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Nosy Rosy Big Brother

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Summary: Dean’s hit with a strong case of curiosity. Pure, uncontrollable curiosity that leads to him finding a treasure trove of nasty little things.
Paring: Sam/Reader, Dean/Reader (kinda), Implied Sam/Reader/Dean at the end
Word Count: ~2.5K
Warnings: FILTH. At this point it’d be easier to name what’s not in this fic, but I’ll name a few that are; smut (obvy), dirty text, nudey pics, sex videos of Sam/Reader, masturbation, anal play, anal sex, vaginal sex, dirty talk, copious amounts of semen, Sam’s a big fan of creampies (both of the butt and vag variety), more masturbation, voyeurism, NSFW gifs just to really mess y'all up :)
a/n: aight don’t judge me but I only have one fic to post today bc school’s got me fucked up and has literally sucked my soul from my body. I’m still working on some of the requests you guys have sent in and other WIP’s as the mood/will to do anything but cry in a corner hits me (lol but I’m fine tho I swear) I hope you guys enjoy my contribution for Smut Appreciation Day 2017!

The first time Dean “snoops"—it’s by total accident. 

Sam had lent him his phone after Dean’s had been compromised on the hunt that they had just finished. Long story short; phone in pocket plus getting pushed into pool by werewolf equals no bueno. Dean pulled up the messaging app to shoot the hunter that been helping them out a text to let him know that everything had been squared away, but when Dean went to tap compose message, his thumb took a sharp left and ended up pulling up the messages between you and Sam. 

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potions partners (draco x reader)

in which draco is a little shit and both of you are a wee bit oblivious to emotions

Word Count: 5,098

Request: “Could you do an imagine where Draco’s crushing on a Gryffindor and does everything he can to be partnered with her and stuff to show his affection?” // @dolphindewott

Warnings: cussing and sexually explicit language

A/N: i actually went so overboard with this, im sorry to anyone who reads this super extra 5k word thing

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Your name: submit

Your name: submit What is this?

You’d only given in because you were, unfortunately, alone.

Potions class with Slytherin was the one part of the week you always dreaded. It was one thing to be stuck in a room for an hour with a bunch of Slytherins, but a whole other thing to be stuck in a room for an hour with a bunch of Slytherins and an odd number of fifth year Gryffindors. As a result, you were forced to partner with a random Slytherin in almost every lesson.

And today, it was Draco fucking Malfoy.

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When Universes Collide (part 1)

Paring: Avengers, X-Men X Reader

Prompt: In this story, Avengers Universe and X-Men Universe finally collide together during the Avengers’ Civil War.

Warnings: Some swearing

Length: 2,927 words


Your name: submit What is this?

Siting next to Charles on his private jet took you back years when he came to you for help about a future event that would render all mutants extinct. Now, you’re here again to be the voice of reason for all mutants so that future event won’t happen all over again. Great …

‘What are you thinking about?’ Charles’ calming voice echoed in your mind and you turned your head to gaze at him.

‘Can’t you already tell?’ Your lips curled into a soft knowing smile and cocked an eyebrow at him.

Charles had the tendency to peer inside your mind instead of asking what was wrong when you looked distressed or lost in thought. The fact that he asked you first was surprising to say the least.

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Ten Years Later

Summary:  Your tenth anniversary with Seven.

Pairing:  Saeyoung x MC/Reader

Genre:  Fluff; Slice of Life

Rating:  G

Word Count:  Approx. 1300

“Happy tenth anniversary, angel!”

It was the evening of the day that marked your first decade married to Saeyoung.  You had just had a lovely dinner, that you had cooked together, and were now relaxing in your home, settling down to exchange presents on the living room couch.  You were having a well-earned peaceful night on your anniversary, while Saeran babysat your kids at his place.

“I can’t believe it’s been ten years…” you smiled, holding out a shoe-box shaped present to your husband.

“Me neither,” he grinned back, trading your box for his own, “…I didn’t even think I’d still be alive, by now.”

“Stop that,” you chided, poking him in the ribs, “We are focusing on being happy, today!”

“I am happy!” he protested, “Happy to be with you!”

“Oh, please,” you smiled, gesturing towards his box, “Open it!  Open it!”

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title: yesterday’s just a memory, tomorrow is never what it’s supposed to be

rating: t

word count: 2k1

summary: It’s not every day someone you know gets kicked in the head and forgets a couple of years of their life or modern AU amnesia fic.

a/n: I was checking my dash the other day and @hurricanedancer​ reblogged  this amazing post and mentioned in the tags wanting a fic. I was already planning to write something for Cassian Andor Appreciation Week (Favourite Relationship(s)) and this inspired me so I combined both. No such thing as too many RebelCaptain fics, right? Anyway hope you enjoy it :)

(I wrote the fic, but Bob Dylan wrote the title.)

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Pairing: Dean x Reader (kind of)

Words: 1,167

Summary: Dean watches the reader while she’s reading. (It’s not nearly as creepy as it sounds.)

Warnings: none, it’s pure fluff.

Author’s note: My head won’t let me write lately, it’s just too full with stuff, but this one fought its way out on a word document. And I actually liked the idea. I hope you enjoy while reading and feedback is as always welcomed and appreciated!

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Dean watched her.

She sat in one of the arm chairs they’d placed on the library and it was so big, it almost looked as if it’d swallow her whole if he stopped watching her.
Y/N was hunched over a book he didn’t recognize. All he could see from his place was that it had to be thicker than her underarms and that it wasn’t a lore book either. It wasn’t bound as were the books of the men of letters, it was a paperback. A few strands of her hair had given up their fight against gravity and fell down, hugging her face, and sometimes passing her line of vision. Until she let go of the book in her lap with one hand and pushed the loose strands away. Behind her ear. Or she tried to push them under another strand of hair, one that was still fixated on the messy ponytail she had pulled up earlier. But ultimately they always found their way back to her face.
As did Dean’s eyes.

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Connection Chap Two

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Connection.  Read Chap One here.

Sherlock x reader

Summary: an American forensic psychologist hired by Mycroft Holmes. You thought it would be more interesting and fulfilling than your previous job with a law firm in London but you had no idea how much it would change your life. Or really, how much one person would change everything.

Word Count: 4084

Your name: submit What is this?

Your office never seemed quite so quiet when you were at your desk alone, but seated in the chair across from a silent Sherlock was therapeutic in and of itself. The clock was running and his hour winding down, he sat with his fingers steepled and the tips resting against his chin with his eyes focusing on something in a distance you couldn’t see.

You had grown used to his trips into his mind over the last couple of months and knew when talking was pointless as he sorted things out. At first, you weren’t sure what to do as every sound in the surrounding area boomed and echoed around the room and yet, Sherlock remained undisturbed. You slowly came to enjoy it, the quiet time with him around was nice. The office noises on the floor fell away and you got a chance to clear your mind and just breathe. Sometimes you watched him, his face relaxed with a twitch in his cheek or brow every now and then. It had a soothing feel like watching water cascading down a fall or those little rock water features.

“He risked his life for me. I mean it wouldn’t have worked but he thought it would.”

You tilted your head wondering if he was actually talking to you or merely murmuring. His gaze was still far off. “He likes you. You have a friend, Sherlock. I’d say that’s pretty interesting. He’s a really good writer too.”

He frowned then his gaze sought yours. “No.” He closed his eyes and covered his face with his hands, “no, no, no.”


“You’re one of them.”

“You’ll have to give me more to go on.”

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Taehyung Scenario: Devoted To You.

Request: Yaas,the request are open!!Can you make a scenario with Taehyung being more serious and protecting with you?cause i want to see that side of him more. Thaank you~

Genre: Romance.

It was almost seven in the night when you turned off your computer and started to pick up your things; work had been exhausting today but you were finally done and ready to go home to relax. Your phone vibrated, and you saw a text from your boyfriend that made you smile.

I’m home jagiya. How much until you are here? Should I go for you?

Taehyung was always solicitous, since it was getting dark you knew he worried a little about you going home alone, but you always insisted you were fine. Taehyung needed every single minute of rest he could get with that schedule he managed as a singer.

No need for that Tae, I’ll be home soon, wait for me.

But as you were getting your stuff inside your bag you heard a voice coming from the little entrance of your cubicle. 

-Y/N you are already done-

Looking up at your boss you nodded. -Yes, everything is ready and I sent you the emails you requested-

-That’s great Y/N, but did you check the emails that I just sent you?-

You frowned a little, you had checked your inbox just before turning off the computer and there wasn’t any new emails from your boss. -I checked it just a few minutes ago and there wasn’t…-

Your boss shook his head, he was a middle aged man, thin and tall, and he loved to flip around his already scarce hair. -Oh Y/N, you need to be more attentive, would you check those emails? I should have a report of them soon-

You fought the need of sighing, it was the same thing as always, but Mr. Heo was a balding asshole who loved to make you work late hours and because you were not yet on the fixed personnel list then you had to comply to get in his good side. -May I do them at home?-

Mr. Heo did have the freedom to sigh loudly. -You know how things go here, when you are done with those reports you may leave, or maybe I should pass them to someone else if you are in a rush?-

Smiling tightly you denied that option. -There’s no need for that, I’ll do those reports right now-

Mr. Heo smiled as well. -I’ll leave you to it then, make sure to turn off the lights when you are done- you exhaled when he left, turning on the computer once again to do your new task. Your boss didn’t even say goodbye when he left the office, so now you were completely alone. The office was in the tenth floor of an empresarial building, but there wasn’t so many people who stayed too late, for example in your workplace there was only you because your boss had a tyrant complex directed specifically at you.

Hello beautiful, on your way? I’m waiting

You saw the text, you had totally forgotten about Taehyung who was probably expecting you to arrive home in twenty minutes.

I’m sorry babe, I have to stay a little longer tonight, but I’ll be home as soon as I can.

Again late hours? Text me when you are finishing, I will go for you.

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Imagine being taken hostage while on the phone to Rafael

Part Two Here 

Imagine being taken hostage while on the phone to Rafael

“Can we please pull over, Sonny? I’m dying over here.” you pleaded with your partner Carisi from the passenger seat.

“The more we stop the longer it will take to get home. We literally just got into the city. One more hour and we’ll be home.” Sonny tried to reason.

“But I have to pee and I’m super hungry.” you complained.

“You just had lunch.” he countered.

“Just?! That was five hours ago.” you pointed out.

“It’s been that long? Alright, but you’ve been snacking the whole drive back.” you commented.

“Yeah, but I ran out like a mile ago.” you complained.

“And you’re already hungry?” he asked shocked.

“Would I be bothering you if i wasn’t?” you replied sarcastically.

“Probably, yes… Alright, I’ll stop at the next service station. You happy?” he sighed giving in.

“Yes,” you smiled as you started meddling with the radio, getting quite annoyed with Sonny’s pop music playlist.

“Hey, driver picks the music.” he commented swatting your hand away.

You looked up at him from your crouched position, shocked. Your mouth hanging open about to protest.

“What?” he asked glancing at you momentarily, “You made me watch the show all of last night. Did you not think that I would pick up a few things?”

You and your partner Sonny were driving back to the city from upstate. Liv had sent you guys their to get a reading on one of your latest victims who was visiting the city on Spring Break. You stayed their for a day, learning semi useful things about your victim before Liv asked you to return back. It was too late to drive that night so you had stayed over at some seedy motel.

Only the best for New Yorks finest.

Last night, you’d called your boyfriend also your ADA, Rafael, after Sonny had fallen asleep. Typically, enough he was still working at his office which you learned after you tired and failed to call the landline at your apartment. You berated him over the phone, telling him he had to get into good habits and that he couldn’t keep having all nighters at the office. He just laughed at you and asked if you were okay. He was being much kinder to you lately which I guess was understandable but you still didn’t like it.

“Here we are.” He said pulling into the gas station.

“Thanks, do you want anything?” you asked unbuckling your seatbelt quickly and placing your hand on the door, ready to exit as soon as he answered.

“Get me some chips. I’ll fill up the car. We’re running low on gas.” he said unbuckling his own seatbelt and getting out the car.

You raced to the bathroom and relieved yourself. After that you wandered down the isles looking for Sonny’s chips and something to eat for yourself. The store was dimly lit, the fixture flickering spasmodically. It was a bit grungy and small but it would do. The clerk who was middle aged man was reading a newspaper at the till. Their was a young couple at the other end of the store,by the beer fridge was an old man and by the magazines a young man in his early twenties. You were browsing the chip section when your pocket started to vibrate. You pulled it out to see your favourite name flash onto the screen.

“You better still not be at work.” you said down the line.

“Well, hello to you too.” Rafael chuckled down the phone.

“Well?” you prompted.

“I’m about to leave.” he lied.

“No you’re not. I can practically see you getting comfortable. Leaning back to your chair. Piles of court documents surrounding you. A big annoying smile on your face.” you argued wedging your phone between your shoulder and face while picking up a bag of chips only to drop it when you saw the sell by date.

“You know me too well.” he sighed.

“Mmm.” you agreed still browsing.

“Where are you?” he asked.

“Just got into the city. Though to be more exact I’m at a service station, trying to find some food.” you whined.

“Aren’t you always trying to find food.” he teased.

“Yeah, but I’m always marginally more successful when in a store.” you replied trying to be serious.

“Only marginally, of course. Seriously, though Y/N, how are you?” he asked his voice laced with concern.

“I’m completely fine. Trust me. I feel great. Relax.” you stated trying to soothe him.

“I know, I know. I just worry.” he sighed.

“The big bad ADA, worries. Who would have thought?’ you teased down the line, finally finding Sonny’s favourite chips and placing them into into your basket.

“Only about you. Alright, so you’re okay but what about…?” he indicated before trailing off.

“Sonny? He’s fine. He’s filling the car up and I just got him his favourite chips.” you answered shaking the bag audibly to avoid the question.

“That’s great but I think you know who I was actually referring too.” he chuckled.

“Oh,” you smiled, “You mean bubbles.”

“Bubbles?” Rafael repeated confused.

“Yeah that’s his nickname.” you stated picking up a chocolate bar and inspecting it.

“Why?” he asked still confused.

“Because he gives me tummy bubbles.” you shrugged.

“You mean butterflies?!” he attempted to correct.  

“Yeah, but if I call them butterflies. His nickname will be butter and that just makes me think of butterfingers and you know how I feel about them.” you countered bitterly towards the end.

“Right, they’re the ‘bane’ of the chocolate bar community. You’re insane.” he sighed and you could imagine him rubbing his forehead.

“Well let’s hope he inherits your mental state then.” You joked.

“I’m sorry he?” he asked curious.

“Yeah he.” you repeated instinctively putting a hand to your stomach.

“You think it’s a boy?” he smirked.

“Well I want it to be a boy.” you admitted honestly inspecting a supposedly fresh cheese wrap.

“I know you do but it could also be a girl.” he smiled.

“And you want a girl, don’t you?” you teased. 

“And you don’t?” he questioned.

“It’s not that I don’t. It’s just that it would be easier if it was a boy. I’ve already raised one, remember. He turned out pretty good you know. He goes to Stanford.” you smirked referring to your younger brother.

“Yeah, but this time it’s different. You won’t be alone. You’ve got me and with both our combine efforts this one might go to Harvard even if it’s a girl.”

“Or Yale.” you added as the bell on the store door rang out.

“Or Harvard.” he interrupted repeating himself to ensure he was clear to you.

“Let’s agree to disagree. You better be at home when I get there. I’m giving you an hour  head-start.” you joked catching sight of a guy in a black hoodie approach the checkout, probably whoever just walked in.

“Alright, alright. I’m leaving.” He as he audibly stop up and began shuffling papers around.

“As am I.” You said skirting the isle and beginning to walk to the checkout yourself.

“So did you actually find something to eat?” he asked.

“Expect a chocolate bar, no. I’ll probably share Sonny’s chips.” you responded.

“Are you sure…?” he asked cautiously.

“You’re right. I should get my own.” you nodded doubling back and grabbing it.

“I think it would be the best.” he agreed laughing.

“Anyway I’m going to let you go.” you finished turning your head to see a sudden loud argument at the checkout.

“I’ll see you later. I love you, Y/N.” Rafael said distracting you.

“I lov-…” you started before being intuited by the sound of two loud bangs.

You knew exactly what they were. Gun shots. You ducked instinctively. Clinging into your phone with one hand and place the other on your piece on your hip.

“Y/N?” a frantic Rafael called down the line.  

You peered round the corner to see the desk clerk, lying on the floor, blood pooling round him. Th shooter had start to begin pacing before shooting two shots into the ceiling.

“Nobody leaves! Everyone stays.” he demanded but his voice shakily.

The couple and the old man were much closer to the till, the shooter waved his gun in their faces.

“Sit.” he commanded to them, growing in confidence.

All four followed his commands sitting with the backs up against a fridge, the store clerk lying dying in front of them. He hadn’t seen you. You were standing an isle behind him. The store was small. But you couldn’t run up to the door in fear you get two shots in your back.

“Y/N?” Rafael called out again, quieter this time his voice filled with concern.

“I’m fine… call the police.” you whispered shakily bringing up the phone to your face before quickly dropping it again.

Then suddenly the shooter turned. You moved your hand from your hip to hide the gun you had on your hip and you shoved your phone up your shirt sleeve to hide it. He caught sight of you. You looked him dead in the eye and froze. He started shouting commands at you but you couldn’t hear. Then he rushed up to you and waved his gun frantically in your face.

“Didn’t you hear me bitch, move.” he shouted at you but you could still sense slight fear in his voice.

You put your hands up in surrender, careful not to show your phone. He circled round you and pressed the barrel of the gun into your head.

“Move.” he ordered.

You started walking towards the other hostages. Breathing heavily, taking small cautious steps so not to spook him and accidentally shoot you. You guess he got frustrated with waiting for you and removed the gun from your head and shoved you forward. You were quick enough to steady yourself but your phone dropped on to the floor. It let out a loud crash and the shooter went to pick it up.

“You called the cops?!” he spat picking up the phone quickly but not checking the number.

“I..” You mumbled purposely deciding how you were going to play this.

“You little bitch.” he yelled, throwing the phone onto the floor and stomping on it heavily before shoving you once again.

By now you were by the other hostages. His shove forced you face first into the glass door of the fridge. You steadied yourself after impact and you slid onto the floor. Right beside the old man. Leaning against the floor you repositioned yourself to the upright sitting position. Your head was pounding and you quickly turned to the other hostages who had looks of horror on their faces. The old man gestured to your head. You put up your hand and felt blood. Lowering your hand to confirm.

You let out a long laboured breath before looking up back at the shooter. He had begun facing again, talking to himself in hushed whispers. Then the sound of sirens rang out and became loud. the shooter suddenly ran to the window and peered out of the shutters. Before he began pacing and talking to himself.

You watched him. Formulating a plan to get everyone out of here alive. You looked at the now dead man in front you.  You weren’t going to let anybody else die today. You then placed a hand on your stomach, remembering. It wasn’t just you in danger anymore. It was the both of you.

The both of you had to get out of here.


The Other Woman (Part 5)

Pairing: Jensen x Reader, Jensen x Danneel

Word Count: 3028

Summary: You were a good girl. But how did you end up as the other woman?

A/N: This took longer to write than the few chapters back and honestly, I don’t think I can live up to what I wrote in the first few chapters. Anyhow thank you for waiting! 

Tags: @nanie5 @supernatural0826 @padackles2010 @holdyourselfinmyhands @remybosslika @jensen-gal @barricade-ghost @just-another-busy-fangirl @mrstheorossix3 @tas898 @darkx143 @emilypkuzu @sortaathief @anokhi07 @to-the-starss @relationshipyard @isabelaelisa @hibaabdo @artprincessbree @anxuanpham @trashytears@lalakawe@but-like-dean-tho​ @evelinakikoum @skathan-omaha@soobi89​ @mommatoni @son-of-a-horse@se-lestiles@jensen-jarpad


You were sitting bleary eyed at the kitchen island, a bowl of cereal sat in front you now soggy from the long soak. You were simply too tired to even eat. You eyed the coffee still steaming in your favorite black mug, the aroma almost making you sick. You were never a big fan of coffee but you figured you really needed it this morning to survive through the day.

More like the rest of your life.

It had been an entire week since Jensen had permanently taken his bed back; a week since you had a good rest. While you tried your hardest to ignore the way the linens captured his scent, you had to remain unmoved. The lack of decent sleep was showing on your face and it had been noticed by the usual neighbours you’d bump into at the supermarket, who’d asked if you were falling ill.

You were, but asking for help after denying it seemed pointless now. Stupid even. You too were avoiding looking like a sick little girl in front of Jensen, not that he in any how was interested in your whereabouts during the day. He was never around, only appeared on the other side of the bed at night. The conversations would end short. More often than not it was just to tell you to turn the lights off.

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A/N - I had three requests that were quite similar so I worked them all into one, I hope that’s okay! Holtzmann/Reader with Erin, where the reader works for the Ghostbusters and becomes ill. Bonus: Pizza! Fluff and cuddles ensue *u*

You’d officially been working for the Ghostbusters for just over a month now, after initially lending a hand in your spare time, anytime that you weren’t working on your thesis.  

You were introduced to them during an event, at which Erin was the guest speaker and Holtzmann had been fawning over you the entire evening. Patty eventually got fed up of Holtzmann’s ever distracting heart eyes that she threw her onto the dance floor and consequently, right into you. Holtzmann’s natural charm and awkward wit won you over, you agreed to come and check out the Firehouse.

The Ghostbusters aspirations and goals just fascinated you to no end and you made an effort to visit often. The girls grew so fond of you and really, genuinely appreciated all the little things you did that Abby eventually offered you money for it. You just loved helping them, learning from them and getting to know them, especially Holtzmann who you were sure had asked you out on some form of a date earlier.

“Thanks for that! You’re adorable… just fantastic, I mean that. Do you know what else is fantastic? Pizza! Let’s get some later!”

Holtzmann had openly expressed her interest in you during the event, which made you blush to no end, giving everyone something to gossip about. She’d had some unrelenting confidence, mixed with a few drinks and the buzz of their commendment.  But ever since you started working for the Ghostbusters, she’d toned the flirting down a hell of a lot and ended up randomly blurting out her thoughts, awkwardly as if she’d held it in for so long that it just had to come out. She’d never had the courage to ask you out at all until now, which convinced you that she really did like you a lot. There was a subtle nervousness to her today, which suggested it also. You had never told her, but you were very much interested in her too.

“Of course Holtz, I’d love to!” The words which left her positively buzzing before she gave you a light kiss on the cheek and skipped off to finish her work.

As mundane a task as it was, someone had to do it and you always insisted on being the one to do it. So there you were cleaning the ectoplasm off of the Ghostbusters proton packs, again. You felt it only right, considering how hard the girls worked that you should work just as hard and do all the little day to day tasks that would allow them to prioritise the important ones. You’d fetched Abby’s soup, returned Patty’s books to the Library, proof read Erin’s document and it wasn’t even lunch time.

You had just placed Patty’s proton pack back down, looking as good as new and then it hit you. You felt a frightening flush travel up your body, you stood up but felt dizzy so you had to immediately sit back down. “Oh jeez, I.. yeah I don’t feel so good..” You mumbled, leaning over your knees, closing your eyes and holding your head harshly in an attempt to refocus.

That’s when Erin walked in and noticed your discomfort straight away. She dropped her bag and ran over to you, putting a supportive arm around you, taking some of your weight. “Y/N, are you okay honey? What’s wrong? Tell me.”

You lifted your head up, opened your eyes and turned to face Erin who looked concerned but gave you a quick, reassuring smile. She was here now.

“I feel.. just.. really hot.. and I ache all of a sudden. Sounds weird I know but-”

Erin cut you off. “It doesn’t sound weird, you work harder than anyone. I can’t thank you enough for how you’ve helped us out these past few weeks. I bet you’re exhausted.”

She placed her hand on your forehead and you could tell that she knew what was up. “You need to rest, come on let’s get you downstairs.”

Erin escorted you downstairs into the back room and placed you on the sofa which could be pulled out into a surprisingly comfy bed. You hadn’t ever stayed overnight in the Firehouse but you know Holtzmann had many a time. Erin placed a cold cloth on your forehead, holding it in place for a while before then going to get you a glass of water. When she returned, she turned some gentle music on low volume and held the glass for you as you sipped it slowly.

You took her hand and squeezed it appreciatively, smiling up at her as she watched over you. “Wow Erin, you’re a real Mom.” You joked light heartedly.

She chuckled. “The amount of times I’ve done this for Holtz because she works herself silly. I swear that girl gets by on cat naps every other afternoon. Speaking of, I’m going to go and fill her in on your situation because I have to head out.”

You stop Erin in her tracks as she stands up to leave by taking her hand again. “Seriously Erin, thank you. I’m sure I’ll be fine in a few hours but I’ll try and get some sleep.”

Erin sighs, smiling down at you. “Make sure you do, okay? Can’t have our favourite member of the team out of service for too long.”

She gently strokes your head, then leaves you alone and it doesn’t take you long before you start to drift off to sleep.

Several hours later, you wake up and ache even more than you did before but at least your head felt clearer. You opened your eyes to find Holtzmann sat cross legged beside you, staring directly at you with her head resting in her hands.

“Afternoon, how’s my girl holding up?” She shuffled closer to your side, her hands now resting on the sofa bed.

“How long have you been watching me?” You ask, your voice curious and raspy.

“Only a couple of hours, Erin told me that you weren’t feeling good.” She replied, taking your hand in both of hers, bringing it up to kiss it before resting her cheek on it.

You watched for a moment, you had never seen Holtzmann this calm before, this affectionate.. it gave you butterflies in your stomach.

“I’m sorry we couldn’t go on our Pizza date Holtzy, I know how excited you were.” You apologised and attempted to turn over onto your side.

“Never fear.. THE PIZZA IS HERE!” Holtzmann sang, lifting up the large box of Pizza that she had obviously ordered in whilst you were asleep.

You laughed and pulled your hand away to hold your side as it hurt to laugh right now, you just felt so weak. 

“You’re have such a beautiful smile and when you laugh, it just makes me melt…” She admitted, taking this moment of all moments to compliment you. 

“Like cheese on a pizza.” You joke, not sure if you can fully take in what she said in the state you’re in so you said the first thing that came into your head, which was quite possibly one of the stupidest things you’ve ever said.

“Dr Mozzarella? I like it.” She retorted, amused by your answer. Of course she would be.

You laughed again, wincing from a pain that shot up your stomach. “Ow, stop making me laugh. It actually hurts.”

Regardless of the pain, nothing could wipe the smile off your face when you were around Holtzmann. She just made you so happy.

She pouted, kicking her converse off as she stood up. “I’m sorry… hey, scooch up will ya?”

You slowly moved aside and Holtzmann lay down next to you, putting her arms around you. You were pleasantly surprised at how your level of comfort sky rocketed, you weren’t sure if it was her warmth, the fact that she actually had her arms around you or whether you were imagining it. Whatever the case, you wouldn’t change it for the world right now. 

“Hey, Holtz?” You whispered and she nuzzled your cheek, getting as close to you as possible.

“That’s Dr Mozzarella to you.” She replied so sincerely that you laughed again, moaning at the pain as she gave you a comforting squeeze and laughed herself.

“I love Pizza, so we’ll definitely go on that date once I get over this.” You begin, and she hums in agreement. Closing her eyes as she begins to get a bit too comfortable that she’ll probably end up falling asleep herself soon enough.

“Do you know what else I love?” You continue and her curious and eyes open again. “You…”

She smiles wildly and her eyes are almost shining as she leans down to give you a soft kiss on the lips this time and as she pulled away slightly you reciprocated with another, lingering longer than she did. So long that you eventually felt her lips form a smile and it made your heart flutter.

“Y/N, I do believe that I love you too.”

Stuck - Wanda Maximoff Imagine

A/N: hello again, dearies! sorry I’ve been absent in the past couple of days but I was a bit busy and I had been neglecting my story on fanfiction so I needed to update it! :D but now I’m back! haha alright got another request for you!

Anonymous said: Could you do a Wanda x female)reader story where the reader tells Wanda she likes her and then Wanda avoids her because she thinks that she’s lying? Loads of fluff (You can change it if you have a better idea because I’m terrible at thinking of plots of stories haha) Love your stories by the way! 

Disclaimer: I don’t own the Avengers :)

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“Ugh, I am an idiot” (Y/N) said smashing her head against the table at Tony and Bruce’s lab.

“She’s still not talking to you?” Bruce asked sadly.

“No!” (Y/N) said frustrated. “Ugh, why did I open my mouth?” she said frustrated. “I like you, I have a crush on you; I am attracted to you” she said in a girlish voice. “I knew I’d freak her out!”

“If you said it like that, you probably did, yeah” Tony mocked her and (Y/N) glared at him.

“Shut up! This was all your fault!”

“My fault? How is this my fault?”

“You said I should tell her because she liked me!”

“Well, Speedy said she likes you and he’s her twin! I assumed if someone knows her it’s him!”

“Well, maybe Pietro said that just to mess with me” (Y/N) complained.

“Uh-uh” Bruce intervened. “I don’t think so. I mean, I know Maximoff likes to mess with everyone, but not Wanda. He wouldn’t mess with something like that” he informed her.

“I’m doomed” she said miserably. “It’s settled. I am never leaving this laboratory again. I will nest here and I will live here and I will die here” she informed them.

“Come on, (Y/N). You’re being over dramatic” Tony told her. “Wanda will come around” he said placing a hand on her shoulder and (Y/N) let out a sad sigh.

“I hope so” she said sadly. “I miss her” she said resting her head on her hand.

It had been two weeks since (Y/N) had confessed to Wanda how she really felt about her. But it didn’t quite turn out how she wanted. Wanda didn’t believe her and told her that she probably was just messing around with her and ever since, she had ignored her and shut her out completely. She didn’t talk to anyone who wasn’t Pietro and it broke (Y/N)’s heart.

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Library Surprise

Y/N frowned at the screen in front of her, the silence of the library heavy around her.

I’m sorry babe, tomorrow? Read the newest message from Joe, and she sighed as she typed a reply.

Study group tomorrow. Next week?

Her and Joe had both been so busy lately, her with university course work and him with the movie and other YouTube things, that the couple hadn’t had a chance to be with each other for a while, and every time they tried to plan, one was busy or something ended up coming up.

Clicking out of her messages and back onto her document where her notes were being jotted down, Y/N turned her attention back to the history book in front of her. She was glad this was her final year, then maybe her and Joe would have more time together.

Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, she mentally scolded herself for getting distracted. This paper was due in a few days, and Y/N needed to do the last finishing touches so she could focus on the test she had coming up.

The sound of keyboards clicking, pens scratching, and pages turning calmed her stressed mind and she scanned the page of the book in front of her, getting back into the motion of reading and occasionally taking notes.

All was calm in the library until she heard muffled laughter.

Y/N’s eyes lifted from the book to scan across the room, but could not find anyone causing the noise, so she lowered them back to the printed words in front of her.

But then she heard it again, and apparently a few others noticed because when she looked up again, so were a few others.

The hardcore students were frowning, clearly upset about the disturbance from their studies, but Y/N almost welcomed the distraction, wanting a break from her studies and her lonely mind.

“She must be around here somewhere…”

“They all have their faces in the books, how are we supposed to know who’s who?”

“We’ll know her when we see her..”

Y/N blinked at the book in front of her, thinking that she had been studying too long because those voices sounded familiar, way too familiar.

“Y/N!” Her head snapped up to see Caspar standing across the room, waving at her. Jack, Conor, and Oli stood with him, also grinning, but looked slightly guilty at Caspar’s loud tone.

“Shhh!” The boys all turned towards the angry looking student who was hunched over a book with a few others, Y/N giggled as the boys took on various looks of shock and appal at being shushed.

“This is why I do not come to libraries,” Oli said to his camera, and Y/N realized he and Caspar were vlogging, “Too many angry students.”

She shook her head as she watched her boys slowly make their way through the maze of tables, chairs, and students bags, finally ending up at her own set up.

“What are you doing here?” She asked, as they each took a seat, smiling at the cameras for the future viewers. “And why are you vlogging me in the library?”

“We can’t come visit our favourite girl?” Jack asked, and she simply raised an eyebrow in response.

“Or, because we came with someone else.” Conor piped in, smirking as he nodded his head across the room.

With a confused look on her face, Y/N followed his gaze until they landed on him.

Joe stood just a few tables away, smiling softly at her, a backpack swung over his shoulder. He sauntered over, his gaze locked on her, and she could feel the tears pooling her eyes.

As he reached her table, she stood, leaping into his arms, burying her face into the crook between his shoulder and neck, breathing in his scent.

“Gods, I have missed you so much.” She mumbled into him, her tears soaking into his shoulder.

“I missed you too, love.” Joe’s arms were tight around her, and they were the only ones in that moment. Y/N felt as if all the stress and loneliness had just melted away, the tears a mix of happiness and relief.

“Awe, look at the two lovebirds.” Y/N heard Caspar, knowing that him and Oli had their cameras pointed at her and Joe, Jack and Conor probably had their phones directed at them with snapchat open.

Y/N could feel Joe chuckle, but she refused to let go of him, not yet. It had been too long.

Joe turned his head, kissing her gently on the side of her head.

“Y/N, love, you need to let go.”

“No.” She shook her head, squeezing tighter.

“Come on, I have snacks for you.” Y/N pulled back to see Joe grinning at her, he reached up to wipe away the few tears that remained. “I knew food would get your attention.”

“The way to my heart.” She smiled up at him, before reaching up on her toes to kiss him on the lips.

“Oh, get a room you two!” Jack called out, earning more grumbling from the students from before. “Calm down, you nerds. This is love we’re experiencing!”

“Jack, shut up.” Y/N rolled her eyes, linking her and Joe’s hands together as she pulled him towards the seat beside her. “What are you doing here?” She asked Joe, watching as he pulled out some snacks and his laptop from the backpack that was on his shoulder. “I thought you had meetings all day, and videos to edit.”

“You’re boyfriend’s a liar.” Oli said simply, his camera still directed at the couple.

“I only told a small little lie,” Joe pointed at Oli before turning to Y/N. “I wanted to surprise you, so I had to pretend to be busy. I mean, I do actually have some videos to edit, but thats why I brought my computer. So we can be together while we work.”

Y/N felt more tears come to her eyes, loving that Joe went through all that to surprise her. She leant in close, pulling him into another slow kiss.

“You are the best, lying boyfriend ever.” She told him, smiling softly.

“I try.” He shrugged, a smile on his own face.

“Ugh, why did we agree to come, we’re going to be stuck watching them be all cutesy now.” Conor wrinkled his nose.

“Will you please be quiet!” The angry student from before stood up, glaring over at the table full of Youtubers.

“Will you just calm down, this is love!” Caspar yelled back, laughter rising from the table.

Yoongi Scenario: Until There Was You.

Request: Hi, can I get a scenario when Yoongi and the OC are in a relationship but they don’t have to much skinship, but then he saw pictures and videos of his girlfriend with her ex and they were so close, so he try to be like him but he’s nervous? Sorry about my english, lot of love from Perú!

Genre: Fluff / Romance.

“With the arise of the social media and internet resources it is a common trend for lovers to take a step ahead and find information about their partners without actually speaking to them”

-Are they serious?- Yoongi asked himself, turning the volume up a little bit.

“It appears that social media is one of the biggest sources to gather information about someone, the activities they do, the people they meet, the past relationships and even their food taste!”

Yoongi snorted at the TV show he was caught up watching, he thought they were going to give him useful information but instead all they talked was rubbish. He reflected about the conversation held on TV, about going on internet and the different social networks to find out things about his girlfriend, it was ridiculous, if he wanted to know anything about his girl he would just ask her, no need to go around the bush, going through social media. He stretched a little, he was lying in bed with all lights off, only the TV lighted the room. 

Why would someone do that? He knew his relationship wasn’t perfect but he was happy the way he was, seeing what you had on your social networks wouldn’t make a difference, he knew you pretty well too. Yoongi bit his lip, he was happy, or wasn’t he? and he knew you enough, or didn’t he? Shaking his head he changed channels, that stupid show had placed retarded thoughts on his head, it was best if he just saw other shows to distract himself, a documental about some war or ridiculousness, either would do.

But then another thought crossed his mind and this time he couldn’t shake off that easily. But he could never do that, he wasn’t the boyfriend going around and about finding anything out about his girl, or about anyone for that account, but still; the thought had crossed his mind and now he couldn’t get rid of it.

 What if he checked your Facebook out? Would he find out something new about you? would he find funny pictures? The perspective of seeing ugly pictures of you made him smile, he could blackmail you for those later, he could imagine a thing or two to ask you for them, all of them involving you and very little clothing. 

But as he smiled devilishly thinking of that, another thought came to him, what if he found something about your past he hadn’t seen? That would be normal, he didn’t know absolutely everything about you but… He shook his head again, it was best to rest still and keep with his plan of doing nothing for the day, he definitely wasn’t going to look for anything, he was tired as hell and all he wanted was sleep.
But then… a little peek wouldn’t hurt anyone.

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Promises & Constellations (V, You)

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

Yes, this is a Laws of Motion & Attractions au, taking place a few months after the story ended. Enjoy! And Happy 2nd anniversary everybody! :))

“Hyung, do I look okay?”

“You asked me that question for the hundredth time, Tae.” Namjoon sighed, eyes focused on the graduated cylinder in front of him as he placed the dropper over its mouth. “You look fine.”

“Are you sure? I think my hair—”

“Taehyung.” Namjoon stood up and looked at the younger with serious eyes through his goggles. “I swear to God, if you don’t stop asking I’m going to dump this solution over your head till your hair turns pink.”

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Bad Reputation (Part Eleven) - Oliver Wood Imagine

A/N: hello everyone! sorry it took me a bit more than I said it would but I re did the whole thing a couple of times! haha so, since I’m sure all of you heard I was very sorry to hear about Alan Rickman, so I decided to write a bit of Snape on this chapter not being mean for a change. I know I’ve said many times that I do not like Snape, however, I believe Alan Rickman was one of the most brilliant actors of all time, and as much as I didn’t like Snape in the books… he was perfectly portrayed on the movies and Alan Rickman made me like him just by how perfect he was played and I don’t think there was a better person in the world to play that part that amazing. he owned that part… so rest in peace Professor Snape… always…

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter!

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Bad Reputation

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9[Part 10] [Part 12[Part 13] [Part 14]

It had been three days since the ‘incident’ with (Y/N). Oliver couldn’t sleep. He couldn’t eat. He was losing focus in his classes, and even worse, at Quidditch practices. He’d looked for (Y/N) everywhere, every day. And since now the twins apparently were on her side, he couldn’t even ask for the map to find her. And when he did see her, she was usually with the twins or even Lee. The worst part? She looked as if nothing happened. Deep down, he had expected her to go back to the way she was and then maybe he’d get another chance at being her mentor. But she’d pretty much avoided everyone and she was apparently going to classes. So now, he was sitting outside by the tree she always was with her journal sitting on his lap. After what he’d read last time, he couldn’t bring himself to read the rest. These were (Y/N)’s deepest thoughts. And even if they were fighting, he still respected that. He thought about giving it back to her, but he liked the idea of holding onto something of hers so maybe she’d come to him looking for it. He deliberated with himself a little longer and opened it once again. The page he landed somewhere in between. He kept on reading the words spread across the parchment. He hadn’t read much in her journal, but everything he’d read so far, was too sad; sadder than any book she liked that she’d showed him. Before he knew what was happening, he ripped the parchment off the journal, made into a ball and tossed it on the ground.

“You know, I can actually count this as littering and take points off Gryffindor” Oliver heard a voice behind him and turned around to see Professor Lupin picking up the small piece of parchment and walking towards him. “I’m guessing this isn’t your essay on the Unforgivable Curses?”

“Uh, no sir” Oliver said looking down. “I’m sorry.”

“Here” he said handing him the ball of paper.

“That’s alright. I don’t want it” he answered upset.

“May I?” the Professor asked intrigued at the mood of the Quidditch Captain. He had noticed the changed in his student in the past couple of days.

“Sure, go ahead” Oliver said sighing. Remus carefully unwrinkled the parchment and recognized his other student’s handwriting.

This time she’s gonna fix her heart and make it BULLETPROOF!
He says he’s gonna take a bite from the forbidden fruit
She says never bite more than you can chew
But this time he’s not gonna be another could’ve been
This time she’s gonna get real LOVE the skin she’s in!
He says a winner never quits! Quitters never win!
She says if it seems too good to be true… then it probably is
She says: if he’s looking for love, she doesn’t want to be found
When you shoot across the sky like a BROKEN ARROW
(…you fall… of course)

“Huh” he simply said when he finished reading. “I believe this does not belong to you” he stated.

“No” Oliver said looking down.

“(Y/N), I presume?”


“Ah” he said looking back at the parchment. “And may I ask why do you have it?”

“I honestly don’t know” Oliver said sighing.

“Does she know you have it?”

“I don’t think so.”

“I believe you didn’t take very well not being her mentor anymore?”

Oliver turned to look at him. Of course he knew. By now probably the entire school knew.

“I just… I don’t understand why she did it” he admitted. He didn’t really know why he was telling all of this to his DADA teacher, but it wasn’t like he was in the best place with any of his friends right now.

“Did you ask her?”

“She wouldn’t tell me! She just… shut me off!”

“I see…” Professor Lupin said feeling sorry for the boy. “You know, Oliver, when I was at Hogwarts, I was also a mentor” he started. Oliver turned around to see him. He didn’t really know where he was going with this, but he could really use anything he could get.

“Did you have any mentees like (Y/N)?”

“Well, I’m not going to lie, she seems like… quite a handful of work” he said with a small chuckle. “But there was this one mentee, I have to say was my hardest” he admitted.


“Mhm. He was actually one of my three best friends. He was a good student but he was always getting in trouble and Professor McGonagall thought that I’d be the only one that could get him back on track” he explained.

“Did you?”

“I did” he said proudly but then, his expression changed. “For a while anyways” he muttered. “The point is, I see a bit of a… similarity between him and (Y/N).”

“Really? Like what?”

“Well, I believe neither of them had the best of childhoods” he started. “And their way to look at the world shifted since then” he continued. “But the thing I see most in her from him is… she has got so much love in her heart. But the thought of letting it out, showing her cards… it scares her to death” he finished. 

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Ctrl+Z (Baekhyun x Reader)

: “…you may or may not have a bit of a crush on the comp genius with adorable circle glasses.”

(( Notes: quick little crush scenario for genuis lil b and his glasses… Enjoy! ))

To have a huge ‘this-is-worth-twenty-five-percent-of-your-grade’ research paper due in one week and have your laptop suddenly decide to drop dead for some damn reason at the very last minute had to be the fucking luck of yours. Seriously, ‘luck’ was practically nonexistent in your world.

So after dropping off your poor baby at the computer repair shop near campus, the only option you had in order to be able to complete this damn assignment was to use the computers in the school’s library. All which resulted in you having to go in every single day each free time you had and work on the research/write-up until late in the evening, resulting in you passing out the moment you walk through the door.

You’d barely get to eat (although you’d manage to sneak in a snack or two, girl’s gotta eat) and would barely get a break (library closes at seven, girl’s gotta get some work done), overall the entire experience and been no doubt an absolute hell hole.


Not entirely.

That would be when you weren’t busy staring at the bright computer and typing vigorously at the keyboard and your eyes would wander around the huge second floor of the library and throughout the week you’d noticed something…

Or rather someone.

Because every time you’d looked up someone, in particular, would catch your eyes and every single time it would be the same guy.

The guy, dark haired, round eyes, rather gentle features all around, always sporting a pair of silver circle glasses, that sat at the far left of the last row of tables surrounded by multiple laptop and computers and every single day that would be his set up.

You wondered for a while, why exactly he had so many computers, but it wasn’t soon after that you found out who he was and how he was a computer genius.

Byun Baekhyun was his name.

And Byun Baekhyun was known throughout the entire campus as ‘the living computer.’

He was a genius in the technology spectrum (you heard), understanding the seemingly impossible maze as if it were to be the ABCs, plus it was known that he could hack into absolutely anything. With his type of knowledge, he was known to help out students with technology problems and the school with any technical difficulties, thus the reason he’d come to the library almost every single day, although he never seemed to charge even if the person insisted, he’d alway just shake his head and politely decline. Each day you spent at the library, you’d occasionally glance over at Byun Baekhyun and with those ‘occasional’ glances you found yourself learning a bit more about him.

Baekhyun was really as genius as everyone said he was, his fingers gliding across the keyboard and mouse pad with no hesitation and sooner or later he’d be done with the computer (it looked like magic to you if anything).
Baekhyun was also as kind as everyone said, he’d speak with gentle words while carrying and equally gentle expression as he conversed with the students and librarians that came up to him, he even helped out around in the library once he was done with the computers.

Other than proving himself of the statements, you also found out several other things.

You found out the Baekhyun really liked reading mystery novels, often seeing him leaned over by the section with his nose stuck within the pages of a brand new book seemingly every day.

You found out that he didn’t like storms, having on headphones that blasted music whenever the weather was bad as he avoided looking out the window with knitted brows and curved lips while working on the computers.

You found out that he really liked these toffees, at which he seemed to always have and would be popping one into his mouth every fifteen minutes or so (how he didn’t have cavities was truly a mystery).

Though, one thing you learned about Byun Baekhyun that happened to be your personal favorite was none other than his amazing smile.

The first time Baekhyun smiled was when the librarian told him a joke one day and as you tried to stifle a laugh (not wanting to come off as eavesdropping) you caught your very first glimpse of Byun Baekhyun’s seemingly million dollar smile. The sight of the row of pearly whites and the cheeky stretch of the lips was stunning and you automatically wondered how one could have such a breath-taking smile.

You immediately asked yourself: Why haven’t I ever seen Byun Baekhyun before?…

And as you learned about Baekhyun you also learned about yourself…

That you may or may not have a bit of a crush on the comp genius with adorable circle glasses.

You were in the library yet once again, typing away on your computer, and believe it or not you were finally on your very last couple of sentence of your write up.

As you typed a loud creak of the library door could be heard from behind and with a look into the reflection of the computer monitor you could see no other than Byun Baekhyun walking through the said door with his backpack slung over his shoulder and yet another small tower of laptops in his arms. He sported a white t-shirt, cuffed jeans, and the usual glasses you’d grown to become really fond of. Even with such a simple outfit, Byun Baekhyun would still manage to look as handsome as always.

It was Byun Baekhyun after all.

“Hi, Ms. Bell,” you heard the boy call out to the librarian.

“Hello, Baekhyun. How are you today?” Ms. Bell asked the boy.

“Oh, fine as usual,” he chuckled, you always found the laugh rather cute.

“More computers?”

“You know it, only two this time it won’t take long,” you saw his shrug from the corner of your eyes.

“Oh, do you have something to go to afterwards?”

“Hm, no, I don’t think so. Do you need help with anything?”

“Help? Yes. Not me, though.”

“Not you?”

“Well, Y/N over there told me that her laptop broke a couple of days ago, I’m not sure if she knows you so I’m asking you myself, you should go lend your genius hands.”

Wait, what?

You froze at the mention of your name.

“Y/N?” Your name spilled from his lips and you immediately felt chills travel down your spine. “I never knew that. Maybe I should.”

Did he really—

Did Byun Baekhyun seriously just say your name?


“Y/N?” you heard the librarian call and within an instant, you whipped your head around. It must’ve been the sudden alertness that came over you at that moment (with fucking Byun Baekhyun saying your name and all) but what happened within the very moment you very abruptly turned your body was your elbow managing to be able to graze across the entire keyboard. What instantly followed was a number of unusual sounds (those that you were positive a computer shouldn’t make) and you ultimately turned back around to your computer screen.

Your computer screen with nothing but a blank document.

A blank document.

You stomach dropped.


No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Your hand pounced onto the mouse and you became scrolling up and down the page.


There’s absolutely nothing.

“No,” was the only thing that slipped out of you, a very quiet breathy ‘no.’

With nothing but absolute panic in your system at this point in time you started to vigorously click at the mouse, letting the cursor hit all the possible buttons on the screen, and hitting the keys on the keyword, at which you felt as if it could break with how fast and hard you were typing at it. You didn’t know what the fuck you were doing but what you knew for fucking sure was that your work was not coming back. Still, not a single word was present on the white digital piece of paper, on the document that was supposed to be ten pages long worth of research and late night studying. Everything you typed, everything you wrote, everything you worked on. Gone.

Fucking gone—

Just as you were about to break down, you suddenly you felt warmth envelop around your body. A fresh cologne scent that filled your nostrils. You looked down at the desk in front of you at there was a dark shadow, one which you knew wasn’t yours and beside the arms that were on either side of your body. You looked up, your almost glazed eyes shot wide open.

Byun Baekhyun.

Byun Baekhyun was hovering above you with the same round eyes you recognize staring into the screen.

“I think you forgot about something, Y/N-ah. It’s actually quite easy,” he spoke.

He reached both of his hands over the keyboard and with his slender fingers he pressed two keys, both at the same time. With that, numerous words appeared onto the screen, all of which you recognized, all of which you wrote. You then watched as he looked down at you, your eyes meeting with so, and you watched as his lips curved into that very familiar breath-taking smile.

“You see, it’s just ctrl+z.”

genius!Baek ?

written for week one of the @omgcp-tropechallenge 

Soulmate!AU - romantic and platonic soulmates (or in which Jack Zimmermann has two soulmarks) 

He’s not trying to hide the mark, would never purposefully cover up one of his soulmarks, it’s just…wedding rings traditionally go on your left ring finger. That’s just the way it is.

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Spooky Feelings

Summary: They had the release of their book, The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire, and their tour as well. Not to mention that Dan hit five million subscribers, and Phil hit three million.Dan could honestly say that this has been the best year of his life. And it just kept getting better.

Triggers: some swears

Pairings: phan

Words: 1,282

Genre: fluff

A/N: it’s been sooo long since I’ve written a fic so here’s just a little something loosely based off tonight’s video

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