i actually cant sleep without you

you know about my teen charisk au right??? i’m renaming that into the young adult one beCAUSE YOU CANT BE A TEENAGER WITHOUT GOING THROUGH MANY MANY EMBARRASSING AND EMOTIONAL DRAMA

thus, have this middle school chara. they grew their hair out because frisk told them to do so. actually… i just wanted to draw chara looking like the nerd they truly are.

You know that feeling when you kinda like someone but you just let it aside for a while hoping it wears off with time, because you know yourself, you know you’ll get too involved, you know you’re gonna get your heart broken for no reason, you know it is not going to end well. But time passes and you start to think about the “what if’s”. “What if he likes me back?”, “What if all the little things I notice are actually true?”, “What if this is meant to be, is it fate?” That is the most dangerous part of falling for someone. The hope. And then the heart-wrenching feeling when nothings happens after months. And just then you realize it’s too late. You can’t stop thinking about him, you cant’t eat, you can’t sleep without him on your mind. You’ve fallen. And there is no going back
my scifi drama script

scientist: shit. i am really stuck on this physics thing we dont know about good yet. i fucking dont know how to figure it out. black holes and galaxies and whatever. i have all these equations and observations and its fucking hard

alien: *comes out of the broom closet* i cant sleep without my pepsi max

scientist: we only have diet

alien: are diet pepsi and pepsi max different things?

scientist: they are. they have different cans

alien: you know they say diet coke and coke zero are actually the same drink they just market it differently

scientist: *shoots alien* thats fucking wrong actually

scientist: theyre slightly different

[commercial break and after that its just footage of star fox 64]

Arguing w/ partner - BTS

Admin L ^^

Jin/Seokjin: He seems like someone who would want to fix the problem as soon as possible. He would probably try not to raise his voice, but when he do, it would probably sound something like this: “Y/N, can you please just listen to me?!” After you’ve solved the problem he would probably try to pretend it didn’t happen, maybe act a little sweeter than usual.

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