i actually cried while i was writing this

For a while, you were my every poem. I knew I couldn’t draw, so I tried to write you down instead. I don’t think any of those pieces did you justice. No metaphors or similes I could pen could actually encompass what it was like to experience you. I wonder if you ever came across any of them, if you smiled or laughed or maybe even cried, depending on the content. They weren’t always happy pieces. I never did feel right seeing a sunset without you. Your voice was the only song I would never think of skipping if given the option, so when I was no longer allowed to hear it, I longed for it. I guess that’s how it goes when someone you love leaves. You wish you loved them harder and held onto them tighter when you had the chance, as if somehow the fault is in the strength of your muscles. Some would say that Shakespeare got it wrong, that the fault really is in our stars, that they just weren’t meant to be. I don’t know what to say about us. Maybe fate had something to do with it, but what about free will? You didn’t have to go. You could’ve stayed, we could’ve tried to make things work, but you decided to walk away anyway. How could I blame the stars for that?
—  maxwelldpoetry | The fault in ourselves.


I’ve read so many fics lately my heart has been bursting with feels and i hAVE to share them with you! The writers below, god I love every single one of them and hope my writing is as good as theirs one day!!!

But in no particular order, here we go!

(** = favorites)


OK but honestly now, there’s a whole lot more so I recommend just following her and binge-reading her stuff cause they’re all so fluffy and heartwarming and gahhhhhh. Traci. You da girl. 


This scenario made me feel all kind of ways after I finished it. It was one of those fics that I couldn’t just forget. Her writing is absolutely beautiful and it’s like I’m reading poetry. 


  • run (college au) **
  • grow (fantasy au)

ok yes I’m aware that both of them are yoongi scenarios yes I’m yoongi trash ok? ok but god…dreamscript and your writings…FRICKING A+


no its not smut. It’s actually one of the cutest, most adorable jimin scenario’s ive ever read and I’m not joking, I legit squealed.


(is it just me or did I seriously just rec all her fics that start with an m….)



  • give you the world (streetartist au) **
    • God. GOD. THIS ONE. tHIS ONE IS BY FAR one of the best fics I’ve read. It held so much emotion and the plot was beautiful and honestly the story just felt so real to me, I’m amazed. Jen, you are the definition of writer goals. I LOVE YOU! <3


  • dearly beloved (2 parts) (READ IT) **
    • *SCREAMS* is an accurate represenation of me the whole time I read this, goshhhhhh Jimin scenarios are honestly my weakness and tie in the whole “I hate you and you hate me but I actually love you but my pride and ego won’t allow for that ha nope” 

@exoticarmy127 **

Yes I just gave her actual account stars because I have read (I’m not joking) every single one of her stories and loved every single one like her writing is beyond this universe and yet it’s so simple and beautiful at the same time. I can even say that Kaye was the reason I wanted to start writing because I wanted to be able to read my works one day and say that “i wrote that” and that wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Kaye. THANK YOU SO MUCH KAYE for being an inspiration, an amazing and beautifully talented writer who manages to blow my mind every single time. 

For my followers who don’t know her, don’t even hesitate to read her works cause you will love them, a 100% guarantee from me. BUT I’ve still managed to compile my favorites from her writing below (probably the most difficult thing I’ve had to do lol)

  • cold & hold me tight 
    • these two were one the first scenarios I read of Kaye’s and they had pulled me in asdfghjkl it was just so cute and so angst and so ajdnififisn
  • as promised 
    • daddy taehyung has got me weak in my feels. 
  • you, me, & the little things in between 
    • I think I cried a good bit with this cause my heart was too fragile for all the angst and cutesyness. 
  • laws of motion and attraction
    • low and behold the holy grail of Kaye’s work. This one was a rollercoaster of emotions and there were surprises at every single chapter that I had never anticipated and in a honestly, this was a real piece of art. 

BUT that’s all for now guys! Once I read any more, I’ll definately update the list and let you in on the great fics floating around on tumblr. But if you guys have any recommendations for me ( I AM OPEN TO ANYTHING SEND ME ANYTHING I LOVE ANYTHING ), just drop them in my ask or message me and we can fangirl about it together once I read it hahaha! 

Hope you guys enjoy the list and don’t forget to check out the other works of these writers too! They’re all amazing and truly talented!


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How can she seem to have fallen from heaven
when I’m the one that has fallen,
the one that’s all in,
while her mind is a weapon

And God, I am already in too deep
because she is just too beautiful
and everything I seek
while I’m a fool

And while she is kissing all those boys
that appear to her as pretty toys
my heart tattoos cries of desperation against my ribs

How should I ever enjoy life’s sweet kiss
when she is everything I miss
and most of all her gorgeous lips?

—  // an actual sonnet
For a while, you were my every poem. I knew I couldn’t draw,  so I tried to write you down instead. I don’t think any of those pieces did you justice. No metaphors or similes I could pen could actually encompass what it was like to experience you. I wonder if you ever came across any of them, if you smiled or laughed or maybe even cried, depending on the content. They weren’t always happy pieces. I never did feel right seeing a sunset without you. Your voice was the only song I would never think of skipping if given the option, so when I was no longer allowed to hear it, I longed for it. I guess that’s how it goes when someone you love leaves. You wish you loved them harder and held onto them tighter when you had the chance, as if somehow the fault is in the strength of your muscles. Some would say that Shakespeare got it wrong, that the fault really is in our stars, that they just weren’t meant to be. I don’t know what to say about us. Maybe fate had something to do with it, but what about free will? You didn’t have to go. You could’ve stayed, we could’ve tried to make things work, but you decided to walk away anyway. How could I blame the stars for that?
—  The fault in ourselves. // Maxwell Diawuoh
One Hell of a Lucky Guy

Steroline (sort of?) AU future fic - prompt what if Caroline meet one of Stefan’s doppelgangers in the future. Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Chapter 5

It had been about a week since the greenhouse incident and Caroline was still completely spooked, especially after her and Paul had searched the greenhouse inch by inch for any signs of a stray to no avail. Paul tried to convince her that it was probably just a strong draft and that maybe the plant had been too close to the edge of the table but Caroline knew better, she knew it was a sign that she needed to put a stop to this before it went too far.

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Safe Inside

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Hi, and welcome to my new imagines blog! This is my very first imagine on here, so I decided to start of with something a little deeper, but not all of them will be like this, I promise! Feel free to request and enjoy!


Pairing: Tony Stark x Daughter!Reader

Words: 1,848

Rating: PG

Warnings: Mentions of suicide, very sad (I actually cried while writing this) mentions of death

Song: Safe Inside by James Arthur

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yall have such wild and interesting lives and I cant contribute to the “SMH as things I’ve done/said” meme because my life is so goddamn mild in comparison lol, but one day I’m waiting for the meme reach its height and straight up read one that’s like: 

Bitty: I surpassed this mortal dimension and visited my alternate lifetime if I had been a pie instead of human; I was not maple apple but instead blueberry, and I cried. 
Jack: Consumed one (1) entire puck right in the middle of an ice rink because no snacks and was anxious
Dex: a dryer once ate me. i lived inside of it like how Geppetto lived inside the whale until i was rescued 
Nursey: fell asleep against a tree while writing poetry and then melted into the trunk and became a wood nymph. i absorbed anyone and anything upon contact
Chowder: actually raised by sharks for years and is a shark hybrid until I begged Ursula’s twice-removed cousin to give me legs in exchange for my potential to do the splits 
Shitty: gave an inspiring speech about the intersectionality of feminism, race, and weed on a bus and everyone was clapping. its true because i was also the bus
Tango: asked too many questions and ripped a hole in the space-time continuum. entered a realm where alternate universe me could not speak but had all the answers. I sat in a room with no door and no windows with alternate universe me. it was very quiet in that universe. 
Whiskey: a lax bro crawled through my window to profess his love to me in a sonnet and we made love for the next 30 hours. 
Holster: was marathoning 30 Rock and reached the 72 hour mark when Tina Fey crawled out from the TV screen and into my living room to hug me, not unlike the girl from The Ring. 
Ransom: cried the entire time during my final exams and begged the Hockey Gods to either stop time or for a hockey player with strong arms to cradle me and take me away where we can make love for 30 consecutive hours, and accidentally summoned Zdeno Chara to the classroom during the exam 
Lardo: became a Rothko painting immediately upon entering a local museum - it wasn’t even an art museum it was a history museum 
Kent: once fostered 100 cats for charity and became the 101st cat after unlocking the ancient power of transfiguration
Tater: Turned into a potato for 24 hours. Literally into a whole spud. 

tea time for @panterrarty-ships-eruri. prompt: dark paradise

(this actually destroyed me while writing it, so i hope it does the same to all of you. holy shit. listen to the song[x])

eight years wasn’t a long time. the plains outside of wall maria still look the same. he’s been outside four times before it fell, and his memories out there are the most vivid. and now that he’s seen what’s beyond it, where the ocean meets the shore, and it bothers him how it hasn’t changed.

he closes his eyes. feels the rain on his face from that day. feels the sun evaporating the water off his skin as he holds his snapblade to erwin’s neck. feels the rage boiling in him, his hand shaking, his body shivering. but he opened his eyes. erwin shouted at him, told him to fight with him, that with levi’s strength they can save humanity. and levi changes in that moment, feels his entire life shift and about-face. he has lost his friends, his family, but he can avenge them. he can kill the titans, and erwin can show him how.

and like an idiot, like a fool, he follows him until his heart fills with more than loyalty. where he finds his will to fight so he can find a way to cast his eyes on him again. it’s dangerous, it’s selfish, but thinking of dying out there without seeing his commander again makes him stronger. makes him fight until his muscles feel like they can tear from the bone, until his lungs fill with so much heat they turn to dried meat. but he comes back. he always comes back. and eventually he joins erwin in his bed, under the sheets, inside and around his body, and he never lost himself so completely in anyone before.

his eyes open. and all that’s there is the plains. blue sky with scattered clouds. quiet and unassuming. titanless. they haven’t see the beast titan in two years. who knows if he’ll ever come back. maybe he’s died of dysentery, keeled over while taking a shit. and then his promise was wasted, unfulfilled, and what had levi done to erwin besides killed him? couldn’t even kill the asshole that ripped his commander open, took him away from him like he was a paper doll, like he was fucking nothing.

erwin is everything.

he looks down the wall. fifty meters is tall. tall enough to kill if a body falls from it. he sees it as salvation from this. erwin had seen it before, tried the very same in desperation after he lost his arm. and levi silently vowed he would never attempt the same. yet here he is for the fourth time with ill maintained gear, with reels that are not oiled, canisters of gas near empty. his death can be a miscalculation, a tragedy. quiet and unassuming.

he steps off the edge. falls with his cape fluttering behind him like the feathers of a diving falcon. he closes his eyes, feels the tears slicing against his cheeks. and he sees erwin behind them, feels him embracing him, hears him whispering words he should have never ever said to him. words that break him now more than anything else could.

thank you, levi.

but what if he’s not there. levi, what if he won’t meet you? what if hell is a place that can’t hold men like you. won’t allow you to see each other because you’ve killed too many men–corps members, military police, titans.

what if he’s not there?

oh goddesses, what if he’s not there?

he spins and grapples. the sudden jerk cracks his spine, his eyes blowing wide as he gasps in air. his body swings and smashes against the wall, and it takes several minutes for his eyes to readjust, to see just how close he was this time to falling the whole way. three meters between him and the ground. so close this time.

he presses his forehead to the dirty wall. he drags fingernails against the crystallized titan skin that composes the walls. his life for eight years has been titans. no… it’s been erwin. only a third of his miserable shitty life, but he never truly lived before erwin. what if… what if he didn’t save erwin from hell; what if he sent him to hell?

he closes his eyes. he releases his hooks and lets himself fall the remaining height to land heavily on his arm. it cracks, and the pain ignites up his arm, but he fucking deserves it. he lays on it, staring off at the open, empty plains. the pain makes him delirious. what if he’s out there… what if he’s out beyond the ocean? what if he’s seen how high the sky can go? 

he sits up, holds his arm for a long time until the sun crests over the horizon in brilliant pinks and oranges. he stands up weakly, shuffles his feet along grass that reaches past his ankles. he walks until it’s dark, until the stars come out, until his legs can barely carry him anymore, until the sun rises again, until he sinks to the ground from exhaustion and pain and desperation.

he closes his eyes, and it’s like a dark paradise, and maybe in his dreams he’ll see him again, and he won’t ever have to wake again. 

I just don't know what to say right now...

It’s just hard to think that the three characters who made me laugh smile despite my pain, protected me from bullies both at school and at home and helped me learn to love myself and accept myself for who I am might get written off their show… Please, Pokeani writers- I’m begging you; please keep Rocket Dan in the series- they add so much to the story and they just continue to make so many fans laugh and smile; and they’ve helped us through some of our darkest hours. I don’t want them to go and I love them…

Locked Out // Byun Baekhyun {part one}

Requested: Nope, I just really needed to write something Baek-related lol

Pairing: Byun Baekhyun X Reader

Genre: College!AU, angst I guess?

Word Count: 7.2k (holy shit this is so long if you read it all I’ll marry you I promise)

Description: Hi, I’m Y/N, and I’m the Queen of Fucking Everything Up. Here I am, locked outside on a balcony with a dude I shared and awkward hook-up with once and I’d been avoiding ever since, while his ex-girlfriend cries her eyes out and I freeze my ass off in the September air. *Freeze frame* *record scratch* You’re probably wondering how I got myself into this situation, so here’s a timeline of how, in a few short months, I managed to royally fuck everything up.

A/N: Wow I actually have no idea what I was doing when I was writing this, but I kind of like it hahaha. Also, this part is written in first person which usually I hate writing in, but I thought it suited the style of the story more :) By the way I love Irene so much, she’s such a babe. Enjoy!

Part two: Here!

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2nd February, 10:22am
Ah, February 2nd. I remember it as if it was only yesterday. It was rather warm for Winter, so my friends and I had bought lunch and decided to eat it down by the river. It was rare for all five of us to have a day free of college classes, so we wanted to make the most of it.

“I’m just going over here,” I mumbled, more to myself than anyone, grabbing my phone and heading towards the river’s edge. I’d spotted a single pink flower floating with the current peacefully, and being a photography major, I couldn’t miss the chance to capture this moment digitally.

“Don’t fall in!” A voice cried from behind me; I felt their large hands push against my back but they grabbed my elbows just before I toppled into the cold water below.

“Sehun!” I bellowed, trying to look as angry as possible when I turned around to face my immature friend. However, I couldn’t stop myself from grinning when I saw the bewildered look cross his face: it soon disappeared when he realised I wasn’t actually mad at him. “That was a close one, Y/N. You’ve got to be more careful,” Sehun joked.

“You’re an idiot,” I quipped back. “I don’t know how I put up with you.”

“You do it out of love,” Sehun replied. You see, Sehun and I had been friends for as long as either of us could remember. Born just ten days apart (he was older and always gave me shit for it), we’d become instant best friends. We stuck with each other throughout middle school and high school, and now we were roommates in college (don’t ask me why I agreed to room with Sehun, he never washes the dishes. Ever.)

“You two, stop flirting and come join us for a selfie,” Baekhyun called out.

“We’re not flirting,” Sehun and I groaned in unision, earning chuckles from Baekhyun and the two other boys, Chanyeol and Suho. “Yeah, my mum wants a picture of my friends to prove I don’t hang out with pot-heads and alcoholics,” Chanyeol added, getting his phone into optimum selfie-position.

“I’m pretty sure Y/N is a drug dealer in between her studies,” Suho laughed as Sehun and I joined them, gaining a playful glare from me.

It’s funny to think that I originally wanted nothing to do with Chanyeol, Baekhyun, and Suho. Sehun had befriended the three in one of his music lectures, and when I first met them I believed they were nothing more than rowdy, immature womanisers. With a lot of convincing from Sehun (boy would not shut up about it), I managed to give the boys a chance and am now proud (albeit embarrassed at times) to call them my close friends. In fact, I’m pretty sure Baekhyun and I have a thing now. Don’t quote me, but he’s developed a habit of being really touchy-feely with me recently, but we’re not dating. I didn’t have many girl friends at all - I didn’t need them. It’s hard enough to focus on college, my part-time job, and socialising as it is, I don’t need the added factor of girl drama.

As we all gathered around Chanyeol, I felt my phone vibrate in my back pocket, followed shortly by a loud ‘ding’. After we managed to take a couple of nice pictures together without much incident (ignoring the fact Baekhyun screamed “SUHO YOU’RE STANDING ON MY FOOT!” and Sehun hit my stomach because I was “covering his beautiful face” with my “man shoulders”), I pulled out my own phone and read the text.

“Sehun, looks like we have interest in our spare room!” I exclaimed, showing the text to the blond.

’Hi, Y/N, my name is Irene Bae and I saw you were looking for a roommate for your apartment? I’m interested! I’m at the café near the university right now and I’d be happy to chat with you’,” Sehun read out loud before adding, “she’s there now?”

“I guess,” I replied, quickly texting Irene back.

“Are you guys leaving now?” Suho questioned, the obvious disappointment on his face matching that of Chanyeol and Baekhyun’s too.

“I guess so. Come on, Y/N, if we hurry we can catch the train and get there a bit earlier,” Sehun said, grabbing my hand and tugging me away from our friends.

“We’ll catch up with you later, I promise!” I shouted back to the three. And as I turned back around, I swear I caught Baekhyun wink at me.

2nd February, 10:37am

I quickly brushed a hand through my windswept hair as Sehun and I entered the quiet, cosy café. I scanned the shop, smiling when I made eye contact with a couple of people from my lectures. “Where do you think she is?” Sehun muttered, urging me forward towards the register attendant.

“Not sure. I might go have a look around and see if I can find her,” I replied, breaking away from Sehun to sweep the café with my eyes. Sehun nodded and waited to order our usual drinks while I shimmied past crowded tables towards the back of the building where I knew it was less populated. And there, sitting at an empty booth facing away from me, sipping a cup of coffee, was a girl. I knew it was her instantly - I would have definitely noticed a girl with bright bubblegum pink hair like hers before. She had headphones in and was nodding her head ever so slightly, completely absorbed in her own world.

I gulped loudly and built up the courage to go up and talk to her. She noticed me and pulled out her headphones quickly, flashing me a dazzling smile.

“You must be Y/N? I’m Irene. Take a seat.” The girl gestured to the seat opposite her and I sidled in, trying to act as at ease as Irene was. She gave me another wicked smile and asked whether I wanted to order anything; I explained Sehun was already doing that.

I suddenly felt very underdressed in my heavy sweater compared to Irene, you know, as if she was Cinderella and I was one of the ugly step sisters. Every time Irene moved, the glint from the fluorescent lights reflected off her dark blue contacts. It was really distracting.

“You’re very pretty, Y/N,” Irene commented. As she spoke, I realised I’d barely said a word to her, choosing to stare instead - but it seemed Irene had been doing the same thing.

“Thanks. I like your hair. It’s very…interesting,” I replied, causing Irene to laugh. And as I sat there listening to the melodic, high pitched sound, I felt all my worries disappear. Irene explained how she’d actually been dared to dye her hair, and I realised Irene seemed lovely and I would have no problems having her as a roommate.

“Oh hey, you must be Irene,” Sehun said, squeezing in beside me and passing my hot chocolate over. “It’s really nice to meet you.”

“You too!” Irene replied. “Seoul really is a beautiful city.”

“You’re not from around here?” I questioned, sipping at the scalding drink in front of me.

“No, I’m from Daegu actually,” said Irene. As Sehun and I listened to her tell hilarious stories from her childhood, I barely noticed time passing. In fact, it was as if time had stopped completely - we’d been let into Irene’s own little world and nothing but us three mattered. She really was a captivating person. Sehun and I asked Irene all the basic questioned you’d ask any potential housemate, and we told her we’d contact her  soon - though it was clear we’d both made our minds up already.

“She’s so lovely!” I gushed the minute we left the café. “She’s the best candidate we’ve seen, Se.”

“I agree,” Sehun said before playfully pushing my shoulder. “If she moves in, maybe you’ll finally have a friend of your own - a girl nonetheless!”

9th March:

“I’m pretty sure this is the last one,” I exclaimed, placing one of Irene’s heavier boxes on the floor in her new room. Irene poked her head over the side of her bed and flashed her signature smile at me. “You’re the best, Y/N. Seriously, your help is much appreciated,” she replied.

“No problem.” I stood there for a moment,  watching my new roommate pull out handfuls of books from one of her boxes and slam them down on her desk. I turned to the door and said over my shoulder, “I’ll leave you to it then.”

“Wait, Y/N. Come and keep me company. Unpacking boxes can get super boring by myself,” Irene whined, looking up at me with large, innocent eyes. “And once I’m done here, maybe we could paint each others nails?” After seeing the sceptical look on my face she added, “you know, girly things.”

“Girly things…” I repeated slowly.

“We don’t have to if you don’t want to! I just thought it would be nice to get to spend some time together, just us two, since you Sehun have been so nice in showing me around Seoul. But we don’t have to if you don’t want too.”

I was starting to realise already that Irene had a way to get people to do what she wanted them to do, and I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. However, I did think it would be nice to get to know Irene more.

“No, it sounds nice! It’s just, I’ve never really had friends who were girls before. I don’t even have any sisters,” I admitted, joining my roommate on the floor.

“That’s a shame, Y/N,” Irene replied, grabbing a bottle of baby pink nail polish. “Because girls are really fun. If you ever have boy troubles or friend drama or just want to talk, I’m here.” The smile Irene gave me was so genuine, and I knew I’d just made a very crucial friend.

I could feel Irene’s endless smile directed at me as I careful painted her fingernails. I was talking about nothing really - my family, my university major, life in Seoul. And Irene listened to every word I said. It was weird. I’d barely known Irene a month but it felt as if we had been friends since time began. There was no awkwardness between us, oddly enough, and I suddenly realised what I’d been missing by only having guy friends.

“Irene, looks like you forgot one box,” Sehun stated, poking his head into Irene’s room and grinned when he saw us lounging on the floor.

“Excuse you, I was just in the middle of educating Irene which boys to stay away from and which would be more than happy to ‘help her study’, if you know what I mean,” I winked back, eliciting a groan from Sehun.

“You’re impossible, Y/N. I’ll go get that box for you,” he called, backing away from the room. Once he was out of earshot, Irene turned to me and said, “you two are a cute couple.”

At first I thought I’d misheard her, so I asked Irene to repeat what she said. She did, and when I was sure she thought Sehun and I were dating, I couldn’t help the laughter bubbling out. As I rolled around on the carpet, clutching my stomach, Irene simply gave me a confused smile. “Did I say something?” You’re not having a seizure, are you?”

Her comment only made me laugh harder, and it took me a good minute to regain my composure. “We’re not…Sehun and I aren’t dating,” I managed to say through giggles.

“You’re not? Ah, that’s so embarrassing!” Irene cried, burying her face into the soft pillow beside her to stifle her own laughter.

“Wheeew, I can’t breathe,” I gasped just as Sehun returned with Irene’s box. Seeing his face, and the utter idea of Sehun and I dating set me off into another fit.

“Y/N’s broken, she won’t stop laughing!” Irene shrieked, hitting me repeatedly with the pillow and soon collapsing beside me. My ribs ached, cheeks stung, and I was gasping like a fish, but it was an amazing feeling. I’d never laughed so hard in my life - I didn’t want this moment to end.

18th April:

Irene ran a hand over her velvet skirt, smoothing it down for the hundredth time in the past minute. “Seriously, Ren, you’re going to ruin the material on your skirt if you keep rubbing it,” I stated, grabbing Irene’s hand and pulling it away from her clothes.

“I know, I know,” she sighed, giving me a half-hearted smile. “I’m just nervous.” I turned from my place on the bench to face her. We were waiting at the local bowling alley and Irene had been worried about this moment for the whole day. Sehun had suggested that we introduce Irene to Suho, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun, considering they basically lived at our apartment anyway.

“Nervous? Why?” I chuckled.

“You just talk about your friends all the time; they seem so cool.”

“Trust me,” I snorted loudly. “They are definitely not cool.”

And as if they’d heard me insult them, the three boys, along with Sehun, sauntered into the bowling alley. “Who’s the one on the left, Y/N?” Irene whispered furiously to me, brushing a stray strand of hair away from her face.

“Uh, that’s Baekhyun. Why?” I replied, waving at my friends.

“Because he’s beautiful,” Irene gushed, clasping a hand over her mouth. The boys approached us and introduced themselves to Irene, and I suddenly felt rather queasy at the idea of her possibly having a crush on my friend, but I managed to ignore it.

“Okay, let’s get this game started then!” Chanyeol exclaimed, eliciting cheers from the rest of us. Suho went first, and to our utmost surprise he got a strike on his very first go. Baekhyun joked about leaving now since Suho had clearly won already, and then it was Sehun’ s turn. He released the bowling ball with such force, but still managed to get a gutterball. Twice.

We all booed at him as he sat down, an embarrassed smile covering his face. I knocked down a cool seven pins (I’d never been that great at ten-pin bowling anyway). Baekhyun got the same as me, and Chanyeol managed to knock down nine. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves - until Irene stood up to take her turn.

The first ball she bowled zoomed straight into the gutter so she turned around to face the boys. “I’m not very good at this, would someone be kind enough to help me?” She toyed her bottom lip with her teeth and batted her eyelids, shutting the boys up instantly, their joking insults towards each other style of bowling fading into nothing.

I narrowed my eyes at Irene suspiciously, trying to work out exactly what she was up to. Irene and I had been to this exact bowling alley a few weeks ago, and I remember I was groaning 95% of the time because Irene kept getting strikes. If she was so good at this, why was she pretending she wasn’t?

The boys shared a look quickly, silently deciding who would be the lucky one (A/N: wow that unintentional pun) to help Irene before Baekhyun stood up, wiping his palms on his jeans. I wasn’t all that surprised Baekhyun had been appointed the task by the boys’ silent jury - he’d sworn off dating after a bad breakup awhile ago, and I guess his friends just wanted him to get back out there again.

Irene giggled as Baekhyun stood behind her, wrapped his arms around her waist, and swung her arm backwards to bowl. Team Baekrene got a strike. Of course they did. Baekhyun gave me a small smile as he walked back to his seat, while Irene leaned into me as she sat back down, whispering something about how strong Baekhyun apparently was.

And it continued like this - Baekhyun would pull Irene close to him, helping her bowl even though she did not need his help at all, and Baekhyun would glance in my direction after he had, confusing and frustrating me at the same time.

“They make such a good couple,” Sehun commented to me, watching our friends basically feeling each other up adoringly.

“Yeah, they sure do,” I grumbled sarcastically. Sehun gave me a look of surprise before chuckling. “No way. No damn way. Y/N is jealous? Of Irene?”

“I’m not jealous!” I hissed back, but it was clear to both Sehun and I that I was blatantly lying. The truth was, I could feel my insides bubbling with envy every time Baekhyun flashed his bright smile at Irene, and I felt myself gagging when she giggled like an immature schoolgirl in response. Maybe I felt this way because Baekhyun was undoubtedly an incredibly beautiful human, no one could argue against that. Maybe it was because Irene had literally been in Seoul for two months and was getting more male attention than I had in my whole 22 years of living in Seoul. Or maybe it was because I’ d never had a proper boyfriend before despite my best efforts, and Baekhyun was the only boy who’d ever really showed me any attention (he had a way of making me feel so special even though we weren’t dating). Maybe it was because Baekhyun’s flirting was the closest thing I’d had to a boyfriend, and yet all Irene had to do was bat her eyelids and Baekhyun was drooling all over her. Who knows.

I tried my best to focus on the game at hand, but trust me, it was very hard with Baekhyun and Irene so obviously flirting right beside me. That was Baekhyun and I’s thing (although we were never that conspicuous about it). Despite this, everyone else seemed to be having a good time - Suho was crowned Ten Pin Bowling King, while Irene and Baekhyun not-so-discernibly swapped numbers. Everyone left with smiles on their faces - which is all I cared about. No matter the reason behind those smiles.

13th May, 3:17PM:

“Y/N, have you been on Irene’s Facebook recently?” Sehun called as I entered our apartment; he was curled up under a blanket on the couch and was stuffing his face with buttery popcorn.

“You’re an animal,” I laughed, dropping my bag and jumping next to him on the couch. The Hangover was playing quietly on the television, although Sehun wasn’t paying it any attention. “Why, should I have been checking her Facebook?”

Sehun shifted and thrust his phone in my face, watching me expectantly. I had to steady his swaying hand to see that he had Irene’s Facebook open to one of her more recent statuses, posted yesterday evening.

‘He asked me out, I said yes! #feelingblessed #luckiestgirlalive #cutestcoupleever,’ the status read. Attached below it was a photo of the new couple;  Baekhyun’s lips were on Irene’s cheek, her eyes were scrunched up, and she had an adorable smile on her face. It was true, they were the cutest couple ever.

I felt a feeling stir inside me, an emotion that I couldn’t even begin to describe at the time but that, in hindsight, should have been a big warning sign for me to keep my distance. But I couldn’t see that at the time - all I could see was my two best friends being all lovey-dovey cute together. It was gross.

“Holy, look how many likes it’s got!” Sehun exclaimed, his eyes bulging out at the nearly 700 figure. “I’m not surprised,” I replied lowly. “Irene’s become so popular recently.” Sehun simply chuckled. “It’s not all bad: we’ve also become a lot popular too.”

It was true. Irene may have gained lots of friends, but I doubted she would ever want to replace Sehun and I as her best friends. She would often invite us out to all these different events with her new friends (most of whom were girls, which was awesome for me because I gained a lot more female friends). As well as meeting tons of new people (including two charismatic boys named Bambam and Taeyong who often studied with me at the library), my popularity had risen to extraordinary levels. I suddenly found myself being invited to all sorts of parties I’d never been able to even dream of attending before, and I had my own group of friends now that didn’t consist totally of Sehun’s friends. He was right; Irene’s sudden popularity wasn’t all bad.

Sehun and I had just settled down enough to focus on the movie playing when the front door clicked open and laughter poured into our apartment.

“-reaction was absolutely hilarious!” An unfamiliar voice roared, so I peered over Sehun’s shoulder and saw the voice belonged to one of Irene’s many friends. She was very pretty, and I recognised her from around university. I could tell her and Irene were close. I think her name was Willow? Or maybe it was Wanda? I forget some times.

“I know right! It was to die for. Thanks for the ride home, Wendy!” Irene said, hugging her friend before shutting the front door.

Ah, Wendy.

“Hey guys!” Irene greeted, although she barely looked our way before sauntering down the hallway to her room. I glanced at Sehun who shrugged, turning his attention back to the TV.

13th May, 4:56PM:

“Anyone home?” I questioned, banging my knuckles on Irene’s door loudly, causing the ajar door to swing open with a creak. Our movie had finished and we had expected Irene would have come out to tell us about her exciting news by now - but she hadn’t. So Sehun and I decided to investigate ourselves.

“Come in~” Irene sang out in response. She was spread out on her bed but repositioned herself so she was now sitting crosslegged. She was tapping away furiously at her phone, undoubtedly texting one of her close friends, and she was unable to stop a wide smile from covering her face.

“So…when were you going to tell us you and Baekhyun were dating?” Sehun asked excitedly, waving his phone in her face much like he had done with me. Her smile suddenly faded upon hearing Sehun’s question, which caught me off guard.

“Were you even going to tell us at all?” I gestured to the date the status had been posted; over 24 hours ago.

“Well, I mean yeah, eventually, but…” Irene started, but soon trailed off. She stared at us both before giving me a sympathetic smile. “But not straight away.”

“Not straight away?” Sehun repeated, furrowing his brows in confusion.

“Well, I probably would have told you, Sehun. But I might not have told Y/N straight away,” Irene stated bluntly. I stared at her in shock, and I’m pretty sure my jaw hit the floor. What did she mean by that? Weren’t we supposed to be best friends?

Irene must have noticed the upset look on my face because she quickly added, “only because I know how close you are to Baekhyun, and I didn’t want you to feel like I was stealing him away from you or anything.” Irene glanced down at her bedsheet sheepishly, and I could tell she was being honest but it still didn’t lessen the pain and embarrassment I felt.

And my deep blush must have gave me away because Sehun patted my hand and rushed on, “well, I know both Y/N and I are extremely happy for you two.” Irene smiled brightly and uttered her thanks, so Sehun continued. “By the way, don’t forget we’re going to the baseball game on Saturday night!”

I wasn’t a major sports fanatic, but Sehun had managed to score a few free tickets and thought it would be fun for the three of us to go together. “Oh, um, I can’t sorry,” Irene mumbled. Suddenly, her phone was very interesting to her again.

“You…can’t?” Sehun shot me a brief look that seemed to say ‘is this girl serious’, before turning his attention to our uncomfortable roommate. “Yeah, sorry. I think Nayeon is having a party that night. Sorry I didn’t tell you earlier.” Irene was doing an awful lot of apologising and had suddenly become the queen of avoiding eye contact.

“Oh, that’s okay then,” Sehun claimed, but I could tell he was hurt, if only slightly. Anyone could - his voice was barely above a whisper. “I think I have something to do now,” he added, retreating from the room and heading back to the lounge.

“Look, Y/N, I’m really sorry that I can’t come to the game with you guys anymore, but you need to understand we spend so much time together anyway!” Irene said, looking up and finally meeting my harsh gaze. She was apologising, but there was no hint of remorse in her eyes. She knew how much this game meant to Sehun, and she didn’t even care.

“Yeah, I know,” I replied sarcastically. “That’s what best friends do, generally.”

15th June:

I have no idea why I agreed to this. Absolutely no clue. You see, Irene invited me out for brunch with her at this cute little restaurant in the middle of Seoul; but conveniently forgot to tell me that it was actually a double date and she’d organised one of her friends to be my date.

So here I was, on a double date with Irene, Baekhyun, and some guy named Lee Jooheon. Jooheon seemed nice enough (and he was pretty attractive too), but I was so furious Irene had tricked me into going on this stupid double date that I couldn’t focus on anything he was saying.

“So yeah, as I was saying, Y/N hasn’t really had a boyfriend before, so you’d be her first!” Irene gushed, causing a hot blush to form on my face. I’d only been here for ten minutes and already I wished I could melt into the seat and never show my face anywhere ever again. However, I couldn’t do that.

“I don’t think he really needs to know that, Irene,” I hissed.

“Nonsense!” Irene laughed loudly, the sort of obnoxious sound a group of middle aged women would make when one of them tells a really terrible joke. I grumbled under my breath and noticed Baekhyun was watching me. He had a small smirk on his face and winked when I looked up. We sat across from each other in our little booth and this was definitely not the first time I’d caught him staring at me.

In fact, he managed to maintain eye contact even when Irene pressed herself up against him and placed a lazy kiss on his cheek. Every time Irene said something embarrassing about me, Baekhyun would nudge my foot with his own under the table and give me a small smile. At least someone else realised that what Irene was doing was humiliating.

“If you’ll excuse me, I just have to use the bathroom quickly,” Jooheon said, giving me a small smirk before escaping to the toilets. “Ah, I’ll go pay for the bill,” Baekhyun added, following Jooheon’s actions by giving us a small grin before departing. Irene gave him a big smile in response, but it quickly disappeared once he was out of earshot.

Leaning closer to me across the table, Irene growled, “do you think I’m stupid, Y/N?” She was so close to me that I could feel her breath hot on my cheek, and I pulled back quickly. “W-what? Why do you say that?”

“Do you think I don’t see the way you look at Baekhyun? The way you’ve been oogling at him this whole time? I’ve tried to set you up with a lovely guy, but you can’t keep your eyes off my boyfriend. I knew you were a threat, Y/N. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll back off.”

I could feel hot tears pricking at my eyes and I blinked rapidly, started at how cruel my supposed “best friend” was being. I desperately wanted to defend myself, but the lump in my throat made that near impossible. I could only hold Irene’s glare as her glossy lips curled up into a smirk.

“Glad we’re on the same page,” she whispered, just as both boys returned.

“Sweet, everything is paid for,” Baekhyun smiled. He glanced between Irene and I and rushed to add, “is everything alright?”

“Yeah, Baekhyunnie. Nothing’s wrong.”

26th July:

Ah yes. Possibly the absolute worst day of my life. Well, more like the day my perfect life crumbled and shit hit the fan.

Jooheon and I had swapped numbers after our nightmare of a double date, and we’d stayed in contact even though I explained I wasn’t interested in dating him (he was so sweet about it too, bless!). The other day, Jooheon had invited Irene and I to a party his friend Wonho was hosting. But since Irene hadn’t really talked to me since she accused me of trying to steal her boyfriend, I didn’t tell her about our invitation (I figured she would find out about the party eventually away), and took Sehun with me instead.

Everything seemed to be going fine; Irene turned up with Baekhyun as I had predicted would happen. It was only as the night progressed that I started to experience a harrowing, constant feeling in my chest. It was hard to describe what it was or pinpoint why I was suddenly feeling this way, but I instantly knew something hugely terrible was going to happen. Ironically, I think I felt this way because of how untroubled everyone else was.

Alcohol was definitely, 100% flowing at this party. Every room I entered held a least one large group of drunk friends, laughing and yelling louder than I would have considered acceptable in my own apartment. I guess this Wonho guy was a lot more lenient than I was. Or he just didn’t give a shit.

Now, I’d never been much of a drinker (the agonizing hangovers then next morning were more than enough to stop me drinking too much, usually) but tonight was different. Maybe I drunk to try to sooth the pain in my chest, or to lessen the effect the howling screams of drunkards had on my newly formed headache.

“I’m just going to go…somewhere,” I slurred, hitting Sehun hard on his back.

“Make good choices!” Sehun grinned as he turned to face me.

Oh, the irony!

I gulped back another cup of alcohol (I’m not too sure what it actually was, it tasted like vodka mixed with something else but I couldn’t be too sure what. By this time I didn’t really care what was in it anyway - I was far too wasted to be wary about such a small thing) and stumbled into the closest room: a second lounge.

Music was blasting from the stereo in the corner, and there was a group of rowdy younger boys surrounding a pool table. I started heading in their direction for god knows why, but someone intercepted me first.

“Y/N, just the girl I wanted to see!” Baekhyun cheered, giving me an adorable lopsided smile.

“You wanted to see me?” I replied, giving Baekhyun a sceptical look. “Where’s Irene?”

He suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the lounge and down the hall. The unexpected skin-to-skin contact sent a rogue shiver down my spine and I tried to pull my hand away instinctively - Baekhyun’s vice-like grip prevented us from breaking contact.

“She’s passed out on a couch in some place or another. Girl cannot handle her alcohol,” Baekhyun chucked, throwing open the door of a bedroom and scowling when he found it was occupied already.

“Out,” he instructed, grip still firm on my hand, and the couple sucking each other’s faces off scurried out of the room as fast as their drunken bodies could manage. I couldn’t stop a gasp from escaping my lips when Baekhyun closed the door and slammed my body against it.

“What the hell?” I managed to puff, but my words faded into nothing when I noticed how close Baekhyun’s face was to mine. He was probably only a foot taller, but he seemed to tower over me as I shrunk back into the door. I was totally wasted, but I could still make out the different tones of brown in his irises that I’d never noticed before.

“I need you, Y/N,” Baekhyun confessed, his voice low and raspy. His breath was hot on my cheek, and I could smell the reeking stench of alcohol on it. Baekhyun was drunk too, but nowhere near as tipsy as myself.

“But you have Irene,” I mumbled, and I was sure he wouldn’t even be able to hear me. To be honest, I was surprised at how I managed to resist jumping his bones right there and then.

“I have Irene, but I want you.”

I managed to take one last peek at Baekhyun’s eyes before his lips crashed onto mine: his usually soft, warm eyes had completely darkened and he looked like a hungry predator eying up its prey.

After a minute of desperate kisses, Bakehyun suggested we go somewhere more private, so that’s what we did. He suggested that, since he wasn’t really allowed to be seen making out with a girl other than his girlfriend, I pretend I was too sick to stay at the party and he would say he suddenly remembered an assignment he had due tomorrow. And that’s how we managed our great escape.

I learned two things that night; the first was that lust is a crazy, bubbling cauldron of desire and need, and once you get a taste of it, it courses through your veins and takes control of every inch of your body - from your legs to your fingertips to your tongue and even your mind. It’s wanting what you can’t have, what you shouldn’t have, what you know is absolutely and utterly wrong to take, but being completely unable to stop yourself from taking it regardless.

The second thing I learned that night was that Irene was right: I was a real threat to her relationship.

31st July:

Okay, I lied. When I said July 26th was the worst day in my whole existence, I was lying.

Today was the day everything went downhill. I guess you could say I was standing on the top of a really tall building, creeping closer and closer to the edge: July 26th was what caused me to fall off the very tall building, the 31st is what I experienced just before I hit the ground.

July 31st started out like any other day. It was the middle of summer, and I remember thinking it would be nice if my apartment had a pool. I’d been very good at keeping Baekhyun and I’s one night stand a secret, and I’d made Bakehyun promise he would never tell a soul, especially Irene, for obvious reasons.

In fact, I’d even seen the two together in the wake of our hookup: they looked as happy as could be and as much as it pained me to see them being all cute together, it was so much better than having Irene find out what had happened.

That day I had both my courses (a photography course and an English language course) which meant I had to walk almost literally from one side of campus to the other. Usually I didn’t have a problem with this (it’s a hassle, that’s all) but today seemed different.

I noticed that whenever I glanced in boys’ directions they would stare back with a glint of hunger in their eyes, and when I made eye contact with a group of girls they all glared daggers at me. Synchronised scowling. If I hadn’t been feeling so self conscious, I probably would have laughed.

It was only when I walked past the girls that I realised why they felt so compelled to stare: “See, that’s the girl who slept with Irene’s boyfriend,” one of the girls stated, pointing straight at me. I recognised her as one of Irene’s friends but I didn’t know her name. “She’s not even that pretty,” another girl added as I rushed past them.

At first I thought I was hallucinating. There was no way anyone knew about Baekhyun and I, right?

I was wrong. I managed to make it to my English class without anymore trouble, albeit the usual stares. I was just settling into my normal seat when two boys in front of me turned around. I recognised them as Vernon and Seungkwan - I was on good terms with the both of them as I often let them copy my answers.

“So, Y/N, is it true that you had sex with Baekhyun?” Seungkwan blurted out.

“You can’t just ask that, Seungkwan!” Vernon chuckled, but still looked at me expectantly.

“Oh, I am terribly sorry. Y/N, oh kind, wise, answer-sharing Y/N, is it true that you may have had sexual relations with the handsome Byun Baekhyun?” Seungkwan said in a posh voice. By now, a lot of the class was looking at us. My heart dropped.

“It’s not true,” I uttered, just loud enough for the two boys to hear.

“It’s what?” Vernon questioned, leaning closer.

“I-I need to go.” I packed my bag quickly and left the class as fast as I possibly could - there was no way I was staying in there to play a whole hour of Twenty Questions.

As I was heading home, I felt a mix of emotions. It was hard to pinpoint just one. I felt confused because I had no idea how everyone had found out, but at the same time I felt absolutely devastated because I knew exactly who had told them (it certainly wasn’t me, I hadn’t even told Sehun), and then I felt a wave of sadness that Baekhyun, someone who up until recently I considered a good friend, could share something so intimate.

When I got home, all I wanted to do was crawl up into my bed and sleep the remainder of the day away, but that’s not what happened. The door to our apartment was wide open and boxes sat outside it innocently - I could instantly tell that something was wrong.

“Y/N, I have absolutely no idea what’s going on,” Sehun stated when I walked into the living room. “I had literally just got home when all this started. She screamed at me for conspiring with and defending you?” He gestured to Irene’s room where the loud clatter of miscellaneous items landing on each other were coming from.

I stood near the doorway, the threat of having something thrown at me stopped me venturing further. Irene was angrily grabbing items off her desk, wall, and from her wardrobe, shoving them into cardboard boxes.

As if sensing my presence, Irene stopped her movements and snapped her head up, glaring right into my soul. She stood up and headed towards me with fire in her eyes, and I genuinely feared for my life. Stopping close to me, Irene stated, “You’re a bitch,” before slamming the door in my face.

“Y/N, what the hell was that about?” Sehun questioned when I remerged from the hallway. “ Are you okay?” The worried expression on Sehun’s features told me that he really did care about whether I was okay or not, but shame stopped me from confessing the sin I had committed. I really wanted to, but I just couldn’t.

“Yeah, Se. Nothing’s wrong.”

2nd August:

Remember when I said this past week was like I’d been pushed off a really tall building? Well, I finally hit the ground.

I spent most of the day at this cute little reserve near my apartment where I knew it was unlikely I would run into anyone I recognised. It seems that all I do now: run. Run away from my responsibilities. Run from my problems.

I was supposed to be meeting Suho and Chanyeol right now for lunch, but I couldn’t bear to face them. No doubt they would be bombarding my phone, which I’d left at home, but I was certain their texts would get lost among the numerous other notifications I had.

You see, a few days ago, people would tell me face to face what they thought about Baekhyun and I - which wasn’t the nicest feeling but I could handle it - but now they’d turned to social media to humiliate me, to call me degrading names where all my friends and family could see. So that’s why I was skipping lunch with Chanyeol and Suho, and ditching my classes for the day - I needed time away from it all, to think about how everything had gone oh so terribly wrong. I had no doubt my phone was buzzing away with hate - I seemed to be more popular now than I was before all this happened.

It was late afternoon when I finally decided to head back home. I was feeling just slightly more positive now that I’d thought about my situation and managed to come up with a mental game plan for my next moves.

That was, until I spotted a small van driving way from our apartment. Painted on the side in bright red letters were the words ‘Seoul Movers’. I bounded to the apartment, taking the stairs two at a time, and found a sombre looking Sehun starting at the blank television screen.

“Sehun?” I asked quietly, sliding up to the couch and staring at my friend.

“Irene’s gone. She moved out,” he monotonely replied. I knew this was going to happen; Irene packing boxes a few days ago and the moving truck were a dead give away, but I’d held on with false hope that Irene and I would be able to talk this situation out. Instead, Irene wouldn’t even make eye contact with me, let alone talk to me.

The last of the peaceful feeling I’d managed to hold onto from earlier today drained from my body completely and the reality of my situation fully hit me. Because of my stupid, stupid mistake, I’d managed to ruin a good relationship, my reputation, and I’d lost my best friend.

And as for Baekhyun, I didn’t even know where to start. I was so incredibly mad at him but it was still nowhere near as close to matching the anger I felt towards myself.

“Hey hey hey,” Sehun cooed, noticing the silent tears that were creeping down my cheeks. He stood up and wrapped me in his warm embrace. “It’s okay, silly.”

“No, it’s not. I’ve fucked everything up. I’m such a failure,” I wailed, burying my face into Sehun’s fluffy sweater. He didn’t say anything else, instead he hugged me tighter which I believe reassured me more than anything that he could have said would have.

We stood there for what felt like an eternity, and in that moment I realised I’d never felt more thankful for a single person that I did just then.

yay we can get married now ily all

cryingbclarryy  asked:

hiya, was just wondering which are your favourite johnlock fics? X

Hi, and I am SO SORRY to have been so slow to answer this. After S4 I’ve been struggling with reading/writing fics so was rubbish about answering.

Here is the (ridiculously long) list of my absolute favourites, which I’m sure you will have mostly read anyway!

The Gladstone series by @jamlockk. This entire series makes me laugh and also sob until my face feels like it’s made of salt. Gorgeous.

Hot Dolphin Sex by @conversationswithjohnlock. I accidentally stayed in the bath for three hours while I read this the first time, and my husband assures me I did actually sound like a dolphin.

In the Library by @itsnotgonnareaditselfpeople. BEAUTIFUL. Just beautiful, gorgeous writing. Teenlock, with flashbacks to kidlock.

A Brand of Gold by @aquabelacqua. I DIE reading this fic. If you want a fic that will make your toes CURL with the feeling of falling irrevocably, devastatingly in love, this is the one. I honestly felt hot from head to toe reading this fic. I had butterflies. I cried, because the sheer emotion – terror, love, that edgy sense of desperation behind every beautifully-chosen word – that the author packs into this story is insane. Gorgeous. Also cannot recommend enough the BEAUTIFUL podfic by @lockedinjohnlock-podfics.

Chemical Bonds by @weeesi. Funny, incredibly touching, splendidly written, perfectly in character. One I read again and again.

John Watson’s Twelve Days of Christmas by @earlgreytea68. The fluff to end all fluff. I don’t know how many times I’ve read this now. Not just for Christmas!

The Adventure of the Doctor’s Heart by @mistyzeo. Mistyzeo’s writing is an absolute masterclass and this story is my ultimate favourite.

FAQ by ancientreader. God, this story hurts, but in the most perfect way. Parentlock. What I wish S4 could have been.

A Visit to the Doctor by flawedamethyst. I’ve read this an insane number of times. It’s perfect every time. Time travel – ACD and BBC Sherlock Holmes collide. Painful and fluffy and lovely.

Sonatina in G Minor by @silentauroriamthereal. I cried in a public cafe. Yep. The emotional tension in this story bubbles beneath the surface, desperate to break through. EVERYTHING Silent writes is beautiful but this is my absolute favourite.

Upon Whom Shall You Call? by @may-shepard aldjhfaskdjhfkjdlkjasdsdfjasdfksdafsd GHOSTBUSTERS AU GHOSTBUSTERS AU I WILL NEVER STOP SCREAMING ABOUT HOW FUCKING AMAZING THIS STORY IS

If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things by @watsonshoneybee. I can’t tell you how special this story is to me. Heed the tags before you go in.

And two Mystrade because, um, I know you didn’t ask but it would be wrong of me to post a list of my favourites without them!

The Memoranda of Understanding series by @mydwynter – when I retire I’m going to read this series of stories over and over every day until I die. When they find me dead they’ll have to pry the long-outdated eReader out of my cold, claw-like hands. Just…marvellous.

Virtually Perfect by @random-nexus – actually perfect. Online chatroom AU. The nerves and self-esteem issues when they finally meet are beautifully written. Amazing.

Hope you like the list @cryingbclarryy 😘

*throws a bunch of OC drawings around* LOOK AT MY SON!!

It’s Gilfaeth, or Gil for short! Precious smartass who loves life and music and cries at cheesy romance plays and constantly gets himself into trouble because he can’t keep his goddamn mouth shut and something about cats and curiosity

Also while editing the story I’m writing about him I noticed this particular trend:

*something terrible happens*

Gil: *manic laughter* nO BuT LIstEn IT’s fUnNy iF yOu ThInK aBoUt iT!

wc: 13 160
rating: t
written for @jameslilyfest

So Just Act Like You Love Me

Lily takes a deep breath to calm her nerves, which have suddenly gotten all jittery in her stomach, before looking back at James.

It’s probably not the best idea— she’s seen all the Hallmark movies, she knows just how badly these things can go— but, quite frankly, she’s out of options.

(And, okay, maybe a very tiny, microscopic, morbidly curious part of her wants to see how this is going to play out. A very, very small part. It’s almost inconsequential really.)

“Petunia knows Sirius, but she doesn’t know you,” she says, and her voice doesn’t wobble even once.

He doesn’t seem to catch it, but Sirius is staring at her with his eyebrows raised, just a little. She ignores it and trudges forward, steeling herself for what’s to come.

“Petunia doesn’t know you. She doesn’t know that we’re just friends or that we argue like nothing else so–”

A flicker of understanding flares to life in his eyes and his jaw almost falls open. “Oh god.”

“–James, would you please be my fake boyfriend for the engagement party?”

“Oh god ,” he says again, looking vaguely horrified.

Meanwhile Sirius actually falls off the chaise laughing, and she can feel the blood rushing to her face while James just stares at her.

read it on ao3


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Request: Anonymous said: classmate!mark asks you out to prom!!

A/N: i may or may not hav cried while writing this b y e also i might add a part 2 ajlhzjfhzjfh bc like prom w mark amirite ;)) anyways enjoy!!!!<3

  • it’s time for me to be emo af again about mark lee 
  • ok so
  • mark lee, lee minhyung
  • apparently he’s a rlly good student too like renjun but like i don’t remember correctly so correct me if i’m wrong ahjehgljgh
  • anyways
  • a lot of ppl actually rlly like him!!!
  • especially girls tbh they think he’s v cute, rlly talented and he’s smart so like who wouldn’t like him
  • ofc ur one of them but ur just friends w him so :”))))
  • hmm you’ve probably been friends for a pretty long time and he helps u a lot w ur homework for music and writing too
  • mark is pretty famous at school for his music
  • like he’s always got his notebooks filled w all of his songs w him and everyone always wants to read his lyrics but mark doesn’t let them ofc
  • a lot of girls who have a crush on him always hope that one day he’d confess to one of them w a song that he wrote 
  • but ofc mark is always way too busy w other things to focus on that
  • tbh he’d have a tiny crush on u tho but like he’d never have the time to fully think about the crush that he has on u bc like,,,school
  • that is until one day tho
  • the date for the upcoming prom has been announced
  • and everyone’s so excited and everyone’s wondering who’s going w who
  • aajfhejfh ofc u were rlly excited too!!
  • but u had no idea w who u were going to prom ;;
  • mark had no idea either, that was until he saw u and he just knew ‘i want to go w y/n’
  • he’d be v v excited to ask u to prom
  • but
  • h o w is he gonna ask u
  • mark rlly rlly wanted it to be special but at the same time he didn’t want it to be too extreme and he wanted it to be smth that u would rlly remember
  • so ofc he spends hours and hours looking for ideas that he might like
  • and he just couldn’t find anything ;;
  • that’s when he thought,,,he could write a song!!!
  • it didn’t take long for him to write a song tbh 
  • ok lol sorry that’s a lie it took him a few nights buT HEY
  • anways
  • as soon as he finished writing the song tho
  • and got a melody and everything
  • he realised that he doesn’t know h o w he’s gonna sing the song to u too
  • so mark sends a message to the gc of his squad
  • ‘kids help me’ -mark
  • yikes he doesn’t get a reply after like 2 hours
  • donghyuck left him on read
  • the first one to reply tho was chenle
  • and so mark explained his whole situation when everyone finally started taking in the gc
  • and chenle was like 'mark!!!u could use the school radio!!’
  • mark liked the idea and he was like “let’s do it”
  • sooooooo
  • 2 days later, everything’s perfectly planned
  • and mark is stressedt af aklzhflhegjh
  • he’s scared you’ll say no :((((
  • chenle placed a camera in the class you’d be sitting and a microphone too so he could record ur reaction AND so u could immediately give mark an answer :”))
  • dw u wouldn’t have noticed the cam and mic
  • so ofc class starts and everyone sits down and that’s when u notice that mark isn’t there which kind of made u a bit :/ but like ur there to learn and not for the bois rite
  • 20 minutes after the teacher started his lesson tho, u can suddenly hear someone through the speakers
  • aljhgrljhg the person was trying to whisper but like,,everyone could hear him
  • “chenle,,how do u control this,,”
  • “mark it’s already on, u idiot” - probably na jaemin
  • and obviously u recognised mark’s voice and u were like ???
  • mark is so nervous but he has to do it, there’s not turning back now
  • and so he starts
  • “hello everyone, this is mark lee and as everyone knows prom is coming and i hope u all find the perfect partner to bring to prom!!ah,,,,idk if anyone has noticed yet but i don’t have a date yet but i think i found the perfect person to ask to prom,,,,and so uhm y/n this is for u and i hope u like it”
  • and he clears his throat, checks if his guitar is tuned correctly and starts strumming some chords on his guitar
  • ajhfejhfjefhk the girls in class are squealing 
  • and ur just like 0.0 as mark’s singing and guitar fills the whole school 
  • akajfhjehg chenle’s got it all on cam
  • when mark’s done w singing he’s like
  • “y/n, will u go to prom w me?”
  • and ofc ur like “YES”
  • the whole class cheers and mark runs all the way to ur class w a bouquet of flowers in his hand
  • as soon as he sees u he hugs u and probably kissed ur forehead
  • the class cheers again and now u and mark finally have each other for prom ;)
  • the end
  • or not 
  • :-)

anonymous asked:

hi alice!!!! i heard that u are looking for some inspiration :P how about a scenario featuring someone who holds a grudge against Jumin and wanna get revenge on him by attempting to kill off every single person important to him one after one, from least to most? :3c

Title: The Pierrot’s last Joker

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Genre: Angst/Romance/Mystery

Pairing: Jumin Han x Reader/MC/You

a/n it’s funny how i was listening to synchronicity while writing this. it actually added more to the mood i wanted to achieve. lololol anyway here you go!! let me know what you think, yeah? oh anon-chan you are so evil for requesting this lolol i like how your mind works

Every story has a beginning. For example, how did the universe begin?
Who created it? Was everything part of a greater plan?

When you were given birth, were you planned? Were your first cries as a sign of life immediately welcomed? Who planned to give you to your current family? Were you born to be a part of someone’s story?

Stories. Stories can equal life. And in every story there will be choices. You move and decide according to what you believe in, what your emotions tell you or even according to what you desire. The strength of a human will can go lengths just to prove that they can and they will.

And the moment you try to take that will away, death will become the only last resort.

It all began one rainy night. This story that could have qualified to become a tale. A storm was to pass over Seoul and the streets were empty enough that only the pouring rain can be heard.

There was a victim.
And a culprit.

The Victim. A group of men in black wearing black masks over their faces were dragging a poor soul across the wet asphalt, not caring enough if he gets wounded or might break his limbs. The man seemed to be already dead anyway and no movements of protests were made by him.

Keep reading


[fic recs by your fav nobody]


please send me fics to read !! i have no life i will definitely read them !!

NOTE: some of the links no longer work due to the fact that the author has either deleted the story, their account, or changed their url - i try my best to fix it or remove them from the list so bear with me !!

1. @an-exotic-writer ; literally anything she writes is perfect. she’s lowkey the one who inspired me to write. stan talent, stan missy. i love her all of her works but my all time favorites are

> atomic number 47: fucking silver
> 100 ways to say i love you
> drunk in love
> sugardaddy!jimin

p.s. if you read this missy, i am lowkey your biggest stalker and im just too scared to say anything hahaha bye

2. @noir0neko ; oh my god, the creator of smut and all things sinful. all i want in my life is to be able to write smut this well. 

> 3rd hour: bad behavior
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3. @dreamscript; hi your writing is flawless and you make me wanna cry

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15. @versigny ; hello send nudes 

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> ceo!yoongi drabbles: valentino , sleeping in
> (12)7 minutes in heaven: trouble for the taking (this is a nct fic but still some Good Shit)

Breaking... (Epilogue 3/3 FINALE)

Link to part 2/3 (Masterlist will be updated tonight!)

A/N: This is it guys! The final part of the main series! I’m a bi nervous but I hope you all like it!

Wordcount: 4198

Warnings: Language???

Tags!:   @midnightokieriete  @renae-writes @deltablue202  @literally-melonkitty @meunicorn @favouritefighting-frenchman @demi-godamit  @gum-and-chips@sweaterkitty-fluff  @pinkyiger7 @littlemissshortcakes @msageofenlightenment  @unprofessional-inhumanbeing @fandom-panda-221 @hummusandchips @spoopy-piineapple @ashwolfcub @myself-and-the-madman @sweet-fate @superwholockbooknerd526 @frozengal2013 @itsmikayblr @sarmar29 @arya-durin-77 @phantastic-fandoms @hoshihime98 @shinigamired  @martapetrovic @robotic-space (lol) @asprinkleofmermaids @pinkyiger7 (I’m tagging you twice my friend!) @satellitesuga @rose-coloured-nihilism @okie-dokie-artichokeme @alyssumax @pandartist @marquiis-de-la-baguette @abi-sans05 @tayahqr

Is Now Repaired

The scene suddenly turned dark, a heavy piano sound filling the room.

Eliza: “Stay alive… Stay alive….”

Alex: “Where is my son?”

Male EN member: “Mr. Hamilton! Come in, he came in a half an hour ago. He’s covered in blood-“

Alex: “Is he alive?”

Male EN member (Doctor): “Of course, you misunderstand. The bullet entered just above the girl’s eye, struck as she-“

Alex: “Can I see them, please?”

Doctor: “I’ve done everything I can, but head wounds are prone to excessive bleeding…”

Alex moved across the stage, revealing Philip sitting beside Titania as she lays down.

Alex: “Philip!”

Philip: “Philip


I did exactly as you said, Pa

I held my head up high…”

Alex: “I know, I know, shh (Philip: “I…)

I know, I know, shh (I…”)

I know, you did everything just right, shh

Philip: “Even before we got to ten (Alex: “shh)

She was pushing me aside (I know, I know, shh”)

She was pushing me aside!

Alex: “I know, save your strength, she can stay alive!

(Eliza: AhhhhhhAhhhhhh~) (EN: “Statisfied…”)


Eliza: “Is he breathing, is he going to survive this? (Titania: Look around…Look around)

(Philip: “She’s still breathing; she is going to survive this!)

Who did this, Alexander, did you know?” (Titania: At how lucky I am to be alive right now…)

(Philip: I did this! Oh my star, I love you so!”)

Titania: “Philip, I’m so sorry, I couldn’t let you die before me…”

Philip: “My love…”

Titania: “We played piano…”

Philip: “I could teach you piano…”

Titania: “You would put your hands on mine…”

Philip: “I would always change the line…”

Titania: “Shh, I’m satisfied…”

Philip: “I would always change the line!

Titania: “Shh, I’m satisfied…”

Philip/Eliza: “Un-deux-trois-quatre-cinq-six-sept-huit-neuf

(Titania: “Philip, you outshine the morning sun…”)

Eliza: “Good!”

Philip/Eliza: “Un-deux-trois-quatre-cinq-six-sept-huit-neuf”

(Titania: “I love yo-“)

The lights darkened around her face and she went limp.

Philip: “Sept-huit-neuf…


You weren’t sure what you were expecting, but it definitely wasn’t this. Philip clutched onto the woman, he covered his mouth and made some sort of horrified sound. It wasn’t a scream, more like a distressed sigh. That was it, that was you. You died before he had a chance, before either of you had a chance. You felt like you couldn’t breathe. It was so weird to see yourself die but not have it actually be you. It was weird to see someone who looked like the person you loved look so hurt. But it wasn’t him.

Angelica: “There are moments that the words don’t reach

There is suffering too terrible to name

You hold your child as tight as you can

Then push away the unimaginable

The moments when you’re in so deep

Feels easier to just swim down

And so they move uptown

And learn to live with the unimaginable”

Philip: I spend hours in the study…

I’ve read this letter before

And its quiet uptown

I don’t like the quiet anymore…

Father takes us to church on Sunday

Makes the sign of the cross at the door

And we pray…

That never used to happen before…

EN: “If you see him in the street, walking by himself

Talking to himself, have pity”

Philip: “My star, you wouldn’t like it uptown

It’s too quiet uptown.”

EN: “He is working through the unimaginable

His life has gone grey, writes to her everyday

They say he hears her voice as he reads!”

Philip: “You knocked me down, I fall apart…”

EN: “Can you imagine?”

Eliza: “Look at where you are, look at where we started

We know you don’t deserve this, Philip

But talk to us, that could be enough!”

Philip: “If I could spare her life, if I could trade her life for mine

She’d be standing here right now

And she could smile! That would be enough!

Alex: “I know you can’t ignore the challenges you’re facing

I know there’s no replacing what you’ve lost

And we all need time…”

EN: “If you see them in the street, walking by his side

Talking by his side, have pity.”

Alex: “Philip, do you like it uptown?

It’s quiet uptown.”

EN: “They are trying to do the unimaginable

See him walking in the park, long after dark

Taking in the sites of the sky!”

Philip: “Look around, look around, I’m helpless!”

EN: “He is trying to do the unimaginable!”

Angelica: “There are moments that the words don’t reach

There’s a grace too powerful to name

We push away what we can never understand

We push away the unimaginable

He is standing at her unmarked grave

There are too many words to write

He hangs his head…”

Titania: “It’s quiet, my love…”

EN: “Forgiveness, can you imagine?

Forgiveness, can you imagine?

If you see him in the street, walking by their side

Talking by their side, have pity

Look around, look around

They are going through the unimaginable…”

If you weren’t sure before, you certainly were now. This man was an actor, it was his job to act like the character but he wasn’t actually the person. You didn’t believe in soulmates, and falling in love certainly didn’t change that. That was the thing though, you fell in love with Philip Hamilton. He was awkward, he tried to be sly to hide it, he was anxious, constantly worried, loving, funny, and kind. You knew him, you could tell how he was feeling just by looking at him most of the time. You could just feel that this wasn’t him. It made your heart hurt too much. Philip…I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! At this point you were full on sobbing in your seat. I miss you…I miss you so much! I love you so much… You didn’t want past tenses; you knew he was dead. You were centuries apart, dead stars and set suns separate you. What were you going to do? The next song came in and you were disappointed with Alex. Why couldn’t you just stay alive, Alex? This isn’t what you were supposed to do! Even though you knew, this was always what he was meant to do. All of the next song was the same except for just one line.

Burr: “Now I didn’t know this at the time

But we were near the same spot his son cried (Alex: “Near the same spot my son cried!”)

Is that why

He examined his gun with such rigor?”

Alex’s death hit you similarly. It was sadder because the man looked like someone you knew, not because it was actually that person.  The final song came on and like the one before it, you only noticed one difference.

Eliza: “I tried to make sense of your thousands of pages of writing

You really do write like you’re running out of time!

I rely on Angelica (Angelica: “Angelica!”)

And our son! (Philip: “Sun!”)

While they’re alive

We tell your story! (Angelica/Philip: “We tell your story!”)

They are buried in trinity church near you

When I needed them most, they were right on time!”

You were glad that Eliza realized all the work she could do, but it still hurt to know what it took to get there. The show ended, everyone was applauding, you were too. It was a beautiful production, more so than you remember from just listening to the soundtrack. You and Anna cleared out of the theater.

“Alright, I will admit, that was pretty good!” She said, slightly impressed. You were exhausted at this point from the emotional train you had just been on.

“Yeah…it was.” You chuckled softly.

“Now it’s time to eat! We’re gonna walk since it’s not that far.” She informed.

“Is this the final surprise?” You raised an eyebrow, she nodded excitedly. You two walked together for a while and started to talk, which surprisingly was more comforting than anything else had been today.

“You excited for next semester?” She asked, you let out a puff of air in mock laughter.

“Excited? I still don’t know if I’m sticking with my major! Don’t get me wrong, I love history but sometimes I wonder if just being a historian is enough!” She rolled her eyes at your answer.

“Okay, listen up sister, I’m going to tell you what my Mama always told me. ‘Always run with the thing you love, never from it, or else you’ll lose sight of it.’ If you want to major in history, just do it!” She smiled, you stopped dead in your tracks.

“What did you just say?” Anna seemed confused.

“What? The quote? Yeah. It’s been in my family for years, it basically our moto at this point!” She laughed. You had heard that phrase before, that was the last thing Rachel said to you before she ran away. And that’s when it clicked. Anna and Rachel have the same eyes.

“Anna… I know your last name is Hansen but… What’s your mom’s surname?”

“My mom, uh… I think her last name was Spencer before she married my dad. Why?” You choked on the air for a hot second. Another realization came to you. Everything is reborn. You remembered hearing those words. It all felt like some weird conspiracy but it made so much sense. Anna is the descendant of Rachel. But that wasn’t the only thing. Angie… As Angie got older you had started to notice some similarities between her and someone but you could never figure out who. Until right now. There were some objective differences though. Anna was a bit taller than Angie, while Angie was more of an inverted triangle when it came to body type, Anna was curvier and plus sized, there skin was also slightly different shades besides their eyes being obviously different colors. But the face is what gave it away, same round and playful cheeks, same cocky smile. The personality was uncanny, self-assured, teasing, incredibly smart, confident to the max. That was all Angie…and all Anna.

“No reason…just curious is all.” You wanted to give her a hug but thought better of it. Maybe later. The two of you continued down the street, making a few turns until you came upon a street filled with people. Anna pointed at a building that appeared to be a restaurant.

“This is it!” She exclaimed.

“Whoa there! Isn’t this place a little expensive?” You asked worriedly.

“Well…That’s kinda the surprise! We don’t have to pay for it!”

“What do you mean?” You questioned suspiciously.

“You’ve been complaining ever since we met that you’ve never met my family. They’ve been wanting to meet you for a while too, so they offered to buy us dinner!” She said half excitedly and half forlornly. She led you inside and met with the hostess at the podium, the room was filled and there were a lot of people walking around. “Hello, I’m looking for the Hansen party.”

“Oh, table for ten! Right this way Miss!” The woman led you and Anna through the room, you had to squeeze past a few people but once you caught sight of the table you were a heading to, a ping of nostalgia ran through you. A man wearing black rimmed glasses, a dark green button up and black dress pants stood up, a wide smile on his face.

“Anna! My little angel! I’ve missed you so much!” He pulled Anna into a hug and kissed her cheek.

“Daddy, I just saw you last weekend!” She laughed.

“Doesn’t mean I still don’t miss you!” He turned and looked over at you. “Ah! So this must be the infamous Y/N I’ve heard so much about.” He smiled and held out his hand, you shook it and he looked at you appreciatively. “Thank you so much… You saved my daughter’s life, I cannot possibly think of a way to repay you.” You shook off the weird feeling nipping at you.

“Don’t thank me! Anna is my best friend, no one’s hurting her on my watch!”

“Well, I still feel as though I owe you. Perhaps the first step here is to introduce ourselves! My name Is Allen, it’s a pleasure to meet you! I’m a lawyer in case you couldn’t tell where Anna gets her interests from.” Allen, huh? “And this here is my beautiful wife!” He gestured to the woman sitting beside him. She had long brown hair and dark skin, she was wearing a light blue blouse and white pencil skirt. She was holding a napping baby in her arms so she couldn’t stand up but she smiled at you sweetly.

“My name is Elise, it’s a pleasure to meet you Dear!” Allen pointed to a teen wearing dark blue, he had really fluffy hair, not quite curly like Anna’s.

“This is my son Alem, if he asks you to spit into a vile, don’t do it.” Why does he only sound like he’s half joking? The teen winked at you.

“Hey there, cutie.” He said with a sly grin, Anna groaned.

“Don’t even try it, Bill Nye! Y/N is way out of your league!”

“The one with the headphones is Jacob.” Allen pointed to a preteen who was half paying attention to the conversation and half to his music. He had the ‘emo bangs’ that a lot of preteens seem to have, his left hand was covered in sharpie tattoos. “The one trying to hide his face in his shirt is Joseph.” Allen chuckled. There was a younger boy, probably about ten or eleven, who was actually trying hide inside his little button up shirt, he looked at you shyly. “Now onto the little ones, the red head is Wilson, the sweet looking one that’s staring at the pictures on the wall is Elia and this little guy here is Titan!” Allen gently patted the back of boy sleeping on Elise. The name struck you as odd.

“It’s a family name, as you can see most of our children are adopted but it’s a tradition to name one of the boy’s Titan and our oldest didn’t seem to fit it!” Elise informed you.

“Speaking of him, where exactly is terror number one out of eight?” Allen asked Anna. “I thought he was going to come here with you two.”

“I didn’t feel like waiting for him, too hungry!” She joked.

“Wow, I’m not even chopped liver I see!” A voice called out from behind you, you spun around in surprise and couldn’t help but hold your breath. You felt something almost snap in place. He was a little taller than you would’ve thought, wider shoulders, slightly darker skin, his hair was buzzed close on one side but longer and wavy on the other. Some things were familiar though, his eyes, although they were green, still felt the same, freckles were scattered across his nose and cheeks, the same sly grin that slow faded into a serious expression. “Oh, uh, hi…” He said awkwardly since you were standing so close to each other. “You must be Anna’s friend?” He asked nervously.

“Uh, yeah! I’m Y/N…Nice to meet you…” Why does my face feel so hot?

“Nice to meet you too…you can call me Phoenix.” The Phoenix will rise, because I have demanded it… He’s the Phoenix… The ache in your heart finally made sense. This was him.

“Ew! Nix, not you too!” Anna said with exaggerated disgust. She pulled you into a seat next to her, Phoenix sat across from you.

“So that’s how you treat your older brother who gave you the tickets to the show he’s in! I could’ve resold them but noooooo!”

“Wait! Stop the presses! The show you’re in?” You questioned.

“Yeah! I’m in the ensemble, what did you guys think?” He asked excitedly.

“It was alright, you know I’m not really into this play thing, especially not after I have to hear about it from you two 24/7!” Anna sighed.

“It’s not a play thing! It’s a fantastic representation of our history that is showcased in a hip-hop and rap music styling format!” He argued.

“That’s what I tell her! What’s it like being a part of that?” You were extremely curious and you just wanted to hear him talk.

“It’s amazing! Lin’s been thinking about having me take over for Anthony when he decides to leave.” He had a wide, goofy smile stretched across his face.

“Are you kidding me? Anna! Why have you never told me this?” You squealed.

“I have to keep his ego in check.” She snorted.

“What about you? You know what you’re majoring in?” He asked with genuine interest.

“History, specifically revolutionary and women’s history. Pretty obvious why I like Hamilton so much!” You laughed. All of dinner went like this, you were able to learn so much about them. Allen had a love for Shakespeare that helped Phoenix love theater. Elise was an author, and a rather popular one at that, who donated to several charities. Alem is top of his class and is hoping for a career in engineering and physics. Jacob is going to send in a portfolio to an art school this summer. Joseph at the moment is learning saxophone but he can play piano and flute as of right now. It was so fascinating, picking out all the similarities. You would have to be careful not to call them by the wrong name but it was just something that you had to adjust to. When everyone finished up, you said your goodbyes. Elise told you that she would love to have you and Anna over for Brunch next Sunday. You agreed, happy that they enjoyed you company. Phoenix tapped your shoulder and slid in front of you.

“Hi again, I uh, just wanted to say that I really enjoyed talking to you tonight… And um, I was sorta wondering if you would like to go get coffee or maybe tea sometime? We could talk about history or other musicals or maybe politics if you’d like… Honestly, we could just talk about anything. Wow, I sound super lame right now! You’ve just got this…sparkle to you. I can’t really explain it but I think you’re really interesting and would love to get to know you more…” He laughed anxiously, he cheeks turning light pink. You couldn’t stop yourself from grinning.

“Sure…sounds nice. That is if you can handle my opinions. I’ll get your number from Anna and we can figure it out from there, okay?”

“Awesome! I’ll uh, see you soon then…” He smiled at you one last time before going down the opposite street.

“Why you gotta do me like this?” Anna asked, her arms crossed.

“Do you like what?”

“Alright, listen. If you’re going to date my brother, we need some ground rules here. Rule number one, do not bring him back to the apartment or else he will never leave. Rule number two, I want you home before eleven when you two are together. And rule number three, you can either break up peacefully or stay together forever. There are no in-betweens or return transactions!”

“Yeah, yeah! Whatever you say mom!” You linked arms and began to walk down the street, heading for your shitty apartment. The scenes looked so familiar, this was the street where it all began.

“Hey, look at this.” Anna pointed over to a giant lamp post, shining a light toward the ground. More specifically, she was pointing to the base of it. There was a piece of paper covered in clear packing tape stuck to the metal frame. Your name was printed on it in pink pen.

“Anna…that’s so sweet!”

“Hopefully things can go back to normal now…”

“Yeah, maybe it can.” You looked down at the ground as you stood in front of the lamp post. In between the line of the pavement, a single stem of baby’s breath was peeking through.

The sun will always rise again… I love you so much Philip, maybe this can be our for real second chance.

-4 years later-

You nervously cracked your fingers, standing in front of the door. You got this Y/N! You can handle anything! You’ve worked really hard for this, teenagers are no big deal! You’ve made many important discoveries and you’re only 24! You can do anything! You took a deep breath and opened the door. A lot of the kids straightened up and looked over at you. You shot them a comforting smile.

“Good morning, everyone! My name is Y/N L/N and today is both our first days. It is your first day in this sort of class and my first day teaching. As most of you probably know, this is Women’s History class, a new elective that I am pushing for to become more common in our school boards. You all are the first to experience this class at a high school level! This class is going to be challenging but not impossible and it’ll probably be very unorthodox. To begin class, I want to take role call and, if it isn’t too personal, ask for your pronouns so that I may refer to everyone properly! This also includes any unlisted names that you may wish to go by.” You pulled out your clipboard with a list of names and went around the room. Once you were done you pulled your stool to the front of the room and sat down. “Thank you so much! Now, we’re going to spend this first day getting to know each other and the main topic of this class. Don’t worry, all you guys in here! This class is not just about women! Women’s History merges in with feminist history and we will discuss several male feminists, both past and modern. Now, can anyone give me a name of a person they’d consider a feminist or someone important to Women’s History? Don’t be shy, it’s much more fun if we all get involved!” A person near the back raised they’re hand.

“Yes, Casey?”

“Um, Susan B. Anthony?” they asked.

“Very good! We will be discussing her later in the year!” You smiled, a boy to the left raised his hand. “Oh! Another volunteer! Yes, Ashton?”

“Sojourner Truth?”

“Amazing answer! Another one we’ll have time to talk about!” A girl in the front hesitantly lifted her hand. “Go ahead Nadine!”

“M-Mary Wollstonecraft…she was a philosopher…”

“Yes! She was very important in her time period!”

“Titania Taylor!” Someone blurted out, you head spun in the direction of the voice.

“Who said that?” You asked. A girl covering her mouth moved her hand and spoke up again.

“I did…Sorry ma’am! I got excited!”

“No, no, no! Don’t be sorry! Actually, you could say I’m a bit of an expert on Miss Taylor’s life. She was always my main study so I’m glad you brought her up!” You gave them the rundown of your plan for this year until the bell rang. “Alright everyone! I’ll see you tomorrow and we can start with the lesson plan! Have a good afternoon!” After everyone cleared out of the room you grabbed your phone. The screen was black and you looked at your reflection in it. You traced the scars across your temple, this morning you were planning on covering them up with makeup but you were convinced not to. A name flashed up on the screen. Sunshine Boy~ You answered it.

“Hey there beautiful!” His voice chimed through the speaker.

“I was waiting for you to call!” You said happily.

“Well wait no more! In fact, you should come out to the parking lot!” You hung up the phone, grabbed your bag and rushed outside. He was leaning up against a wall waiting for you. You ran over to him and wrapped your arms around him, giving him a little kiss on the nose. “Hey there teacher! How’s my star’s first day going?”

“Better than expected, that’s for sure! How’s Voices been going?” You asked, he scrunched up his face.

“Honestly, not great. Major writer’s block…or musical block? I have no idea!” He messed with his hair.

“Aw, I’m sorry sweetie! It’s good that you took a break though, that usually ends up being what gives you the most inspiration.”

“Yeah, that and you. You give me a hell of a lot of inspiration!”

“Well, I’m glad you came to see me but I have to get back to being a teacher! I’ll see you at home, okay?”

“Oh! That reminds me, we are going out tonight to celebrate your first day! Also…I have something important to ask you. You aren’t allowed to ask so don’t even try!” You rolled your eyes but you loved his excitement.

“Whatever you say, babe.” He leaned down and gave you a quick kiss on the lips.

““I love you so, so, so much. I love you more than anything else. You are my fallen star and I would do anything for you, you know that right?” He asked.

“Of course I do, Phoenix. I couldn’t forget that even if I wanted to. You’re the only sunshine that matters to me…”

“Good! I’ll see you tonight then!” He blew a kiss to you as he walked away and you made your way back inside the school.

I wonder what he wants to ask!

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scenario that our four tomatoes(saeyoung, saeran, and let's assume they had twin tomatoes)(during saeyoungs route)what if something bad happened to Mc,maybe she got taken by seven's old agency,she experiences a lot of bad things while there(she has anxiety as well), Honestly all I can picture is these four tomatoes comforting mc & trying to rescue her. Sorry this is to specific,Btw your writing is beautiful love those long head canons you write,I may or may not have cried from them. Thank you ^^

I’m actually super self conscious about how long I make my headcanons, because I tend to just go on and on so it’s actually super nice to hear you like them so much!!! my goal may or may not be to make all my followers sob in their sheets I love specific requests, especially when I’m writing late at night haha. Thank u for the kind words and this great request, I had lots of fun writing it! also it’s super long haha what are the chances  -Green💚

WARNING: mentions of torture and major violence, beware of triggers!

Saeyoung + the three tomatoes! 

-it happened late at night, like kidnappings do 

-you had managed to put Saeyoung bed early, but it really wasn’t that hard anymore after using so much energy on the kids

-who knew all you needed to get his sleeping in order was to have twins

-you were rocking the babies in their crib, and really they had fallen asleep awhile ago but you couldn’t help but stare at them

-you’re babies were so cute and lovely. sure, they were a little hard to handle sometimes, especially when you were really the mother of two sets of twins. 

-but it was so so worth it. You loved all four of your little tomatoes. they made you more happy than you thought you could ever be. they helped you overcome many personal challenges. 

-you were so focused on your little babies, you didn’t hear the door to the nursery open and close. 

-you didn’t really know anything was happening until a rag was placed under your nose and you passed out into some strangers arms, and dragged out the window without even so much as a scream. 


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Lin Manuel x Reader
Words: 1132
Request: could you maybe do a lin x reader, where reader plays eliza and performs burn the night after they found out their s/o cheated on them and actually cries on stage and lin comforts them bc he’s in love with the reader and hates to see them hurt and it’s really super fluffy,,, bc whenever i hear burn i start crying and i need some lin fluff

i’m sorry i’m so mopey i’m just sick of losing all my friends, especially the ones who i thought i meant something to. 
I’m staying up for a while tonight. I’m quite tired, but my friend really wants anthony to notice her letter so i’m staying up for her. i’m going to do quite a bit of writing to pass the time, because i haven’t posted in a while and i feel bad for not doing so. I’m going to get back to normal hopefully. I just have one more week of school and then i’ll have time to myself.

thankyou all for sticking with me even if i’m super whiny and boring. requests are open, take care of yourselves friends x


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Everyone seemed to sense that something was off when you walked into the Richard Rodgers. Your earphones fitted securely over your ears, cutting you off from the rest of the cast. Your usually vibrant eyes were puffy, and slightly red. The smile that usually appeared when you got to work was nowhere to be found. You tried your best to act normal, but it was hard. You felt terrible, alone and betrayed. You were hurt, and you had no one.

When you found out that your partner had cheated on you, the world around you collapsed. The light in your life was gone. You were living out of a suitcase on your friend’s couch, and the couch was as hard as stone. You hadn’t slept since you found out. You were running on coffee and the knowledge that you had a show to complete.

You flinched when you felt someone tap you on your shoulder. You slowly pulled off your headphones, turning. You smiled weakly at Lin, putting your bag down.

“Are you okay?” Lin asked. You nodded slowly.

“Yeah, things are just a bit rough at the moment. I’m fine, honestly,” You croaked, ignoring his concerned gaze. His eyes studied your movements carefully, he gently pulled you into a hug.

“Just remember, we’re a family. If there’s anything going on and we can help, let us know,” Lin said, rubbing your back. You shivered at his touch.

“I… I will. Thank you,” You whispered, pulling away from the hug. “Ready for tonight, Hamilton?”

“Of course, best of wives and best of women,” Lin said, smiling. “I’ll see you soon?”

“Yeah,” You replied quietly, picking up your bag again and heading into the dressing rooms.

The show that night was hard. In Helpless, you weren’t even half as lively as usual. You found it hard to feel something for Alexander as Eliza when you felt nothing. In That Would Be Enough, you were flat. You had dreams with your partner, you had planned to have children. You had planned for the future…

Say No To This ruined your night. You had to leave side stage and hide until the song was over. You couldn’t bare to watch. You knew Jasmine was an angel and would never cheat on anyone, but… it hurt. You saw your partner in them. You saw the betrayl. You saw the pain that you had been feeling. For the first time, you saw history through Eliza’s eyes.

You watched from the wings as The Reynolds Pamphlet slowly finished. You grabbed your lantern and paper, smiling weakly at Anthony who had just come offstage. He gave you a supportive smile, standing back and letting you enter the stage.

It was then that for the realisation hit again. There were so many reasons that your partner could’ve cheated, which one was it? You recalled the conversations in your head, the words of hatred towards you. The love that you thought you had shared…

The tears slowly started to slip out of your eyes as you sang. You felt vulnerable, sitting in the middle of a theatre filled with people. You were sharing your experience with them, but they had no idea. You took a deep breath, trying to snap out of it. The tears kept flowing down your cheeks.

“I hope that you burn,” You sang quietly at the end of the song, grabbing the lantern and exiting the stage.

You began to sob once your mic was turned off, trying to compose yourself. Renee and Jasmine came running, pulling you into a group hug.

“That was the best I’ve ever heard you sing that song. We all had goosebumps,” Renee whispered, wiping the mascara from under your eyes. “We need to fix your makeup before you go back on.”

You nodded slowly, clinging to Renee weakly. “I… I’m sorry. I should’ve told someone. I…”

“Told someone what?” Renee whispered, rubbing your back. Jasmine pulled away from the hug, running to get some powder.

“They… they cheated. I have nowhere to stay, I haven’t slept in so long…. I’m hurt,” You whispered. You jumped when you heard the shotgun sound effect at the end of Blow Us All Away.

“We need to talk about this after,” Renee whispered, grabbing the powder from Jasmine and quickly applying it over your tear tracks. “Right now, you need to go witness your son dying.”

You laughed quietly, looking down at your dress. Your eyes widened. “Crap!” You exclaimed, quickly stripping your dress off and stepping into the other one. “Zip me up quick quick quick.”

Jasmine zipped up the dress, pushing you onto the stage. You wrapped your arm around Anthony, letting out your remaining tears.

Once the show finished, you found that almost everyone was hugging you and offering you a place to stay. After removing your makeup and costume, you headed for the stage door, only to have Lin stop you.

“That was the best I’ve ever heard you sing (Y/N). That was incredible,” Lin said, opening the door for you. You smiled politely, stepping out into the streets of New York.

“I was just doing my best. Some of tonight wasn’t that great, I’ll be honest with you. But it’s moments like these when you realise how loving the theatre community really is. I don’t think I’ve ever received that many hugs in my life!” You stated, smiling at the thought of the massive group hug the cast had a few moments before.

“I love the theatre. I truly do. And I love everyone in it. Tell me, where are you staying at the moment? I know you were living with your partner…” Lin asked, shutting the stage door and walking along beside you.

“Friend’s couch. It’s not much, but it’s enough. I don’t have any other choice,” You said, shrugging.

“I think you have plenty of choices. You know, I have a friend with a bed that I’m sure he’d be willing to lend to you until you’re back on your feet. I bet he’d even take the couch instead of you,” Lin stated, avoiding your eyes. He looked at his feet, smiling.

“Your friend sounds amazing. Do I know them?” You asked.

“Well, yeah. You definitely do…” Lin started, trailing off. He hesitated, before adding, “It’s me! I’m the friend!”

You laughed quietly. “That would be incredible Lin. But only if you wanted to deal with my lack of sleep and happiness,” You said.

“Oh trust me, you don’t even know what a lack of sleep is yet. When I was writing the show…”

You continued to walk home with Lin, happily listening to his stories. The week that had started off roughly was ending well, and you sure couldn’t wait to sleep in a real bed again.