kai held her hand and leaned over her , resting his forehead on hers.
“Come back to me , Y/N.” he whispered.“ Please come back to me… I love you.” he whispered , pressing his lips on hers.

Nearly a whole day passed before Y/N woke up.
Kai was sitting on a chair by Y/N’s hospital bed , holding her hand. His eyes were red and puffy from all the tears he had shed. The past few hours had been the worst in his life. He never knew pain such as this existed. It was as if someone had ripped his heart out and sent him straight to hell causing him the same excruciating pain over and over again.
The doctors had told him that it will take a while before she wakes up , but she will make full recovery… tho that didn’t make him feel any less worried. They had had to take out her spleen and she had bruised ribs and a broken leg but other than that she was alright.
Kai brought her hand to his lips , gently kissing her fingers. He felt broken , part of him fearing he’d never be able to feel whole again. He should’ve told her he loved her…. he should’ve told her when he first realised what those feelings meant.
Y/N squeezed his hand slightly. Kai’s eyes turning to look at her straight away feeling a flicker of hope.
“Y/N?” he said softly. “Please wake up …”
A few moments later he saw her eyes flutter and she opened them , her eyes taking in the room , her gaze falling on Kai. He felt a rush of relief seeing her beautiful eyes open again.
“Kai …” she said weakly.
“Shhh … Don’t talk.” he said softly , a smile on his face.
“Where am I?” she asked anyways.
Kai sighed. Even when in a hospital , she never listened.
“You are in a hospital. After that car hit you …” he said , swallowing hard lowering his gaze for a second. Kai was trying hard not to start crying again. “.. they brought you here… How are you feeling ?” he asked worry in his voice.
Y/N looked at him and felt her heart flutter but also break because Kai looked shattered. She couldn’t stand seeing him like this - puffy red eyes , messy hair a , she wanted to hug him and comfort him…
“A little sore.” she managed a small laugh. Kai’s eyes lit up at the sound. “Have you been here the whole time?” she asked , her voice a little louder this time. He nodded.
“I couldn’t leave you …” Kai said. Y/N managed a weak smile.
“Thank you.” she said giving his hand a squeeze.
“Y/N , there is something I … something I have to tell you.” he said nervously. Y/N looked at him confused , fear flashing in her eyes for a split second. “I … ” Kai started to say but suddenly changed his mind. No , this is not the way to tell her. It should be special. he thought. “It can wait.” he said leaning in to kiss her forehead. “You need to rest… and I am not going anywhere.”
Y/N was confused by what had just happened and wanted to ask him what it was about but she was starting to drift away again.
“Is that a promise?” she asked her voice barely louder than a whisper this time.
“It’s a promise.” Kai said , but Y/N didn’t hear him. Her eyes had already closed again , meds pulling her into a deep sleep.

Kai spent the next few days at the hospital with Y/N , never leaving her side. She spend most of the time unconscious due the painkillers , but every time she opened her eyes and saw Kai standing over her , she always smiled. Those were the only moments he felt able to breath again.
Kai had called her friends to come over at the hospital. He had asked them to heal her with vampire blood but when Y/N found out she had said No.
“People in this town have a bad habit of turning into vampires …” she had said. “I’d rather not turn into one …”

After Y/N was discharged from the hospital , Kai drove her home and helped her get settled in.
“I am going to take very good care of you.” he said helping her sit on the couch , elevating her broken leg. “Is there anything you want ? Ice cream ? Hot chocolate ? Pancakes ? ”
You. I want you. she wanted to say.
“Some ice cream would be awesome. Cookie dough and you pick the other flavour.” she said smiling.
“Got it.” he said winking at her before walking into the kitchen for the ice cream. He grabbed the ice cream (rocky road for him) from the freezer and two spoons before heading back towards the living room. “Here you go.” Kai said , sitting down next to her on the couch. She scooted over to him , her shoulder slightly brushing against his.
They were both silent for a few minutes , Y/N glancing at him and smiling. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her , even after everything that had happened there was a glow in her eyes and she seemed happy. Kai leaned in closer wanting to kiss her but he stopped himself.
“Y/N … I … I don’t know how to say this.” he said breaking the silence. Suddenly Kai felt more nervous than ever , his hands shaking and his heart about to leap out his chest.
Y/N left her ice cream to the table and took his hands in hers , looking into his eyes. “Just say it…” she said smiling.
Kai intertwined his fingers with hers and took a deep breath.
“I am in love with you , Y/N.” he said smiling , his eyes locked with hers.“ I’ve been in love with you for months and wanted to tell you so many times , but it was never the right moment…” he paused for a second. ”And then the other night when that car hit you and I held you in my hands thinking you might die , it made me realise how stupid I’ve been all this time. I should’ve told you about my feelings for you earlier. The thought of losing you and never been able to tell you how much I love you nearly killed me.” words pouring out of him. “I love you , Y/N. I love you more than anything in the world.. and I’ll understand if you just want to be friends , I just - … I don’t ever want to lose you. You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I want you in my life forever.”

Y/N smiled at him. So he did have feelings for her. Kai’s blue eyes were piercing into hers , waiting for an answer.
“I love you too , Kai. I thought you didn’t feel the same way about me , that’s why I didn’t tell you. I love you.” she said , wide smile on her face.
Kai’s face lit up hearing her words all the sadness draining away replaced by happiness. He tried to speak but Y/N pressed her lips against his , not letting him. He pulled her close feeling happier than he has ever had in his life. She loved him too and nothing else mattered.
"I love you , Y/N.”  Kai said , kissing her deeply.