i actually am very proud of the colors in this

vriska serket style variation ratings

0-10 0 being “she doesnt deserve this” and 10 being “i would walk into the mouth of a lion just for the illusion of her”

the sprite- understandable but could use some improvement. she looks like she has scene hair and her stress lines are blue like her eyeliner but its okay i love her anyways. rough and rowdy tumble girl! look at that devious little smile. 5/10

the talksprite- we dont talk about this ever. why did you do this to her. 0/10

<33333333- very gay, very good, very pure. look at her little bean smile!!! this cleansed my soul. i would do anything for her. 9/10

determined- doodly hottie. will fight anyones ass. will fight your ass, will fight your dogs ass, and will fight her own ass. how does she keep all of that hair in a hood? magic probably. 6/10


ded- dramatic. intense. very very round face i enjoy. shes gorgeous and i really love her. my personal favorite iteration of vriska. 9/10

glow aesthetic- nose is too tiny and not very necessary. TOO scribbly. not a fan of this one but its bearable. 2/10

WHOP- keeps getting punched. is she alright? does she need an icepack? youd think shed have a concussion by now with all of these punches but she just keeps on going. i am proud of her. 5/10

sleeby- i hope shes having good dreams!!!! i love her!!! sleep well my problematic discourse-inducing child. her eyeliner and lipstick are not actually the color of her blood though which is a little disappointing. still have no idea how she keeps all that hair in a tiny hood. 8/10

done with you- kicked hussies ass like he deserves. sick of you and your shit and your shit’s shit. beautifully shaded and colored, lineart is impeccable, expression is on point. i feel blessed looking at this image with my own two eyes and you should feel the same way too. 888/10

conclusion: vriska is very beautiful and i love her. i hope shes okay

3 hours later, another edit.

The colors aren’t the same tho!!! When I upload it anywhere it becomes… warmer/yellowish and there’s no way I can’t fix it! I’m gonna cry. Tried doing the Nier effects in the game lmao.

But anyways, here’s another edit of Zero Xpertise Photography photos!!! I actually like this one a lot. (◡‿◡✿)
Very proud.

Anyways, more A2 from NieR:Automata! 👾🤖

Jaehee reacting to transmale!MC

i’m not trans myself and don’t really know anyone who is, so sorry if this is inaccurate on any level but at least i tried ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  (to the one who requested this, i also didn’t know if you wanted a reaction or general headcanons, so i wrote both)

First meeting

  • She had of course expected you to be a girl, after Seven had jokingly described you as “a really cute girl”
  • She seemed so happy to finally have another woman in the RFA that understood her problems, that you didn’t have the heart to tell her that you didn’t identify with that anymore
  • Seven regreted his joke but you kind of thought it was funny to see all of the guys flirt with you, even if it wasn’t “you”, so you decided to wait with telling them all to the party
  • Whenever you talked to everyone on the phone, you spoke in a higher pitch than normal because you didn’t want to disappoint them, especially not Jaehee
  • What if she hated you for lying to her? What if she wasn’t into guys? (you realized that she probably was, considering her admiration for Zen, but anyone would be into that guy!) What if she was into guys, but you still looked too feminine for her?
  • To say it easy, you were really worried to meet her at the party
  • When the day finally arrived, you were standing nervously at the back of the crowd tryinig to hide from her, but the crowd pushed you forward
  • Now you could see her! Oh no, she was so much cuter in reality! Is she looking this way? Quick, hide behind that bush!
  • yes she wouldn’t be able to recognize you but still
  • “Do you need some help from God Seven on your mission to find love?”
  • You almost screamed in suprise when you noticed the red haired hacker was crouching next to you, but nodded
  • “C’mon then, let’s introduce you!”
  • You couldn’t help your squeel when he grabbed your wrist and pulled you towards Jaehee, practically skipping
  • “Oh hello, Luciel. Is this a friend of yours?”
  • “Jaehee, meet MC. MC, meet Jaehee”
  • wow Seven thanks for being subtle
  • Her jaw dropped as her eyes scanned you, making you blush
  • “Is this another one of your jokes? I mean, no offense to you, you look like a nice person, but… Umm… I was kind of expecting my best friend to be a girl?”
  • You saw how confused she was, and with Seven trying his best to not burst out laughing, you realized you had to explain it to her yourself
  • “Could I talk to you for a moment? Alone? I think I have a few things to clear up”
  • She agreed and led you to a quiet area, where she looked at you curiously
  • “So… As you might have noticed, I’m a guy”
  • “But how? You understood all of my problems - no offense to males of course, but I felt like you really understood me”
  • Scratching your neck nervously, you explained that you were born a girl, but didn’t feel comfortable with that and as you grew older, you realized you were transgender
  • She actually suprised you with a big hug, apologizing if she offended you in any way by expecting you to be female
  • When you assured her that you weren’t, she pulled away from the hug to take a proper look at you
  • “I’m very proud that you’re more comfortable with yourself now! If I can state my opinion, I do have to admit that you’re a really attractive guy… In addition to your attractive personality, of course! I am sorry if I just made things a bit weird”
  • Her cute little blush colored her cheeks, and you kissed her nose because she just looked so flustered
  • Shyly held your hand the entire night, providing you with support when you met the other RFA guys (who were all very accepting!)
  • Zen had an internal freakout when he realized he had been flirting with a guy though, much to Jumin’s amusement

General headcanons

  • She had heard the term before but didn’t know anyone who was trans, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t accepting!
  • Really curious about it though, so if you were comfortable with it she would ask a lot of questions
  • Honestly didn’t care about what your body looked like, she’s bisexual so she’s cool with everything
  • Always reminded you to take your testosterone pills!
  • Would get one of those jars to put spare money in to save up for your surgeries (if you hadn’t gotten them yet and wanted to)
  • If you wanted to go, she would definitely be up for going to a pride parade with you!
  • Very supportive in general


Fallout 4 Companions’ Blogs

Hancock - super political, Feel the Bern, lots of quotes. pro-feminism and LBGT+ rights, anti-racism and general reddit fuckery. always getting into fights with anti-sjw types. refuses to take anon hate seriously. only posts about drug usage when giving advice on how to use safely or start a healthy recovery. gets a ton of messages about “wow I didn’t know u did drugs, ur so ~smart~!” and it really pisses him off

Nick - reblogs some of Hancock’s feminism and LGBT posts, but doesn’t really center his blog around it. will still drag anyone saying dumb shit though, snark lord master. mostly reblogs audio posts of 40s and 50s songs. makes his own posts that are reviews of noir / mystery / true crime books. fairly popular. his reviews of romance novels are wildly popular, much to his chagrin. secretly follows much more hardcore kink blogs but never reblogs anything because Ellie follows him and she can never know

Curie - lots of medical facts and helpful PSAs. has posts like “have you taken your medicine today” and “straighten your back. breathe deep. drink some water.” on queue. posts pictures of the cool plants and animals she sees out in the field. very late to memes. reblogs the oldest, most outdated ones and tags literally all of her friends to make sure they’ve “seen this adorable green frog!”

MacCready - couldn’t give less of a shit about all that political stuff. blogs about gaming, mostly first person shooters. lots of comic book stuff too. reblogs a few cosplay pics, secretly follows fitness blogs because he wants to cosplay as Grognak but thinks he’s too scrawny. also envy-follows Danse to try to figure out how the fuck he does that with like … his entire body. how. does he consist solely on raw eggs and protein shakes?? (*cough*thirsty*cough*)

Danse - all fitness, all the time. super pro-military. anti-sjw. and he’s only following all those buff muscle men for like, fitness reasons. the sweaty shirtless pics he reblogs are just for … motivation. to stay in shape. doesn’t realize he’s been reblogging from a gay porn blog until he sincerely reblogs a daddy kink post thinking it’s literally praising fathers. he suddenly gets 47 asks in his inbox about it, most of them filth from thirsty anons desperate to be “Topped” (he googles this and nearly deletes his blog when he realizes what he’s done)

Piper - shipper, unironic social justice warrior, makes a ton of callout posts. her blog is always filled with #drama. she ships people in real life and refuses to stop. runs a side blog dedicated to Valencock. reviews ALL the new media – tv shows, movies, books, everything and rates it based on number / treatment of PoC, women, LGBT+, and other minority characters. ultimately deems just about everything problematic, but a pretty good resource for figuring out if you want to watch that show or not

Deacon - nihilist meme shitlord. lots of spongebob memes. all of the audio posts are rickrolls until you click on one you’re expecting to be a rickroll and then it isn’t. reblogs lots of hilarious and #relatable posts about mental illness and college students wanting to Die™ but also posts about coping techniques too. how much is him just being funny and ironic? how much is sincere? how much is a cry for help? sometimes he gets concerned asks and just replies with *makes finger guns and changes the subject*

Cait - actually follows both Hancock and Danse. reblogs the stuff about using safely from Hancock and the fitness stuff from Danse. uploads lots of real life street fight videos. stars in most of them. secretly follows Steven Universe blogs. self-identifies with Jasper and hopes for a redemption arc. sends angry anons to people who write or draw porn of Steven x any gem. posts her locations with “meet me in x location for an ass kicking” and @’s Brony blogs

Preston - baby animals, positive suggestions, helpful life advice. a little too addicted to hack my life actually, but posts adorable pictures of him being blushy and cute with his big beautiful smile so no one minds. lots of nerdy history posts, frequently cosplays. very proud of his Minutemen uniform that he made himself. sometimes reblogs Deacon’s coping techniques and Curie’s daily reminders to take care of yourself. not actually as happy as his blog seems, but he’s trying hard and doing a lot better.

X6-88 - surprisingly, it’s almost entirely aesthetics. favors dark, neutral colors. landscapes, especially forest that look like some faerie shit is going on in there. no selfies on his blog anywhere. the only posts he makes himself read like facebook statuses and google searches. I don’t need a “bit” to tell me how fit I am. holy shit this is great. how to sync my tracker. how much sodium is recommended per day. how many murders is too many

Strong - fitness instructor who refuses to use technology. has a Nokia from the nineties with Snake on it. if he ever relents and gets an email address, it will be an aol account. thinks tumblr is a type of gymnastics.


aaaalright, so i decided a few days ago that i wanted to design all of the types of beryls, for whatever reason, i don’t even remember why i did this in the first place but! i did it and i am pretty proud of myself 

there is:

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So I painted these mere DAYS after I first started watching Mark’s and Jack’s channels, and I didn’t know many of the catchphrases/references. So, I used what I had, and made these strange works of art. I remember measuring out (and redoing, which wasted a LOT of paper) the M for Markiplier and guesstimating how big I would make Sam (who’s name I didn’t actually know at the time). I didn’t have very many Jack quotes at all, so I tried splitting up the parts of the channel name to take more space up. I also remember using up EVERY BIT of green and black paint on my palette (ahem, store-bought water colors) and having to use some of my brother’s.

I am extremely proud of these, especially since I had to go on a three-hour spiel to my mom about why I watched YouTubers (no joke). I will never forget I painted the two icons of my idols, even if I did mess up the text a bit.

One-and-a-half years later, I still love @therealjacksepticeye and @markiplier, and they will forever be my heroes.


I wrote a fanfic for the first time in months and it’s just really fluffy JotaPol please accept this i am very proud of this


“It’s wierd, it’s crappy, it’s not 100% up to standard, and what tf happened with that blending”… Well shut up voices in my head, it was my first try at actual water colors okay, and not that aquarelle shit from before…

(Ignore the above) Hey, so recently I got a pack of actually water color pigments or paints or whatever tf theyre called… So I being the art enthusiast I am decided to use them straight away without atleast watching a a tutorial or something…. so this is my first try at it… And yes, I am very proud of it…

But in all honesty it’s not a work of art and I made a ton of errors, bit since practice makes perfect and since i got a crap load of time to practice (as I got no like apperantly) I’m going to get a lot better at it… Also much respect to watercolor artists…

Hi—Susie the Moderator had asked if I wanted to submit something, and after a gap of many days, I have. If you have moved on and no longer need this, lemme know. I’m just proud that I stopped writing before I actually hit book length.

Stuff like this usually goes on my SemiticSemantics site, but I am also lodubimvloyaar as above.

Thanks for the opportunity!

Are Jews considered POC?

The short answer is, “Yes, no, and maybe.”

This is the long answer:

The terms ‘white’ and ‘people of color’ don’t work very well to describe many Jews, or many Jewish experiences. I’m going to try to explain why, and also to explain

The great majority of Jews are descended from an indigenous Middle Eastern people who, according to tradition, started from Iraq or Syria before settling in what is now Israel and Palestine. A global diaspora resulting from a series of invasions and population upheavals spread Jews across the map. We picked up some customs from the people we lived among, while preserving our own,and our own religion, legal code, and self-concept. We also picked up some genes along the way. Ashkenazim and Sephardim (these terms will be explained below) seem, according to modern genetics research, to be about 70% Middle Eastern, and 30% European. (I’m basically leaving Jews by choice out of this discussion, for several reasons, so I’m taking this moment to salute them and assure them that no disrespect is meant by this omission.)

The bulk of the diaspora can be split into three broad groups, distinguished by region, language, and minhag (a term referring to religious traditions). The Mizrahim, ‘the Easterners’, are the Jews of the Arabic-speaking world and their descendants, but the term is often also used for Persian Jews, and for Jews from West Asia and parts of the Caucasus. The Sephardim (from ‘Sefarad’, the Hebrew name for Spain) are the descendants of the medieval S*panish Jewish communities, expelled from Spain at the end of the fifteenth century, and Portugal during the sixteenth. And the Ashkenazim (from “Ashkenaz”, the Hebrew name for Germany) are the descendents of the Jews of Central and Eastern Europe.

These groups are somewhat fluidly defined and described, not least because Jewish history has been one of continuous upheaval, expulsion and migration. Ashkenazi communities settled in parts of Turkey and other areas within the Ottoman Empire, and Sephardim ended up in Ottoman lands, Holland and North Africa. Mizrahim moved to France. Everyone moved to Israel and the United States. Marriages between the groups happened for centuries, and are now super-common in Israel. (As a well-known pop example, Jerry Seinfeld—yes, that Jerry Seinfeld—has an Ashkenazi father and a Mizrahi mother.)

The cultural divisions above, in addition, do not include the entire Jewish people, by any means. The Ethiopian community, for example, is an example of a large group that falls into an entirely different category, since their diaspora began earlier, and their religious practice reflects an earlier form of Judaism than the ‘beginning of the common era’ model the rest of us walked away with.

However, and this is something that is rarely understood by gentiles, and vitally important to any understanding of Jews, despite all of these cultural divisions and variations, we have actively considered ourselves a single people—am Yisrael—for thousands of years.

So, given all of this, are Jews people of color?

Some groups are undeniably ‘visible’ people of color, such as the Ethiopians or the Chinese communities, and no one attempts to define them otherwise. Ditto, visible people of color who are Jews by choice, or people of mixed Jewish and gentile PoC heritage.

Outside of this narrow zone, however, definitions get tricky.

Many European (both Ashkenazic and Sephardic Jews) have defined and do define themselves as white, since roughly the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the point at which the development of whiteness as a social construct intersected with the emancipation of the Jews of many European countries. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jewish_emancipation#Dates_of_emancipation. Many of these hopeful dates, of course, reflected false promises. If whiteness was offered in many places in Europe in the 1800s, one might say it was revoked, emphatically, during a period of the 1900s. Nevertheless, this is the starting point of the idea that Jews could be ‘white people’ in any real sense.

I can’t emphasize enough that this access to whiteness was conditional on the borders and attitudes of gentile nations and cultures. The perception that Ashkenazim were always privileged for being white Jews is entirely false. This extended to some of the Mizrahi communities as well: for example, the wealthy Baghdadi merchant families

I also can’t emphasize enough that all of these groups have, throughout Jewish history, understood ourselves as one people, one am. Despite separations of distance, we shared a language, a religion, a legal code, and an understanding of ourselves as the descendants of common ancestors. I am not going to be romantic enough to insist that distance, cultural difference and gentile concepts of race never got in the way of this, but I find that it is very hard for most gentiles to accept how deeply it ran and runs, and how core the concept that all Jews are a single people has been and continues to be.

In the United States, my experience has been that most light-skinned Jews tend to identify themselves as white. It is how we are commonly perceived by strangers, at least in urban, ethnically diverse areas, and it is how we are defined (like Arabs) on government paperwork. It also reflects, in the last few generations, the degree of white privilege we are able to access. This is not a universal. Some Jews, identifying themselves primarily as people of Middle Eastern descent, or as people consistently targeted historically and in the present day by white supremacy, choose to define themselves outside of whiteness. It’s common for American Jews who feel this way to define themselves as ‘white-passing’ or ‘conditionally white-passing’. Many Mizrahim, regardless of skin color, describe themselves as people of color, because of their cultural and historical distance from what is usually defined as whiteness.

This is the United States. Europe is a different matter, and I would argue that, outside of, perhaps, Great Britain, it’s impossible to define European Jews as being white in a European context. I’m basing this on my own experience, and that of people I’ve been close to, as well as discussions with Jews living or raised in Europe. If a European Jew wants to weigh in with more detail about this, please, please do. In areas where the dominant Gentile cultures are not white, there are other issues, and the concept of white/PoC may be entirely irrelevant, or only relevant in the context of the country’s experience of colonialism.

My back went up when I saw the original question. For Jews in places where it’s a relevant question, whether we are white or not has often been a subject that gentiles feel free to pronounce upon, often with political objectives of their own in mind. Jewish oppression, both historical and modern, is often dismissed scornfully—if Jews are white, how can we possibly have been the victims of racial oppression, the reasoning goes. Non-Jews with little understanding of Jewish history and culture often weigh in as experts, announcing confidently that Ashkenazim are white and Sephardim and Mizrahim are PoC. Not only does this not reflect either historical or modern reality—and reveals that these weighers-in have met very few if any Jews who are not assimilated American Ashkenazim—but from a standpoint of Jewish social and political identity, it can be a direct attack on our self-definition and our concept of peoplehood.

Often, the results of outsiders imposing their ideas of whiteness or color on Jews results in the idea that Ashkenazim are white—and that therefore, their privilege outweighs their oppression as Jews—and that the ‘exotic’ Sephardim and Mizrahim are people of color. As such, the gentile ‘definer’ will agree that they can experience racism—from white people, and from white Jews—but the ‘definer’ will seldom bother to understand their experience of anti-Semitism, nor to understand that the source of this anti-Semitism was often other people who would be called people of color.

The result of all this is to drive an artificial wedge…one not based in Jewish thought…through the Jewish people, insisting that a sociological distinction based on the concepts of white-supremacist non-Jewish cultures defines Jews more accurately than our own cultural concepts, and is entitled to divide us from one another.

To the questioner: ask. Don’t try to put some thirteen million people who were, until recently, flung world-wide into such a small box. One Jew may tell you she is white, another that she is white-passing, and yet another that she is a woman of color. All three may look the same to you, or they may look different. Understand that even if they give different answers, they are tied to one another by thousands of years of history.

Edit: I just sent through a submission, then realized one sentence got truncated. The sentence is from toward the beginning and should read: “The terms ‘white’ and ‘people of color’ don’t work very well to describe many Jews, or many Jewish experiences. I’m going to try to explain why, and also to explain to some extent how Jews actually identify ourselves.”

ayyyy!! gosh, I got so many sweet comments & compliments on my Taako last time I posted that I just couldn’t resist giving all u guys More Taako. this time, in color! watercolor, that is!

it’s kinda hard to tell, but his bracelet & shirt charm are actual chunky glitter, which I felt was a very fitting touch for everybody’s favorite fashionable wizard.


i might be late on reclaiming the bindi, but there i am, nonetheless with my bright red bindi. i can’t help if the sun won’t stop kissing my beautiful face, i mean, i’m pretty proud of myself.

Zootopia Sentence Starters (Part Sixteen):
  • "Look, you probably can't read."
  • "The sign says "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone", so beat it!"
  • "That's the truth."
  • "He would never just disappear."
  • "Our detectives are very busy."
  • "I will find him."
  • "Hi! I love your dress!"
  • "She's the bunny that saved my life yesterday! From that giant donut!"
  • "Put 'em down."
  • "Just when I thought someone actually believed in me, huh?"
  • "Probably best if you don't have a predator as a partner."
  • "He's my friend."
  • "I am proud to announce that my mammal inclusion initiative has produced its first police academy graduate."
  • "Make room, will ya?"
  • "Let's see those teeth!"
  • "Lumber delivery!"
  • "What's with the color?"
  • "Uhh... It's red wood!"
  • "Okay, you're the boss."
  • "I'm gonna hit the pause button right there."
  • "Haven't seen him in a couple of weeks."
  • "You know, if I wanted to avoid surveillance because I was doing something illegal, which I never have..."
  • "Someone's here!"
  • "Great! We're dead! That's it. I'm dead, you're dead, everybody's dead!"
  • "I love you! Bye! Bye!"
  • "Complementary de-lousing once a month."
  • "Don't lose your key."
  • "You kiss me tomorrow, I'll bite your face off!"
  • "I stood up for you, and you lied to me. You liar!"
  • "It's called a hustle, sweetheart."
  • "You didn't happen to catch the licence plate number? Did you?"
  • "I'm not in the system yet."
  • "Actually, I just remembered, I have a pal at the DMV."
  • "So... things do get to you?"
  • "Oh, I mean, not anymore."
  • "I was small and emotionally unbalanced like you once."

virginiawolff  asked:

LIPSTICK QUESTION: my makeup routine is very low-key, like usually eyeliner and some brow shaping and that's literally it (no foundation even). i love lipstick for night but i'm afraid to try it at work because 1) i'm super pale so any added lip color really stands out and 2) i'm defs not ready to commit to wearing it every single day, and won't it be super weird and obvious if half the time i'm just wearing chapstick and the other half i'm all fancy with ruby red lips (my best color)?? PLZ HELP

hello friend!! i can see why that might stress you out. i would say:

1) if you’re not necessarily prepared to commit to stand-out lip color, have you tried something lighter? nudes, neutrals, colored chapsticks? i will also say that, though they are outrageously expensive, which is annoying, yves saint laurent has some very gooey soft colors which aren’t too aggressive (i’m really into rouge volupté #3 right now, which sounds very red but is actually just a gentle neutral) (that being said, i’m Whitey McWhiterson in skintone, so ymmv). 

$36.00 from sephora, and no, i am not proud of myself.

2) here is the secret of life: nobody thinks about you as much as you think about you. i don’t mean you, specifically; that’s a universal you, and it’s honestly not an insult. i just mean that people may notice that you are or are not wearing lipstick, but i guarantee they will not spend more than 3 seconds thinking about it (unless, of course, they notice how great your lipstick is and spend 2 hours trying to find out what shade it is without directly asking because “what color is your mouth?” is, admittedly, a weird question). 

my point here is that nobody is going to care if sometimes you’re plain-lipped and sometimes you’re, like, taylor swift. my guess is that they’ll notice when you’re wearing ruby red and won’t think about it when you’re not. will it be obvious when you’re not wearing bright red lipstick? yes. but isn’t that the point of bright red lipstick?

wear it when you want, don’t wear it when you don’t. do whatever makes you happy, ma petite sweetbread.

I was gonna ignore this but I'ma go ahead and address this now:

What am I gonna do now that I’m a crusty 30-year old? Same thing I’ve done since I started making comics: Continue making quality artwork. Til I die. 

You may think I’ve plateaued, but I see the opposite. I absolutely believe I’m making the best artwork & comics of my life right now, and I’m just getting started.

Age has nothing to do with it. Making good art is not a race.  

Sun Bakery is not a “complete anthology” of my work. It’s mostly some choice samples of the last few years and a few short stories. It was intended to be a “fancy full-color zine” and that’s what it is.

FYI: Most comics come stapled. Further, Sun Bakery is not shoddy. It is quite pristine in quality, actually. I got it made locally through a dedicated print shop. This aint no Kablam shit. (though I’m sure Kablam is fine for those who need it)

True, a lot of my peers are killing it in the current “scene”, and I am very stoked and proud of them. But look, maybe their scene is not my scene and I’m building something of my own. 

Speculate about my integrity all you want; I’m doing things all on my own, and I’m having fun doing it, and I have many supporters who enjoy it as well– and most importantly; it satisfies ME, artistically, GREATLY. So yeah! I aint stressing too bad! ;D <3 

anonymous asked:

Thoughts on Ferguson?

Would’ve liked to see an indictment. When you say that there is “conflicting evidence,” what you should be saying is, “let’s take this to trial and figure out what actually happened.” The process was clearly doomed from the start, and highlights very real and very upsetting systematic bias against people of color. There wasn’t a chance for justice. All the protestors wanted was a trial. My hope is that the DOJ brings federal charges against Officer Wilson. People need to listen. Because, as uncomfortable it might be in your bubble of white privelege to admit, racism is alive and running rampant throughout every aspect of our society. And if you don’t see that, you’re not paying attention. I really am not proud to be an American right now.

All that was wanted was a trial and the chance that a man who shot and killed an unarmed teenager be held accountable for his actions. A trial: the thing designed to determine whether someone is innocent or guilty of a crime.

Title: She Remembers
Summary: When, one day, her mom asks, she would answer not what is actually on her mind, but what she remembers the most.
Note1: Very short. I regret nothing. But I am in deep pain.
Note2: Because the title was carefully thought out. Also, I might have overused the word ‘remembers’.

She remembers a lot of things.

She remembers the color of black in her childhood memories and the warmth of a smile she never really saw. She remembers the presence of three people feeling proud as she takes her very first step. She remembers the feeling of vertigo and then fear as she falls down from a tree somewhere in the forest where she is practicing with her shurikens. She remembers the sudden shift of the air around her and a warm feeling on her back as she lands on the ground softly as if the earth is cushioned. She remembers the warm and familiar feeling similar to her papa’s whenever he’s away on his travels.

She could always feel it.
And she never really wants it to go away.

And when, one day, her mom asks her what she is thinking about, she would answer not what is actually on her mind, but what she remembers the most.

“Mama, I think my guardian angel has a long ponytail.”


The Siren and The Sailor

I really “finished” this last year, but I added some finishing touches tonight. There’s a sketch of this somewhere on my blog, but I’m too lazy to link it. As for my thoughts on the piece, I am really proud of this. The actual lines still bother me a bit, but I remember physically jumping up and down because I was so proud of the coloring. So yeah, I’m very happy with this :)