i actually didnt fail

kic 3 update

so drinking last night was not the best decision?? i don’t make good decisions???

anyway i’m still fixing up this chapter because reading over it now there are a lot of problems lololol. i don’t wanna keep “dangling” an update in front of your faces though because i know it’s a bummer waiting for an update and not getting it so when the chapter does go up i’ll give like?? a one hour warning? as i put it into ao3 and give a final skim, yeah?? thanks so much for being patient!! i really appreciate not getting pitchfork-y asks about my horrible update timings. i can’t say if it’ll be up by the end of today since i’ll be working on it around my tutoring job so let’s just see how it goes. 

meanwhile, i’ve went ahead and tagged all the little prompts and drabbles i’ve written in kic verse! so u can still revel in kic verse while not really being in kic verse haha lol yikes

it’s not even just that juliette and adam as a ship are boring. it’s just adam is….. so fucking tiring. he’s so bland. the most interesting part of his story is his little brother, who showed more personality in 2 scenes than adam did the whole book. adam just is there… he’s not developed at all. everyone else has their own little things, things that show the differences between each character, but adam is just… there. he’s boring. there isn’t a single scene that screams ‘adam’. if i read one of kenji’s lines from the next books, having yet to read them, im 99% sure i could identify kenji as the one who said it. the way he speaks, the way he behaves, wtc., is distinguishable. adam? adam could be a random ass character, guard #4 for all i know, there’s nothing memorable about his speech or his behaviour.


Golden Boy (1.12 - Beast of Burden)

here is something i made a little while ago at like 5 in the morning. 

I wanted to draw Zen from Mystic Messenger without his jacket since he wears a black turtleneck like Scott does XD

doodled up a bad mrkenyon to help relax after how today has been. also wanted to test with scribbling with the crayon tool. used random colors and outfit bc i didn’t have a ref ripp