i actually didn't get any sleep at all

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Whats the deal with "kissing bugs"? My local news was pitching a stink about them trying to shit in peoples eyes and mouths or something, warning people not to smash them when they're on their face. I wiki'd them and it says they're a blood sucker with a parasite we need to watch out for, but it didn't say anything about that. Any merit to this stuff? Sounds like typical fearmongering to me.

In this case it’s actually all entirely true!

Kissing bugs are actually assassin bugs that evolved to suck the blood of sleeping mammals instead of preying on other insects. They’re the largest blood-feeding arthropod known to man and they’re used as vectors by chagas disease, a blood protozoan like malaria.

They get called “kissing bugs” because they’re attracted to your breath and frequently bite the corners of your mouth as you sleep. They defecate onto your skin at the same time, and you end up scratching the parasite into your wounds!

They’re so beautiful though!

For thousands of years they’ve been restricted from most of the United States purely because they favor more tropical conditions. Now that they’ve been found as far as Indiana we can PROBABLY blame climate change.