i actually cry every time

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Hi! I'm the trash anon that begged you to consider the voltron au and let me just say that I love the character interpretation??? Like it's so spot on and I'm just in love! Thank you so much for drawing something for it, it like really actually made my day

!!!!!!! I’m happy you liked it, then!!!! ‘cause actually I have more

a Role Reversal™


Tsunayoshi is the 10th boss of the Vongola famiglia and is also known as “No Good Tsuna”. Tsuna develops from a weak individual who easily gives up to a leader who is dedicated and willing to fight for the protection of his friends, family and famiglia. 

Happy Birthday you amazing dork! ♡(º̩̩́⌣º̩̩̀ʃƪ) [10.14]

Be excellent to each other.

The Signless, Probably


nothing will ever top this vine in terms of fucking hilarity 

as far as im aware amethyst has only cried in one episode

garnet has cried in uhhh like at least three? probably?

and pearl has cried like in like 200 episodes she for sure cries the most 


Daesung deserved this Dome Tour so much T.T

Utautai no Ballad - D-Lite Japan Dome Tour - Day 2

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Every time someone brings up the Library of Alexandria I actually want to cry.

And like, I know it’s irritational, but every time, without fail, I tear up a little.

As if the library was a close friend who died many years ago, but whose death I still mourn over.

Those were years of knowledge. Years of blueprints, poems, novels, plays.

All lost.

Think about it - right now we could be flying throughout the universe. We could have all this knowledge of the ancient world. But instead, we have ashes. Ashes of a burned down library with all the world’s knowledge.

Imagine the advanced technology. Imagine. If it doesn’t make you feel even a little bad that this whole library of knowledge was torn down, then what the fuck?


이게아닌데 - TAEYANG cover by HOYA

Hetalia Aesthetics Challenge // Favorite Fanfiction // Gutters by Glassamilk

And the world keeps turning.