i actually cannot handle his hair

Vernon/OFC: But baby, it’s a baby

Genre: Fluff

Characters: Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female

Word Count: 804

Prompt: Baby Hansol cannot handle this (actual) baby. 

“Y’know, when people go to the bathroom, they generally come back with clean hands and an empty bladder.” Hansol babbled on, nervously eyeing the bundle in his girlfriend’s arms. “You though, you bring a baby.”

“Well, you always said I liked to be different.” she reasoned perkily, propping the little girl higher in her grasp.

The baby was no older than one, dressed in a vibrant lilac two-piece with a strawberry clip in her apple-styled hair. Her large, burnt brown eyes were glassy and puffy as she eyed Hansol like he was a brand new toy.

But he hardly noticed, because he was way too concerned with the simple fact she was with child. “But baby, it’s a baby.” he started frantically pacing the atrium of the restroom, so fast that he was metaphorically drilling a rut in the hardwood. He waved his hands sporadically, nearly knocking out mall patrons. “You can’t just take a baby!”

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