i actually am posting this for a friend too!

talk to me about adrien agreste not knowing how much affection is too much.

talk to me about him not realising tight, warm, loving hugs are wonderful, but are more commonly reserved for deep conversations, as opposed to surprise pastries.

talk to me about him casually touching his friends’ arms, shoulders, backs, all the time, and all of them being a little caught off guard but too endeared by it to tell him it’s not exactly “normal”.

talk to me about adrien agreste casually coming up to marinette dupain-cheng and slinging an arm around her shoulder and whispering a secret in her ear and having literally NO IDEA she’s DYING on the inside.

talk to me about adrien freaking agreste hugging marinette dupain-cheng from behind when he wants to surprise her.

please talk to me about her doing something super kind for him and him being so overwhelmed by this ??? this something that he’s feeling that he hugs her and doesn’t let go for forever, and when he does he presses a kiss to her cheek and looks into her eyes as he thanks her with all the sincerity in the world p l e a s e

the signs as random snapchats my friends have sent me
  • aries: i'm barely awake and my sister said "clean the damn house" bitch clean ya damn vagina im tired fuck outta my face
  • taurus: *picture of herself with the headband on & a blank face* i realized too late that i was playing headbandz and now i know what i am wow
  • gemini: you ever notice that the inside of your mouth looks like the inside of your vagina wait actually idk what the inside of my vagina looks like
  • cancer: *picture of her teary eyed* i nearly started crying because i realized plankton and karen don't have kids because she's a computer so they can't have sex
  • leo: *picture of her with her hair tied around her chin like a beard* who needs men? i'm my own man
  • virgo: *picture of her looking down at the camera at an awkward angle* me trying to figure out how to record without using my hands
  • libra: *at 2 am* in other countries when they eat hot dogs or something do they call it "american food" like how we call china's food "chinese food" #latenightthoughts
  • scorpio: *picture of herself on the toilet with her legs scribbled out* woah why tf am i constipated (my dick not showin, just my legs)
  • sagittarius: while i was chewing i bit down on something chewy IT WAS A BUG I THINK PLEASE HELP
  • capricorn: *blurry picture of her looking terrified* tell me why i dropped my phone in the fucking brownie mix i hate everything
  • aquarius: *blurry picture of herself* i kicked an ant bed and i think some of the ants went in my pants and are biting me
  • pisces: *picture of her crying* me realizing maddie isn't even real. or maybe liv isn't real. idk they just aren't actually twins. they're the same girl. and she doesn't have some unique connection to her twin sister who'd she do anything for because she doesn't have one.

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So, everyone knows all of the bad things of Tumblr, the truly shame-worthy stuff, but what good things do you guys legitimately think this site's users have?

Tumblr has a unique community and way of posting. The fact that many users are anonymous or semi-anonymous is a very good thing about this site. I mean on facebook and twitter I self censor a lot because it’s less anonymous and my real, actual face is on my twitter. I mean my face is on here, too, but it’s not plastered on my profile like “HI, HERE I AM, THERE’S THE EXPECTATION THAT I’LL USE MY REAL FACE AS A PROFILE PICTURE HERE”.

So that creates this unique culture that’s somewhat more open, but less theatrical. No one shows off for their friends here. Only a few of my friends know I have a tumblr.

But it’s less anonymous than a *chan site, or even a forum. Like if you map out forum responses, users tend to be in networks of interests, whereas tumblr builds networks of people. Users end up caring about each other.

And also tumblr didn’t choose to go with certain godawful choices that twitter and facebook made. The algorithmic timeline made me entirely stop using facebook, and I turned it off immediately on twitter. Stories aren’t a thing. “Since you were gone” is only a thing in the mobile app. Tumblr is a glorified RSS feed tracker, and that’s a good thing. The instant a social network becomes television, with someone else deciding what you see and when you see it, it’s time for it to die.

My point is that the ideal social network would be a lot like tumblr, but with a better codebase (with some features that it’s inexcusable to not have at this point- regex and wildcard searching, for instance, but few enough sites have that to get away with it) and advertising that actually worked. Or we could just start using ipfs and some sort of weird rss feed.

               me right now : wtf are you all doing here ?? i mean this blog isn’t even a week old and boom !! i got more than 150 followers. you have made my whole rp experience ( whichever blog it was ) the best. thank you. now, let’s get to the lovin’.


                   first of all i wanna start with jessie  /  @wildhearted. you’re mia to my hue. thank you. so freaking much for letting me play this amazing muse. i have always been fascinated by you, damn i was even a little bit intimidated bu you. for real, you are such a sweet person who deserves all the love tbh. you yourself are such a kind person, and i know we haven’t talked much, but i already see you as one of my few friends !! and you know what ?? i am pretty amazed that i am able to keep two muses at once, but it’s probably the fact that hue is such a important muse for me. i hope our squad’s gonna grow lmao !! 
                then, i wanna say something to my natrito  /  @onyovrleft, @promcss, @tragicfate & @carryburdens. my love, do you like remember these days where we would talk every single day ?? well, i seriously miss them, and i would really wanna do this again, but life is taking over tbh. and even though we don’t talk so much anymore, you’re still an amazing person and you are 4ever in my heart. whenever you are on the dash, i just get so happy and just knowing that ur okay, makes me feel ultimately good.
           amaye  /  @onlymyown. amaye. my heart, my soul, my life. whenever i feel sad, you freaking make me laugh when i don’t even wanna smile. we have had pain on cassie, and i am pretty sure we will have in on here. but, you omg. you are a light to my life. talking to you makes all those bad days become better !! whatever you will do, i will always be with you. you are like one of y few real friends, here and outside tumblr. so, thank you for all this kindness that i really don’t deserve. 
        pls no i did not forget the amazing jesse   /  @tragicloss. screams. you are an amazing flower. and tbh dimi is too i can’t deny that. we haven’t realy talked for a while, but i can’t even keep up with myself ok. nad i am really sorry ok. you have always brightened my dash with you ic and ooc posts. and tbh dimi is one of my fave ocs, it’s unimagnible that i would actually not write something about him. i have always loved those muses that have been so much, but still are so kind. you play him so well, sometimes i forget he’s not canon tbh. well, i really wanna tell you, that you have a special place in my heart xxx
       my vivi  /  @weiirdwitch. i miss talking to you more than ever tbh. but you know i really can’t find the time anymore but when i do, i really try to talk to you as much as i can. you are my sunshine tbh. if you ever think that you are not amazing, then you’re lying to yourself. you are. you’re a bright star that always brights my days. thank you vi. thank you for making me feel loved. thank you for never making me feel that i am annoying. and i hope i am making you feel the same way. 
      trevor   /   @lifefcrdeath , @backinaflcsh. you are an amazing person and a talented writer. pls, repeat it ok. seriously, we do not talk that much anymore. college and your work isn’t helping and those time zones aren’t helping either. but i still keep thinking about you every day. i still keep looking at you blogs and hope you are doing fine and just looking at anything you do makes me so happy ! i wanna thank you for being such an amazing friend. thank you. 
    ma moon  /  @viiduus. your my moon tbh. that pun will never get old. listen, we don’t talk anymore like we used to, but i always freaking scream when i see you on the dash and hope you are doing fine. sometimes i look at the moon, and think : nah, you’re not as bright as my moon. because it’s true, tho. you’re one really kind person and i couldn’t stop following you on every single blog. i heart you bae.
    harley  /  @lunarwclf. how are you my bae ? i hope you are fine. and now i gotta make a stupid thing. HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIDE. well, we are probably not far away, but i had to xD. ok but for real, alex is the best. and you bright my day everyday. that’s not it, no. i wish that you would never feel that you are not needed here, because you are. and it’s not just me and i am sure of that. you are amazing and deserve the world !!

           MY LIGHTS. people who i rp with and am to lazy to write up there and love and tbh stalk. 

      @atroversiaamo, @sorcr, @exubiytsa, @searedrebirth@whitespiider, @speediings@araphorostiic, @bibliophiliism, @fatherofmachine@americabrand, @empathyeatings, @agenths, @gunkanjiima, @butscrewmefirst, @brokcnlegacies, @agonyborn, @bronzemaned, @dokkstjarna, @bitchculebra, @fragilcminds, @fortcvolontc, @killchained@shotgunaxecombo, @honeyburnt, @absumpsi@bloodintolerant, @fallencomrade, @culebral, @iinvincible  / @deadllyshot , @redheadarcher, @neverparted, @horrorempathy  / @thedestrcyer, @rizhii, @moonjeweled, @garmrr, @maximofflegacy, @likethcrns, @tcrightnow, @starksprincess, @winterscn, @rougescion, @britishnation, @ircnmama, @firstnayezdnik@enigmatie, @ofbanncr, @humblefarmcr, @shrinemade, @outlawiism, @vxpergreen, @strxnzo, @playsvulgar, @strangledmulan, @starkwithsarcasm, @olivercharlcs, @antagxnized, @notimminent, @shesaidrun, @stupidarrows, @afewmistakes, @astralord / @coldbattle, @loudmiinds, @hclywcrs, @danversiism, @alinamaximoffrogers, @clairebxrton, @futurecrest,  @femmekill, @reclaimedasset, @islanddeath, @amongwclves, @natstxrk, @blackironed, @runebrush, @hcndler, @hydraserpent, @classiqve, @kncwnmisery, @nymphomaniia, @showmaxter, @americanasitgets, @astcriiia, @hasnerve, @xgamora, @awakesforce, @ordinaryswan, @tcthefuture, @iviaw, @foundingavenger, @batgirlbatarangs, @esorbitanza, @topazgaze, @fallcnsoldier, @seiismic, @gammamade, @sunnytoothed, @ledivdova, @bullshitreigned, @punchit@moranument@radiasi, @baywindowed.

Sorey: @aruarudayo
Mikleo: @koreanmermaidpuke
Photo from @makkura-taichou

I was at Katsucon this weekend and had an amazing time! I don’t usually like posting photos of myself but I worked for two months to make this cosplay and want to show off ( *`ω´)

Back in June or whatever I instantly fell in love with Sorey’s formal outfit from Tales of Asteria so I went to one of my best friends and was like “so what if we cosplay formal Sorey and White Day Mikleo and go to the Katsucon ball” and we somehow pulled it off. My friends weren’t going to the ball so we shot some pictures of us dancing together by the waterfront for them, though this one is actually a candid photo of us goofing off hahaha

I discovered I don’t have full body pictures of myself on me but when I find some, I’ll post those too. If anyone saw me at Katsucon and took pictures let me know!

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Why are you so fond of Tanaka? Sorry I'm just curious!

I suppose you mean Tanaka Ryuunosuke? Because I love both him and his sister. I’ll just go with Ryuu but if you meant Saeko then I’d love to make another post about her

Well, to begin with, I really don’t like people that are too loud and hyper, so Tanaka didn’t really give me a good ‘first impression’. He gave me a good laugh though lol


After like the second time rewatching HQ, boiiii I started thinking ‘Tanaka actually is a super cool friend, and even cooler as a boyfriend’. Like, if you get sad at 12 AM, just text him and 10 mins later he’ll be at your door with flowers and chicken nuggets. He loves to make you laugh, he thinks that you are the most beautiful person in the entire universe. ALL HE EVER WANTS TO DO IS TO LOVE YOU!!! 

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I also have a feeling that Tanaka is a huge fan of cuddles and snuggles and like all things lovey dovey.

Tanaka can get super protective too, if you think about it. He is always ready to fight if someone underestimates or insults his teammates. and boi do i think protectiveness is fucking attractive

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Have you seen how SUPPORTIVE he is towards the team members?

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like, have you?

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Annnddd last but not least, let me introduce to you - Karasuno’s next gen Ace

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i rate that spike 1000000 out of 10


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i love this gif so much what the hell???

There you go! I always have a feeling that Ryuu is so underappreciated but idk that may just be what i feel. And that is all I can give to you ‘reasons why I’m so fond of Tanaka’. I might make the list longer soon when I get some free time ;)

Have a great day my anon bean <3

First Love: Prologue

Title: First Love

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Unknown (Most likely Fluff)

A/N: This is it guys! I am so excited to share this story with you. I hope you like it. I am currently working on Part one right now so when I finished I will post it. Please send love, I am really nervous about posting this. 

Prologue / Part 1 


“And uploaded!”

Sighing in relief, you lean back in your office chair exhausted. Being a You Tuber was not as easy as it looked. Filming was one struggle, but editing and uploading is a whole nother story. It has been Three years since you started your channel and it’s recently boosted in subscribers and you were still in shock about it.

You grew up dancing hip hop, lyrical and jazz. Your parents wanted you to become famous by making you take dance, singing and acting. At the time you were against it until you one day decided to make a dance cover channel. At first, you did just normal dance covers to Rihanna and Justin Bieber etc.. until you discovered K-pop. Even though you lived in y/c you fell in love with K-pop and the dances they did, which is what inspired your channel.

You bit your nails nervously. The video you had just uploaded wasn’t really a cover, but more you making up a dance to one of your favorite songs at the moment. Give It To Me by Agust D has been on repeat and you wanted to choreograph it so bad, so you finally did and decided to take a risk and upload it to see if your subscribers liked you doing this sort of thing, or if they wanted you to just stick to covers. You refreshed the page to see the views and comments. So far all the comments here positive. Smiling to yourself you shut down your computer and laid on the sofa before dozing off from exhaustion.

“Y/N! I am so sorry I am late again!”

Turning around, you smile. Luna has been your best friend and close dance partner since middle school. She also being a huge fan of K-pop made guest appearances in your videos often.

“Honestly Luna you should know I don’t care at this point,” You chuckle as you stand up and turn on some music to start stretches, looking over at Luna joining you.
“I saw your video last night, it was so so good! ~”

“Really? I am actually somewhat worried about it, it’s not something I normally post. I hope my subscribers like it too because I absolutely love the choreography and the song” You bend over and touch your toes then sit on the ground to go into the splits.
Luna shoves her phone in your face, showing you the number of views and comments. “I don’t think people hate it y/n. If they did, you wouldn’t have so many positive comments.”

“We will see Lulu, it’s still pretty new. Give it a week or so then all the negative stuff comes flowing in the more it get shared around. Trust me. All my BTS videos get hate”

You chew at your bottom lip nervously, “I love dancing to their songs though.”

“Speaking of dancing and music! What are you going to do for your next cover?~”

“You know I really haven’t decided yet, I was thinking either Seventeen’s Boom Boom or Monsta X’s Fighter, but I am not solid on either yet.”

Luna pauses as she goes into the splits as well and you can see her thinking hard. Smiling you sit cross-legged and pulled out your own phone to look at new music, naming off a few song here and there to see if any peeked either of your interests. “Hmm, what about doing a nonK-pop cover?”

“Lulu, you do realize most of my subscribers are fans of K-pop right?”

“Oh, yeah good point, Hmm” You look over as she goes cross-legged as well and she gasps “ I know! You can make up choreography for Karama Butterfly by Girls’ Generation!~”

You nod in agreement, “That isn’t a bad idea at all, it’s a good song. Want to help me?” You say as you stand up and hold out your hand for Luna to grab.

“You know it!~”


Two weeks passed and your video has racked up a decent amount of views and you expected it to stay that way. Yawning quietly you sit at the computer biting your lip in frustration as you edit your new dance video for Karma Butterfly. The response has been very positive from your first self-choreographed video, so you and Luna came up with a dance for Karma hoping your subscribers would like it just as much as Give It To Me.

“Almost Done…..Horray!” Excitedly you threw your hands up in the air as you went to upload it to your channel. Once the upload was complete you turned your computer off and collapsed on your bed and passed out almost as fast as you laid down.

You rudely awaken the next morning to your phone going off and groan and turn over in bed trying to ignore the phone. Only to have it go off again a few moment later. Sighing, you grabbed your phone and looked at it, blinded by the bright screen that shined directly in your face. You had two missed calls and three texts all from Luna.“Really Luna, what do you want now?” you grumble annoyingly as you open your texts to read them.


9:30 am: Y/N!!!!!!!!!!


You chuckle and pull up twitter and go to Suga’s account. You Follow all the member of BTS on their social networking accounts. They are your favorite boy group and you have done plenty of their dance covers on your channel. Luna always says your Bias Suga but you deny it and say that you love all the boys equally but deep down you knew you had a soft spot for Min Yoongi.

You opened Suga’s page to find an update with a YouTube link. You looked down and saw your video and squinted. There is no way that a K-pop idol would watch your silly videos, you thought. As you pull up the link to see for sure.“No…way…”

Up pops your video of you dancing a cover of his song. Immediately you back out so you can read the full post.

Min Yoongi: Never ever did I imagine choreography to this song. This shit is dope!

Squealing, you dial luna, who picks up right away. “Y/n!!! Where the hell have you been, did you see the post!!!!!! He posted your video!!! You have almost 100,000 views now!!! I’m just so happy for you!~”

“I am still in shock, how did this even happen!!!!”

“From what I have seen it looks like a few fans posted it to his and the other member’s accounts and he just happened to see it I guess.”

“Wow… I’m…. speechless I can’t believe this”

“The other members have shared the video too! Y/N you are becoming an internet sensation”

You laugh, there is no way, it’s just a dance you think. “I don’t know about that luna but it is definitely cool.”

“Don’t kid yourself y/N! You have amazing talent. I’m just so happy for you. I have to go but we defiantly have to celebrate. Meet me at the bar tonight for the usual on me!~”

“Sounds good to me.” You say your goodbyes and fall onto the couch trying to comprehend what just happened. BTS noticed your videos. You didn’t know what would happen now, but you never expected it to end up like it soon would.



I can have an amazing day filled with friends and family, but be up till twelve with a heavy heart thinking of how lonely I actually am.
—  currently

listen,,,, kent Messy Bitch™ parson does not have the energy to keep a neat Instagram theme. hell no. unlike most celebrities profiles, there’s no artsy shots of the cities he’s been to or pictures of him having fun with friends. instead, nearly every other fucking picture is of him and kit purrson. (think: ryan ross.)

it’s not planned. it just happens. kent posts pics of their adventures frequently. kent and kit watching tv. kent and kit eating cheerios. kent and kit shopping at the dollar store. kent and kit later getting kicked out of the dollar store. you know, his daily life.

his followers find it amusing, although they are a bit concerned.

his comments section is usually filled with questions like: "should you really let a cat have cereal?“ and "do you ever hang out with actual friends, and not just your cat?” kent ends up posting a series of videos, drunk at 3 am, explaining that 1- it’s okay to give kit purrson cheerios as long as he doesn’t do it too often and serves it without milk, and 2- kit purrson is an actual friend and anyone who says differently could “kiss my motherfucking ass, @hock​eyfan81.”

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i'm too freaked out to send this to you off anon so *shrugs* anyway i just followed you because i saw your asexual/bisexual post and thank you so much for putting into words how i feel every day. i don't really feel validated by friends or family because i can't really articulate how i feel or who i am and i agree that destiel actually helps me with my own identity and being here makes me feel less alone, anyway, thank you <3

hell yeah dude i’ve finally gotten to the point where i’m not ashamed to say that a dum fictional couple helps me accept myself exactly as i am

Remus x Reader

A tiny disclaimer, I lost everything on my Laptop (Thats were I have my fan fics) so I had to retype this all over again. I’m sorry if they’re grammar mistakes or spelling mistakes, I just kind rushed through it. I hope you still enjoy tho!!
It was (Y/N) ‘s seventh year at Hogwarts, she was sitting a the (Y/H) table. Hearing rumors that Harry Potter had fainted on the Hogwarts express. Harry’s like her little brother so clearly she was concerned for him. Dumbledore stood up as she removed her glance from Harry. “Students, Welcome to another at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft And Wizardry!” Everyone cheered including (Y/N). “I have a few things to say to you all, and as one them is very serious, I think it best to get it out of the way before you become befuddled by our excellent feast.” Dumbledore continued,”As you will all be aware after their search of the Hogwarts Express, our school is presently playing host to some of the dementors of Azkaban, who are here on Ministry of Magic business.” He paused she glanced over at Harry who glanced back.. She gave him concerned look and he return a similar facial expression. “They are stationed at every entrance to the grounds,” Harry and (Y/N) both pulled their attention to Dumbledore; “and while they are with us, I must make it plain that nobody is to leave the school without permission. Dementors are not to be fooled by tricks or disguises- or even Invisibility Cloaks,” Ron, Hermione and (Y/N) looked at Harry. Dumbledore went on about the Dementors. Her eyes wandered the table of teacher’s behind him. She noticed a new teacher. A quite handsome teacher, actually, a super handsome teacher. “On a happier note,” Dumbledore’s voice ruined my thoughts, “I am pleased to welcome two new teachers to our ranks this year. First, Professor Lupin, who has kindly consented to fill the post of Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.”
“Kind indeed,” (Y/N) said a little bit too loud that her best friend since her first year heard. “What?” she nudged (Y/N) “Oh, um, nothing.” (Y/N) said not removing her eyes from the handsome light browned haired man. She looked over to her friend. Her eyes her filled with mischief. “(Y/N) has a crush on the new DATDA teacher!” she basically yelled, “SHHH!” (Y/N) put her hand over (Y/F/N) mouth. They both stood up and pulled her outside of the Great Hall. “What are you thinking?!” she snapped at her. “I’m thinking if you wanna get on Professor Lupin’s good side, you go talk to him today or tomorrow after classes, just got before we actually have his class.” Her friend winked as she walked back into the Great Hall.
—————-Remus’s Pov———–
It was a pretty hectic day, with the boggart and Remus was going to have to it all over again tomorrow. He heard a tiny knock at his door, and turned around and saw a beautiful girl, her presence lighted up the room. “Hi, um, Professor Lupin.” he got pulled back into his thoughts. “Hi, Are you one of my students?” Lupin asked trying to act professional. “Yes, but you don’t have my class until tomorrow.” she smiled walking closer to his desk. “Oh, well then what brings you up to my office?” He said shuffling some papers on his messy desk. “I just have this thing I do every year, and it’s to go say hi to all of the new teachers.” she was now looking over his desk at the paper he was shuffling. Remus looked up and their faces were inches away. Her (Y/C) eyes were so filled with life that he could get lost in. “My name is (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N).” She held her hand out for him to shake. He shook it standing up straight. He looked over at his clock and saw it was almost sundown. “You better get to bed, it almost dark.” he pushed her to the door. “Oh okay, well it was really nice to-” He closed the door on her face. He felt terrible.
——————(Y/N) Pov————
(Y/N) was shaking as she made her way over to Professor Lupin’s office. She knocked on his door. He was standing in front of a giant wardrobe. “Hi, um, Professor Lupin.” she said trying not to show the nerves in her voice. He turned around and stared at (Y/N) for a while. She wanted to run away, She knew she had made a mistake, she would never listen to (Y/F/N) again ,but as she was about to take a step back out of the door, “Hi, are you one of my students?” escaped from his lips. All the weight from her chest was lifted. “Yes, but you don’t have my class until tomorrow.” (Y/N) smiled as she felt more confident, so she walked closer to his desk.”Oh, well what brings you to my office?” He asked shuffling some papers. She looked over his desk to see if he was shuffling papers or maybe if she lucky she had made him nervous. “I just have this thing I do every year, and it’s to go say hi to all the new teachers.” (Y/N) knew she was lying she just wanted to see him and meet him. He looked up and she meet his lost blue eyes. Even though his eyes were lost, she found herself, quickly she remembered what she was there for. She blurted out at him, “My name is (Y/F/N) (Y/L/).” She held out her hand for him to shake, he shook her hand. It got kinda awkward after that. (Y/N) noticed he glanced over to the clock in his room. “You better get to bed, it’s almost dark.” He pushed her to door. “Oh okay, well it was really nice to-” The door slammed in her face. “meet you.” she whispered as she walked to the (Y/H) common room.
The next morning, she couldn’t stop thinking about what happened the night before with Professor Lupin. (Y/F/N) keep asking questions but she didn’t really want to talk about it. They got to their DATDA class, and (Y/N) quickly sat in front of the class. Professor Lupin smiled at her when he saw her sit in front of the class. “ I know you have all heard of the Boggart I have been doing with all my other classes, but for you seventh years I have a little something different planned.” He looked straight at her, she could feel her cheeks heating up, so (Y/n) looked down at her book. Class was really fun, she could really feel a strong connection with Professor Lupin. After class, she decided to stay after a bit. “Wonderful Class today, Professor.” she walked over to him. She met those beautiful blue eyes she fell in love with. “Well, Thank you (Y/N), You weren’t to bad yourself.” They talked so much that (Y/N) completely skipped the rest of the day, it was until sun down he kicked her out again. She was really starting to wonder if really she really had feelings for him.
——————-Remus’s Pov——-
(Y/N) and Remus have been talking a lot lately, she is truly an amazing girl. He knew she’s a student, but when he’s with her, he gets a feeling he has never felt before. He knew this might be crazy, but He was in love with her. Remus was just scared how she will react if he told her he was a werewolf. What if she’s scared of him, she would never love him back. Those thoughts swirled his mind as he heard a very similar voice call his name. “Professor Lupin?” (Y/N) stood right behind him, her eyes beaming with light. “Remus,” he blurted at her “My first name is Remus, You can call me Professor Remus Lupin.” Her face showed the confusion of the sudden action of his. “I’m glad I get to know your first name, I think I’m gonna stick with calling you Professor Lupin.” she laughed, Lupin smiled and to erase the awkwardness, he pulled out a chocolate bar from his pocket. “ Um, here, for you.” He handed her the chocolate bar. “Thank you so much, Professor.” She took the chocolate, and put it in her robe as she made her way to her seat. “Okay, Class today we are tackling the boggart today!” Everyone in the classroom cheered, “we are gonna be moving to the staffroom.” (Y/N) stood up first and then students began to make there way there. He taught them the Riddikulus spell and they were off. Everyone was super excited, Remus noticed that (Y/N) wasn’t too excited though. “(Y/N) what is your biggest fear?” He asked her, her head snapped up, “ I-I don’t know” she replied, “Wanna find out?” he asked walking over to her. “Um, I don’t think I want to Professor.” She really didn’t want to, but he thought otherwise,”Come on, It will be fun!” he pushed her infront of the Boggart. The Boggart twisted and turned, slowly the Boggart became a werewolf. Remus’s heart sank, he just stared at the werewolf, his head and chest started to hurt. “RIDDIKULUS!” she yelled soon the werewolf turned into a small puppy and then exploded into tiny wisps of smoke. The bell rang, (Y/N) stood there motionless.
“Why was my boggart a werewolf?”
“That’s what you were thinking a your biggest fear was.” He couldn’t even look at her.
“But, That’s not I was thinking of.” He looked at her. There eyes locked, “What was it then?” She didn’t answer, “What was it?” He asked again being a tad bit more direct.
“I was thinking of you.” she whispered
“I was thinking of you, but-”
“You fear me?” She took a step closer, he took a step back.
“No, I don’t, please just-”
“Then why were you thinking about me?” After a while of her stepping closer and him walking away, he hit a wall, there faces were only few inches away. Remus looked into her eyes, but he didn’t get lost in them anymore. “Please just let me explain-” Harry entered the room. Both of their heads looked over at him. “(Y/N), Please I need to talk to Mr.Potter.” She gave me a look that tore him to two. Harry waved at her, but she didn’t respond.
——————(Y/N)’s Pov———
(Y/n) ran to the common room, his eyes were so filled with pain se thought. She entered the common room with (Y/F/N) sitting there. “Hey! How was your talk session with Lupin?”
“Terrible” she replied
“Why?” She asked concerned
“Well, First of all, I didn’t want to fight that stupid Bugger, it became a werewolf when I wasn’t even thinking about a werewolf. I asked him about it, and I told him I was thinking about him. He got the impression that I’m scared of him, but I’m not scared of him. I’m the complete opposite. I’m in love with him. And the worst of all, he wouldn’t even let me explain, his eyes were so filled with pain. I didn’t even tell him how much he means to me.” (Y/N) didn’t even notice that she was bawling and made her way out of the common room. She was crying so much that she didn’t hear (Y/F/N) yelling her to run. All she remembers is blacking out.
She woke up to someone shaking her. (Y/N) opened her eyes to see Remus hovering over her. “Come on, we gotta go.” he held out his hand. He lifted her off a very old and worn down couch. As she got up and she truly got a good look around the room. There was Harry and Hermione, Sirius Black with Professor Snape floating behind him. A man that looked like a rat, and last but not least Remus with Ron who had a wrap around his leg. “I’ll explain later” he mumbled as they made their way out of the small house. It was dark outside, if they had been in Remus’s office, he would sent her off hours ago. “One wrong move, Petter,” said Remus threateningly. His wand was pointed at Peter’s chest. A cloud shifted. They’re were suddenly dim shadows on the ground. The group was bathed in moonlight. “(Y/N) back away from me.” (Y/n) followed his command and backed away. She didn’t remove her eyes from him. His limbs began to shake. “Oh, my-” Hermione gasped. “He didn’t take his potion tonight! He’s not safe!”
“Run,” Sirius whispered “Run. Now. Leave it to me- RUN!”
She couldn’t run, no one could. All she could do was watch. There was a loud snarling noise. Remus’s head was lengthening, so was his body. His shoulders were hunching. Hair was sprouting on his face and hands, which were curling into clawed paws. Sirius turned into an enormous dog, that looked like a bear. Peter had turned back into a rat. There was a howl and a rumbling growl. She saw the werewolf taking flight. She started running, running after the werewolf, no Remus. She was running after Remus. “What are you doing?” yelled Hermione “He’s going to kill you!” (Y/n) looked at Hermione with tearful eyes. “He won’t hurt me.” She ran off after him
Remus couldn’t remember anything from the night before. He woke up in a giant meadow, He looked over to his right and saw (Y/N). She was rubbing her face, her eyes were very tired. You could tell she didn’t sleep at all. “You’re awake!” she gave Lupin a weak smile and grabbed his hand super tight. He look into h er (E/C) eyes, Remus got lost in them again. All of that was gone to quick when he glanced over her left arm. There were 4 deep cuts, like if a bear had attacked her or , a werewolf. “I did that.” he said very weakly. She looked at her arm and gave a huge sigh. He had hurt her, he sat up and looked at the ground he would never forgive myself. “Professor.” she tried getting his attention. “Professor.” Still he didn’t move. “Remus Lupin look at me.” she said in a very stern voice. He looked up her eyes that provided a safe place. “I’m sorry, I meant Professor-” He pulled her in and kissed her. Her lips were soft, She didn’t kiss him back until a couple seconds after. There lips fit perfectly with each other. She pulled away and smiled. “I never got to explain my boggart. My worst fear was that if I told you what I really felt, that you reject me.” He smile at her. “I would never reject you.” Remus said before pulling her in for another kiss.

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Hello! I love ur blog :3 My friend just posted her first thing on AO3 and bc I am her #1 fan and she needs the encouragement, I was wondering if you could check out 'bronze'. It's her birthday soon and she's too much of a cinnamon roll to actually talk to you so I think it would mean the world to her :) (Plus it's really good) I noticed you had a section on Yakov and Victor. Thx!

Sure! Happy early birthday to your friend! I hope she has an awesome day!

You can check out Bronze here!

how can you tell your friends that they’re not worthless and that you deeply care about them and that you love them and that they deserve the world when you barely believe any of those things about yourself?


PriPara movie Kirarin Star Live! ….I saw it again. I actually found an evening showing at some mall that I am shocked I have never been to.

They even had a poster signed by iRis and a display of friend tickets from a trading event. (And they were even showing King of Prism too huaaah.)

Anyway um. Stop reading that movie summary post I have to correct things when I get home.

I'm gonna say something controversial here

And I’m through caring if it comes off as too insensitive or inconsiderate of Severus Snape’s pain, because I am sick of seeing other characters shat on for not coddling him enough, and if I have to read one more post about how horrible a friend Lily was for not even ~listening to Snape’s side re The Whomping Willow~, I’m actually gonna smack someone.

Snape nearly being killed by Remus Lupin as a teenager is in large part his OWN fault.

Yes, Sirius Black was a piece of shit of the highest order for breaking Lupin’s trust and telling Snape how to get past the Whomping Willow.

But that’s ALL he did. Nowhere, not even from Snape himself do we EVER hear about Sirius having done more than that to pull off his so-called “Prank”. He didn’t coerce Snape into doing anything. He just gave him information.

And you know what that means? It means that Snape, on his own, with no prodding whatsoever that we know of, decided it would be a great idea to break curfew, to sneak past the Whomping Willow (which is off-limits to all students), to sneak OFF-CAMPUS (the Shrieking Shack is in Hogsmeade), and to sneak into the Shrieking Shack (also off-limits to students), just to prove that Lupin was a werewolf.

Snape, who we’ve seen try to get a 12 year old Harry Potter kicked off the Quidditch team just for being in the wrong hallway during a Halloween feast, chose on his own to break a good five huge school rules AT LEAST (when he was four years older than Harry at the time was, no less) so he could leave campus and pry into Lupin’s personal business.

This is all that Lily says to Snape on the matter:

“You’re being really ungrateful. I heard what happened the other night. You went sneaking down that tunnel by the Whomping Willow, and James Potter saved you from whatever’s down there–”

We don’t know where she got her information, but you know what? Every fucking word of what she says is true, right down to the “sneaking” bit. Even if Snape hadn’t been sworn to secrecy by Dumbledore, there is absolutely nothing he could add to this that would change what she said. All he could do is clarify exactly what it is down there. Maybe add that sneaking down there is something James and Sirius themselves do a lot too, which is the only reason he knew where to go. (This is pretty much exactly how Snape tried to defend himself in response to Lily.)

Given that Lily’s a prefect who already hated the Marauders for their rule-breaking, I really doubt she’d give a fuck. It in no way excuses Snape from the stupidity and culpability of doing it himself, and it in no way changes the fact that without James’s intervention this stupidity would have gotten him killed.

This is exactly what she was calling him on. She’s not obligated to sugarcoat that to protect his feelings, never mind do so when they’re only on the subject because he’s trying to deflect HER feelings about his friends. HIS FEELINGS DO NOT OVERRIDE HERS. Hermione would call Harry on this shit in exactly the same way and it’s never made her any less of a good friend.

Stop demanding friendship perfection from Lily to the point where she’s supposed to straight-up lie to Protect His Feels and Actually Hold Snape Accountable For His Own Fuckups: 2kForever.

Bouquet (Bad Boy!Yoongi)

Plot: #046: “I caught the bouquet” + #047: “My ex just invited me to their wedding and I need you to be my date so it doesn’t look like I’ve spent the last few years failing to get over them.” with bad boy!Yoongi

Word Count: 695

A/N: so I saw this request and I just got this idea and now I really wanna do it so I am, the links for this post are gonna be bad boy!yoongi (here) as well as photographer!yoon (here) bc I’m gonna add in some college!yoon and I combined those two together, as always it isn’t required to read either of those but they just provide more of the actual details that I can’t put into this post bc then it’d be way too long

You had been roommates with Yoongi for a year after living next door to him for two semesters. You two had quickly become friends and when you realized you spent the night at his dorm more often than you slept in your own bed, you two figured you should move in together. You weren’t completely sure what you should call him, a friend, your boyfriend, your roommate. You two had had some romantic moments, you were definitely a little more than friends but you both weren’t sure you were ready for another relationship.

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I’m Back :DDD

I just had the busiest weekend of my life and it’s finally over and i just wanna curl into a ball and snuggle my pupper and play sims for the rest of my life.

Anywho its 2:25 in the morning i just came back from a concert and gave my puppy a bath and have decided to end my hiatus early :D YAY! So expect stuff today!!!

Also I realized my posts are kinda long so being the considerate person I am, I am showing the first line or two and if you’d like to continue reading you can press the Read More. I’m trying not to take up too much of your dash :3. If this is actually more inconvenient than helpful though lemme know :D 


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Avengers tumblr fandom circa 2012

Don’t judge, but I’ve been thinking back fondly a lot lately about the epic bounty of old memes and trends we had back in the day. A guide for those followers of mine who weren’t around yet, or a Throwback Friday for those of you who were, remember:

  • The Avengers gag reel
  • Assvengers
  • Seriously the equal-opportunities fanservice and fixation on butts was a thing to behold
  • “Caw caw motherfucker”
  • Okay there were a lot of Hawkeye-bird jokes (this was before we met Sam Wilson) but that was probably the biggest one
  • Renner Stretches
  • The Hawkeye Initiative
  • “That’s my secret, Cap. I’m always angry.”
  • Thor loves Pop Tarts
  • “This _____, I like it! ANOTHER!
  • Major ships: Stony, Clintasha, Thorki (aka Thunderfrost which, lbr, is the arguably the most badass ship name ever), Frostiron, Capsicoul
  • Also a LOT of people shipped Coulson and Hawkeye even though I don’t even remember them having screentime together? I’ve seen that ship referred to as Phlint like…once, but not at the time.
  • Chris Evans and his ridiculous shoulder-to-hip ratio
  • Left-boob grab (this one might actually still be a thing)
  • “I recognize the counsel has made a decision. But given that it’s a stupid-ass decision, I’ve elected to ignore it!” (this one I KNOW is still a thing)
  • “I understood that reference”
  • Crying forever over that deleted sequence of Steve learning that All My Friends Are Dead But Oh Hey Peggy’s Still Alive But I’m Too Afraid to Call Her and then going through the city being Forever Alone
  • The Superfamily AU where Steve and Tony raised a smol Peter Parker
  • Lokimania
  • holy
  • fucking
  • shit
  • I could probably make a separate post just for that but here goes
  • That famous Twitter convo where Tom Hiddleston and a Loki RPer were challenging each other and popularized “I DO WHAT I WANT”
  • I think like half his actual lines in the movie became memes on some level actually
  • “I am burdened with glorious purpose” and its many MANY remixes
  • “Tom sits like a whore” (aka what we called manspreading before that became A Problem)
  • L O K I ‘ D
  • The Loki’d Outtakes
  • Loki’d 2: The Return of Steve (like actually this was a real thing that happened)
  • Wendy
  • People coming together to make a fan book about Wendy for Tom’s birthday
  • That one picture of Tom in full Loki getup while holding Mjolnir and Cap’s shield
  • Loki and the Loon, the webcomic about Loki and Tom being roommates that spawned similar blogs for EVERY Avenger rooming with their actor. Almost none of them actually went anywhere, but the original Loki and the Loon was pretty great.
  • For real though, I’ve never seen any fandom obsession with an actor reach quite the fever pitch that we had with Tom Hiddleston, my god. Bendytoots probably came close though (this was before Ben’s Fall From Tumblr Grace. Tom is still well-regarded, but I think that part of the fandom has finally chilled out).
  • And lest we forget:
  • Tom in-character as Loki for SDCC (okay I’m pretty sure this one was later than 2012 but it was still a big fuckin deal when it happened)