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how much figure drawing you recommend doing daily/weekly/monthly etc?

I would recommend doing a two hour (or longer) session once a week, as it’s good to get into a routine.

Now, I’m gonna talk about figure drawing sessions themselves in this ask as they’re not talked about much online haha. This will be quite long, so apologies for that!

Ideally you want to go to a real life drawing session, but they’re not particularly easy to find and they can be expensive so if that is not an option then there are a lot of alternatives listed in my gesture tag.

However! Figure drawing sessions are not actually just about doing shaded studies and gestures, there are actually a lot of exercises you can do to add variety and practice different aspects of art

important to remember though with all of these exercises is you are not aiming to create a pretty picture, you’re just studying.

Think of it as writing notes in a lecture vs creating an essay, at the moment you’re just taking notes so that you can create those pictures you love later on!

Most of these exercises are traditionally orientated, as such not all of them are possible on a tablet. So if you’re working at home then just grab your sketchbook. What you learn when working traditionally will still apply when you work digitally, no worries!

With that said, the following exercises are some good main ones to do, spend perhaps 45 minutes on these and do two drawings:

  • focusing on the lighting by working on a middle ground paper (grey, brown, whatever) and using white chalk and charcoal (or similarly digitally!)
    It’s pretty straight forward, you just use the charcoal to form the shadows and the chalk to create the highlights. Try to use the paper itself for the middle tones, and don’t use an eraser.

  • or alternatively working on black and using only white.
    Do not use outlines or an undersketch for this, you want to be focusing on the light itself!

    it can be a little daunting at first, but just focus on how the light is hitting the model and draw what you see. Don’t worry too much about proportions, as this is an exercise for lighting!

    Just pick out the highlights with the chalk, and you’ll gradually start to build the form out of the paper. This is one of my personal favourite exercises!

  • another is focusing on colours using a limited colour palette.

    Google “fauvism” (perhaps look specifically at henri matisse as there’s a lot of student work), and give it a go.

    it’s kinda weird to look at and very abstract, but it’s a good way to practice colour relations! Generally you use the primary colours, but you could also use the secondaries. I’d use brown or grey paper for this.

  • Another colour exercise which is very similar to the above but not quite is using a spectrum of warm and cool colours and assigning values to them.

    This is a little closer to the palette memes, so you might want to use some of those palettes for this.
    I recommend working on black paper for this one. Oil pastels are also your best bet if you’re working traditionally!

Spend around two minutes on these exercises, and do more than one!

  • The first is blind contour drawing - this is where you only look at the model and draw without looking at your page. It will look awful! it probably won’t look anything like the model, i did one that looked like her leg had morphed into a broom once lmao

    However! it’s really great for loosening up, and it’s extremely good at teaching you how to look at the model.

    the brain is a funny thing, and we think largely in symbols rather than actually seeing what we’re looking at so this is an important practice. Give it a go before you do some gestures! Spend maybe two minutes on a drawing, and do a few of them.

  • Equally good is drawing with your nondominant hand. These exercises are especially good at keeping you from getting too ‘precious’ with your work - if you’re drawing with the wrong hand you know it’s gonna look weird right? it’s good for relaxing, and again it helps with observation.

  • Now this is an exercise you can’t do with your tablet, but you’ll need some ink… and a stick. You can use some craft sticks or i’d actually recommend getting some wooden lolly sticks and cutting one end into a point.

    I suggest looking at Egon Schiele’s line drawings to get an idea of what you’re aiming for here. Dip that stick in your ink and get drawing friend, this is an exercise all about line economy.

  • One exercise really simple exercise you can do is make a drawing entirely out of curved © lines, a drawing entirely out of straight lines, and a drawing entirely out of S type lines. Good one to do after some gestures. Spend only a few minutes on each!

    Then take a look at the three drawings - which type of line works best for what? Make another drawing that combines all three types of line!

But as i said before, for all of these exercises you’re not aiming to produce nice drawings at all. That’s what measured studies are for! But those get pretty dull after a while, so mix things up with some of these exercises and you’ll be golden.

I suggest a general pattern of like five minutes doing 30 second gestures, followed by a few two minute gestures, and then you can pick and choose your exercises from there. Shorter exercises should come before the longer ones!

Aim to do your session for at least an hour, but dont stop if you don’t want to! do as many exercises as you like, they’re all good practice after all!

Most importantly of course, is to have fun!

These are exercises that will get you drawing weird things, so don’t worry too much about the outcome and focus on the learning. You can afford to mess up, go wild and try as many new things as possible.

This is your time to experiment and try new things!

Sketch book and a cup of coffee

   If I could spend my life writing about one person, that would be him. That one boy who keeps me company during my sleepless nights in the small coffee shop. Not that he’s even noticed me nor talked to me, but it is a treasured moment when he finally lifts his eyes from a sketch book he protectively carries around. I quite often pass him while entering, few books stuck underneath my arm, but unfortunately never catching his eye. During the night, he appears silent, accompanied with a single cup of coffee. At time I come here, he already occupies his by now usual spot. When he leaves, I’m not sure. But after me, definitely. I sit two tables away from him and think he’s beautiful.

   He likes to draw, I think. I can tell it by the he keeps an arm wrapped around that sketch book looking down at it in the way I’d like him to look at me. I study the way his eyes light up when he’s finally satisfied with the way in witch his work is going, but also care to notice the fulness of his lips raising in a faint smile as he looks down at the paper. But there are some not so happy times when composition of the ink doesn’t seem to please him and a provisional frown brings his brows together. Then he runs his fingers through his hair in frustration, soft curls raising and I like it; I get to see his face.

   I sit two tables away from him all the while pretending to write an essay I’ve already written. My curious nature can’t let go off the question why is he here during the night time when everyone is supposed to be asleep. Perhaps he can’t stay at home, perhaps he wants his peace or, perhaps he does things better at night, just like me.


   That one time I actually manage to get enough confidence to do a step more, gathering my belongings and shifting them to a table between us, his presence located to my right. Finally closer to him, I actually get to see the way his pencil glides over a paper, a hint of gray smudged on the tips of his fingers. I’m supposed to study, but ditch away all of my books as soon as I find him intrigued with the glide of his pencil. Both of my forearms press further to the table and I lean in, my head shifting to my hand as I stare at him. His clothing choice is quite nice, I have to admit while looking at him. His feet get in my vision, steady as he keeps them under the table, a pair of worn-out boots adorning them. My eyes trail up, black skinny jeans adorning his lower half. And that hint of creamy jumper
I get to see is also beautiful.

   Looking at his shirt, I remember that one time he’s worn a baggy sweater, the length of its sleeves getting in his way as he draw. They were soon rolled up and I remember myself almost passing out at the vision of his tattoo-filled arms. I was sure he’s got some more, maybe on places I didn’t know about but surely wanted to find out.

   And then, for the first time in that two months of knowing him, I actually get to see a hint of picture he’s drawing. Just a tiny part of something I recognize as hair. Probably of a person that doesn’t that’s taken part in his sketch book. His arm shifts, long fingers tugging at the paper as he turns it around revealing a blank page. He’s staring at me now and I can feel it. My lips are numb at the moment I want to use to apologize. Embarrassment in my gaze is obvious as I quickly lower it finding my hands oddly interesting, the length of my hair creating a curtain around my reddened face. I can’t even think of a word he thinks of me right now. A weirdo, probably. Someone crazy enough to be in a coffee shop at 3 am looking at unfamiliar person.

   But later that night, after I gather all of my things - a book from which I didn’t even study - I surprise even myself when my legs carry me towards his desk. I try to be spontaneous even though my brain fails at sending me proper words. “I-I’m sorry”, I apologize and feel my heart racing as he looks up with that gorgeous eyes of his. “I didn’t want to stare like that”, I add feeling heat splaying around my already red cheeks. “I-I just..” I try but have lack of words, my eyes falling to the floor. “Sorry”, I say and turn around in one swift movement. It is my first time talking to him, but I end up promising to myself that I’ll never talk to him again.


   It’s next night when I attempt to sit on my original spot, this time a different book stuck underneath my arm. I actually planned on studying. He doesn’t notice me as I make my way towards the comfy chair, my things already finding their place on the table. I do my best not to stare.

   Moments later and a short waitress appears standing next to me and I think that she’s there to take my order, but I find myself surprised as she places a plate of cherry pie and a cup of fresh coffee on my table. “Excuse me, I didn’t order this”, I say, but she doesn’t pay much attention to my protest, leaving without giving me a bill or a second look. My mind flashes possible reasons why did the hot beverage suddenly appear. A mistake, probably. Or my regular order she already knows. My thinking appears unnecessary as a purchaser of my order stares at me from two tables to the right.

   I swear to God that my heart could break my chest as I realized. Him. He ordered for me. My hair flutters as I turn my head to the right noticing his lips curled up in a smile. My cheeks flush a deep red color as I return the gesture, smiling back at him. 

   It takes me few minutes until I gather myself, my cold fingers using a cup as a source of heat before I finally look up. Shaking of my legs doesn’t surprise me and I leave my cup on the table in fear of spilling everything in my excitement. He doesn’t notice me as I approach him, his eyes still set on a paper.

   “Thank you”, I say satisfied with the simple start and the strength of my voice. Red colors hits my cheeks again as I don’t know what else to say or find an excuse for standing next to him.

   “No problem”, he says and that’s the first time his voice’s been directed towards me. I’ve heard him before, but from the distance as he ordered or asked for more coffee. It’s a deep, soft hum and I absolutely adore it. “You can sit down, you know”, he smiles and I feel stupid yet again.

   I do as he says, but going back to grab my pie and a cup of coffee before it gets cold. This time I find my heart pumping harder as I sit across of him, literally feeling his warmth and watching him draw and it’s not from the distance. His fingers grip at the paper, closing the book completely. This time I  actually study his features. His eyes are big - containing that color of green I still wasn't familiar with - framed with long lashes and simply beautiful. I could only imagine things and words I’d use to describe them on paper. I notice his teeth being straight and white as he parts his lips to further a conversation. 

   “Wanna take a look?” he asks and I’m surprised, simply flattered with his freedom and wish to show me his drawings. The beat of my heart increases and I nod in response, my fingers slightly trembling as I catch hold on a book, pulling it towards me. I don’t know his name, I don’t know him, but opening it I feel like taking a look in his mind.

   I stare at the leather of the covers for a moment, taking in a full vision of his deepest secrets. I open it on the right begging to reveal something written in hand write I can’t read. The length of his fingers nudge my own to the side as he guides me to the middle of the notebook, few pictures adorning its pages. My lips part in an awe and I have to touch it to convince myself it’s real. I pull the book a bit closer, but gentle enough; it feels just like I'm holding the entire treasure of this world.

   I recognize that picture from few days ago right away. That hair I saw. It belongs to a girl. A girl with a side braid and shiny eyes. It all looks so realistic. The other one when she looks down, writing something in her little notebook. The one where she’s sat behind a table, that one down the shop, two seats away from this one. A girl with a cherry pie and a cup of coffee.

   We’ve spent two months together as the only night guests in the only coffee shop that worked for the entire night, me writing and him drawing. Little did I know that while writing about him, he’s been awake doing the exact same thing, maybe too shy or simply a way too occupied to approach me.

   My lips raise in a smile as I realize; that’s me.

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