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I used the super charged energy and symbolism of the eclipse yesterday (specifically the ideas of change, life cycle/rebirth, and overcoming darkness) to charge my crystals and to make a lavender wand.

It feels very personal & applicable to my life right now, so I did a blessing on my wand and for myself to accept and follow this positive and strong energy.

Not only am I starting my journey into witchcraft, but I’ve also experienced a lot of change in my life that I need to adapt to.

August 23rd

River happy birthday. I will never not be pissed about how short your life was, but you gave the world more in your youth than most people that get to live their entire lives do. I don’t think I’ll ever fully accept that you’re gone because it’s too hard and nothing saddens me quite as much as being reminded of that. I wish I could give you a thank you for being my friend through all the movies, I wish I could thank you for giving me so many amazing characters, I wish I could thank you for all the songs, I wish I could thank you for fighting for animals, I wish I could thank you for trying to save the world. I wish I could thank you.

Why Black Women Should Go Natural

Self-love is extremely important when a black woman decides to go natural she is taking a huge step to fully loving herself. Why is that? By accepting who you truly are without wigs, weaves or perms will truly change your life. When I first made the decision to go natural I must admit at first, I was scared of how I would look and most importantly cutting my hair off. However, was the best decision I’ve ever made. Never in a million years would I have gone back natural but I was so tired of perms, thin hair and not seeing hair growth. When I left the hair salon in 2015 after my big chop I’ve never felt so free and more myself. I walked around like “here, this is me take me as I am.” Spending hours on YouTube looking at all the different ways I can style MY hair I couldn’t have been more amazed. So, you mean to tell me I can have these pretty curls, blow outs, big puffs all with my own hair? No $300 sew in or $350 bundles? That’s when I knew I made the right choice. In just 2 years with trims and even cutting my hair touches my back for the first time in a long time. It has grown so much and has thicken greatly in not even 3 years.

A lot of black women use perms because they feel their hair is too hard to manage or the first thing they scream is “I can’t do nothing with my natural hair!” That’s where they go wrong there is plenty of things that you can do to your hair when your natural. You can still switch it up and wear your weaves, wigs, and crochet styles every now and then. But, the products we have now for our hair Is better than ever before. Why purchase an afro wig, kinky curly hair, or a puff ponytail when you can wear those styles for free with your own hair?

We black women take proud in our hair, how we can do as many styles as we want, getting our edges on fleek and slaying day by day. However, imagine the impact on the world if we accepted who we are instead of accepting who everyone else wants us to be. Let us not say “nappy hair” anymore and say “our hair.” Our natural hair is who were love it and care for it and it will love you back.

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Chronic illness grieving has been getting the best of me lately.. no one I talk to understands. I just can't seem to let go of the life I once lived. I don't want to do anything anymore, not even get out of bed most days. At this point I just hate my life. I'm so tired of being sick and in pain and knowing that my future holds more pain and sickness. Any advice you could give? Please? I just need some shred of hope right now because I feel like my world is crumbling. TIA.

aw anon I’m so sorry you’re going through this <3 

When you lose your old way of living, you experience real grief for what you have lost. It’s difficult to accept that your old goals and expectations aren’t going to pan out, and to not be able to do the things that used to make you happy. And so it can be hard for a long time – I think that’s the thing with grief, it just takes time, and even then it can sneak up on you occasionally. That doesn’t mean you can’t find a place of acceptance and find a new life you are happy with though, and I do think that overall it gets easier with time. 

This post might give you a little bit of hope, or at least some things to think about Things to consider if you’re overwhelmed by the thought of being sick or in pain the rest of your life

& I have some other about things I did that helped me accept and even enjoy my life with chronic illness here. (Disclaimer: life worth living is a DBT term that just means a life that you personally find “worth it”, it’s not supposed to imply that other lives are not worth living! I didn’t realize how people would see this term when I made the post!) 

I also recommend reaching out to other people with chronic illness. There are lots of communities online, on basically every platform. It is really helpful to be able to talk to people who understand! You also get some really nice perspective from interacting with other people with chronic illness. For example, some have been sick their whole life and so they never experienced loss, and it can be really helpful to learn from how they think about creating a life that works for them. Talking to people who are both more and less sick than you are, or differently sick is also helpful. And so on. I also pay extra attention to anyone with a chronic illness account where they have the kind of attitude towards their illness that I want to have. When I find people like this I tend to read through a bunch of their posts and follow and I’ve learned SO much about how to be happy and how to handle chronic illness from these awesome people


I bottled my love.
For years I kept it from the world.
And I became an angry person
Who others thought had already
Accepted old age. That I’d die alone
Never feeling the touch of another
On this went and my heart
Forgot how to beat and
I grew to have more in common
With the dead then the living.
I let the darkness swallow me
And all feeling left me. I knew
Not of happiness, sorrow, or even
Anger anymore.
I accepted this and thought
No more on it. Then she came
Into my view and this girl
Made this statue laugh
And veins long dry began to
Flow with life again.
She caressed my face and I felt
Something move in my chest
As she uncorked my bottle
Now my love won’t stop overflowing.

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Hellooo!! Can I have hcs of Eijiro, Katsuki Dabi and Shouta with they're chubby fem s/o being upset about her overweight body and she thinks they rather prefer a skinny and sexy s/o? (I'm chubby and I'm concerned about my body... always thinking that boys rather prefer the skinny ones and don't care about me *snif*)

Awwwwwwwh. ⊂(・﹏・⊂) It’ll be okay, anon, I promise you. There will be someone who will appreciate you regardless of shapes! c: Just accept in yourself and don’t take no shizz from people. Sorry this taking so long, on mobile usually. - Admin Dabi.

Kirishima Eijirou

• Eijirou is stunned that his love assumes he prefers anyone thinner than them. He his severely hurt by the thought. What tugged his manly heart is that it’s not their fault for belittling themselves. Life and personal issues happens on daily basis, that may be the reason why they assume due to past experiences. He understands their suffering.

• Eijirou convinces against their statement, there’s no way he will leave them for another merely for appearances. What is so important about appearance anyway? He goes by the rules: Personality comes first before appearance. He would hate to find another and end up receiving karma.

Katsuki Bakugou

• Bakugou will assume that somebody verbally harassed his love about their weight. I mean, why the hell would they think that about him? He is no cheater and he will never be a cheater. His menacing personality may differ, but Bakugou does respect his love very much regardless of anything.

• Bakugou corrects their false assumptions and he does this politely as possible. He tells them that they shouldn’t let their overweight get the best of them. He doesn’t care about those prettier, skinny people. He’s not interested. Hea only invested in them and he wouldn’t change that for anything.


• Dabi rarely pays attention to anyone anywho, if a women is hitting on him then his reaction would be giving them icily glares before giving the cold shoulders. Hell, even if they make fun his of his overweight love, he’s going to prank them. Her assumptions is invalid to him. He is actually experiencing similar concept with his appearance, so he completely understands.

• Dabi tells his love that it’s okay to be overweight. He isn’t the one for preaching messages, positivity makes him cringe for some reason. But, everyone has to accept and embrace themselves for who they really are. He likes her the way she is. That’s that.

Aizawa Shouta

• Aizawa lets out a heavily sigh as he realizes that his love is drowning in body image thoughts. He doesn’t look that appealing either and he is flattered that his chubby love finds him interesting. If anything, that is something right there. Aizawa shakes his head and embraces her into his arms closely.

• Aizawa tells his love that it really doesn’t matter since he’s only in love with her. Will he ever find time chasing attractive women? No. That’s not his hobby and he’s not up for that. She has a beautiful soul and that’s what he loves.

The mutant in the pub (6)

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary: (Y/n)’s nightmare shows her a glimpse of her past and Bucky calls her with some news.

Warnings: swearing and some self-deprecating thoughts

A/N: Sorry this is late and a little short! I’m not really satisfied with this but, let’s see how it goes! Feedback is appreciated, as usual, and let me know if you find any mistake! Enjoy :)

Again, my taglist is open and I accept requests!

Part 5

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And that’s exactly what she did: she closed her eyes, head leaned on the back of the couch. After a few minutes she was in the land of dreams.

In her case, the land of nightmares.

The long hallway was bubbling with life but that was nothing new: Xavier’s Institute was like that, lively and safe. (Y/n) found herself walking towards the living room but stopped abruptly when she heard all the commotion.

If she was happy a few seconds ago, now she could feel the sadness and dread creeping inside of her.

“Are you insane?!” someone yelled “She can’t be trusted! She’s a monster, a traitor of our own kind!”

“That’s enough Paul”

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Ok but I'm slipping into that triple-bias life and I'm decomposing as we speak, teach me your ways PLEASE (also who are your biases and hey hi we've prob never talked but you're an amazing human, here's a cookie and a hug)


honestly, I just let myself suffer and slowly start to admit to myself that i was triple biased. My soul just slowly left my body when I realised 👀

Who are my biases, you ask. Well, they are daebutt, moon boy and angry birb 😊

I will gladly accept the cookie and hug tyty *takes cookie* *hugs*

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Jyushi I know you got a lot of problems but I need to rant. My mother and older sister aren't being accepting of me being A they/them. And it makes me very depressed. I'll always ask my mother to call me a they or a them but she always refers to me as a she. I'm very disgusted by her and when I'm old enough to move out I want to erase her out of my life forever, and I also want to kill myself because of her verbally abusing me about it. But the worst part is She accepts my sister being gay.

And you’re right for venting!! Venting is important too!! =DD Do your best and keep being strong, ‘kay?

I feel the calm on the edge of my acceptance. There is no reset or restart button on where I am now. No holding button that keeps me here. In this space where the calm seems like a good promise of hope. But the devastation of chaos is ever present and waiting. Waiting to embrace me in its grasp and control my existence. In this moment of conflict I accept this will be my life everyday. On the edge of calm and devastating chaos, I’m unable to tell if I’m in control or being controlled. I wake up hopeful today will be different and this won’t be my reality. But truthfully I am a prisoner to my mind.

Who I need to come into my life right now💜

I want to be with someone that not only likes to tickle me, but enjoys it just as much as I do. Someone who loves to see me smile and hear my laugh.
Someone who will still love my tummy despite the size, and who would hopefully still give it kisses and tickles.
Someone who accepts my tummy for what it is, and still gives lots of kisses/tickles to it
Someone who will stay up all night with me, watching Disney movies and have tickle fights.
Someone who will be goofy with me and boop my nose.
Someone who will tickle my back to help me sleep and let me do the same for them.
Someone I could be comfortable asking for tickles and not feel ashamed or weird.
Someone who doesn’t only use my kink just to get what they want or take advantage of my love for ticking.
But ultimately I want to find someone who either has the same kink, or who doesn’t judge me for having it, someone who even if they aren’t a ler/switch will love me regardless.

Transphobes: You just have to accept yourself as you are and make it work with the cards you’ve been dealt!

Me: *accepts the fact that I am trans and pursues transition to make my life work with the cards I’ve been dealt*

Transphobes: N,,,o…….

I politely asked two dogs to move aside to climb the stairs today and honestly, the annoyed looks they turned my way chastised me more than my mother’s glares ever have. I have accepted the stairs to be the Canine Kingdom and I was a trespasser. I erred and I have seen the error in my ways. The elevator shall be my means from now on, My Majesties. *does a courteous bow and slips into the shadows*

I had gotten so used to be anxious and exhausted and miserable and learned to dread my life day after day, week after week, month after month, year after freaking year because of my previous job that now I actually feel guilty and weird for NOT hating my new job.

My previous job had me so mentally worn down and messed up that I’m having a hard time accepting how okay I am with my new job.

It’s like I got so used to a job that was SO stressful and toxic and negative that now I don’t know how to react to a job that’s actually NOT stressful and NOT toxic and NOT completely negative. I feel guilty that I don’t hate my freaking life all of the time now because of a job.

How messed up is that?

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Accepting it and pretending I'm a girl for the rest of my life would be easier. I just took a look at old pics - as a girl, I'm not even that ugly I become when I do my best to pass. I just feel like giving up would be the best choice, sometimes

I know it can feel that way. I still have doubts all the time about it. But it’s better for yourself to do what makes YOU happy, it may not be the easiest but it’s the one that’s more worth it. You can do it, I promise

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I understand this is very personal so you absolutely don't have to answer this, but do you or have you ever had... I'm not sure how to word it, internal struggles? (not with alters, just with yourself) with not being the "original"? I do myself because I thought I was for years but I'm actually nowhere near the oldest alter and I'm not too sure how to come to terms with this

hmmm. i think at first it was difficult, but when i learned it was true i didnt question it. it all made sense and i suddenly understood so much about my life and how i felt.

its honsestly harder for my family. me not being the kid they raised isn’t something they can understand or cope with. i accepted it, but i dont think other people can.

      so legit the only thing i have in common with barbara is our love of dog filters … anWAY hi pALS ! i feel so #blessed rn to be in this rp with all of you cause like … acceptances had me shook. i’m leia, she/her pronouns, & i’m in the est bc i’m basic. i’m kinda like bummed i didn’t get to be in this the first time around, but so hYPE to be here now bc you all seem ace & i can’t wait to write with everyone ! anyWAY i’m just gonna cut to the read more so you guys can learn about my bb marley bc i’m so excited to bring this muse back to life. ps pls plot wid meME – i have a CONNECTIONS page if you’re interested !

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((An interesting ship indeed but I personally don’t see it developing to a romantic/love interest level because it lacks certain things to it for me that would make it shippable in my eyes and the fact that Croatia will always have trouble developing and accepting any kind of romantic interest in a girl.

Buuuut under the chance that they could be a couple I see them in a kind of relationship like Chloe and Max from Life is Strange (which I btw looooooove) kind of complicated and with Tamara pushing her away a bit and in general being a bit…too much I guess. And also an instagram couple, they’d post pictures all over their instagrams  send more I’m having fun

I haven’t ever been happier in my life...

I had a lot of troubles finding my sexuality (super gay btw the gayest but you know, social pressured to be at least a little straight and whatnot) but I’ve ALWAYS loved being Jewish my whole life. As a little kid I wanted to know everything about the holidays and wanted to share all of our traditions with everyone. No one ever really wanted to learn about my jewishness until I met my current fiance (getting married two Saturdays from now!!!!). She was raised strictly Catholic and never felt accepted or that she fit in with Catholicism. Well, last summer I took her to my cousin’s Bat Mitzvah and she met a lot of my family for the first time and while she was very anxious the whole time, afterwards she told me she had never felt so accepted in a religious or family setting as she did then. She said “you introduced me as your girlfriend and no one batted an eye. Your grandma hugged me after one meeting. It just wasn’t even a thing that we were gay to anyone.” She was so surprised that when I said “hey this is my girlfriend Kaitlyn” they all responded with “hi Kaitlyn I’m ____ nice to meet you where ya from?” Instead of glares or snorts or faces. I said “this is how it always was for me (with this side of my family)” that was when I realized how lucky I was to have grown up Jewish. My grandpa was a lawyer and a judge and my grandma did a LOT of lobbying and she always told me she would lobby for marriage equality and gay rights. It was just normal to me. So when I came out the first time as bi, I just texted my mom and dad separately and they both basically said “yeah glad you’re happy and comfortable and safe” and when I updated my mom on being gay/queer she was just like “oh alright cool”. And my grandparents–it was never even a conversation. My mom said “and her girlfriend” one day and my grandma didn’t even ask about it. I love being gay and I love being Jewish and now my fiance wants to convert and I haven’t ever been happier in my life.