i actually adore him and his life and his everything

This feels like falling in love (2/?)

Summary : 6 years ago, Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak struck up an unlikely friendship. This friendship has only strengthen with time, through good and bad moments, such as Oliver losing his mother and Felicity facing an unexpected pregnancy. Now that Oliver’s antics has gotten him cut off and thrown out by his father, he seeks refuge with Felicity and her daughter, and realizes it is time for him to re-evaluate his life, find a job he loves and discover happiness was right in front of him this whole time.

All my gratitude to Sam @awriterincowboyboots for the amazing beta job.

Also I wrote this before knowing that Stephen Amell *actually* knew the lyrics to Frozen…adorable dork :)

Chapter 1 AO3 FF.Net

“So…Are you climbing up the walls yet?”

Felicity smiled at the pretty face of her friend Caitlin on her computer screen.

“No. Everything is going really well. To be honest, I thought Oliver would go out much more, but he’s staying with us almost every night. He takes care of Millie as if she were his own, and did I mention he was a great cook? A+ roommate.”

“Does he put down the toilet seat?” Caitlin asked with a smirk.

Felicity rolled her eyes. “Not always.”

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