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I know you didn't say anything about hating vegans or anything but are we actually doing a bad job? like is all of this just a lie and not actually helping the environment or anything :/ because one of the biggest reason for me to go vegan is cause of environmental issues and all

I don’t hate vegans, not the ones that aren’t spreading misinformation or think they are on some sort of moral high ground to everyone else. But I don’t agree with it myself because it is all superficial, without any proper action if I’m being honest.

And when there is action it’s usually targeted at the wrong issue and does more harmful then good. My main issue is that vegans see animals as very individual. They want to save every single cow or pig or chicken without thinking about it rationally or about the horrible impact that would have no important species (species that are actually vital to ecosystems). Veganism fails to see the bigger more important picture. 

“Saving” domesticated farm animals is not important. I’m sorry but it’s just not. Not when it means “saving” these animals will have drastic negative effects. 

I mean there are always ways that agricultural and animal industries can be improved. But just refusing to buy meat or use animal products don’t change anything. And realistically we’re not going to stop eating meat or producing wool ect. You have to understand that and accept it and look at ways to improve those processes not try and shut them down completely.  

And more veganism just means more demand for certain crops, which require more land clearing + more pesticides ect. Veganism is just as bad for the environment and animals as any other diet is. In a capitalist society there really isn’t any ethical consumption.

The world and the environment can’t survive under a capitalist society. Capitalism is what’s stopping us from using green energy solutions or inverting more. Not because these solutions are “expensive” or hard to make or whatever use excuses are being made. It’s because they won’t make as much money as easily. 

Just like buying honey isn’t going to “save the bees” or turning the tap off when you brush your teeth won’t save water. They’re things corporations and company’s push because they’re easy and shift the blame onto consumers and away from them. 

We need to look into real solutions. Realistic solutions that aren’t just superficial I-want-to-feel-good-without-doing-anything-too-hard “solutions” but real ones. And they need to be towards actual important significant issues.  Animals being killed for a source of food or harvesting honey or wool, is not even close to being an issue we should be worried about. 

I’m sorry that you’ve been led to think otherwise, there is alot of misinformation out there and people will lie to get their agenda across. But veganism just doesn’t help the environment. It just doesn’t. 

Harry's interview on Quotidien
  • I: Can you hear me?
  • H: Yes
  • I: Welcome to Paris!
  • H: Thank you
  • I: How are you? Can you answer in French?
  • H: Good! A little bit. A tiny bit. Très bien et toi ?(very good and you?)
  • I: Very good, thank you. We start our interviews with “can you give us your five favourites words in English or French. Or a French sentence”. Someone told me you knew a French sentence.
  • H: Comment vous faites un café si délicieux? (How do you make such a delicious coffee?)
  • I: OK, that’s good.
  • H: That’s all I have.
  • I: Do you say it very often?
  • H: No... Yes
  • I: What does France mean to you? Is it something, someone etc...?
  • H: Best people I’ve known... I think her, *shows a fan* I guess. Fabien Barthez.
  • I: Yes, Fabien Barthez. Harry, you’re 23 years old and you’re one of the best known pop-star in the world. Everybody has expectations with your new album and single Sign Of The Times. Why did you choose that song? This is not what people were expecting.
  • H: I think I wanted to.. I've always liked music that made me feel something. You know I think writing it I could feet something I wanted to bring it out. I think it's a good indicator for me of what the album is to me. That's why I wanted to go with that first.
  • I: Billboard wrote that the single was "one of the more ambitious opening statements in pop this decade". Not bad, isn't it?
  • H: Thanks!
  • I: Do you have friends working at Billboard?
  • H: I don't know anyone at Billboard.
  • I: When we listen to the song we think of David Bowie, Queen, who else did you think of?
  • H: I mean, I think everyone, anything, any song you've ever listened to growing up or throughout your life or you've enjoyed, inspired you. There are a lot of different things. I wanted to just write and see what came out. I didn't know what I sounded like to make an album. So this process was as interesting for me as I think it will be for people listening to the album for the first time.
  • I: Do you know French singers other than Serge Gainsbourg? That's a tricky question.
  • H: I know Woodkid. He directed my music video.
  • I: Why him?
  • H: I think his videos are amazing, he's a really talented guy and I love French people so I worked with him.
  • I: When you're in Spain, do you say that you love Spanish people?
  • H: No!
  • I: It seems like everything has been easy...
  • H: Great tie.
  • I: You think so? It's French.
  • H: It's not a Spanish tie, isn't it?
  • I: Can I see your loafer? Oh yes! What is the brand? That's not French, isn't it? It's Italian.
  • H: No.
  • I: That's from the European Union!
  • H: Probably yeah.
  • I: It seems like everything has been easy for you, is it true?
  • H: Was what simple?
  • I: Your life, everybody wants a life like yours, with One Direction...
  • H: I mean, I feel very lucky to be able to make music, I feel very lucky to be able to make this, I feel very lucky today being in France and performing my song. I love this song. I can't complain.
  • I: What were the unpleasant things?
  • H: *thinking*
  • I: I don't know, say only one thing.
  • H: I think when you care so much about something, it's hard to get to the point where you feel like it's finished and it feels like you're adding and it never ends and it adds up. So I think the hardest part was getting into that point and be like "ok that's finished."
  • I: You said to the Rolling Stone magazine that most of the album was inspired by a woman. Really?
  • H: No I think, honestly, the album is much more about me than it is about anyone else. I think if I said the album is about a woman it kind of feels like, I don't know, I put a lot of work into this. I don't feel like it revolves around woman. It's a lot about me and things I've never said before. It's more about me.
  • I: How did you start with a boy band and end with a solo career? Is it complicated?
  • H: It's been a lot of fun. You know we were very lucky to get to do some amazing things and at the moment in our lives, we're in a time where everyone is trying their own thing and have a good time. It's been amazing to see everyone doing their own thing as well. If I can do as well as the others, it'd be amazing.
  • I: Do you call them everyday or text them? Do you use What's app?
  • H: I don't have that.
  • I: Why?
  • H: Yes we talk, absolutely. And everyone is bringing stuff out. It's been a lot going on. It's been a good time.
  • I: This is the album cover! Can you describe it? Why did you choose this picture?
  • H: Yeah. So, I don't know. I worked with photographer Harley Weir, I'm a massive fan of her work. And that's amazing and I was lucky enough to work with her. I felt like this was what I wanted.
  • I: Why is it pink? Why the water? Why your back? Why? It's beautiful but why is it pink?
  • H: I don't know, man!
  • I: Really? You don't know?
  • H: I don't know. I don't think I want...
  • I: Apparently pink is Rock'n'roll's colour.
  • H: Apparently so. I don't know. I think it means something to me and if it means anything to anyone else, I wouldn't want to take away from that by explaining it. I think the cool thing about stuff like photos and art is you can just leave it. You don't have to explain it.
  • I: Everybody sees what they want to see.
  • H: Yes exactly.
  • I: Have you seen this?
  • *video of people reacting to Harry's single*
  • I: Your fans record themselves while listening to the song for the first time. You can hear relevant analysis and apparently they all really liked it. Do you read what people say about you on social media? On Youtube, Twitter, Instagram? Do you use Instagram?
  • H: Yes I use it a little bit.
  • *The public disagrees with Harry*
  • H: Yes I use it a little bit. I mean I wish everyone was having as good time as the girl who was like that with her hands. That's what I do when I listen to the song.
  • I: Are you the one using your Instagram? Do you use your own fingers or someone else does it for you?
  • H: Yes, I do mine.
  • I: Do you still vote in Redditch?
  • H: In?
  • I: Redditch!
  • H: That's where I was born?
  • I: Yes.
  • H: I don't live in Redditch.
  • I: So you don't vote there. Where did you vote?
  • H: London, yeah.
  • I: What do you think of the Brexit? Welcome to Europe!
  • H: Thank you very much, thanks. I mean, I don't really comment on politics. To me, anything that brings people together is better than things that pull people apart. That's ... yeah.
  • I: Yet, you are in favour of equality of rights, men, women, gay people, straight people... That's politics.
  • H: I don't know. It doesn't feel like politics. I think stuff like equality feels much more fundamental. I feel like everyone is equal. That doesn't feel like politics to me.
  • I: Your fans are fetishists. They know all of your tattoos, piece of jewellery, they have heart attacks when you cut your hair. Right now you're playing with their feelings. Do you know that?
  • H: Oh ok.
  • I: Yes! What is your favourite tattoo?
  • H: I think... I have a.. probably. I don't know, actually.
  • I: Which one is the latest?
  • H: The latest is this one there. *shows Arlo* And this one. *shows Jackson*
  • I: Jackson? All of them?
  • H: Yes.
  • I: What's the story behind your haircut? How much did you spend on hair products with One Direction?
  • H: Yeah, like a lot. I used a lot, yeah.
  • I: You're in Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan's new movie.
  • H: Yes.
  • I: How did you do?
  • H: I auditioned.
  • I: Look at you there.
  • H: I am, that's me.
  • I: Yes.
  • H: I auditioned and it was great. It's going to be a really cool movie.
  • I: Harry, it feels like we know you since you're a baby. The whole world discovered you in 2010 on X Factor.
  • *video of Harry's X Factor audition*
  • I: You auditioned alone but Simon Cowell had an idea... he put you in a band with Zayn, Louis, Liam and Niall. You became One Direction. You found the name One Direction and you sold millions of albums. One Direction are soon considered as the new Beattles and you filled the biggest stadiums. The whole world was talking about you. When you go out we prayed for your eardrums. You became UK's pride. David Cameron is in one of your music videos, your sang for the Queen. But in 2015... bang! Zayn left the band, fans couldn't get over it. But don't worry, their favourite is now on the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine, he's in Christopher Nolan's new movie, he's Mick Jagger on SNL... What you don't know is that we've met in 2012. You were in France to promote an album and now I have questions. First one! When you're in a car and fans are all around you, do you see that?
  • *video of fans around a car*
  • H: I think I've actually lost my shoe there. When I got in the car... I got in the car and I was like "how many shoes do I have?" Yes I lost my shoe.
  • I: I have another question! Do you still do that before going on stage?
  • *video of Harry and Lou*
  • I: Can we do it?
  • H: No.
  • *does it anyway*
  • I: What is the weirdest question someone asked you?
  • H: I think it was actually a French interview. I got asked if I would pee in a sink... Yeah.
  • I: Ok, that's weird!
  • H: It was the first question, the first question.
  • I: It puts you in the mood.
  • H: Yeah.
  • I: What is the question you never want to be asked ever again? Did I asked you that question?
  • *Harry asks the public*
  • H: Which one? Oh crush.
  • I: What?
  • H: Crush.
  • I: Oh ok. I didn't ask it! Did you know that a French author wrote a novel about you. It's called "Styles", it's about his obsession with you. It's in French. You can translate it.
  • H: Oh! Is that true?
  • I: Yes it's true. He dedicated to you. It's called "Styles" and it's a really good book. Read it!
  • H: Thank you.
  • I: Thank you very much Harry Styles for coming tonight. His first eponymous album comes out on the 12th May. Thank you Harry Styles.
  • H: Thank you.
  • I: Have a safe journey home.
  • Friend: Hey are you ok?
  • Me: Yeah I'm fine
  • My brain: Can we all just take a moment and realize what life would of actually been like if Connor didn't kill himself? I mean Connor was the only one to sign Evans cast and he even said "let's pretend we both have friends" he knows that Evan isn't a very social person and can't make a lot of friends either so Connor would most likely go back to Evan from time to time. Evan would feel a little awkward at first but would probably start to confide in Connor, thinking of him as a support system and the only one there for him and Connor would think the same about Evan. After time I bet they would become best friends and probably be bullied by everyone. They would go through times where they feel like they should just go away and not live anymore but they would never do it without telling the other first because they know that the other is going through the same thing and that they will know how to help. Soon they would start dating. They would secretly think of themselves as the perfect pair while everyone just looked at them and say "those freaks are meant for each other!" But they know why they are the perfect pair. It's because they can trust one another and can be there for one another and they know that if one of them decides that they want to leave and forget all the pain in their lives the other one would never be the same. They will both stay strong for each other. For forever.
  • Me: *tearing up* I'm totally fine

antisocial level: barista tries to be my friend so I start going to a different dutch bros

I don’t get why anyone would ship Kataang, even just because of the age thing alone. Yeah, it’s only a two or three year difference, but when you’re a kid, a couple of years can mean an extreme difference in maturity and personal (and physical, sorry to go there, but it’s true) development. Put yourself into Katara’s place. When you were a teenager in, say, ninth grade, were you into sixth graders? I should hope you weren’t. I know I wasn’t. When I was Katara’s age, 12-year-olds were little children to me. The idea of dating one was unthinkable. Hell, in real life, girls Katara’s age babysit kids Aang’s age.

I could give you this whole long-ass essay about why not to ship Kataang, but I won’t right now. Because to me, this point should be enough.

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Hi Cassie! Sorry to bother you again. I was wondering, do you know if we'll ever be able to buy steles? I really want one! Also, I know it doesn't have anything to do with my first question, but do you think Sebastian didn't actually want to kill Max, or was that his purpose? Thank you💞

Sure, you can buy steles here:


Sebastian killed Max because Max knew something (that Sebastian had climbed the demon towers) that he didn’t want Max to tell anyone. He had no emotion about killing Max: it was a practical decision, like putting out an ant trap to kill ants. He never regretted it or thought about it again.

It’s Ennoshita’s birthday!!!! And what better day to throw at you my newly acquired Ennoshita ship? Literally none, because there’s no good day for this nonsense, but have it anyway!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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hey so i promise this is not like, a fake question. but how are pride events supposed to fund themselves without corporate sponsorship? i don't know how that stuff works, and a google search didn't lead me to anything i understood as helpful. community support, i guess is one way, but when a huge portion of a community are struggling to pay basic bills, it seems like it may be too difficult to fund actual parades. is there another way?

i guess it depends what you want your pride event to be about. Like, is a lot of floats from vodka and starbucks and whatever companies, with a crew of gay police marching, is that enough for you? do you want a big open air shopping experience with beer tents and later parties at bars? all those things are expensive to host (and expensive to participate in) and that can be exciting at first being around that many lgbt people.

but what does that do for us? like, what is a smirnoff float with dancing boys on it specifically doing for you and for me as homos?

what does a party that most queer people can’t afford to get into and many are too young to attend, DO for you and me as lgbt people that doesn’t happen many other nights of the year as well?

is pride about lgbt rights and community or is it a celebration of how far cis white lgbt people like myself have come, that we can have relationships without being fired… for now. that we can go kill people for our country in the army while also being outwardly queer.

when lgbt kids are the most at risk for abuse at home and on the streets, smirnoff can take their vodka money and stick it up their own ass before i want it spent on a float.

and fuck the police who’ve always upheld homophobic and racist violence being in a parade for oppressed minorities it’s all bullshit

it warms a part of my heart to see that many lgbt ppl unafraid in public but it’s fucking bullshit

  • sasuke: ugh, you're so sweaty dobe, go take a bath
  • naruto: okay
  • naruto: want to join me?
  • sasuke: no
  • naruto: fine
  • naruto: I guess I'll just pretend you're in there with me
  • sasuke: what-
  • naruto: kidding, bastard, it was just a little, uh...
  • sasuke: joke?
  • naruto: yeah, one of those... you know how I am... always, uh, joking around...
  • sasuke: ...
  • naruto: I mean, why would I be thinking about you when I'm in there, naked
  • naruto: that's just weird
  • naruto: ne sasuke, I told you, remember?
  • naruto: you're like a brother to me
  • sasuke: ...
  • naruto: but, I mean, we're not actually related
  • naruto: I've always wondered how it is between real siblings, like...
  • naruto: do you ever think of your brother when you-
  • sasuke: no
  • naruto: but you didn't even-
  • sasuke: no

Me: Eh, I don’t really Overwatch but people are losing their shit over some new trailer, might as well check it out while I’ve got some time to spare.

[Two minutes later]:


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Prompt: have this hc that Yuuri is actually diagnosed with an illness at a young age but no one other than his family knows about it since it's not something he likes to focus on/talk about. But one day he ends up in the hospital while he was visiting Japan by himself and decided to go on Twitter (thinking he was on private) and talking about the matter only to wake up the next day with a distressed Victor by his bed side crying and frustrated why Yuuri didn't tell him.

I apologise for how boring my ‘illness’ is, after about an hour of researching, I failed to find an interesting enough disease that would still allow Yuuri to skate. So, I picked chronic headaches.

Hospital Trip

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
After almost 3 years of successfully avoiding a hospital trip, guess who ended up in hospital?

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
Had my worst headache ever, the joys of CDH!

MayMay @MayMayBee
What is CDH??? @yuurikatsuki

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
CDH: Chronic Daily Headaches

Prince of Lights @Lightin-the-way
CDH is the worst! Hope everything is alright @yuurikatsuki

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
I’ve been suffering from CDH for years. It is normally somewhat manageable.

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
Just had a really bad headache yesterday that put me in hospital, isn’t my first time here because of CDH

Victor Nikiforov’s Future Wife @Vic-Nik-No-1
You skate with chronic headaches???? @yuurikatsuki

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
Yeah, I mean, sure sometimes I just want to slam my head into a wall because of the pain, but I can handle it most of the time

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
Medication does help too. Like, lots

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
But you always have to make sure you don’t take too much. Learnt that the bad way.

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
Have ended up in hospital before for taking too much painkillers.

Y.Katsuki Fanboy @katsuki_yuuri_no1fan
Get well soon @yuurikatsuki

Yuuri woke slowly to the feeling of someone stroking his cheek gently.

“Zvezda, zvezda moya,” the words were mumbled softly somewhere near him.

Even in his drowsy state he knew that something was wrong. Victor was in Russia, helping Yuri with his routines for the next season. He was in Japan, visiting his family for a little bit before he got stuck into preparing for the upcoming season himself.

Yuuri slowly opened his eyes and quickly found them locked with a beautiful pair of blue ones.

“Vitya?” he mumbled in confusion, causing the figure to coo at him softly.

“I’m right here, zvezda moya,” Victor mumbled softly.

“Why? Should be,” Yuuri paused as more of the drowsiness wore off and the normal throb of a headache hit him. He took a deep breath, though painful, it was tolerable compared to the day before. “Should be in Russian,” he mumbled while raising a hand to rub at his eyes.

“You expect me to stay in Russia when I found out you are in hospital for a disease I didn’t know about!” Victor said, a tone of distress in his voice.

Yuuri stared at his fiancé, noting that Victor had red rimmed eyes, indicating that there had been tears rather recently.

“CDH isn’t a disease,” he mumbled while reaching out to grab the hand stroking his cheek.


“I just get daily, pounding headache. I just had a really bad one yesterday, Vitya, you shouldn’t have flown out here. You could have rung Mari or my parents, they could have explained everything,” he said gently while squeezing his fiancés hand.

“I was worried,” Victor mumbled ever so softly.

“God, I love you,” he sighed while tugging his fiancé close so he could kiss him deeply on the lips.

“Yuuri,” Victor whined weakly against his lips. Yuuri smiled to himself as Victor quickly took over the kiss.

Yuuri knew that it would take a lot of kisses to convince Victor he was fine and that he didn’t need to fly over ten hours to check up on, but he didn’t mind spoiling his fiancé a little.

Twitter War AU

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the one I remember most was Yellowfang who was one of those flat-faced-longish-furred cats and I think she was missing a tooth? and also she was a like smokey gray color which as a child was a very shocking revelation (I was picturing something more yellow)

I have heard a bit about yellowfang before!! She seems like a lovely lady here she is!

remember how during the year that never was that woman sold martha out, but when things were back to normal martha brought her flowers because she understood why she did it and still respected her

even as so much of the fandom was hating on martha like mad, martha jones herself refused to villainize other women for the choices they made in difficult circumstances. and the more brilliant and badass and wonderful martha is, the sadder it makes people look for hating on her.

Interview with Troian on the finale reveal-
  • Did anyone else know about the plot?
  • Troian: Actually, one of the only other people who knew early on, who was on set the day Marlene and I first spoke about Alex, was Keegan. So he and I were kind of the secret-keepers. I don't think the girls knew until well into filming this season. There were a few scenes that I played with them where they didn't know I was playing a different character. They must have just been like, "Huh. Troian's off today!" But by the time the finale rolled by, everybody was a part of it.
  • What were their reactions when they found out?
  • Troian: There was a scene in the very beginning of the season where Hanna wakes up to a dream of younger Spencer talking to her in the cell A.D. put her in. When we came out to the cast about Alex, Ashley said, "Wait, you were a different person in that scene and you didn't even tell me?" I said, "I wasn't allowed to tell you!" She was like, "Man, I'm feeling really betrayed right now!"
  • Did you do the English accent?
  • Troian: Oooh, yes. I've never been more nervous—my heart was pounding the whole time. Switching between the accents and the two different personalities, I've never been more exhausted. By the end, I turned to someone else like, "What just happened?"
  • What was it like playing an evil English twin secretly playing her American sister?
  • Troian: At first I had to build the history of this character, her idiosyncrasies, and her movements with Marlene. I got to work with an incredible dialect coach to find the character's rhythm. Once you lock that in, it becomes a game of figuring out how good is she at transitioning her personality into Spencer's. Even if you've been observing somebody for a long time, your ability to imitate them is based a lot on your perception and judgements of them. It's not necessarily just about Alex being an incredible mimic. It's also about what Alex thinks of Spencer.
  • How the hell did Uber A pay for all the surveillance and equipment and bribes, not to mention the subterranean doll house, anyway?
  • Troian: Well, Wren is incredibly wealthy, and Charlotte left Alex everything. Easy! [Laughs] From the very beginning of the show, we've just had the wealthiest villains and they've continuously passed their insane wealth on to the new villains.

Battle Sense | Grand Admiral Thrawn | Star Wars Legends

“Good,” Thrawn said.  But there was something preoccupied and troubled about the way he clasped his hands behind his back.

[…] Pellaeon frowned at the Grand Admiral’s back.  “Is anything wrong, Admiral?”

“I don’t know,” Thrawn replied slowly.

Not necessarily the scene I was drawing, but it made me think of it - it’s one of my favorite little moments.  But I have to actually credit @rattle-and-burn’s awesome cosplay for inspiring this.  :D

(more Thrawn fanart | more Star Wars fanart)


Don’t Break This Deal AU comic, where Wirt tried to trick Bill, the demon underestimated Wirt, and both of them ended up sharing one body! Part 6, where Bill pokes around in Wirt’s mind and opens something he shouldn’t have, resulting in Wirt passing out and meeting The Beast

Comic parts: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

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If dan actual slept in the bunk, he would've whined about it all during tour. On stage, on twitter and after the tour was over. Also even more after DAPGO and the movies came out but he didn't and we all know how much he loves whinnying. That's the only proof I need tbh.

bithc!! you know we would’ve gotten whiny tweets about how sore his body was from phil forcing him to sleep in one of those tiny ass bunks!! but alas!! no tweets whatsoever!! you cant make this shit up!!