i accidentally reminded myself of this song


Fallin’ For Ya ~ The song that’s sung

A/N: since this song got stuck in my head and I’m a kid at heart, this idea came to me so I’m writing it out. Hope you like it!

“Why are we going here?” Thomas asked when Dylan pulled up to a 1960s diner. They were meeting Ki Hong and Will for a quick lunch.

“I know a waitress,” he stated, “Besides we’re only eating.” They went in to see Ki Hong and Will already sitting. Dylan laughed, “Did you request Y/N?”

“Way ahead of you,” Ki Hong answered with a smile.

“Did I miss something?” Will asked, “Who’s Y/N?”

“I’m as clueless as you.” Thomas patted his back.

“So the Brits don’t know,” Will decided.

Suddenly, Dylan yelled, “Y/N!” when you came from the kitchen. You glared at him playfully and balanced the plates.

“Who is that?” Thomas asked. You were wearing a red dress with black polka dots and black heels. He couldn’t tear his eyes away.

“That, my friend, is Y/N,” Dylan explained, “Became friends with her the first time I came here.”

“She’s the reason why they’re so many boys here,” Ki Hong pointed out.

You approached the table. “There’s our chick,” he teased, “All decked out.” Thomas could see his phone opened to 1960s slang words.

“What a dip stick,” you told Ki Hong before seeing Will and Thomas, “Oh, sorry, I’m Y/N and I’ll be serving you today.”

“Y/N, these are our costars, Thomas Brodie Sangster and Will Poulter.”

“I love The Maze Runner,” you revealed before turning professional again, “Can I get any of you a brew?” They all said what they wanted to drink and you left.

“What’s with all of the 60s slang?” Will asked.

“Well, we’re in a 60s diner,” Dylan said slowly, “And Y/N gets so annoyed.” He looked at Thomas. “What about you, Thomas? You were really drawing designs on Y/N.”

He laughed a bit, shaking his head. “I’ve no idea what that means.” Before Dylan could explain, you came back with the drinks.

“Groovy,” Ki Hong joined in. You rolled your eyes and took their orders. Once you left, he explained, “He’s saying that you were checking her out.”

“What?” Thomas asked, “I was looking at her when she took our drink orders.”

Dylan just nodded sarcastically. The guys talked about other things for a while before you came back with their food. You placed Will’s and Ki Hong’s plates in front of them and asked, “Who had the cheeseburger?” Dylan raised his hand, thinking the third plate was his. “Then, this is yours, Thomas,” you continued, “I saw the cheeseburger, but couldn’t carry it.”

“Hurry back, sex pot,” he teased.

You just turned to him. “Do you want to miss the show, Dylan?”

He scrunched his nose. “Fine, Y/N.” You smiled and left to get his plate. Will and Thomas looked at each other. “What show?” Will asked, “Because I don’t think it’s legal to have teenagers here, then.”

“Just wait,” Ki Hong promised. You came back with Dylan’s food. “You going up soon?”

“Flake off,” you grumbled, “I’m up once I leave this table.” Thomas smiled a bit at the adorable sight of your cheeks turning as red as your dress.

“Well, I believe that we have all of our food,” Dylan replied ecstatically, “So you may leave.”

You looked at Will and Thomas. “Promise me that you won’t think less of me?” They both agreed uneasily and you left to a group of girls in long red dresses.

Suddenly, the music stopped. Newcomers looked around, wondering what was going on. Will and Thomas looked at each other again. You walked on the little stage with the instruments with the girls, but you were in the center while they were on the side.

The people started playing their instruments. It was an upbeat song, but the verse was slow. You stepped up to the classic microphone and began singing. Thomas could tell that he was staring at you, but your voice was amazing. He couldn’t help it.

“Staring now, Thomas?” Dylan teased. He blushed a bit. “The second verse is the best.”

“Now we’re going steady. He’s the cat’s meow,” you sang clearly, “He says I’m a Bettie and we paint the town.” The back up singers meowed and ‘oohed’. “I’m not the kind to fall for a guy just cause he says hi. He’s ready to race and I’m catching his gaze.”

“They’ll go on like this for days,” the girls sang.

The table was silently laughing just at the words. “Y/N sings this,” Dylan got out between laughs, “Every Friday.” You were a really good singer. It was just those lyrics.

They continued eating until, during the bridge, Thomas got up to go to the bathroom, or,as Dylan referred to it, the kybo. It meant ‘Keep Your Bowels Open’, something Dylan was happy to share.

To get there, he had to go towards the stage. The song had an instrumental part where you were supposed to walk around the stage, but your heel accidentally twisted on the edge. Thomas’s eyes widened and caught you in his arms before you hit the ground.

You stared at him with shock, but the song was continuing. Fearing the boss being angry at you, you sang, “And now, I’m fallin’ for ya. Fallin’ for ya. I know I shouldn’t, but I just can’t stop myself from fallin’ for ya. Can’t hold on any longer and now I’m fallin’ for you.” Your eyes never left his and he had to remind himself that it was for an audience.

The song ended and Thomas set you on your feet. “Uh, are you ok?” He asked.

“Yeah,” you shyly replied, “Sorry, but it was just the chorus and-”

“No, no, it’s fine,” Thomas reassured with a smile, “I got to hear your beautiful voice up close.” A sly smirk replaced it. “Since you fell for me, can I have your number?”

You laughed a bit at that. “Maybe. Maybe not,” you said before leaving to get back to your waitressing. Thomas went back to the boys, forgetting about the bathroom.

“Well, that fit in the song,” Will pointed out, “Quite cliché, if I say so myself.”

“No, they were so cute,” Dylan said in a baby voice, “It’s their song now.

“Shut up,” he said. You came back with their check and they payed it. Thomas decided to ask for your number again once you came back, but when you came with the change, he ended up remaining silent.

Once you left, the boys all scolded him, but Dylan opened the little book thing the receipt and change came in and smiled widely. “Hey, Thomas?” He looked up. “You might want this.”

Confused, he took the book and looked inside. There on the receipt was a phone number with the word 'Maybe’ written next to it. Thomas looked to the counter to see you talking to one of the girls, but she nudged you until you turned around to see him. You smiled and he smiled back.

You never forget the first guy you fell for. Or on.

disneyshamylove  asked:

Hey,I love your story!Realy,realy love I wondering if you can choose a song and write story about Shamy with this song. I propose some songs and you choose:-Hey Soul Sisiter-Train(Shheldon)-Without you-Kely Clarckson(Amy)-Accidentaly in love-Counting Crows(Sheldon)-Grace Kelly-Mika(Sheldon)-She will be love-Maroon 5(Sheldon)-Blurred Lines-Megane Nicole(Amy)-Innocence-Avril Lavigne(Amy)-Human-Christina Perri(Sheldon)-Perfect-Helbey(Sheldon)-Domino-Jessie J(Amy) Thank you!

Hi!  Thanks for the prompt.  I picked “Accidentally in Love” mostly because it’s the only song that you listed that I have on my iPod, and I’m familiar with it.  I don’t know if I wrote what you were looking for, but I hope you like it.

My personal favorite Shamy song (in my head) is “Hello My Old Heart” by The Oh Hellos.  That’s just a Jacey fun fact that has nothing to do with this story, so I’ll just get to that instead.  Enjoy!

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