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Can you please do the RFA+Minor trio (platonically) with a highschool MC who keeps showing up in the chats during class time?

hey hey this is me, amanda, writing on my phone because i am too lazy to write on my laptop lolol



• you were in the middle of your chemistry class when you felt your phone buzz in your pocket
• you weren’t really doing anything in class so eh what the heck
• you fished it out and saw that Yoosung was spamming the chatroom with complaints about his classes
• you replied: “lol i feel you Yoosung i hate school.”
• the chat room when silent for a while
• when all of a sudden
• “Yoosung is calling…”
• you answered, momentarily forgetting that you were in class
• ok Yoosung stop shouting i can hear you clearly
• you were about to answer when your teacher approached your desk with a glare on their face
• you shrunk in your seat as you said you had to go and handed your phone to your teacher’s outstretched hand


• yes Zen has posted a selfie in the chatroom
• and you, a fan of Zen, HAD to see it
• he mentioned earlier that he was going to post one around 1:00pm
• it didn’t mattered that you were in the middle of your improv class
• as soon as it turned 1:00, you had your phone OUT
• you tapped the chatroom and saw the selfie and died????
• Zen was happy that you complimented him but????
• “MC aren’t you in school? what are you doing here? is it like a free period for sophomores or?”
• you couldn’t lie to Zen and you told him you were in class but you absolutely HAD to see his selfie
• Zen FREAKED and demanded you to get off your phone so you wouldn’t get in trouble
• “but Zen your selfie”
• “MC get off your phone smh”


• “um MC?”
• “yeah Jaehee?”
• “it’s… it’s 12pm.”
• “lol it is”
• “aren’t you in school?”
• “juniors get to leave early around 12”
• “oh really?”
• “lol nah i’m in physics right now”
• “ok but i want to talk to you i hate this class”
• “…”
• “i’m glad you want to talk with me but i’m not going to let you get you in trouble!”
• “awhh jaehee so sweet”
• “mc go to class right now oh my god”


• “heya heya what’s up mista trust fund kid~”
• you were in the middle of geometry and you were so freaking bored
• and Jumin was in the chatroom!
• but the trust fund kid was also in a meeting and was unconsciously in the chatroom
• so was he confused to see you?
• yes yes he was
• “MC what are you doing in here? What am I doing in here?”
• “lol i dont know i’m bored”
• “But aren’t you in school?”
• “lol yee”
• say what
• Jumin was NOT having it
• “That’s very disrespectful to the teacher to be on your phone. It shows that you don’t care about their lessons when they are trying your hardest. And as a freshman in highschool, you should try your hardest, since this will reflect the rest of your—”
• “MC has left the chatroom.”


• Seven was finished with his work for the day and was incredibly bored
• but everyone was doing their own thing!
• he wanted to mess with you but figured you were in school
• but he knew since you were a SUCKER for memes and that you didn’t care about school anymore because you were a senior that you would immediately join the chatroom if he sent one
• so
• “heya MC wanna see a meme?”
• you replied in 0.01 seconds
• so the Defender of Justice sent you a shit ton of memes!!
• which made you laugh out loud accidentally in class
• and get in trouble by your calculus teacher
• seven died of laughter
• “don’t hate the memer MC! hate the meme!”


• V, who was in the middle of is breakfast, glanced at his phone and saw that you were in the chatroom
• even though he barely goes in, you seemed as if you were in distress so he answered: “MC? what’s the matter?”
• you WERE in distress because??? world history was so hard???
• you complained to V about your dilemma which made him chuckle
• “MC aren’t you a sophomore? aren’t you supposed to know this?”
• *facepalm*
• “MC just look it up, i’m sure it’s not that hard and aren’t you in school right now? why are you here?”
• you were in a snappy mood and V wasn’t making the situation better
• “isn’t it obvious? I NEED HELP”
• “mc ask for help… from your teacher…”


• it’s the first period of the day and you already wanted to die
• your algebra 2 teacher was giving you shit
• so you decided to bitch out in the chatroom
• and Saeran just happened to be there lol
• “yall my mf teacher is about to catch these hands i’m sick of her”
• Saeran raises his eyebrows at your complaining and replied back: “mc wtf are you doing here pay attention in class”
• you rolled your eyes and type back: “i fuckin hate school why am i here come pick me up Saeran”
• Saeran scoffed and replied: “i can’t just go and get you MC you have school and it’s only 9am”
• but you persuaded him into picking you up while saying that you guys could hit up an ice cream shop
• “fine i’ll go get you but you’re payingfor my ice cream”


• “MC what the fuck are you doing in here”
• you were headed to your biology class and decided to visit the chatroom out of boredom
• “what does it look like i’m doing lol i’m texting you”
• Vanderwood was confused. “wtf shouldn’t you be in school”
• “shouldn’t you be married by now?”
• “your stupid little—”
• “Zen has entered the chatroom.”
• oh no
• you laughed: “aye hey Zen”

Space Australia: accidental murder

Ok, so team cuddles loves us and team space orc respects us - but what do they think about our accidental extinctions?

Like, sure, because we’re made of iron and madness the federation is glad we’re on their side, but wouldn’t the fact that we can/will/have accidentally murdered entire species make us that much scarier?

I mean, we’ve accidentally murdered shit-tons of other humans through any number of ways. Would there be a specific division in charge of gently steering us away from accidentally everything?

What of the fact that, as a whole, our first real questions for anything are “can we sex it”, “can we eat it”, and “how do we kill it”? I mean, if we run into something intelligent and friendly only the first question is likely (thank you Captain Kirk) but still, any research of living things we do are approached from at least the latter two.

Humans are crazy!

So my best friend @a-dreadful-personal-blog and I made this whole elaborate modern AU once where Soda and Steve were dating and had an apartment together and Two-Bit was living on their couch and they were all YouTubers and so many YouTube shenanigans went down, and Steve had a segment on his channel where he basically just drank beer while complaining about shit and then eventually he accidentally got pregnant and was super pissed because he couldn’t get drunk anymore so he started drinking apple juice in his videos instead because it at least looked like beer and was just drinking a fuck-ton of apple juice boxes all the time out of fucking spite because it was pissing all of his followers off for some reason or something?? Idk we came up with it on the schoolbus every morning for months so we were really fucking tired man

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I'm currently revising my novel and I am wondering if it is normal, that it works so fast and well for me, because everyone says that the revision is the hardest part and that it takes so long. (I wrote the whole novel chronologically though and I had it all plotted out before I started writing and my first draft was 326 pages.) I don't know. I'm just a bit unsure about all that.

Dear matthew-parrish,

Revision is my favorite part of writing, but it is also the part that requires the most intellectual focus from me. For me, rough drafting is all gut and instinct; revision is calculated manipulation. 

It really depends on how close your draft is to what you intended for your finished novel to look like. Imagine a rough draft is a giant shapeless sheet cake. If you know you want a butterfly cake, it’s just a matter of cutting that square of baked sugary goodness into a butterfly. If you don’t know what you actually want, you might just sort of mangle the beleaguered pastry through four different shapes until eventually realizing that you wanted a butterfly all along and now must glue all those mangled cake bits into a butterfly shape using a shit-ton of frosting. 

You pretty much never accidentally end up with a butterfly. 

It sounds like you already knew what kind of cake you wanted.  

I’m sometimes slow even once I’ve cut out the butterfly: I always want each cake to be a little nicer than the previous one I’ve made. So I spend a lot of time in revision making certain every sentence is working intentionally. I also tend to write with an inward-looking recursiveness that requires me to be wide awake. For instance, the prologue of book one of the Raven Cycle: 

The prologue of book four:

I like this fussiness, but it’s not fast, and I can’t do it until I have the entire rough draft in place.

And there is no magical rule. Some people spend a lot of time on the draft and get that time back in revision. Other people fast-draft and wallow in revision. Some people — and those people are me — find that it varies from novel to novel.

Are you normal, you ask? Probably not. Who is?



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Hiii :) can you do an imagine where you and Ash have a fight and it ends up with him saying how he doesn't even know why he's with you and all this mean stuff so you leave and he soon regrets it and oh my lawd the feels cannot be contained right now.

I know, hun, I know. Ashton needs to be stopped.

*A/N: I was going to put this into two parts, but then I thought, “Nah.” So, instead, I shortened it and made it somewhat  angsty/fluffy-ish? idk but hope yah like it~~ :D

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