i act weird

NOT TRUE! How many times have I said that to myself. I found out I did not even know that I existed myself! I realized too late (or is it ?) that he did see me. Only, the one part of me I showed him was the part of me that was broken, hurt. He saw that there was more to me than this facade. But I was stuck in this thought that I wasn’t good enough for him, so I acted weird. You know. I thought: How a guy as cool as him could be interested, in any way, in a girl like me ?. He is so beautiful, you know. Not only his appearance, but the entirety of who he is. And I thought, “nobody really sees me”. And I was so sad, so stuck. But honestly, who can love someone who doesn’t expose his or her beauty? Nobody. I was blind but now I see. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO BECOME WHO YOU WANT TO BE AND TO LET SHINE YOUR INNER BEAUTY. Then, others will see how beautiful you are. And you won’t be alone anymore. That, is the beauty of life.


so the humans are space orcs posts where we can just hide emotions from our customer service skill set, why don’t we take that a step further.

What about actors, who literally train for years to act different behaviors for different roles, from good guys to bad guys. One minute the human is kind and gentle, the next he is arrogantly addressing the pirates who invaded, all from his acting days.

Their strict memorization can help them recall lines for any situation. They can cry on cue, motivate their crewmates with a well place monologues, become the life of the party with one liners and comedic sketches.

Hell this can apply to dedicated fans. The ones who try to get in character at cosplays, or memorize entire dialogues from their favorite scenes.

Really I just want someone to write alien fic where a human quotes the wallet scene from pulp fiction and just fucking terrifies them



Headcanon: At 14 years old Yang already looked like she was in her 20′s, leading some people to some uncomfortable realizations.

Not gonna lie, I like woke up in a cold sweat a few days ago with this dumb idea in my head, and I finished it off when I had some free time today. I think this is significantly less funny then I remembered thinking it would be. Which is about the usual for me. Enjoy! ✧・゚: *

sometimes I wonder what yall think about my hamilton


look i’m just saying that pre series! pre niall’s death! gansey definitely had some kind of crush on every single member of the lynch family besides matthew (because he was like… a middle schooler or something) so hanging out with ronan at the barns as a 15/16 year old boy at the height of puberty was a special kind of bisexual purgatory 

C’est magnifique

I got tired of drawing OW characters so I took a break- 

it’s been two days and I already miss drawing them lmao

star wars equivalent of like the Geek Squad or something though

you’re an employee on like, the Nar Shaddaa Best Buy 

people bringing their holocommunicators in for repairs, going “I don’t know, it just started acting really sluggish and scrambling all my calls!” and some poor worker is sitting there in the back looking for the problem and oh, there it is, like a quadrillion yottabytes (thanks wikipedia) of hutt fetish porn and some weird addons that add special effects to incoming holocalls like flowers and fireworks and shit. of course the person who brought it in has absolutely no idea how any of that got there. you begrudgingly “fix” it, knowing you’ll see that person in two weeks with the same problem

someone nervously brings in their datapad because “it’s acting weird, I don’t know.” you tell them to come pick it up in 24 standard hours and get to work diagnosing the vague-ass fucking problem because people are terrible. as you’re looking for signs of anything, you can’t help but notice their holonet history which would make even the scariest Inquisitor blush. you accidentally see some messages you’re not supposed to and you’re pretty sure the person who brought in this datapad is Imperial Intelligence and boy you sure hope they don’t have you disappeared now that you’ve seen their secret horrible illegal-on-like-100-planets porn. they also have like, so many viruses. so many. 

in fact, every problem is probably porn. like, 95%. you begin to wonder how the Empire and the Republic manage to maintain a war when everyone is fucking up their holonet-capable equipment with so much goddamn porn

i hadnt drawn these 3 together so i had to change that !!