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honestly imo steven doesnt seem that unrealistic? idk i feel bad all the time for accidentally upsetting someone or thinking i might have upset someone so i dont really let myself be upset with people unless i have an outburst, but that might be abnormal for a teenager? ive been told im "really thoughtful for my age" so idk (im 15)

Fair enough, I do that a lot too tbh.

The only teen boy I know irl is my 13 yr old brother who’s a loud, rowdy, unapologetic little bastard. So I guess Steven just seems super different to me lol. But I still think Steven still should have more outbursts and not be the moral compass of the show.


so, yeah. this year was awful and a lot of bad things happened, but i guess the people i follow and the things i like to see everyday helped on suck a little less. i’m not really good on what to say on this things, but thank you so much for being here! i think you’re awesome and i hope you have an amazing 2017. happy holidays!

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post reveal, adrien just buys mari alllllllll the chat noir stuff. all of it. all of her gifts are chat noir themed. if they’re using special edition chat noir cups in some random restaurant three hours away, he will get one for her. it will end up in a chat noir gift bag wrapped in chat noir wrapping paper. mari has chat noir themed clothing and pencil cases and notebooks and kitchenware and accessories and her room is slowly becoming more black and green than pink 

and marinette does the exact same thing. she goes out of her way so that everything she makes for adrien is subtly ladybug themed in some way. she gets him ladybug pjs and posters and headphones with antenna on them. she plasters his room in red and black spots. she sets his lockscreen as ladybug and it stays that way for almost two months

for their first anniversary, they swap superhero themed bags and pull out superhero themed gifts

alya and nino joke that they’re more in love with the superheroes than each other and adrien just pulls on the ears of mari’s chat noir sweatshirt

but at the same time, they spend so much time together that they just…swap stuff? like adrien will notice that he’s somehow ended up using mari’s cat headphones for the past week and a half. marinette will be wearing adrien’s ladybug hoodie and when he mentions it she claims it’s hers because she’s the one who wears the spots in this relationship. mari’s chat noir sketchbook is in adrien’s bookshelf and adrien’s ladybug backpack is hanging on mari’s doorknob

the only thing they don’t swap is this giant ladybug and chat noir blanket that is perfect for rooftop cuddling. even if adrien steals it from mari when they accidentally fall asleep up there

Has anyone ever considered asexual incubus/succubus?

Instead of seducing their victim to HOT, STEAMY SEX, they lure them to platonic intimacy, hugs, shoulder massages, baking cookies and movie nights cuddled on a sofa.

They go after the lonely and hug starved. Cuddle parties are their jam. 

I’m sorry, but why does no one ever TALK ABOUT THIS


Come into the light…

cellmates || open

Noah swallowed some, hugging the few things he was given to his chest as the guard lock him in the cell. It took him a second to turn around and send a smile towards the other man before offering a cheery, “… Hello,” And hopefully masking every ounce of nervousness he felt.

i couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have a phobia or fear of needles and doing HRT like sometimes i accidentally stick it in a little sideways and i can feel all the weird shit it does in my leg. like never have i been so thankful for being desensitized to everything hospital-related

2nd commission for @ryoura! This one is based off of an android AU I dreamt up once that we ended up discussing in detail. Long story short: Barma was a genius scientist who created Oz and like accidentally ended up becoming his dad opps. The scenario I was given was Barma scolding Oz as he was charging because he ran out of power!

If you’re interested in commissioning me, here are the details!

I’m here for dad hero Chat Noir

We all know Gabriel Agreste is a shit father, so I wanna see Chat Noir become the substitute father for like, all of Paris.

Chat Noir’s just chillin hopping roofs, sees a kid crying on the balcony “hey kid what’s wrong?”

And he ends up giving a lot of sage life advice that he of course is too dumb to take himself

But then when the kid’s like “oh my parents kicked me out cause i was gay/beat me/are mean to me/treat my depression like i’m just trying to get attention”

Chat Noir just fucking loses it

He whisks the kid off to stay with friends and then appears as the Angel Of Vengeance Unto Thy Fathers

Ladybug questions him why he’s breaking into people’s houses and yelling at them and then when he explains she’s like “oh fuck no” and starts bringing the kids baked goods and shit

But she doesn’t get the depth of it - especially with the kids who’s issues get brushed off cause you know if that poor tiny child had a panic attack in front of Gabriel he’d just get a lecture on upholding the family name - Chat Noir is just fucking pissed off

He gets a reputation - if you mistreat your kids, not only is God gonna judge you, Chat Noir is gonna chauffeur your ass to court and serve as the prosecuting attorney

And he continues it as Adrien - when Gabriel finally dies he uses his vast inherited wealth and connections with the Bourgeois family to get hard-hitting legislation passed to make it easier for kids with shitty homes to get out, to improve the foster care system, to make it easier to prosecute emotional abuse and neglect, and he builds a dozen youth shelters and personally sponsors kids who are trying to leave their shitty homes.

And Mama Agreste looks down on all of this from heaven with pride in her eyes in between yelling at Gabriel for neglecting her son

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Love your blog :3 could I have Rei accidentally revealing his feelings to his crush and getting all flustered because embarrassed rei is the best rei XD

ok look i really like this one and i feel so much for Rei

“Rei, please don’t tell me that you actually just left Nagisa in the ocean?”

“I didn’t really have a choice…”

At his reply, you burst into laughter, doubling over yourself as you grasped onto his shoulder in an attempt to keep yourself upright. Rei felt a swell of pride at he watched you laughing - with him, for once, and not at him or one of his mistakes. Ever since Gou had invited you to swim club practice with the swim team that one day, Rei had grown closer and closer to you; and unfortunately for him, had fallen rather in love with you. More so than he ever anticipated.

“Y-you have to be kidding…” Even though you were out of breath, with a face red from laughing too hard, Rei was still stunned by you. Your smile was radiant, and at this moment in time… All his. He felt his heart skip a beat, but shook himself back to reality before he begun to look strange.

“No. He wasn’t co-operating with Makoto, and Haruka wasn’t going to say anything, so we just left him there.” He felt his mouth twitch at the memory. “He got out alright, but didn’t speak to me properly for days…”

“Yeah, but then there was that prank he pulled. With the egg?”

“Please don’t speak of that.” He’d never quite forgiven Nagisa for that - he’d even had the guts to conduct his stupid prank on him whilst you were sat opposite… Rei would rather the ground swallowed him whole than something that unseemly happen again.

“Awh, you still holding a grudge? Come on, it was a little bit funny, Rei…” You grinned widely at him, nudging him gently in the ribs. He knew you meant well, but hearing that you’d found his humiliation ‘funny’ was a little disheartening. There was no way you felt the same way about him that he felt about you…

His feelings must have been showing from his face, and before he knew it, you were up close to him, concern written all over your face.

“Hey, don’t take it personally, Rei. I don’t mean it maliciously, and you know Nagisa doesn’t, either… If it really hurts you, just tell him, he’s not unreasonable.”

That wasn’t the problem, though. Well, it kind of was. Nagisa’s pranks were anything but fun for Rei. The real problem was that he hated you seeing him that way. Of all the people… Sometimes he loathed how he loved you.

“Huh?” You’d backed away from him, confusion contorting your face. “What'dya mean, Rei?”

“What?” What had he said? Had it just been how his face looked? A little awkwardly, you smiled, eyebrow raised and hand rubbing the nape of your neck.

“Rei, were you just thinking aloud?”

“W-what?!” Were you implying what he thought you were implying? Did he actually-

“Love is quite a strong word, Rei.”

Oh no, he was. He’d just confessed his feelings to you. How had that happened? How did someone even do that? How on earth was he not melting into a puddle at the moment from the sheer embarrassment of this situation? How-

“You’re doing it again.” The coy smile on your lips spoke volumes, and Rei could feel himself floundering for an explanation already. He was certain that by this point, he was displaying a vast assemblage of reds; enough to put a parrot to shame, for sure.

“Not all parrots are red, y'know.” He was just digging himself into a hole, now. That, or you were a mind reader.

“I’m not a mind reader.”

“G-gah! C-can you please stop that!!” Finally snapping out of whatever strange state of mind he was in, Rei crossed his arms over his chest in a futile hope to protect some of his dignity. As if his initial slip-up wasn’t bad enough…

“It’s cute, Rei.” His mind was working at a mile a minute, now, and his mind hardly registered what you said after those words. “Although I don’t think we should lose track of what your original little gaffe was…” Your voice was teasing, and Rei could quite literally feel his mind stumble.

“M-my… What?”

“'Sometimes I loathe how I love you’. Like something out of a love poem anthology, my dear. Quite magical, indeed.”

“I-I…” Rei was utterly lost for words. He couldn’t tell whether or not you were joking with him, and frankly, didn’t know which would be worse.

“I didn’t mean to- Uh… I-I mean that I was… Thinking.” Gnawing at his lip and pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose, Rei continued. “T-thinking about… Literature.”

Opposite him, you were nodding slowly, eyes narrowed in mock-thought.

“Y-yes, that’s it! Literature!! I was studying for English last night and… And… That was a… Poem. From it. The thing. That I was,” momentarily choking on his own nonsense, Rei realised how stupid he sounded at that moment in time. “studying.”



Rei wanted the ground to swallow him whole. What sort of imbecile used an excuse like that? What sort of complete and utter worthless cretin even blurted out their thought process in the first place?!

“Rei.” Sitting him down, presumably so that he’d stop drawing attention to himself, you took one of his hands, and he nearly passed out. “Stop getting all flustered.”

Your calm tone of voice helped him a little, but looking into your gorgeous, beautiful eyes only had his heart racing and his palms sweating once more. Smiling almost pitifully at him, your hand reached to caress his jaw, and he forgot how to breathe.

“Rei, I can feel you shaking. Please calm down.” He couldn’t calm down. He wasn’t going to calm down until the ground swallowed him up. That, or the blood that was running beneath the skin in his face actually got so pressurised that his face exploded. No, no… That wasn’t possible.

“Maybe this will help.”

In an abrupt, sweet, perfect moment, your lips were on his. It was just a single moment, a mere blade of grass in the meadow of time, but Rei felt as though he could preserve that moment for eternity. It kept on playing through his head, again and again, until he knew nothing but that one fleeting instance…

Then he woke up.

“Rei!” Your voice perforated the bubble of freshly-awoken haze that surrounded him, and he turned to look at you, vision blurry. “Oh, your glasses.”

You handed him the spectacles, although he noticed upon donning them that they were a little skewed.

“What happened?” He presumed that the events his mind had just played had been a dream, so… Maybe he’d walked into something at lunch? How utterly undignified that would be, in front of you, of all people…

“You passed out when I kissed you.”


I have only ever killed 3 sims and two of them were to get the ‘Harsh Weather’ badge. The other one was because I was playing around with the needs bar and accidentally dragged the hunger bar down all the way. I still feel bad about that one.

AU where Tony Stark can’t become Iron Man because the strain of using the suit will kill him. So because he’s got things to make up for he becomes the financial backer for the Avengers Initiative. Fury doesn’t give in immediately of course and makes Tony prove he’s really in. So Tony proposes designs for armor upgrade for SHIELD agents as a whole, a few other small upgrades, and pretty much tells Fury if he’s getting involved he’s fixing their security network because it’s laughable. 

Which is why Tony ends up hearing about Black Widow and meets Natasha. And finds a woman who is good at being what she needs to be who keeps things on the need to know. Who wants to help and do right to make up for past transgressions. Tony who reads through confidential files about what happened to Nat. And of course it doesn’t escape her notice because she pays attention she confronts him about it. Not that she doesn’t know all about Tony Stark herself, not with all there information floating around about him. And Tony does the only thing he can do to repay the breach of trust, he makes himself vulnerable. Admits that what he read literally made him sick. And at first Nat is angry because she knows who she is now and what she’s done. She doesn’t run from the truth. Tony explains he actually gets choked up when he talks about picturing a kid forced to learn those things, to do those things, how he wanted so damn much to save the kid who needed saving. But it’s too late for that. Tony’s seen what she can do now and what she does. Nat is someone who deserves to be an Avenger because she’s already one. It confuses many people why after that Tony and Nat get on.

Clint doesn’t cause that much trouble though he does give Tony a little noise about the sudden reborn again thing. Tony doesn’t get mad just explains he owes the world and it deserves Hawkeye keeping his eyes on things. And maybe Clint is surprised when Tony Stark signs, stiffly and awkwardly, through his words when the conversation turns more serious. When Tony admits he isn’t the guy who can go out and fight but he is the guy who can make sure the people who go out have what they need for the fight but when they come back too when the fight is over. And it’s obvious Tony is in it for the long haul, ready to dig his feet in and fight. Maybe Clint can approve of a train wreck when he sees one. The paycheck and benefits don’t hurt to convince him. The few demo arrow tips don’t hurt either. It also sure doesn’t hurt that he gets Tony Stark to say “please”.

But the real clincher comes when Clint ends up stranded on the extrusion after a mission and Tony gives Nat the mean to recover Clint. And hiding Hawkeye in the mansion only helps to convince both of them that Tony will have their back. So when Clint is stuck on medical leave lounging in the Stark Mansion they begin to give Tony his own initiation that involves alcohol, involved card games, and learning how to throw knives. 

Then Thor shows up in New Mexico as a consultant for the hammer. He sees the recordings of Thor trying to lift the hammer and failing. He sees everything including The Destroyer and when Thor lifts the hammer in the end. Tony doesn’t ever get to meet the guy in person but he does get to meet the people he left behind. And Jane Foster is brilliant, as is Selvig. Tony makes himself some science friends and well Darcy is just too bubbly to dislike. 

Then things get hot and Tony helps to narrow down the search for Bruce Banner when things start to get hinky. It’s easier to go with Natasha to India than to stick around while they defrost Captain America. And Bruce is a great distraction from dwelling on the fact the guy Howard spend years obsessing about is in fact still alive. 

Somehow Tony ends up at the table with Bruce and they talk, with Nat hovering in the background, uncertain. Tony explains why they’re there. Why he’s there and how he imagines something like this might appeal to Bruce’s capacities for philanthropy. Tony who talks about the details of the procedure and explains how he wonders if things work out that way for a reason. How some men walk out of caves when by rights they shouldn’t have made it out. Tony who tells Bruce he thinks the world has bigger plans for him than hiding in shadows and trying to be some kind of monk. Tony who says he’s met General Ross and he wasn’t impressed. But Big and Green on the other hand, that’s impressive. How Banner has a mind that is a shame to waste when the world could use it. Especially when you have friends in high places that can shut up loud angry Republicans. Tony who looks across the table and asks Bruce if he wouldn’t give him a second chance in the world. Bruce Banner isn’t the kind of man to condemn anyone so he admits he has no reason to deny anyone a second chance. So Tony turns it on Bruce and asks why Bruce cannot give himself a second chance too. Bruce gets a little angry and tries to explain why he can’t when he has to worry about the Hulk. Because they’ve seen what a Hulk can do. Nat startles when Bruce starts yelling because he seems so mild mannered, reaches to set a hand on her sidearm even. But Tony isn’t scared he’s smiling because he knows this. So Tony tells Bruce about the Jericho and how it was almost his legacy, how he has a counter of every life taken by Stark weapons that still ticks up higher everyday even with production stopped. How Tony looks at that number every day and thinks about the people left behind, the ones that die alone. Tony explains to Bruce he’s got a job to do since he’s still breathing to make up for that. 

Then they’re back with Bruce in tow and Captain America is wandering around. And Cap is stiff, formal, and stern. Tony doesn’t know what to make of him but he seems like Howard’s brand approved from the get-go. Cap who eyes Tony in his suit, with the cane and doesn’t quite understand why he’s there. When they explain to him why he’s there Steve doesn’t seem impressed or even interested. Tony tries not to take it personally but it overlaps with the old familiar feeling of Howard’s disapproval.  Tony finds reasons to not be on the helicarrier until he can’t avoid it when trouble comes knocking.

There is Loki and Thor is back. Tony gets to meet the guy this time around and he is kind of beside himself a little bit. 

But then Clint is gone and they need to find him. Nat is tense and Tony tries to help where he can but he can’t find anything. And the stress is wearing him out. Everything feels like an eternity and a blink simultaneously. Tony has too much coffee and almost forgets to take his medication with how time is passing them by. 

When the helicarrier is attacked after Loki is taken in Tony goes with Cap to deal with the damage done because he’s the best they’ve got. Tony who can shoot but is also exhausted and a civilian at the end of the day. But they manage to sort things out, get the rotors moving again. Once Steve tosses the lever he sees why Tony was so snappy over the com-line. Tony who is hanging onto a rail for dear life. Steve pulls him back and maybe doesn’t let go for awhile. Not with the memories that brings up or the fact that Tony hadn’t told him why or hesitated to put himself in danger to get the engine running again.

Then they learn about Coulson. And Steve watches Tony take it hard. Watches Tony disappear into the bowels of the helicarrier to find Nat and Clint. Listens as Tony checks on them to see how they are, cracks jokes even. Steve who doesn’t miss the anxious way he looks over the pair. Who keeps checking his phone for updates from Jarvis about any sightings of Hulk or Bruce on the ground. 

Tony who is stuck standing on the ground when they go after Loki when the invasion begins. Who is among the people with no ability to fight back. Tony who somehow ends up in the Iron Man suit carrying a nuke through a portal even though he knows his heart can’t handle that. 

And Steve can’t help whispering to himself about it being a one-way trip. Hears how Clint curses under his breath before going quiet. Natasha who says she can close the portal, but still tries to will Tony back onto their side of it when she does. Clint who is still quiet. Hulk who is staring up at the shrinking portal. 

Then Tony is falling and he’s back. But he isn’t breathing. Then he is and Steve feels like he can breathe again. 

Tony who when Loki is returned to Asgard gives Steve a key and an address and tells him to stop by. And Nat and Clint and Bruce head back with Tony to the mansion while Steve turns the key over in his hand. He’s got his bike and the few things he owns in this day and age. It’s not a hard choice to drive himself over to Stark mansion.