i actually cried during this scene

Alright so Cursed Child gaybies...

Spoilers, obviously….

I’ve seen CC 5 times, this Sunday (16th October) was by far the gayest I’ve ever seen Albus and Scorpius. 

The first hug (4th year, on the train) was short and sweet but when they were climbing up onto the train roof, they were touching eachother so much. Like going for it. Basically hugging as they got up. Totally flirty.

The staircase ballet: Anthony actually CRIED. Like during the whole seperation section, he was crying real tears (honestly that mans talent). It was heart wrenching. It is pining on another level, honestly, I can’t get enough of the looks they give each other during this. 

The library scene/hug number 2: Anthony is still crying at this point. Sam didn’t cry today (well if he did I couldn’t see cos I wasn’t super close) but he was very much more sad than angry. These boys are heartbroken about being apart, its so clear. And the hug. They held it for so long, probably double the time I’ve seen them hold before. Super satisfactory considering the conversation they’d just had. 

The Myrtle/ bathroom scene: Sam almost nose booped Anthony as he was passing him the gillyweed (more on nose boops to comeeee…).

The Scorpius torture scenes: I think these get overlooked as scorbus scenes but watching Albus as Scorpius is being tortured is kinda all I need. Its like Delphi is crutio-ing him too. Such a testament to their acting. Today Sam was a little more subtle when begging her to stop- it was more pained and desperate than angry and that just worked so, so well. Albus is so desperate to save Scorpius and I think this is the point that people really start to believe it. 

Act 4, scene 14: So Rose walks out onto the stage and Anthony falls backwards, flails his cloak everywhere- it hits his head, the banister, Sam- like brilliant and hilarious. Rose does her thing and runs off laughing. Then they go in for the final hug and its about the length I’m used to but as Sam delivers “you better ask Rose if its the right thing to do” he BOOPS ANTHONY ON THE NOSE. THE NOSE BOOP HAPPENED. I thought it was a lie too but OMG there it was- totally clear to see and so incredibly cute. 

Scorbus is real guys and I think Sam and Anthony are finally starting to ship it too.

Headcanon time!

It’s canon that Pichit is totally a Disney (ish) fan, but he’s not the only one

- Yuuri, before Detroit, had never seen a Disney movie.
- Now he knows every word of every song since Snow White.
- Thank you Pichit.
- Pichit’s favourites are The King and The Skater (obviously) and Aladdin
-Yuuri’s are The Lion King and The Princess and The Frog
- I think that Yuuri really loves Tiana
-She works hard and she fight for what she wants.
- He cried at the Evangeline scene
- And at Mufasa’s death
- who didn’t

- Yuri is also a Disney fan
- fight me
- he’s a Mulan & Merida kind-of-guy
- He hums “Be a man” during his runs
- When he was young he wanted to be Jasmine
-bc she’s got that tiger tbh

- Viktor is actually a Dreamworks person
- “No Yuuri you’re not going to marry him! ”
- “He’s a /Dreamworks/”
- “Pichit calm down”
- they marry anyway and Pichit still ships them
- Viktor’s favourite is totally RoTG
-bc of /Jack Frost/
- at some point he and Yuuri sang “I See the Light” from Tangled
- bc they are dorks

- Michele and Sara are Disney people too
- but they are more Classical Disney
- Beauty and The Beast 10/10

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I just wanted to say how does shelley not have a movie where she's the lead role or a show where she's the lead character? omg I literally cried actual tears with how well her performance was during the recent episode especially the bit about malia's mom and sister, it was so so good and so believable and I just literally was amazed even watching it back I had chills bc it was so downright amazing. and the entire time I was like WOW. shelley is such an amazing actress

she was the lead role in a movie called ‘unfriended’! but i do agree she deserves more lead roles to add to her name. that whole scene was incredible and just highlights to me how she needs more serious, dramatic content because she can carry a scene and make the audience feel so well! shelley really is incredible and teen wolf is lucky to have her

i love how my bubu wangso during the kiss scene was first like wut i can’t believe it, she actually kissed me first

then he was like trying to contain it but lets be honest if he wasn’t trying to his jaw would have dropped to the bottom of that lake where he almost tried to subtly break up with his gf

and then he was like so relieved and happy and couldn’t believe it and i swear he almost cried but y’all he’s trying to be a dreamboat over here

and then literally in the next split second he went from shy and disbelieving to


wolfie’s out to play

Method Man: Andrew Lincoln

Been wanting to write this post for awhile now. I have mentioned it before but I figured it deserves its own post;

So I watched this video on YouTube

Fact 47 is my favorite and may look familiar to a lot you. Beth’s death was pretty traumatic and I cried during Beth’s death scene. I was pretty fucked up. I can’t say I cared about Beth up until the hospital episodes and then I was Team Beth and couldn’t wait for her to be reunited with Maggie…and then…

R.I.P Beth

Anyway watch Rick AKA Andrew Lincoln during this scene. According to this video the death scene was a very traumatic scene to film and everyone had an emotional reaction to it. This video says Andrew actually turns away from the camera to wipe a tear. I think for this scene everyone is mostly supposed to be stunned/horrified more than sad and that’s why no one was supposed to cry. Norman Reedus actually cried beforehand so he wouldn’t cry during the scene.


To me that’s quite a powerful moment because it’s not an acted or rehearsed reaction. It’s seeing someone have a moment…I can’t describe it. I just loved that moment of pure vulnerability.

Also have never seen AL do this on the show until this moment…and then in 6B, East, when Abraham tells Rick, after Rick inquires on the whereabouts of Michonne, that she still isn’t back yet we get this moment.

(@alwayssodramatic gif)

People immediately proclaimed it was Andy wiping away a tear and I was like nah uh. Ok I was totally wrong and I am basing that on his mannerisms in hiding said tear in Beth’s scene.

Which I love this moment for all the same reasons as I loved the Beth scene but this moment isn’t anywhere near traumatic as Beth’s scene.

So why the tear? I have heard Andrew mention in an interview with Chandler Riggs that he is nearly driven to tears (I am paraphrasing) for some scenes.


Bonus Video: So here is the video, where Andy mentions his famous method acting. My favorite moment from this whole interview is when Andrew asks Chandler about seeing Danai for the first time as Michonne. You should just watch it. It happens around mark 3:25 and its amazing. 


So besides the whole method acting, is there another reason he is so sad? Rick doesn’t know Michonne has been kidnapped. She could be totally fine as far as he knows.

I chalk it up to the method acting. :D I happen to love that Andy’s so emotional for Rick. Romantic vibes are always my fave.


I’m pretty emotional but movies don’t often make me cry. I mean a few years ago, I was watching Forrest Gump at like 1:00 in the morning and I actually cried pretty hard during that one scene where he visits Jenny’s grave and it was like borderline emotional breakdown but that’s a whole other story lol. When I first watched Tangled I came in with no expectations, having no prior knowledge of it other than the original Rapunzel story. What I really didn’t expect was to have my heart ripped out during this scene right here. I felt my eyes water while the Queen wiped away the Kings tear and he placed his hand on her arm and forced a smile. I was just imagining how terrible they both felt, never knowing if they would see their daughter again but they had to stay strong and hopeful for each other. And then I legit started crying when they walked out the doors and released the lantern and the rest of the townspeople released theirs and lit up the sky all while the ending of Waiting for the Lights was playing. It was so sad and beautiful I just lost it and that’s the story of the first time I cried during a movie.

On Kol's Death

I just can’t understand why Julie and the writers would spend this time reviving Kol, redeeming him, giving him a beautiful love story, only to kill him off in 14 episodes. In my opinion, Kol is one of the most interesting characters, if not the most interesting character in The Originals. In all honesty, I feel almost like I’ve wasted my time. I got so invested in him and loved him dearly and now he’s just supposed to be gone? I can’t remember the last time that I legitimately cried actually tears for a character’s death.

However, I do have the smallest inkling of hope. I know that Rebekah and Kol made promises to each other and they didn’t go through with them, but Rebekah’s vow during his death scene gives me hope. Obviously a vow is much bigger than a promise. It could just be me trying to hang onto shreds of hope for Kol but I really feel like Rebekah will try to come through with bringing him back (hopefully with the help of Davina).

 Regarding Davina and Kol’s relationship, I don’t get what Julie was trying to do. Was she trying to get Davina to open up again only to crush her spirit once more? Is this how Julie plans on making Davina stronger? With the death of another boy she cared for? If so, then I’m calling bs. That is definitely not a good enough reason to destroy Davina and Kol. 

In the end, Daniel Sharman’s portrayal of Kol was absolutely great. I will definitely miss seeing him as Kol/Kaleb. But if the writers do bring Kol back (which they totally shoud) in another body, I don’t think I will mind too much (as long as the actor plays him to the same level as Daniel and Nate). As much as we love Daniel and Nate, we all miss the character Kol, and I’m sure we would be happy to get him back in another body if that means he can live. 

Having Kol back could mean a beginning to a new era of the Mikaelson siblings, one with Elijah, Klaus, Rebekah, AND Kol. Not to mention I would love to see Kol come back and be the one to defeat Finn, but I won’t get my hopes up. 

Thanks for reading my ridiculously long rant because I am definitely not ready to say goodbye to Kol

random thoughts on the cursed child

• Scorpius and Albus are so gay for each other
• seriously there is so much sexual tension between them
• that’s because I’m so pissed at the Scorose final cliché
• anyway
• I loved Hermione being the minister of magic and Ron being the one who stays more with kids
• Scorpius Malfoy is my new favorite character
• “How to distract Scorpius from difficult emotional issues. Take him to a library.” Scorpius is me
• I actually cried during Dubledore’s scene and I was very emotional when Draco told Harry about Astoria
• I liked the play but I was a bit too messed up
• I think that they could focus more on “the kids go back in time” and cut that thing about Voldemort’s daughter or maybe something just about the Dark Lord heir trying to conquer back “her father’s kingdom”, cutting the part about the TimeTurner; one thing or another
• too many things mixed up together
• and come on, the daughter of Voldemort and Bellatrix would have been much more stubborn than that
• I really enjoyed the characters and their interaction, a bit less the story, that could have been much more inventive and with less clichés
• also 100000 points for Profesdor McGonagall

• and Harry cooking >>>>>

I cried during Sabrina’s performance in girl meets forgiveness. I was actually sobbing. and let me tell you, her acting is phenomenal. both her and Rowan’s crying scenes were down right unbelievable. this one was so much more believable than the one with Shawn telling her she should dress differently. and to be quite honest, if anyone else played this role, I would not be as emotionally attached to Maya Hart. Sabrina makes the part, it would be so different without her.

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does Nathan actually mention anything about the storm or was his fight with wonderbread-in-a-different shirt just for the trailer? Because I don't remember that scene happening at all during my playthrough or maybe the emotional stress has made me forget stuff

he only says it when you’re stopping wonderbread from kicking in his face otherwise he just lies on the ground and cries