i accidently deleted this last night

To the Anon who’s message I accidently deleted cuz Im on mobile atm asking me to post the stuff from last night’s sin stream. You bet your ass I will. Lol but maybe one more sin stream is in order, what’s say you?

I am looking for blogs to follow

Hello hello hello ! I’m looking for friends and blogs to follow. I follow back and want to get back to my fandoms. I am in these fandoms so I post about : 

  • -EDM Fandom
  • *Kavinsky , Daft Punk , Breakbot , Justice , Sebastian , Busy P , Ed Rec , etc..
  • -Gorillaz
  • -Daft Punk fandom
  • *Label AU
  • - Musicals : Hamilton , Heathers, In The Heights
  • -Voltron
  • -Miraculous Ladybug , 
  • Avatar the Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra
  • -Steven Universe
  • -Welcome to Night Vale
  • -Yuri ! On Ice¸
  • twenty one pilots

I am also looking for anything with fanart , aesthetic , memes , video games and ocs. Please reblog this post ! I lost my followers when I deleted my old account by accident.

So, I am a genius

So last night on accident I deleted by blog, ahhh. For a while I was very upset and I even contacted the staff, yet they are not able to restart a terminated account. Just in case you were confused, I would like it to be known that I am still here! Still active! And still ready to make sure that everyone is happy! I also have a great group of friends behind me! So thank you to them, for talking me through this, and thank you to everyone that follows me again.

I am so sorry.

Stef and Lena working together on new G.I. Joe’s uniforms, but someone is too distracted to follow instructions. (Apparently last night I deleted this by accident…)

So since we didn’t have a new episode this week I had to kill time doing something else. And then this happened, another Little!AdamsFosters fanart because they’re cute as fuck and finally i’m learning how to draw kids.

fic: You Feel Like Home

title: you feel like home

genre: fluff, because i have no chill | warnings: swearing, sexual references

word count: 1500


dan lets phil get away with stealing the covers sometimes. it’ll be four in the morning and the window will be open so the room is freezing, (dan realises he really should start wearing a shirt in bed) and phil looks like a toasty burrito, but the content, almost angelic look on his face is enough to make dan feel all gooey and give in. so he’ll lay there with his inch of a duvet and shiver a little because, let’s face it, it’s been six years and he’s still a sucker for phil lester.

or, the one where i write about domestic situations in the dan and phil house.

a/n: nobody asked for domestic dan and phil but i’m giving it to you anyway. (also, yes i uploaded this super late last night but i sort of accidentally deleted it when editing out a typo at 2am…i’m so smart you love me, guys.)

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hi everyone!!! I’m going to be at anime expo this weekend tabling in between my friends poiv, jin, gisu, and moo! my table number is C45!!! I’ll be having 11x17 prints, 8.5x11 prints, and mini prints, as well as pedal buttons and charms!


I’ll be having a limited copies of ultraviolet, and copies of parallel hearts! if you ordered AX pick-up, please just give me your name or order number when you pick it up! can’t wait to see you guys there!! stop by and say hi or chat!!!

I’m also going to be cosplaying pedal this weekend too!! I’ll be komari(!!!), shinkai, makishima, and aoyagi!!! FIND ME & LET’S TAKE PICTURES TOGETHER! I’M EXCITED!!!!!

Thank you to sayonararolling for the map!!!!