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Honey. You. Are. Awesome! Yesterday I watched the whole game on You Tube,and,O BOI,my heart can't handle the feels. The ending is just so beautiful and melancholic...I love it! I also absolutely love the Macaroni Brothers scenes,the ones with HRE and Grandpa Rome too,I cried so much! Well,actually,I cried through the whole thing,but those are details ^-^ Keep up the amazing work! I'm looking forward for the sequel~

(adm: AAAAAAAAHHHH OH MYGOSHHH Thank you so much!!! I’m really happy you liked it, thanks for taking the time to let me know!! I’ll do my best with the sequel!! ;w; <3333)


“Now or later, if you meet a guy whom you can be yourself around and loves you, date him.”

Do you guys remember this scene from episode 4??

One of the first times we actually see Victor talking about his life, aside from skating.

He never really put much thought on something he thought he’d be able to see and hear for the rest of his life (the seagulls’ cries). He misses it.

Now while re-watching the final scene of YOI, look what I found.

The fact they remembered, and decided to add this… YOI’s concentration on detail, regarding the story is just crazy.

1. It’s early morning.

2. And we can see (what I assume are) Seagulls in the distance.

3. Something that reminds Victor of home. Which now it’s something he’s able to share with Yuuri. Both getting to be part of each others lives. How much they treasure one another. And the fact, Victor decided to share with Yuuri, something about his life, and now at the end we see them both probably living together, engaged, training in the same russian rink. So many things have changed since their first meeting. But now they now that as long as they have each other they can call any place they go, home.

The connection between past and present scenes, between each character and their interactions is something I’ve come to love from this series.


You didn’t want us. I remember when mom first walked through the door with the two of you. You ran right over to me and you leapt into my arms. You bonded with me instantly. And it made me a little uncomfortable. Oh so you just didn’t want me. No. It made me uncomfortable because my own mother wasn’t very affectionate with me. Grandma? Yeah, she softened up over the years but she just wasn’t nurturing in that way and when I looked at you, I saw me as that little girl. Who yearned for her mom to hold her and comfort her. And I guess it scared me a little. And it made me sad. And then one night you had a bad dream. And then you woke up crying. And I came into this room and I held you. And my heart broke wide open. I felt so much love for you and so much compassion. And I realized, in that moment that this sweet sweet little girl was sent to me - she was sent to me to heal my little girl inside.  

About Yuri!!! on Ice ep 12

Before I start I have to say I cried because of this episode. Please do note that I’m not an emotional type of a person, I rarely cry. But I did. This just shows how precious the last episode is. Therefore, I’m not going to choose just some scenes like the previous rants. I will talk about AS MUCH SCENES AS I CAN because I have class after this.

First, this scene hit me. We all know that Victor smiles a lot, no? He looks happy most of the time so a scene where such a bright character has tears in his eyes…. just like someone punch me in the gut as I see it. Our living legend cried. Him getting mad? God I love how this show can properly portray human’s complex emotion.

YES FOR LETTING SOMEONE WHO’S NOT A SEIYUU INTO THIS SHOW. It adds the feel, that we’re actually invited to Spain in this show. Thank you Stéphane Lambiel for being a YOI family member ///v///

Then this scene also happened. I fucking feel for JJ. Like seriously. I was once a bowling player in the past and I fucked up my first competition. Pretty badly. So bad that it was like a beginner who hadn’t really played before and just suddenly showed up in a competition. I might not be a good player, but my scores in practices were fine. I really, really hated myself that time lol. That’s why I’m so glad JJ could pick himself up and finished his FS JJ style *CLAPS FOR JJ*

Yes, Seung Gil smiled for JJ I can’t even explain it well but his smile is so precious even more when he doesn’t do that often ///v///

Then. *clears throat* YOU CAN’T JUST NOT SMILING LOOKING AT PHICHIT LIKE SERIOUSLY. HE’S SO PRECIOUS I ALWAYS SMILE SEEING HIM///// And look at that dream of his OH MY GOD IS HE AN ANGEL????? Where’s my Phichit!!! on Ice I need it now

And this right here was making me cry again. THIS SHOW JUST PLAYED WITH MY EMOTION GOD–

This. Look at how they shook hands and then Yuuri letting go first leaving Victor’s hanging as if not wanting to let go. I sobbed.

Okay I admit I was too entranced by Yuuri’s performance, but this one hit me again. LET THIS HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP SINK INTO YOU GUYS. He doesn’t want to keep Victor to his side only. He also thinks of Victor, what is good for him and act to it. Though, if I can say something, it’s always good for you to think of your partner’s well-being, but the decision to act upon it is your partner’s. Respect their choices as well, okay? Let the both of you talk it out with cool head, I’m sure you’re going to be fine/// this psych student can’t stop herself to preach on this I’m so sorry Continue onto the next one!

At this point I cried. Congratulations Yuuri you’ve succeeded in making your point why you decided to retire across Victor. You light up Victor’s competitive side *cries again* Oh my God this is so beautiful I can’t thank Kubo-Sensei enough (;-;)

THEN IT’S THIS HOT STUFF’S TURN. Look at his face when Victor and Yuuri cheered for him. That’s just so cute OMG;;; Also,


OTABEK’S TURN!! At first I was like “Whoa he picked that piece?” when I heard the music playing. And the costume looks so good on him I LOVE IT. I was so entranced by the performance there was a time when I thought “If Otabek wins the gold medal I won’t be surprised, he’s so good;;”. He’s just so manly and solid I fall for him and I’m a fan of the piece he picked. But then…

The narration is Otabek’s but the scene was showing Yuri instead. I thought “…Oh no, it’s like he’s giving a place for Yuri to shine…” No, I’m not saying Yuri win because of Otabek giving him a slack. Yuri is capable, strong enough to win with his own skill to count on. It was just a hunch of mine, saying that Otabek isn’t going to win a medal and Yuri is going to get the gold medal.

Lastly, it’s Yuri’s turn. I’m so happy to see Yuri’s point of view and the flash back. Here we can see him getting his interest piqued by Yuuri. He didn’t suddenly mock Yuuri, instead he saw him as another competitor who could do better. For me, he’s not a childish brat who can only diss people out, he thinks of their capabilities too and that’s a good point of him.

Since he saw Yuuri as fellow competitor, he wants him to keep skating. This episode isn’t just about Yuuri making his point across to Victor through his skating, Yuri is also doing just that to Yuuri. 

So turns out I guessed right. Yuri took the gold medal with Yuuri slightly behind. And then…

OH MY GOD I CRIED. YUURI WANTED VICTOR TO STAY WITH HIM IN COMPETITIVE FIGURE SKATING. Victor wanted to be with Yuuri. Yuuri wanted Victor to return to be a competitive skater that he is. Accomodate both and you got this. KUBO-SENSEI THANK YOU/////

So yeah I’m already happy with how the things are. I’m pleased to see this show. I thought it was just like that, but–

There’s Yuuri. With Victor’s free program. And I noticed how his costume was similar to Victor’s, only with different color. I kept watching and watching, entranced more and more to the performance. Both the choreograph and piece were so good I can watch it all day. 



I hope we can see more of your works, Sensei.

See you NEXT LEVEL!!

Scenes I feel we are owed by SJM to repay all the pain she's caused

•Round two of Rowaelin thanking each other
•The wall x Feysand
•ACTUAL rowaelin wedding
•with subsequent wedding night
•adorable, fluffy, everyone-cries-even-Az Feysand wedding
•Aelin’s coronation
•ROWAN’s coronation
•Aedion taking the blood oath
•Lysandra getting her territory recognized by the rest of the nobles of Terrasen (or nah, screw them if they don’t, it’ll happen anyway)
•Rowan becoming a father
•therefore Aelin becoming a mother, obviously
•Asterin becoming a mother
•Manon finally saying “I love you” to someone, literally anyone she cares about would be fine
•Manon killing Grandma Bitch using only her nails, very slowly
•Lysandra finding the love that she wants/deserves
•Same with Aedion
•Fenrys getting to be free and careless with his brother
•Gavriel getting to connect with his son
•Elorcan. Just Elorcan.
•Dorian Havilliard and true Happiness
•Chaol walking again and being/doing his best again
•Nesryn smiling and laughing
•Evangeline being happy and carefree chasing fleetfoot around the castle grounds in Orynth
•Feyre being introduced to the whole night court as High Lady
•Mor telling her dick of a father off right before Cassian and Azriel slice him into little pieces
•Maeve burning from the inside out via Aelin
•Rowan finally finding true peace with Aelin for the first time since Lyria
•MORIEL SOMETHING (anything, though like geez, they need to stop having eye sex and get to the real deal)
•Azriel and Mor and Rhys and Feyre and Nesta and CASSIAN taking turns killing the King of Hybern (not Elain because Elain will just sit and watch)

•Rhysand getting to be just happy for once, not having to worry about anything than living in Velaris and loving Feyre and his inner circle and his people

•Feyre getting to paint whenever/whatever she wants

This kinda turned into HCs but oh well

Feel free to add any scenes you feel like we’re owed by the Queen, Sarah J Maas (I know I’m forgetting some)

- About kids, and grandchild for my parents, feeling guilty towards the ancestors, then about reproduction to maintaining the species, or about the fact that human evolution is gonna hit an impasse soon?

This scene is so precious to me. Truly. I remember when i first read it… I cried so much. Because I realized that is not just about the couple itself but Sajou thinking WHAT IF or HOW it would have been if he or Kusakabe wanted family/kids someday. I believe Sajou’s here questioning himself because he actually wants kids but knows he can’t. He needed some kind of confirmation from Kusakabe, because at that point he was doubting himself. 
And I love how Kusakabe handled whole situation. He’s being realistic but at the same time he’s offering himself to Sajou. You gain something but in order to get that you need to make some sacrifice. 


Kusakabe is thinking about Sajou’s happiness, that’s why he’s offering himself.

This scene IS SO BEAUTIFUL TO ME. We can’t get everything but we can do it TOGETHER!!! We can make each other happy :)


These. These are the scenes I LOVED.

PARENTLOCK - awwww cute cute cute :3 this keeps me warm and cozy inside

MORIARTY - I always liked him, the best villain ever-forever and this entrance was STUNNING

SHERLOCK IN A BEANIE - no comment needed, he is so adorable :3

THE HOLDING HANDS MOMENT - wow. Just wow. Idk why I liked this very much


JOHNLOCK - just because their hands were linked together.

SHERLOCK AND EURUS PLAYING TOGETHER -  MASTERPIECE. This was by far my favourite scene and I actually cried a little. Really. This was so beautiful and emotional for me



お久しぶり!Its been a while! Sorry for the delay, I got back from Japan about a week ago, but then I came down with a terrible flu. I missed my first week of classes! Glad its over. Now the blog is getting back in gear for 2017!

I watched Kimi no Na Wa twice in theaters in Japan. I couldn’t help but visiting some of the actual locations in the scenes of the movie to take pictures. As you can see above, the artwork is shockingly spot on. I hope you enjoy!

Please support the movie when it premieres in America the first week of April. I guarantee that you won’t regret it! I cried both times!


Alright so Cursed Child gaybies...

Spoilers, obviously….

I’ve seen CC 5 times, this Sunday (16th October) was by far the gayest I’ve ever seen Albus and Scorpius. 

The first hug (4th year, on the train) was short and sweet but when they were climbing up onto the train roof, they were touching eachother so much. Like going for it. Basically hugging as they got up. Totally flirty.

The staircase ballet: Anthony actually CRIED. Like during the whole seperation section, he was crying real tears (honestly that mans talent). It was heart wrenching. It is pining on another level, honestly, I can’t get enough of the looks they give each other during this. 

The library scene/hug number 2: Anthony is still crying at this point. Sam didn’t cry today (well if he did I couldn’t see cos I wasn’t super close) but he was very much more sad than angry. These boys are heartbroken about being apart, its so clear. And the hug. They held it for so long, probably double the time I’ve seen them hold before. Super satisfactory considering the conversation they’d just had. 

The Myrtle/ bathroom scene: Sam almost nose booped Anthony as he was passing him the gillyweed (more on nose boops to comeeee…).

The Scorpius torture scenes: I think these get overlooked as scorbus scenes but watching Albus as Scorpius is being tortured is kinda all I need. Its like Delphi is crutio-ing him too. Such a testament to their acting. Today Sam was a little more subtle when begging her to stop- it was more pained and desperate than angry and that just worked so, so well. Albus is so desperate to save Scorpius and I think this is the point that people really start to believe it. 

Act 4, scene 14: So Rose walks out onto the stage and Anthony falls backwards, flails his cloak everywhere- it hits his head, the banister, Sam- like brilliant and hilarious. Rose does her thing and runs off laughing. Then they go in for the final hug and its about the length I’m used to but as Sam delivers “you better ask Rose if its the right thing to do” he BOOPS ANTHONY ON THE NOSE. THE NOSE BOOP HAPPENED. I thought it was a lie too but OMG there it was- totally clear to see and so incredibly cute. 

Scorbus is real guys and I think Sam and Anthony are finally starting to ship it too.

Brando a rapist?

Marlon Brando is being denounced as a rapist for an anal sex scene in Last Tango in Paris. If you read the article in the Daily Mail (UK) that is the source for the story, Maria Schneider says she cried “even though what Marlon was doing wasn’t real.”  (Here’s a link to the source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-469646/I-felt-raped-Brando.html)  She said she “felt a little bit raped”, but she means emotionally.

People are making condemnations in angry tweets and Facebook posts (and here on Tumblr, too), but they haven’t read Maria Schneider’s story. There was no actual rape. It was a simulated sex scene. I’m not saying Schneider was treated well. Young actors - young women especially - are notoriously exploited by directors. That’s a horrible thing. Brando and Bertolucci may well be assholes, but that’s quite different from being a rapist.

I know I’ll regret getting into this controversy, but please read the article linked above before sending me angry messages.


ok idk if someone posted about this before but I legit cried when I realized this while I was rewatching ep1 

So in episode one we see Victor skating to his theme that is subbed as stay close to me BUT I just noticed it is actually said  離れずにそばにいってよ
(hanarezu ni soba ni itte yo) which literally translates to ‘Don’t leave me and stay by my side’

and I am sure we all remember when that is said again
YES, In episode 7 when Yuri said the exact same thing to victor at that crying scene, (in which they subbed it as stand by me) Yuri was probably referring to the theme title and it only sounds like a way to convey his feelings as a confession, thus, we see Victor so shocked. I was wondering all that time why was he THAT shocked to see Yuri having a break down when he purposely broke his heart and expecting a meltdown like this. There, that is the reason

and maybe that’s why Victor had the courage to kiss Yuri later on and by surprise he both meant the quadrable flip and his confession…MAYBE 

I am crying and I kind of both hate and love how this anime keeps attacking my feelings.

Day6 Watching Kdramas
  • Submitted by @jeli17,thank you!
  • Jae: pretends he hates romcoms but secretly those are the only kind he watches. acts like the emotional moments don't get to him but also cries every time. screams at kiss scenes.
  • Sungjin: gets way too invested. once he starts a drama don't touch him till he's done. gets really emotionally caught up in the show but then forgets what happened like two days later.
  • Young K: rarely finishes anything because he gets bored super easily. watches like six dramas at once and then gets confused because he can't keep up with all the plots. likes action more than romance.
  • Wonpil: you know the friend who never shuts up when you watch something with them? Wonpil is that friend. also during emotional moments he's either crying his eyes out or laughing inappropriately hard.
  • Dowoon: drama snob. it honestly seems like he's watched every drama in existence. a pro at binge watching and balancing dramas with responsibility. relates everything in life back to a kdrama scene.