i accidentally all the feelings

post reveal, adrien just buys mari alllllllll the chat noir stuff. all of it. all of her gifts are chat noir themed. if they’re using special edition chat noir cups in some random restaurant three hours away, he will get one for her. it will end up in a chat noir gift bag wrapped in chat noir wrapping paper. mari has chat noir themed clothing and pencil cases and notebooks and kitchenware and accessories and her room is slowly becoming more black and green than pink 

and marinette does the exact same thing. she goes out of her way so that everything she makes for adrien is subtly ladybug themed in some way. she gets him ladybug pjs and posters and headphones with antenna on them. she plasters his room in red and black spots. she sets his lockscreen as ladybug and it stays that way for almost two months

for their first anniversary, they swap superhero themed bags and pull out superhero themed gifts

alya and nino joke that they’re more in love with the superheroes than each other and adrien just pulls on the ears of mari’s chat noir sweatshirt

but at the same time, they spend so much time together that they just…swap stuff? like adrien will notice that he’s somehow ended up using mari’s cat headphones for the past week and a half. marinette will be wearing adrien’s ladybug hoodie and when he mentions it she claims it’s hers because she’s the one who wears the spots in this relationship. mari’s chat noir sketchbook is in adrien’s bookshelf and adrien’s ladybug backpack is hanging on mari’s doorknob

the only thing they don’t swap is this giant ladybug and chat noir blanket that is perfect for rooftop cuddling. even if adrien steals it from mari when they accidentally fall asleep up there

I just

I love Liam Kosta so much?????

I don’t even have words for how much? he is a genuinely Good Dude who tries his best

(and kind of fails at it sometimes, but he owns it. and tries to fix it.)

and he is a monumental dork, from that goofy little wave on the Hyperion, to spinning around when the gravity goes, to “did not die!”, to hauling a freaking couch to Andromeda, to the armor scene, to the car, to his facial expression at “change…change of plan?” in his loyalty mission, (to his entire loyalty mission really), to organizing an interspecies soccer/football match, to the heart-shaped jump jets if you romance him

and I just.

He is such a beautiful goof and I love him so much

how does one not get stressed


Come into the light…

Sick Days

Request: hey love!! ❤❤if you’re taking requests at the moment, I would love to read about a reader + harry having a sick day at home together ❤❤ hecka fluff and whatnot, I’ve read your other things and they’re all lovely!! thanks a million ❤❤

 — AFGJFHGL aww thank you <333

Warnings; mentions of throwing up / icky bodily functions in time of sickness, innocent shower together

Notes: I feel like this was kind of ass but I triggered myself writing because imagine having Harry by your side when you’re sick !!! He would be so cute I can’t.

“Harold Edward Styles!” Your voice boomed through your silent home as you slammed the front door open, angrily stomping up towards your shared bedroom where Harry miserably lay with a cold.

“Yes, love?” He responds groggily, turning over in bed to face your figure standing in the middle of the doorway.

“You got me sick!” You groan while dropping yourself onto the bed beside him. “I was on my way to work and I started feeling nauseous which ended up with me pulling over on the side of the road and throwing up!”

“Did you call in sick?” Harry asks, bringing up a warm hand to caress yours. Instead of speaking, you simply shook your head up and down, no longer wanting to fight back the pain in your throat when you spoke. “’M sorry I got you sick.”

“Babe, give me a kiss! Cuddle with me!” You mocked in a deep British accent, copying his exact words from the past two nights. You instantly regretted the voice, internally withering at the sharp pain stabbing the back of your throat. Harry let out a low rumble of a laugh from his chest which ended up leaving him in a coughing fit.

You pushed yourself off the bed and strutted over to your dresser, picking out an oversized shirt from Harry and disappearing into the bathroom where you changed and brushed your teeth.

“Do you want tea?” You question Harry as you pass by the bed.

“Please,” he mumbles.

You padded down to the kitchen and set up the kettle on the stove. Walking over to the cupboards, you pulled out two tea bags of lemon verbena tea, mentally reminding yourself that it was one of the best options for having a cold. Once the kettle whistled and you poured the boiling water into the cups along with the tea bags, you returned to the bedroom with the hot remedies.

“Thank you, Y/N,” Harry whispers with a small smile as he takes the tea cup from you with steady hands. “Y'know, lying in bed all day ’s not all bad.”

You happily agreed, now that you were snuggled in between your blankets with a warm cup of tea in your hands and your lover by your side. The TV was turned on and playing re-runs of programs from the house channels, specifically house renovations.

When Harry had finished his tea, he lied back down, this time with his head in your lap and his hands gripping either side of your thighs, his eyes still trained on the TV.

“If I spill my tea on you, it’s not my fault,” you warn with a large frown, gripping your tea cup tightly as you thought of accidentally spilling the hot liquid all over your boyfriend.

“I probably won’t feel it, my body is numb,” Harry answers back, a small moan of discomfort leaving his lips right after. You let out a quiet ‘aww’ and placed your tea on the bedside table, freeing your hands so you could run them through his matted curls. His hand wrapped around your wrist, tugging down to give you a hint that he wanted you to lie down next to him. You happily obliged, lowering yourself down from your sitting position until you were face to face with him.

“Since we’re both sick, can I kiss you?” He questions with a cheeky smile.

“This was your plan all along wasn’t it? Sneaky, little-” Harry’s lips collided with yours, cutting you off from your accusation. You instantly kissed him back, sliding one of your hands behind him and gripped the hair on the nape of his neck. His arms encircled around your waist, desperately pulling your body towards him as he brought the two of you impossibly close. Eventually, your body ended up completely on top of his, your lips still locked together and your legs entangled with one another.

When you finally pulled away with a sharp inhale of air, you looked down at the blushing man underneath you, his swollen lips displaying a toothy smile.

“Are you comfortable like this?” You ask, fingering one of the ringlets on his forehead.

“Very,” Harry whispers, letting one of his hands find its way in your hair. You sighed contently and rested your head in the crook of his neck where you both slipped into a much-needed nap.

You awoke four hours later, slobber spilling from your mouth onto Harry’s bare chest, the back of your shirt clinging to the sweat on your body due to the immense heat that made the room feel like an oven. You quickly ripped yourself away from Harry and used the sheet to wipe off your saliva sitting on one of the birds tattooed on him. The rush from getting up too fast suddenly hit you and before you knew it you were dashing over to the bathroom and doubling over the toilet. As you emptied out your guts into the toilet, you felt a hand grab a fistful of your hair while another soothingly rubbed your back

Harry felt guilty as he watched your face contort in pain every time your stomach urged you to throw up or your head throbbed every few seconds. He knew it was his fault that you were in this current horrible position and he never intended to get you sick, but he couldn’t resist you even if he tried. Although he still felt sick himself, he was coming off it and mentally promised himself that he would take care of you like you had for him in the last few days.

“'Ma set up the shower for you, love,” Harry whispered to you, pressing a kiss to the top of your head once you were sure you finished vomiting. He helped you to your feet and flushed the toilet, guiding you over to the sink where your toothbrush waited for you. Harry had gone ahead and started the shower, putting the temperature at a less than lukewarm setting that allowed you cool off from your already heated state.

“Harry,” You called as he was about to exit the bathroom. “Can you take one with me?”

Harry’s dimples poked through his cheeks as he gave you a closed smile, nodding his head in agreement as he shuffled toward you to help you take off the shirt you had no energy to peel off your body.

Once you were both unclothed, Harry stepped into the shower first and adjusted the water a little bit until he was convinced it was the right temperature for you. You shivered slightly as the cold water droplets slapped against your back but after a few seconds it felt relieving.

You found your way into Harry’s embrace, his arms resting on your lower back while you had your palms pressed up against the middle of his back. A sigh of tranquility left your lips as the water began to soothe every of your aching joints and washed away all of the grime and sweat built up on your skin.

Harry had taken the liberty of lathering up your hair in your favorite shampoo, the aroma of it and the way his skilled hands worked against your scalp almost made you forget you had a pounding headache. After a good forty-five minutes of standing under the showerhead, using the cold water as an excuse to be in each other’s arms, the both of you finally stepped out into the now fresh bathroom. You silently thanked Harry for opening up the windows and letting the crisp night air flow into your hellfire bedroom.

“Can we go back to sleep?” You asked Harry once the both of you had finished changing. You pressed your chin on his chest and looked up at him, getting a full view up his nostrils.

“'F course, babe,” He smiles, tapping the tip of your nose with his index finger. Harry bent down and tucked one of his hands behind your knees and let the other rest on your back where he literally swept you off your feet and carried you into the bedroom before dropping you onto the bed. Harry slipped in beside you, his hands instantly reaching out to put them somewhere on you where you wouldn’t get too hot but also wouldn’t let you get too cold.

“Thanks for taking care of me, H,” You mumbled groggily, peering up at Harry’s glistening green eyes.

“I’m only returning the favor,” He shrugs. “But also because I love you.”

With all the power you had left in you, you leaned up and pressed a soft kiss on his forehead, letting your lips linger for a bit before placing another one on his.

“Better be ready to take care of me again tomorrow since I’ll most likely feel ten times worse,” You grin sarcastically, your head falling against your pillow in defeat.

“Mm, always,” Harry laughs softly.

Has anyone ever considered asexual incubus/succubus?

Instead of seducing their victim to HOT, STEAMY SEX, they lure them to platonic intimacy, hugs, shoulder massages, baking cookies and movie nights cuddled on a sofa.

They go after the lonely and hug starved. Cuddle parties are their jam. 

dear diary, today steve wrecked three motorcycles and a car. that’s still three less than last month
William Nylander - The Publicity Stunt Part Three

Word Count: 1888

Warnings: Cursing

Prequel / Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six  / Part Seven  / Part Eight/ Part Nine

Vitaly had chosen a hole in the wall cafe down the street from my building. I didn’t mind being somewhere more secluded. In fact, I was happy about it. Wanting to stay out of the public eye as much as possible. I dressed nice, but it wasn’t for him. It was for Will who I planned on running away to see immediately after. Not an ounce of guilt in my body.

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I’m sorry, but why does no one ever TALK ABOUT THIS

Please Stop and Read This If You Ship Fack or Reddie

I honestly loved being in this fandom the first few weeks but it’s turned into drama so fast. Jack has said to stop shipping him and Finn but he didn’t say stop shipping characters because they’re fictional. He commented on a video and said that he is annoyed with everyone constantly telling him to break up with Ellie and to date Finn, and telling him that he’s gay. Source: (x) Did I ship Fack? Yes. But when I realized that I was no longer shipping the characters I stopped because it’s wrong to force a sexuality or thought on someone. People did it to me last year and I know how it feels. People kept telling me I was gay and I was so confused and I got depressed too. I had to take a break from social media and everything because I was confused and annoyed and I didn’t know what to do. I don’t want that to be the same for Jack. He’s 14 and doesn’t need to be confused like I was. So please stop. Shipping characters is okay but the pressure they have to endure on a daily basis is terrible. He’s being pushed into a relationship (which he already has one) that he doesn’t want. He has a girlfriend that may not be the best person but she makes him happy so it’s ok. Stop telling them to break up. Ellie even did a livestream where she addressed Fack and even Jack’s relationship with Finn and herself. If you watch it you’ll see that she’s not as bad as you think she is. She is human too, just remember that. So please before you get angry with him just think about how he feels or you yourself would feel in the same situation.

So now regarding the rape joke. I know personally I make crude jokes when I’m in an uncomfortable situation. There was a dead girl at a beach where I was and I was joking and laughing to help cope with the pain. He might have simply been in an uncomfortable situation and done the same. I personally think we have very similar personalities so that could’ve happened. If you’re mad about it whatever you could’ve been personally offended so that’s fine. But can everyone please just get over everything and we can all move on. Like I said earlier the fandom was better the first few weeks and now I’m ashamed to be in it. I never wanted all this drama so can we please just leave it alone.

(I had a better explanation that was way longer but I accidentally deleted it and I didn’t feel like typing it all out so here you go)

Thank you.

2P!China Boyfriend Headcanons

⦁ im sorry i don’t know whats happening deh is blasting in my ear and i can’t se e
⦁ anyway
⦁ so you’re dating th eman himself
⦁ mr. zao wang
⦁ w0w
⦁ memester 2.0
⦁ zao is a masTER cuddler (as previously mentioned)
⦁ he will not let go for the world
⦁ i also feel like he secretly has shoved an intire bag of cone backflow incense up his ass at one point
⦁ his room is just a haze of incense smoke, like, you can smell it from outside
⦁ “zao you have a problem”
“at least is smells good tho”
⦁ he’s so supportive of all your decisions
⦁ he’s cheering you on in the sidelines for whatever you’re doing
⦁ he’s a martial artist but he’s so good at slipping on nothing
⦁ he’ll like be trying to impress you with some sick kick flip or something on a skateboard and fly backwards
-luckily he usually uses his gymnast abilities to backflip and land onto his hand or something
⦁ “i meant to do that”
“if you hadn’t’ve said that i would’ve believed you”
“fuc K”
⦁ he will cook for you, but only one dish
⦁ its all he knows
⦁ “what’s in it?”
*loud sweating*
⦁ i cant decide if i like him better with shorter or longer hair, but his hair grows really fast so he alternates
- he also probably has a bit dyed all the time
⦁ “,,,zao,,”
“,,you wanna match?”
“,,, yes,,”
⦁ he tans really easily and looks like a completely different person
“where is my boyfriend”
“i dont even know anymore”
⦁ he always wears hats and puts them on you
⦁ i used to hc him as sort of a fuckboi (personality and clothing), but i am 100% sure he is a virgin and is all bark
- like if you put your hand on his leg when you’re laughing or something he would turn 50 Shades of Maroon ™
⦁ he totally never wears sleeves tho
- it’s because he gets hot really easily, but only when his arms are covered??
⦁ he always gives you a pen or a marker or something because he likes to be drawn on
⦁ “it’s like having tattoos but you can start over if you fuck up”
“it also doesn’t really cost much”
⦁ he watches korean soap operas like its his religion
⦁ he’s also a bitch baby like he will cry over the Titanic
⦁ he loves memes
⦁ ^thats how he flirts
⦁ like february is the worst month to date him
⦁ he’ll send you those valentine card memes
⦁ he’s into traditions like his 1P! and lives off of his sentiment
- he kinda hoards anythign you give him ever
⦁ he used to be one of the “rawr XD” kids in his teen years and he despises that fact about himself
- bring it up all the time for maximum entertainment
⦁ he will laugh at like anything
⦁ he’s got a contagious laugh too
⦁ he will wink at you so much but he sucks so it’s never sexy, just really cute
⦁ he secretly likes panda express
⦁ likes to take you on dates at the most inconvenient hours
⦁ 1-5AM, usually
⦁ he is such a scaredy-cat, but he likes the thrill of fear, so you guys might be going to a lot of haunted houses or abandoned buildings
⦁ ^ he also paranoys (is that a word??) himself by doing that
⦁ he probably accidentally bought a bong once because he thought it was a glassblown vase
- allen laughed at him for eighteen years
- he then did the same thing and matt has never laughed so hard
- please protect zao from any further embarrassment and shop with him
⦁ i feel like he accidentally gets arrested all the time for no reason and will be calling you crying and pleading to bail him out
⦁ he has so much love to give but he isn’t exactly the most experienced in relationships, so he will be so nervous with PDA but do it anyway
⦁ he will launch himself at you if you enter the room as a greeting and swing you around
⦁ he gets up at like 6AM every morning but he stays in his room until like 12 so everyone is like “zao sleeps forever” and the first time you come over you’re super confused because you wake up at like *whatever time you wake up* and he’s probably already awake like “hey i made some tea do you want any”
⦁ he is either all over the place or the chillest human being in the world
- he will have such a change in mood so quickly you’ll be like ??? are you okay??
- he is, he’s just chilled out now
⦁ he loves TV shows but he NEVER finishes them it’s so aggrivating
⦁ he’s probably apart of the motorcycle gang ™ but usually walks or skates places
⦁ anyway i hope these are satisfying for oyu
⦁ bc u will be satisfied
⦁ especially if ur dating zao wang ;)))))))))))



laurel weeks 2016: week 3

parallels: laurel lance + steve rogers

holy FUCK my tooth hurts so much i cant chew on the right side of my mouth at all and every time i accidentally close my jaw it feels like that tooth has cracked in half and it stays sore for 15 minutes. im dreading going to sleep because i know im gonna grind my teeth at night and wake up in agony