i actually cried

Safe Inside

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Hi, and welcome to my new imagines blog! This is my very first imagine on here, so I decided to start of with something a little deeper, but not all of them will be like this, I promise! Feel free to request and enjoy!


Pairing: Tony Stark x Daughter!Reader

Words: 1,848

Rating: PG

Warnings: Mentions of suicide, very sad (I actually cried while writing this) mentions of death

Song: Safe Inside by James Arthur

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omg can you do a taekook animation [gif] ? i know it's a lot of work, but It'd be super cool !:)

omg im traumatized, the last time i was making a taekook animation my laptop actually short circuit& instant death. to everything i loved

this was in starbucks, i actually cried

Okay, maybe this’ll sound really stupid, but when I opened up the body options for Dream Daddy, I actually cried. Like, no joke. Never in my whole life have I been able to play as a trans guy, and there are only, like, two games or so that I can name that had only one trans character, who never played a big part in the story (and I’ve been playing video games since I was 7 years old or so). But here’s this game where not only I can be trans, I can also date a trans man, specify if I had a wife or husband, and choose if my daughter was adopted or born into the family. Being able to play a game where my gender and sexuality aren’t a joke is so invigorating and playing it really brightened up my day. So, yeah :)


So it’s Tuesday morning and both of us are in our respective homes. You’re probably still asleep right now since it is like 6:30am. I’m only up because I had to use the bathroom.

I’m having post camp depression. Last night I actually cried myself to sleep. I’m actually crying a little bit as I’m writing this. I hate being home. I fucking hate it. Like not even 5 minutes in the door yesterday and my dad was already yelling at my grandma for something.

It’s really hard to come back to a house where your father doesn’t care much about you. It’s hard to come home when I remember how Mr. T and your dad treated us. Like my dad doesn’t treat me like shit or anything, he just doesn’t have an interest in my life. He didn’t bother asking if I had fun in Vermont or what I did.

When I got in the car to go home, he flat out said “I was just about to come in there and drag your ass out.” Because his girlfriend’s basement was flooding and I just happened to look at my phone when he texted. I don’t know how serious he was about dragging me out of Scout Hall.

I wish we could’ve stayed longer. I wish something caused us not to come home when we did. Like nothing bad cause I don’t want anyone getting hurt, but like huge traffic or something.

I thought about running off in the morning. Like I was the only one up because I was up super early, I could’ve taken my drawstring bag and just left. I brought two water bottles with me. (Just in case someone lost theirs or something.) But I couldn’t bring myself to actually leave.

I almost had a breakdown in the van. Before I fell asleep I was thinking about how we’d be home in a couple hours and how this trip would be over. I was thinking about how in a few weeks my mother and step dad would be moving to North Carolina. I was thinking about how I had to take my placement exam the next day, later on today. I went to sleep to see if that made me feel better, it did not. Later on when we stopped, I woke up. I felt worse than I did because we were so close to home.

I had a dream last night where L was adding me on other social media sites and I declined. Then he messaged me saying “I know you like AM, it’s not going to work out because he’s a jerk.” Yeah it was weird. I’ve dreamt of you the entire trip. I didn’t nap in the van that much because every time I closed my eyes I saw your face.

We probably won’t see each other until the 30th since most of the boys will be at Summer Camp. It would only be you, me, and E there. I mean personally I wouldn’t care having a meeting. But since we’d be talking about the trip it’s better to have those who went.

See you at the next meeting.


appreciation for ben platt:

he was put on vocal rest 2 days straight before the tony’s. at the tony’s, he sang his pure and beautiful heart out like nothing had happened.
he named his whole cast and family and would’ve pulled a Bette Midler if he went slow.
he was so happy. he took his mom as a date. he got pie from sara bareilles and sunk down his chair when he was mentioned on stage for comedy. he was sweating like crazy but was such a beautiful angel.
He along with his musical won. He deserves so much and i love him so much.

So I watched Power Rangers last night.
And yeah, it was good and nerdy and full of little references and nods, but you know what I really loved?
I got to see an autistic superhero.
Not just a character I could headcanon as autistic, no, I got a superhero who looks people dead in the eyes and says “I’m on the spectrum”.
I got a superhero who info dumps, stims, and has special interests.
I got to see a superhero ask someone to stop touching them, not laugh at that epic joke.
I got to see a little bit of myself.
And true, it could have been better.
We could have gotten better writing, better representation but I got to see an autistic superhero. I got to see a black, male, autistic superhero, and that’s something I never thought I’d see in my lifetime.
I don’t know if other people will realize how important this is, but his autism wasn’t the butt of a joke.
It wasn’t some feel-good moment about overcoming his “disability”. He wasn’t there to be comic relief or anything else.
He is a superhero. With autism.
I just sat and stared at a screen the size of my house, with hundreds of other people, and got to see myself, my community displayed in a positive way in mainstream, really epic media.
A superhero. With autism.

I’m bringing this back

We’ve all see this image so many times but I keep coming back to it? I think it’s my favourite canon picture of Yuuri and Viktor. 

It’s just so pure??? 

The way Yuuri has his eyes closed, symbolising such relaxed trust. 

The soft glow of the lighting 

The slight blush on Yuuri’s cheeks, and the soft smile 

Viktor’s obvious gentle and precise attention to Yuuri’s hair

Just the way Viktor is looking at him? With such pure love and affection? I can literally imagine him thinking ‘this man is my forever’ 

Long story short, this makes me incredibly emotional. 

so in golion their names were metals and I kinda wish they would’ve kept them

omg guys that ending of logan where logan charles and laura cross the border and get to live together happily for a few more years and truly get to be a family and charles learns for forgive himself and logan fully embraces being a father and the two men eventually die peacefully and laura knows what it’s like to have a family omg that ending sure was the best