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hc + Tryndamere !


                 I  actually ???  Really love the dynamic between Ashe & Try.n in the new lore. It essentially gives me the same vibe, but its presentation gives much more detail & characterization in my opinion, even in its simplicity. She’s not just entangling herself  in some sort of political marriage that wasn’t even necessary, it’s not bolstered & buffered by popularity within an Institute which no longer exists — Ashe specifically  chose him  as her King to oversee the future of the entire Freljord. It doesn’t even read as inherently romantic aside from the traditional meaning of King & Queen — to me, it holds more weight than that. It’s inherently political, an attempt to unite two different tribal societies ( ma.triarchal & pa.triarchal ) with the intent to proceed with a blended, equal society. She seeks him out specifically, makes the choice, & he accepts. 

                 They really are politically compatible in every sense, though — even the updated lore makes a point of saying that  both of them  have been incredibly vocal of their criticism of Dema.cia’s past actions ( or, more specifically, lack thereof ) in particular, making it clear that they are both capable of understanding & thinking critically about all aspects of the political playing field.  Both of them  are clearly on the same page when it comes to the future of the Freljord; as my  thinly-veiled essay  made clear the other night, it really is pretty revolutionary that two people in a position of power can share an ideal that calls for cultural & political reform on that level, past experiences aside. With Ashe & Try.ndamere, any sort of romantic feelings are only an added bonus; even in the absence of it, there’s a connection & understanding there that motivates not only one another, but those that follow them. They consider each other  absolute equals  ; politically, intellectually, & emotionally. Platonic or romantic, it’s definitely a very important dynamic in Ashe’s life.