i accidentally eight


Constance Week » day six

AU day

1956. When Charles Treville, founder of daily newspaper, The Garrison, makes the choice to take a back seat on his hands-on involvement in the publication, he promotes his most trusted sub-editor, Connie Bonacieux, to the helm. Thrown in the deep end, she’s faced with the unenviable task of keeping her unmanageable, albeit fiercely loyal, team in check, all while constantly ensuring Richelieu, editor of The Red Guard Gazette, stays as far away from them as humanly possible. Oh, and then there’s the new boy d'Arty. Green, unexpected and armed with killer doe eyes and an earnest streak the length of the Seine.

hagrid overhearing a student crying beause they miss their dog who had to stay at home and then the next morning an owl arrives for that student with a letter that says “come down to my shack after classes, fang’s here and i accidentally adopted eight puppies. i thought the man in the pub meant they were eight weeks old! daft old me. - hagrid”