i accidentally all the feelings

I just

I love Liam Kosta so much?????

I don’t even have words for how much? he is a genuinely Good Dude who tries his best

(and kind of fails at it sometimes, but he owns it. and tries to fix it.)

and he is a monumental dork, from that goofy little wave on the Hyperion, to spinning around when the gravity goes, to “did not die!”, to hauling a freaking couch to Andromeda, to the armor scene, to the car, to his facial expression at “change…change of plan?” in his loyalty mission, (to his entire loyalty mission really), to organizing an interspecies soccer/football match, to the heart-shaped jump jets if you romance him

and I just.

He is such a beautiful goof and I love him so much

post reveal, adrien just buys mari alllllllll the chat noir stuff. all of it. all of her gifts are chat noir themed. if they’re using special edition chat noir cups in some random restaurant three hours away, he will get one for her. it will end up in a chat noir gift bag wrapped in chat noir wrapping paper. mari has chat noir themed clothing and pencil cases and notebooks and kitchenware and accessories and her room is slowly becoming more black and green than pink 

and marinette does the exact same thing. she goes out of her way so that everything she makes for adrien is subtly ladybug themed in some way. she gets him ladybug pjs and posters and headphones with antenna on them. she plasters his room in red and black spots. she sets his lockscreen as ladybug and it stays that way for almost two months

for their first anniversary, they swap superhero themed bags and pull out superhero themed gifts

alya and nino joke that they’re more in love with the superheroes than each other and adrien just pulls on the ears of mari’s chat noir sweatshirt

but at the same time, they spend so much time together that they just…swap stuff? like adrien will notice that he’s somehow ended up using mari’s cat headphones for the past week and a half. marinette will be wearing adrien’s ladybug hoodie and when he mentions it she claims it’s hers because she’s the one who wears the spots in this relationship. mari’s chat noir sketchbook is in adrien’s bookshelf and adrien’s ladybug backpack is hanging on mari’s doorknob

the only thing they don’t swap is this giant ladybug and chat noir blanket that is perfect for rooftop cuddling. even if adrien steals it from mari when they accidentally fall asleep up there


Come into the light…

Has anyone ever considered asexual incubus/succubus?

Instead of seducing their victim to HOT, STEAMY SEX, they lure them to platonic intimacy, hugs, shoulder massages, baking cookies and movie nights cuddled on a sofa.

They go after the lonely and hug starved. Cuddle parties are their jam. 

holy FUCK my tooth hurts so much i cant chew on the right side of my mouth at all and every time i accidentally close my jaw it feels like that tooth has cracked in half and it stays sore for 15 minutes. im dreading going to sleep because i know im gonna grind my teeth at night and wake up in agony

dear diary, today steve wrecked three motorcycles and a car. that’s still three less than last month
Light in the Dark

I totally didn’t stay up till two writing Sabezra angst…I don’t know what you are talking about….haha *flops*

So, I kind of wanted to write, and then I just got a spark of inspiration and well, this is the result. It’s a sequel to “Distant”, which is from @meldy-arts’ future AU. It’s not really what that one person requested…but it was really fun to write. All the feels, and I kind of accidentally threw in a funny reference to this post as well….xD

Anyways, this was fun to write even if I did stay up a little too late writing it haha *rolls away listening to “Runnin’ Home to You” because it came on and I decided to use a lyric from it because reasons*

Fic below the cut (hope y’all like it!)

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Name: Maia Ryder
Age: 24
Pronouns: she/her
Sexuality: queer

Pre-Initiave Background: Recon NCO, Alliance.
Ryder spent most of her career “on loan” to assorted University-based research teams going to isolated locations through-out the Milky Way because she has a knack for herding academics. (Wonder where she picked that one up?) She is good at finding things, and people, and intel … and things that people don’t want her to find. She likes solving puzzles, as much for giving the answer to people as for the puzzles themselves. While she is very widely and well read, she enlisted right after High School and has no formal degrees to back up her science nerd tendencies. 

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Morality Alignment: Neutral Good
MBTI: “The Campaigner” (ENFP -A)

Loadout: overload, incinerate, “Zap”
Profile: engineer/infiltrator
Weapon(s): carnifex pistol, viper sniper rifle, angaran firaan
Squad(s): Jaal/anyone, Peebee in the Vaults, Vetra on Kadara, Drack on Elaaden

Road Trip HCs

this was totally inspired by the road trip I just took with my husband

- Yuuri studied music in college and loved music theory particularly, so yes, Vitya, he is qualified to know the definitive way to build a road trip playlist.
- Victor always offers does the first leg of driving, because Yuuri is prone to drowsiness when they first hit open road.
- After 30 seconds in the car, Yuri Plisetsky plugs in a pair of earbuds and falls asleep.
- The first time Yuuri rode with Victor anywhere, it restored both his faith and fear in higher powers: Victor loves to drive fast. This is when they discover the upper limit of Yuri’s vocal range.
- Victor is sneaky about it, driving comfortably until Yuuri dozed off and Yuri was passed out, kicking it into high gear to shave off a few minutes of travel time.
- Yuuri is an incessant snacker on the road. If he isn’t sleeping or driving, he’s eating. He eats the worst as the sun goes down, chomping on peanut butter wasabi chips. Yuri revokes his snacks soon thereafter.
- When they stop for a while, they take Yuri out to the grass with them. Yuuri takes Victor’s hand, and all three quietly watch the stars twinkle brightly above them. They know Yuuri won’t have any issue driving at night, but no one is quite ready to go just yet.
- Yuuri sings as he drives, which doesn’t help sleepy Victor and Yuri stay awake.
- Once Victor is asleep, Yuuri is nearly silent, only occasionally whispering encoragements about changing bodies to Makkachin in the backseat, boofing back at him. Yuri cracks one very private smile.
- After about 6 hours of driving, Yuuri pulls into their destination: the same little dacha Yakov escapes for a week during off-season.
- Victor doesn’t tell Yuuri about his overhearing Yakov’s promise to Yuuri about a getaway spot for if the anxiety got to be unbearable.
- Yuuri and Victor normally only go once during the season, but Yuri has a bad panic attack.
- Yuri is shockingly mellow for the stay. He keeps to himself at first, mainly disappearing when the sun is up and reappearing for food.
- Even through Victor has improved his kitchen skills significantly, all three agree that he should avoid the knives.
- Yuuri and Yuri bond over cat videos as Victor finishes the dishes. Victor takes 27 pictures of them napping on the couch.
- Victor gets a dose of karma as Yuri takes the wheel in the open land. Yuuri laughs for three days.
- The trip back is with more songs to sing along to, and even Yuri can’t resist Beyonce’s call.
- Yuuri and Victor get a single hug from Yuri in front of Lilia’s apartment building. Victor fights tears as the quietest thank you escapes Yuri.
- Yakov gruffly pats Victor on the back and nods exactly once in approval. Victor does burst into tears then.

sophilly  asked:

Lo, I woke up this fine bank holiday morning thinking I'd just get up, eat my breakfast in peace and have a little scroll through tumblr maybe see some funny shit but here you are with all these iconic moments with your tags and all the feelings and emotions and now i'm sat crying into my crumpets so thanks for that


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Can we just talk about smol jellybean Matsus? What if s/o is joking with them & is like "Who said that?" Looks around all dramatic "Must've been the wind" finally they're like "oh! I didn't see ya down there!" before smoochin his cheeks...I'm so mean

omg that’s cute! (˶ ・⌄ ・˶ )

I think Osomatsu would absolutely roll with it, giving you a playful “you little-!” while grinning like an idiot. He tackles you later when you’re not paying attention, demanding more kisses.

Since Karamatsu is used to being ignored, he would actually be happy you made a joke with him rather than using him as the punchline. He thinks that it would make a nice recurring gag and will try to convince you to form a duo with him in skits more frequently.

Choromatsu gets pissed easily, and he would most certainly go on one of his “you big people with your even bigger attitudes” rants. Sometimes he tries to kick you in the ankle, too, though it’s always just for show and he never uses enough force to actually hurt you - on the other hand, it makes him look even more ridiculous. He is easily pacified with kisses, so it’s okay.

Ichimatsu would give you the death glare, but that’s all. Expect him later to randomly pounce at you when you’re most vulnerable, though… Biting will be included.

Jyushimatsu would make the face, and after a few seconds of staying silent, he would just randomly pick you up and run around with you as fast as he can.

Totty would honestly just keep making a pouting face at you until you apologize. Beware, he is willing to ignore you for the rest of the day if you’re not fast enough…

I’m sorry, but why does no one ever TALK ABOUT THIS