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Attention, squad…

Sometimes, people ask Merlin how long he and Arthur have been dating.
“Twenty one years,” he’d tell them.
“Wow,” they’d say, “that’s a really long time.”
Merlin just nods.
Then there’s the inevitable silence as they do some frantic calculations.
“Wait- how old are you?”
Merlin just goes back to his food.
“But - that means you started dating when you – you couldn’t have been older than, what?”
“Three,” Arthur says. Usually at his point in the conversation he’d start stealing Merlin’s fries. Merlin would let him, but glare a lot, because that’s what Merlin does. “We got married behind the church.”
“Wait, hold on, you’re married?”
“Nah,” Merlin says, “I don’t think those kinds of marriages are valid.”
“Those kinds?”
“You know, with plastic rings, without witnesses, that stuff. Also, we weren’t of legal age, obviously.”
“We were three,” Arthur repeats, “and Merlin was wearing half a chocolate cake.”
“Was not. And if you hadn’t stolen my plate that wouldn’t–”
“But,” they’d say, a little desperate now, “I know, that’s a childhood thing, but that’s not actual dating. I mean, you guys had other relationships, right?”
Merlin stares, then. “No, why would I?”
Arthur always gets a bit angry at this part. “Merlin was my boyfriend from that day on. What, you think my ceremony was lacking somehow?”
“Wait no, I didn’t mean -”
“Because I got him flowers-”
“Dandelions, he got me dandelion, also roses, they pricked him, he still has a scar there-”
“And there was music-”
“Mum was making more cake, she always sings then-”
“And the cake, obviously.”
“Obviously,” their listener echoes. “And you never broke up? Dated someone else? Had crushes on other people?”
They both just shake their heads. Merlin spies Arthur’s abandoned hot cocoa. It has marshmallows on. Arthur, the heathen, doesn’t even like marshmallows.
“You’re not drinking that, are you?” He’s already grabbing it as he says it.
“Sure, go ahead, take everything I own, strip me down to my last shirt.”
Merlin smirks. “I intend to.”
At this point, the listener is usually defeated by their long, lingering looks and makes a run for it before they can witness some kissing. Or worse.
They probably didn’t get it, but it’s fine. After all, no one but Merlin and Arthur need to.

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// George Harrison + Bedroom //

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* (On a more serious note; I am actually extremely exhausted and stressed due to happenings and really need to take it easy for a bit longer than I intended)

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sorry tHIS IS A SPOILER FOR ANYONE ELSE // but what do you think of the theory that the "deku" he saw die in his foresight was actually Toga? as in she transformed into him using the minimal blood she had and then for whatever reason didn't make it? or that twice clones her after she's transformed so that its... a clone of deku not deku?? idk,, some neat-o theories and I wanted your opinion! ☆

That’s certainly plausible! But I feel like Horikoshi means to establish Deku as the one who can Bend The Future and overcome this fatalistic mindset that Nighteye is stuck in thanks to his quirk, thereby proving himself worthy to All-Might’s former sidekick.

Also I’m pretty sure Horikoshi intends to get a little more mileage out of Toga before she kicks it or gets arrested or however she ends up making her exit.

So far what I’m getting from this arc is that it has the following goals (besides the development of popular supporting characters like Kirishima and Mirio): letting Deku level up and establish himself as a budding symbol of insert-inspiring-buzzword-here, and letting the League of Villains assert themselves over villainous up-and-comers like Chisaki and maintain their status as biggest baddest threat to the peace.

Lady Luck (All Mine)

The Cygnus Black household, Cissy’s room.  Evening.  A party is getting started downstairs.

Cissy, not yet ready, is clearly nervous - much to the increasing irritation of her eldest sister.

Cissy You wouldn’t understand.

Bella: Oh?

Bella: He’s already downstairs.

Bella: So?

Bella: The betrothal’s business but this is because you think he actually likes you?

Cissy: And it means so much to me - he’s the only thing that’s ever really been mine - everything else I either share with you or it’s the family’s.

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Why does Jazz call Danny an "abused, unwanted wretch" in "Mystery Meat"? I understand the "abused" bit, because she thinks her parents' obsession with ghosts is dangerous, but "unwanted"? Was Danny an accident or something? Could he even have been adopted because his real parents didn't want him? Add that to Jack's comment about Jazz being his favourite in "Doctor's Disorders", and it's not a nice picture of Danny's home life.

There’s no way that statement was intended to reflect Jazz’s true feelings. If it was, why would she be so open about saying it in front of Danny? Wouldn’t that make him feel worse rather than helping him?

Danny isn’t actually unwanted by his parents. He’s clearly Maddie’s favorite in the same way Jack said Jazz is his. I’ve also talked about the fact that Jack doesn’t see Danny as less important than Jazz. He was emotional and worried when he said that, and he was expressing those feelings in his own way.

Of course, that doesn’t answer your question. Why did Jazz say that?

Well, it’s the same reason she called Danny an “impressionable little child.”

Even though she addresses Danny, she’s not actually talking to him here. She maintains eye contact with her parents more, and this isn’t the way she talks to her brother when they’re alone. She can baby him sometimes, but she talks to him more like an equal when they’re alone. She wants him to feel safe with her, so of course she does.

Here, our little psyche major is completely focused on getting results from Jack and Maddie. I don’t know if she’s aware of it or not (I’d think she is), but this is a sort of manipulation tactic. She’s not trying to force her parents to do anything. Just to make them think.

My siblings and I have done this ourselves sometimes. Exaggerate your feelings toward your parents so they stop and think about how they’re acting. This isn’t the same as talking to an equal. They’re your parents, and the relationship will always be different. It’s their job to care for their kids, and they might sometimes assume that means they always know best.

Good parents don’t want their kids to see them as an enemy, though. If they show that they do, then the parents should stop and reflect on their actions. What mistake did they make that caused their children to see them that way?

Jazz calls Danny abused and unwanted because their parents haven’t only put him in danger. They also don’t pay enough attention to him. They’re so wrapped up in their work that sometimes, they can be neglectful.

This entire scene is about Jazz trying to get her parents to see what they’re doing wrong. She doesn’t think they’re good parents, but she also doesn’t think they have no desire to be. If she thought that, she’d be a lot more active about trying to get Danny out of that house.

What she wants is exactly what Jack starts to do at the end of Mystery Meat. She wants them to put their kids, especially Danny, before their hobby. That’s what she’s doing here. She’s trying to get them to see their behavior as bad so that they’ll want to change.

Jazz also wants to establish herself as Danny’s ally. She frequently puts herself at odds with her parents in front of him. When she’s alone with them, she’s more open about scolding them outright and pointing out how they can do better. They’re the only ones who are hearing that conversation, so she needs to focus on them. She needs them to realize she knows they can do better, but they need to make a lot of changes.

When Danny’s around, she can’t do that. It’s more important for her to make sure Danny knows she’ll be on his side if their parents become an enemy. This is obvious in how she talks when alone with him. When the whole family’s together, she needs to balance allying herself with Danny and getting her parents to think about their actions.

Painting Danny as a precious child that she will protect is, in her mind, the best way to accomplish both of those goals. It’s not always successful (it actually results in her parents being confused and Danny seeing her as a nuisance), but that’s what she’s trying to do. In my opinion, anyway.

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In the Kuroshitsuji manga, it is actually heavily implied (maybe even directly stated. It's been a while) that every shinigami committed suicide to become who they are now. Well, they didn't intend on this fate, but you get what I mean

Yeah that’s what I thought!! And Yana likes to keep things historically accurate in Black Butler so it would make sense for her transgender character (which I wonder if Grell’s ‘employment’ keeps her from dressing as she wants?) to end up committing suicide in such a time where being anything than a cisgender heterosexual had serious, serious consequences. Yana is not afraid to approach any dark topic and gives all of her characters thorough backgrounds no matter how minor the character is.

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I don't know but something about todays clip just got me, Isak has gotten so soft and like he is glowing with happiness. HE IS JUST SO SOFT I CAN NOT GET OVER IT

It’s been 10 hours now, and I’m still not over it either. From Monday, all there is in my mind is that one beautiful, and so accurate quote from Eskild “there’s so much love in that little grumpy teenage body of yours.”

See the evolution of Isak Valtersen. Him who could have showed anger or frustration towards Sana, after getting hit, but no he was instead offering the other cheek. “i’m fine, that’s fine, let’s forget about it.” Isak who was rather concerned about her well-being than his own, being present as the friend Sana deserves, and showing her that without stepping on her boundaries, rather trying to make her laugh. And that last clip just, “you’re a good person Sana.”, can someone aknowledge that quote ? How each one of her friends have always been busy rather speaking about their own issues because that’s who Sana is, she is the listener, she is the one who is always present. But then, who is present for her, who listens to her ? As she was speaking about Even, Isak probably understood it wasn’t just about him, but her as well. How she always seems so strong, but behind that fortress she is as vulnerable as the rest of us. She had been there for Isak, she had been there for Even as well, she had to know that, what an extraordinary friend and person she is. 

There had always been softness in this heart, really it was rather more subtle i guess. But how this bloomed ever since a certain Even walked in his life. Showing Isak there was nothing to be afraid or ashamed as just being himself, on the contrary how beautiful he had always been to Even’s eyes. What an inner battle it had been for Isak to finally accept that and be able to step outside, step litteraly under the sun. And i feel that’s one of the reason Monday’s clip was so powerful, remember “good moments are so good because bad moments are as bad.” They had just experienced quite a rough period, whether Even or him. And yet, here there were, standing side by side, holding hands and Isak wearing a little daffodil that Even had probably offered him on their way home. To be able to appreciate those little joyful moments, Isak is all about that today. Because indeed, life can be tough, but it can also be so beautiful. And what a precious gift he knows, to get such a supportive boyfriend by his side. Even makes him a better person, just like Isak does to him. They challenged each other but always learned together, day after day. This is a relationship that helped Isak grow and mature as well.

I was speaking of Monday but it’s even more telling i feel in that last clip, where we finally get a glimpse of their intimacy. And look just how soft Isak appears, and ridiculously happy. Oh, I could talk about that glow for hours believe me. As if they had just danced along that new Gabrielle song until Sana knocked at their door, and they probably did. Those little attentions that could mean nothing “if that’s important to you…”, or compliments “you geniuses”, and you know Even is always so laudatory concerning his boyfriend, are actually everything. For every time Isak still doubts, Even is always there to remind him. That’s one of the thing giving him so much strenght today, helping Isak stand up and now be present for Even, for his friends, for every one in need. Isak is free, Isak is happy, and he just makes sure to share it with the world. Be kind, always.

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Hi! I love your headcanons <3 Some Castiel as parent for our heart? <3

  • Castiel is friend-dad with his boys, bear-dad with his daughters
  • Literally super protective with his girls
  • “Wait, what do you mean a boyfriend?” “Darling, you’re acting just like my father when we were her age…” “Yeah, but a boyfriend though!” “Omg” 
  • But really super caring and lovable and only wants the best for his kiddos
  • “Smoke and I’ll kill you.” “But you smoke, dad…” “Fucking try me”
  • But actually really cool and let’s his kids go to parties and stuff
  • Candy and Castiel always rearrange so that someone is home with their children. Castiel wants to make sure his kids never felt as alone as he was when he was younger
  • He introduced them to music while they were very young
  • Dope sass battles at literally every dinner. Two witty parents can only have as witty kids
  • But they taught them to be really respectful and they’re like the most polite kids ever
  • Kids can’t actually believe the attitude of their father when he was a teenager. “ And you punish us each time we sass grandpa Phillip!” 
  • Mini Demons running around the house practically nursing the children
  • Strong, loving family

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I'm getting more than a bit annoyed with the Jokaste defense crowd who wants to force people to like her and worse ignore canon and portray her as a saint just bcs she happens to have a vag*. Sorry but she is a badly written and retconned chara and one of the weakest points of Capri and no amount of bullying is gonna make me like her. Go use that energy to defend actually good female charas from other fiction works. Sorry for the rant. Not intended at you.

i am very vocal about not liking jokaste so i didn’t think this was intended at me lmao but yeah i feel you. i get that there are people who genuinely like her which is fine, and i see what pacat was gong for with her character and the “revelation”  but it just… didn’t do it for me. I’ve seen fics where she’s portrayed as an opportunistic bitch but in subtle, underlying ways you see that she has good in her which I’m down for and i think thats very well done (and not easy to nail the delicate balance) however fics that portray her as this all around angelic person bc we find out she might have actually had good intentions (which i and many people are not entirely sold on)? i don’t get that at all. 

and bc people love to take shit out of context and put words in your mouth, I’m not saying you can’t do what you want with jokaste or anyone else in fic. do what you want i really don’t care, I’m just using fic portrayal as an example. but yeah, i get you. i personally haven’t anyone bully me into trying to like her (i think?) but thats pretty fucked if someone did that to you, bc there are plenty of things that can be nitpicked about her.

I am so proud of this one. Anyways! GerIta Week Day 7 (Buon San Valentino)! @gerita-week

I am terribly sorry about that last submission. I agree the language there could most definitely be taken as offensive and I apologize sincerely. Feel free to remove it as I’ll be making another one that’s actually serious. Free of the offense. Again, my apologies. Hopefully, this can make up for it? 

Happy Valentine’s Day! Buon San Valentino! Hope you have a good day!

I absolutely forgot how much I LOVED Sardonyx. She’s my favourite anime diva of all time, and it’s actually a crime that I haven’t drawn her until now (or drawn more of her before). This started out as a messy sketch, but then my Japanese took over and this happened (ignore the wonky hands, rip).

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I don't see how the new MLP episode is transphobic (genuinely confused). Like, everyone knew it was him in a dress and they never made fun of him. They also didn't make Big Mac embarrassed or make jokes about women. Can you explain please?

You’re probably gonna get a much more specific answer from someone who actually watched it. Or, more precisely, a trans feminine person who watched it, since others aren’t going to feel it in quite the same way. But I’ll try to explain what I can from what I know.

It’s good that none of the other ponies made fun of him (like, genuinely, it would have been even worse otherwise). But the viewer is still intended to laugh at him. We’re supposed to look at his large body wearing a dress, his excessive makeup, his big blonde wig, his cracking voice, the obviousness of it all, and laugh at him. I mean, I just googled some screenshots, and make no mistake. Aside from being a horse, he is a 100% standard caricature of a trans woman. That is the way we are drawn by people who wish to make fun of us.

I’ve heard a few people say “Everyone knew it was him” as some kind of defense. But, I wonder, how do you think that feels to a trans woman?

It feels like, even if you dress how you want and give it everything you’ve got, everyone is going to know. Everyone is going to see that you’re too big for that dress. Everyone is going to hear your voice. Everyone is going to see past your hair and makeup. Everyone is going to see your adam’s apple. Always.

I mean it’s like a cartoon pointing a big flashing arrow at all of the things you hate most about yourself, laughing at them, and reminding you that everyone else can see them too. So it hurts.

Not to mention how it tells everyone else that this person looks wrong, that they’re out of place, that this isn’t how they ought to dress and behave. So it’s kind of awful all around.