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Gordon’s Daughter | Part Two

//Hope you guys like it. I think I might do a part three to this, if you guys want this to be a long-continued thing? Yeah, so if you’d like that let me know. I really love getting feedback and stuff.


Warnings: Mild swearing. I may have accidentally made an innuendo, but I’m not sure, because I’m a freakin naïve little bab. So yeah. I might have not though.

Rating: Mid-Fluff.

Title: Gordon’s Daughter | Part Two //


She turns off the television as she sees Jerome’s mug shot appear on the screen, and practically throws the controller away from herself, pulling her knees to her chest. Y/n can hear the sound of footsteps pounding up the stairs, and grabs the gun that is laying on the table next to her, pulling the safety and aiming it at the door. Her heart pounds at the sound stops abruptly, and a quiet jingling sound can be heard before the person attempts to throw the door open, the deadbolt causing it to get stuck.

“I-I have a gun!” She shouts, standing up and walking over to the door.

“God damnit y/n, open the door, now!” Jim shouts, yanking it shut. She moves forward quickly, pulling the deadbolt out and opening the door quickly. Jim barges in the room, followed quickly by Harvey and Lee. Lee goes over to her immediately, pulling her into a hug. Harvey goes up the stairs quickly, while Jim goes down.

“Wh-what are they doing?” She stammers, placing the gun on the table. Lee smiles, and strokes her hair gently.

“They’re just searching the house, making sure it’s safe…I’m assuming you heard about…?” Lee doesn’t finish her sentence, but y/n knows what she means.

“Yeah…I-I just saw it, on…on the news.” Her voice is soft and weak, and she shakes slightly.

“Don’t worry. Jim and Harvey are gonna keep you safe. I’m here too. You’re safe, three against one.” Just as she says this, Jim comes barreling up the stairs from the basement, running over to the two of you.

“Downstairs is safe.” He says, briefly glancing at you before moving down the hall and checking the bedrooms. He quickly returns, and looks up the stairs. “Harvey!” Jim shouts. “Harvey, everything okay up there?” The only response he gets is a muffled scream, which causes him to begin to bolt up the stairs. “Harvey!” Before Jim can get all the way up the stairs, y/n begins to scream, causing Jim to turn back around quickly, and Harvey to come down the stairs, almost knocking into Jim. “Where is he Harvey?” Jim asks, trying to move past him.

“Where is…Christ, calm down Jim. I was just trying to lighten the mood…” Y/n’s body shakes as she begins to sob.

“Good job, Harvey!” Lee snaps. “What’s wrong with you?” She asks, glaring up at him. “This is serious.” Harvey shrugs, and looks to Jim for help, who just shakes his head angrily and walks back down the stairs to y/n and Lee.

“He-he’s going to come for me-me. He said so, he said so…” Y/n closes her eyes, and the memory floods her memory before she can stop it.

“Oh, sweet-cheeks. You, you, gorgeous…you’re afraid of me…it’s a thrill, really. I wanna know what gets under your skin, I wanna know what makes you laugh, what makes you smile, I wanna know everything doll.”

“That’s enough, Jerome.”

“So, she’s important to you, huh? Well, you see doll, now I’ve got to have you. When I get out, I’m gonna find you. Don’t forget about me! I know I won’t forget about you.

She opens her eyes abruptly, and shudders. “I want to go upstairs,” she says, moving away from Lee. Jim reaches out for her, and she pulls away. “I want to be alone.”

“That’s a really dumb idea y/n! You want to be alone? I can’t believe you-”

“Shut up, Jim.” Lee says, turning to him and giving him a pointed look. “She can go upstairs if she wants.”

“Yeah…I think I need some sleep.” Y/n whispers, gripping the rail as she heads up the stairs.

“We’ll be down here if you need anything,” Jim says. “Don’t worry, y/n. He won’t get in.” Y/n nods, and walks into her room and props the door open, laying down on her bed. Right as she closes her eyes she can feel herself drifting asleep, the stress of the day having worn her out completely.

She awakens a bit later to a freezing room. She shivers in her bed, and sits up to climb under the covers. As she does, she gazes around the room, her eyes falling on the billowing curtain. Her mind clouds with confusion for a second, and her head tilts slightly. “How did that…” Before she can finish her sentence, her head whips towards the door in a blind panic, just as it slams shut. She can hear the lock being turned, and see a figure moving around her room, grabbing a chair and throwing it in front of the door. All the noise causes a ruckus down stairs, soon followed by a banging at her door.


“Oh, don’t worry about her!” A familiar voice calls out, causing y/n’s heart to jump into her throat. She scrambles out of her bed, and lunges for the door, only to have a slender arm wrap around her waist and yank her back against his warm chest. “Hello, doll.” He growls, his lips only inches from her ear. He laughs slow, and deep, dragging it out in an unnatural way. He brings his other hand up to caress her face, causing her to shudder harshly, which only makes his smile grow larger. “Oh, Jimbo,” he calls out, his voice taking on a taunting tone. “You should have never let me know you cared about her,” he mutters. “But for her to be your daughter,” he laughs harshly. “That’s the cherry on top of the very, very sweet sundae.” Jerome purrs, stepping back and pulling y/n with him. He smiles, placing a kiss on her cheek and inhaling deeply. “And it’s all mine, she’s all mine.” He laughs harshly again, and turns his gaze to the door, his cheek pressing against hers. “Whatcha gonna say, Jimbo? Any last words to your daughter?”

“I swear Jerome, when I get my hands on yo-”

“Oh, let me guess!” Jerome gasps happily. “You’ll kill me?” Jim growls, and a loud bang can be heard against the door, which throws Jerome into a fit of giggles. His laugh quickly becomes dark and hoarse, and he looks back over at y/n. “Did ya hear that? He’s going to kill me!” Jerome makes a face feigning fear for a split second before his mouth drops open, and he blinks slowly. “I’d like to see you try that, Jimbo.” He calls out, backing up towards the window again. “I would let you see your daughter before I take her, but, oh, this is getting boring fast with these threats. So cliché, done so many times, I hoped you would be more interesting. I know y/n is going to be,” he says, his voice taking on a light tone. “Just remember, Jim. When you’re feeling down, and you want to see your daughter, remember…”


“You can’t.” Jerome hisses, a cruel smile crossing his face.

+1 to minako cause does minato even have a butler outfit? I can never find one

also! I made a twitter account! thanks Lan for putting up w me being a confused idiot. I accidentally made 2 accounts cause I didnt know twitter separates your media stuff?? but i like the other username so I’m gonna try using both (help). I’ll probably end up using this one for art/wips/fandom/etc stuff for now?? but still use this as a main for bigger stuff? idk I’ll figure out how I’m gonna do this but I’ll work it out! I’m moving tmrw and won’t have internet for a bit but we’ll see how this goes!

Tuesday was nuts but then it ended on such a high note I couldn’t possibly complain.

Tuesday things:

• I’m TERRIBLE about hitting snooze. And I sure hit it this morning but I got up about 15 minutes earlier than my current average so I’m counting it as a win. #littlethings

• I had to step out of my comfort zone a little today at work because my principal wasn’t there. It was uncomfortable but it made today so much more productive and now that I’ve done these things once, I won’t hesitate next time. 👏🏽

• I forgot about the influx of men at my gym with the influx of New Year patrons. All the regulars are either 1) friendly with me or 2) leave me alone. However, New Brave Soul got super chatty with me in between sets after I accidentally made eye contact with him and accidentally set all my stuff up next to him (for real, it wasn’t on purpose). I barely gave him the time of day even though he was cute and friendly. My awkwardness just took over as I don’t think I love the idea of being approached in my safe space (the gym). But, hey, I am single so maybe I shouldn’t be such an awkward idge.

• I am a planner at heart and already have my week completely mapped out. However, being well-planned also makes it easier to move things around when you get an invitation to go get pie with @amft because, well, I’ve already got a lot of my shit done. I happily switched tonight’s prescribed workout for a shorter one planned for later this week so I could meet up with her. And we splurged and got Emporium’s new hot chocolate which was DIVINE and comes with their homemade marshmallows. 11/10 would do again.

• The last five days have been so full of people I just adore and I’m just not sure how I got so lucky. I spent all fall with Homeboy and never felt as even half as happy as I’ve felt the last few days. So yeah. Making good life choices or something.