i accidently posted this on facebook to all my friends

Right this is the last time im gonna say this (first time saying it on here)

Not all my friends offline watch wrestling, four do and one in particular has always had a problem with me being a shibata fan.

Some of you will know this story but for those who dont many years ago a little after shibata’s debut he was in a match in which he performed an elbow drop that wemt horribly wrong and from that drop another wrestler suffered a subdural hemotoma (YES EXACTLY WHAT SHIBATA HAS NOW) and unfortunately that wrestler went into a coma and died four days later. It was A FREAK ACCIDENT.

now heres why im annoyed. My friend does not allow me to talk about shibata she shuts it off cause she thinks he shouldnt be allowed to wrestle from his headbutts, to his affair (which is not in ring related) and to that incident with that wrestler.

So when i was chatting about how shibata had the same injury she was like well maybe its revenge for what he did karma and all that bullshit and it pissed me off.

She would wish harm on him to stop him wrestling AND I CANT STAND OR CONDONE THAT ATTITUDE. She was all he got what he deserved and blah blah but guys that injury was serious and couldve been even more serious as they said in two articles at one point the right side of his body was displaying signs of paralysis and they suspected brain damage, shibata couldve gotten off a whole lot worse and he is very lucky to have had a successful surgery. I even sometimes see this on facebook

Im sick of this bret hart attitude i see with shibata among my offline peer group. Accidents happen look at wrestling these things happen, they do all they can to prevent them from happening as best they can.

Sorry about the ranting post guys but between shibata and a bunch of others ive seen getting that kind of crap spewed it frustrates me and it upsets me. Ive two friends offline that doesnt attack me for liking shibata,hopefully you guys havent experienced this crap like i did

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About two weeks ago matched with a very handsome man, got chatting about dogs, sent a friend request in order to share pictures of our dogs. pretty harmless and i wasn’t stressed about having to meet up because he was 200+km away. The chat turned flirty and we just exchanged some harmless compliments and things like that, nothing untoward but still quite cute, i knew for a fact he was probably messaging other girls considering we met on tinder. In the middle of last week he stopped messaging me suddenly and i assumed he had got bored of me, oh well life moves on.

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