i absolutely loved this scene like you have no idea

OK KO! Episodes 6-10

I’ve wanted to keep writing about each episode, but they have been coming out so fast! Here is some background on 6-10. 

You’re Level 100
This one comes from a Dave Tennant pitch, suggesting we spend some time on showing how Pow Cards work in this world. As I’ve said, we internally consider episodes 1-6 as a mini-arc about KO’s first week. Knowing that You’re Level 100 would end of this arc, we tried to treat it as a culmination of everything so far. We didn’t know how many episodes we’d get to do at this point, so we wanted to make sure that these six would be satisfying on their own, and You’re Level 100 is their pseudo-finale. This is most clear in the third act, where we see all the characters we’ve met so far forming into a giant fist to help KO feel like a true hero for a moment. The image is a humorously direct metaphor for some important underlying themes of the show as a whole. Stevie and Danny did an amazing job, keeping things hilarious as KO’s ego takes over and incredibly warm and fun throughout. Also we meet DYNAMITE WATKINS!

Sibling Rivalry
The relationship between Darrell and Shannon is something the original mobile game established really well, and we decided that the first episode to air after our initial “mini-arc” should focus on them. Ian had the great idea of introducing the sporty/romantic Raymond (also first shown in the game) as a shared enemy for all the characters.

This episode has some of the funniest sequences yet, in my opinion. I love the way Haewon depicts the familial relationship between Boxman and the bots, something she did previously in a 2 minute short that will hopefully release someday soon. Dave’s ending scene with the zen faces is already immortal. We obsessed over it at every stage, milking its unexplainable hilarity for all it was worth. An early favorite of mine for its wall-to-wall insane comedy.

I Am Dendy
We faced a big challenge in I Am Dendy, giving a whole episode to a character who was completely new to us at the time. We spent a crazy amount of hours discussing her character and how she could fit into the show’s existing dynamics, going through three completely different story premises before finally landing on this one. As you can see, it started to work when we decided to make it as simple as possible. 

When we saw the first pitch from Geneva & Mira, we knew we had something very unique. After the high-octane first set of episodes, we get a surprisingly down to earth story about two kids spending time together. Geneva & Mira did a great job crystalizing Dendy’s personality. In a lot of ways, Dendy and KO could not be more different. KO follows a strict heroic moral code, and Dendy does not. Their fascination and understanding of their differences brings them together for a friendship we will see much more throughout the series.

Special regards to Jake and Mint Potion for the jaw-dropping music in this episode! Dendy’s theme is probably in my top 3 songs so far.

Do You Have Any More in the Back?
The title of Do You Have Any More in the Back? actually derives from an ancient (2013?) premise that Ian wrote in his original bible for the pilot-era version of the show. The two stories have nothing in common, but it is a fun detail. This new one came from right when full time development started in 2015, which was basically a summer of me and Ian hanging out on an empty office floor and deciding what the show was going to be. A couple times a week Dave Tennant would come by to break stories with us, and I think this and an early, scrapped version of “We’ve Got Pests” were the first. The network liked the story, but asked us to sit on it for a bit because it’s a somewhat deeper, more deconstructive look at Rad’s character.

In my opinion, this is a very successful early episode that provides a pretty complete package of action, comedy, adventure, and emotion. Ryann and Parker stuffed it with countless cute, funny and exciting moments that ended up setting some important character details (and running jokes) for the future. I was extremely impressed by how they handled the emotional subtlety of the ending, which is my favorite thing about the episode.

My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad
My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad is another episode that has roots in Ian’s original Lakewood bible, but unlike DYHAMITB?, this one is almost entirely intact from what was originally written. This is a fairly straightforward Carol/KO story that gives us a great opportunity for extended badass action sequences! Much like with Sibling Rivalry, Dave and Haewon took something simple and infused it with tons of personality. The first time we saw both versions of Chameleon Sr, the room lost it. The action scenes (with plenty of extra love from Jeremy, Max and Anna) are some of our most ambitious so far. The final scenes are sweet, heartfelt and weird in ways I absolutely love.

I have no idea if I’ll be able to keep up with these, but luckily the board artists are writing some of their own great thoughts on the other episodes! 

Geneva on I am Dendy
Geneva on You Get Me
Parker shares his demo animatic from You Are Rad
Danny on the ending of We’ve Got Pests
Ryann on We’re Captured

Unfortunate Events

Request: Can you do a tom holland x reader where the reader and tom are filming Spider-Man 2 and her father passes away and the cast, especially try’s to support her because she can’t go home cause of the film, but the reader is kind of pushing everyone away a bit and has a panic attack during a scene. And Tom try’s to make the reader feel better. ITS ALOT OMG (I love you writing by the Way)

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: I only have a few words, beside this imagine idea is absolutely adorable :) BUT I SAW SPIDER-MAN FOR THE SECOND TIME, and i loved it just as much as the first time. Now, I’ve been in a bit of a craze but i’d love if you guys could send in Peter Parker/Tom Holland requests like this lovely follower here. Of course, request anything else you’d like :) but i thought i’d still ask! 

Pairing: Tom x Reader

Warnings: mention of death.

Originally posted by parkrpeters

When you’d been called for the filming of the returning Spider-Man sequel you’d been happier than could be. You had played a role in Spider-Man: Homecoming, but not a huge one as the first movie had only been leading up to your character arc. You were meant to play a much larger role this movie and Peter Parker’s renowned love interest. 

Of course, you originally hadn’t thought that your role would blossom into anything (the creators hadn’t really told you) and you didn’t expect your characters small role in the first film to be so well loved. You hadn’t thought anything of the film until now, but that didn’t mean you weren’t excited. Filming for the first film you’d been able to make lots of new friends, including the star of the film, Tom Holland.

You all were a close bonded cast and you couldn’t ask for more, being invited back was the best part.

But within a month of filming for the movie, the excitement seemed to disappear and with some upsetting news it seemed harder and harder to get up everyday only to see yourself in a city you didn’t belong in. Your father had passed away, unfortunately and it had hit you hard. Not just because you couldn’t leave because of filming but because your father and yourself had always had a really close relationship. He had been the one to inspire you to act and having him gone made you feel as if acting was pointless. 

Your father would never see you make it big. Would never see you play this huge role in a highly anticipated movie. He’d never get to see you in something you were immensely proud of.

You couldn’t go back and support your family, be with your loved ones and you wouldn’t be there for his funeral. It was crushing you. Of course the cast had been the best, trying to support you the best they could. But even with their undying support, it didn’t seem to matter and you’ve begun pushing them away. It hurt you, but you just couldn’t seem to stop blocking them off from your personal life.

The worst was Tom. Being his love interest in this film meant you had a lot, mainly any scene with you in it, with him. You’d been close before but this seemed to only bring you closer. You felt immense guilt every time you shoved away his attempt at supporting you because you knew he was only trying to help and you were in the wrong. But it hurt to let someone in. You weren’t sure why, you just knew it did.

Today seemed to be the hardest day of all, and it made sense. From your many phone calls with your mum, you knew today was your father’s funeral. Today was also the day you were suppose to film a scene between your character and Peter where you two finally started dating. It was a well-rehearsed scene and you had Tom had been practicing your lines day and night to get the scene perfect as it was planned to be one of the best scenes. But you couldn’t focus.

Staring at Tom, you regarded the outfit he’d been put in for the film. Normally, had it been a week ago, you would’ve probably thought he looked quite handsome. But now you couldn’t focus on much. 

The director signalled you both to start, and taking a deep breath you tried to push the funeral to the back of your mind and focus on the scene. 

“Y/C/N…” Tom started slowly, hesitantly like Peter was suppose to. He took a tentative step forward, his cheeks flushed and his breath fanning on your face. You were the same height as him, maybe even a bit taller. His close proximity was making you feel faint, all emotions flooding. “I’ve been meaning to tell you-”

“Stop!” You suddenly bellowed out, effectively stunning everybody. You barely recognized that that was probably the most unprofessional thing you could’ve done. Your head fell to your hands, and you shook your head your breath shaking.

“Y/N?” Tom called out. Panicked he turned to the director, pleading with his eyes. Tom didn’t have to ask to know what this was about.

“Everybody five.” The director called, “Y/N, take ten.”

You didn’t even hear his words, you could only focus on your tears and your rapid heart beat. Your dad was dead. And you just couldn’t live with that reality.

Before you knew it, a hand grabbed your upper arm, pulling you away from the stage and off to the side. You knew who it was. “Y/N,” Tom started, “please I wanna help.”

“He’s dead.” You mumbled, shaking. “You can’t help!” 

“Yes i can!” Tom pushed, pulling away your hands from your face so he could see you. Looking into your eyes, he grabbed ahold of your arms again. “If you let me.”

“I don’t know if I can continue…” You take a deep breath; “doing this without him. He was my rock and now i can’t even be there for his funeral! What kind of daughter am I?”

“A great one.” Tom answered; “one who loved her father more than anything.” 

You sob, biting your lip. Tom lets go of your arms, opening his own. You immediately walk into them, accepting his embrace. “You can do this, Y/N, I know you can. Just let me hold you.”


anonymous asked:

Poor Jon.. that boy is already in love. I thought it would be dany that would be the first one to be most visibly affected but it seems to be Jon instead. Also, the fact that she's a queen & completely untrained/unskilled to physically fight in a war yet she's right there on the front lines with her army and on her dragon is huge and really shows the type of person dany. I can already tell a big part of their relationship will be mutual respect and I'm so happy about that

Jon is definitely falling for her first despite his best efforts to focus on more important things. He doesn’t even deny it, just that he doesn’t have time for flirting and love. Dany isn’t clueless either and she’s been responding to those sparks. We can assume that a few days have passed since their scene on the balcony, and considering the look Dany and Missandei shared when Jon showed up, she’s at least spoken to her gal pal about him.

And yeeeees! I absolutely loved how she led her army into battle. People have had this idea that Dany is too cowardly to get down and dirty in a fight, but once again these people have been proven wrong. Did you see when that first anti-dragon arrow flew past her head? She’s putting herself in the line of fire just like Jaime, Jon, and the others.

“The person that passes the sentence should swing the sword.” Jon doesn’t appreciate leaders that don’t lead.

anonymous asked:

How would Dacre react to you engaging in a sex strike? I just love the idea of him acting like it doesn't affect him (BECAUSE ACTING IS BASICALLY HIS JOB). *shrugs* "Have it your way Y/N" He spends the entire time teasing you. Walking around the house shirtless and wearing those sweatpants you like. Using his beautiful mouth to eat strawberries all sensually. Watching a movie with you and pulling you into his lap during a really intense sex scene. But I'm sure the teasing can work both ways ;)

omfg i still feel like he would be the one to crack first because he’d find you absolutely irresistible and that mans wouldnt be able to control himself


Our latest ‘FOCUS ON’ feature interview is with  Australian actor John Harlan Kim. Kim has journeyed from the familiar sights of Ramsay Street on Neighbours, to become a valued Librarian on the hit TNT show, The Librarians.

Hi John, how’s your visit home been?
Unreal! Always good to get home for the Summer and see all my mates and the family. Mom was stoked to have me back but now I’m pretty sure she’s getting over it and probably ready for me to head back to the States!

We’ve just seen the season 3 finale of The Librarians. Talk about an emotional rollercoaster. Your character Ezekiel has grown over the years, matured, what’s the journey been like over that time?
It’s weird. Here’s a character I never thought would grow. It was apparent that he suffered from some type of Peter Pan syndrome. But over the seasons we’ve seen more and more that it’s just a guard he has set up and I think people can relate to Ezekiel in that way, that having walls up is a normal human thing to do. He has the most to prove yet he acts like he doesn’t care but we’re seeing more and more that he truly does care, especially about his new family.

Can you relate to Ezekiel in any way?
I’ve grown up with the show myself so that’s probably one of the coolest parts, to not only see Ezekiel grow up and mature with each script but also needing to have to do that myself albeit on a less grander scale because obviously I’m not fighting dragons and minotaurs in my personal life. My problems are a little more realistic like trying to score a date or not over-cooking my eggs.

Has there been an episode that stood out as a favourite?
Point of Salvation. Hands down. The cast were so supportive that ep as was Jonathan Frakes and Jeremy Bernstein. They put me in an environment where I felt confident enough to make choices and take creative risks. I think it all came together really well in the end and I couldn’t be prouder.

Tell us about your relationship with the other Librarians.
Lindy [Booth] and Christian [Kane] set great examples for me, they’re always there for me (Lindy & Rebecca have even housed me at one stage) and they’re just good people to be around. And with Noah [Wyle], I couldn’t be more amped to work with. He’s phenomenal at what he does and I have a lot of respect for the way he handles the pressure whether as an actor, producer, director or writer. He’s awesome. I really couldn’t be in a better position with the cast I have.

And the dynamic between the Librarians and their Guardian, as well as Jenkins? It’s a great technique, incorporating different roles to cover a variety of plot lines.
Rebecca Romijn and John Larroquette make it way too easy to play! They’ve both had long and successful careers in the industry and it was easy to see why from the moment I got to Portland. I love working with them. It’s fun because you’re right, when we have such a wide variety of plot lines to cover splitting up the team becomes necessary to keep on top of it all. Every script I get, it’s exciting! One day I’ll be sitting on a magic council with Larroquette, the next I’ll be beating up zombies along with Romijn!

The episodes are always so unique and interesting, when you first read each script how do you feel? I’d imagine much like the audience, fascinated, but excited as your character experiences it.
One of my favorite parts about the whole thing is getting the next episode’s script. The writers on our show are top flight and they do a spectacular job in conveying their vision onto paper and keeping things fresh and interesting! Like I mentioned, you don’t know what you’ll be doing or where your character will get to travel to, all you know for sure is it won’t be boring!

There are some harder themes, for example in season 3 the team deals with the resolution of Cassandra’s tumour. In contrast, what was it like filming those scenes? As a viewer it was tense!
To an extent, it definitely felt like a shock to the system! Showing up that day was such a different type of shooting day for us. I wasn’t used to coming in and filming something so somber but being the incredible talent she is, Lindy absolutely killed it!

Were there any other scenes that presented a challenge in terms of emotional response? Like the finale?
Yeah I mean Flynn’s ultimate sacrifice was rough. And I had already read what was going to happen and I still got anxious watching it! That and Charlene’s goodbye. Jane Curtin’s a star, I loved having her around.

And what about training for the more physical combat roles, what was that like? Did you enjoy it?
Definitely. I got to live out a bit of a youth dream with that vampire ep. And to do it alongside Christian Kane who is well-versed in vampire combat himself. I mean, come on! How lucky am I!? Our stunt guys Tim Eulich and Buster Reeves were a dream to work with and they’re absolute legends as well.

Over the seasons, what’s one of your favourite moments working on the ‘The Librarians’ set?
My first day. Noah Wyle and the jewel theft scene. It still feels like a dream, such a surreal moment. I haven’t lost that feeling yet and I hope I never do. I never want to be jaded.

Do you have an idea as to what The Librarians will go through in the upcoming series? What would you like to see happen next, for all the librarians and specifically Ezekiel?
Zero idea. They’re good at keeping pretty secretive about all of that stuff. I’d love to see Ezekiel continue to evolve into the Librarian he’s going to be someday. He’s far from being fully-realized and has the most growing up to do so to see him take that next step would be awesome.

The Librarians has been renewed for a fourth season, what do you think makes the series so successful?
Our showrunners. John Rogers and now Dean Devlin. They’re the pulse of the show. I don’t really need to say anymore, they’re extraordinary at what they do and they’re two of the best men I’ll ever come across, by every measurement of the word.

Is there any other role you’d like to take on from a book or comic? Or another series you’d also like to be a part of?
Amadeus Cho. I’ve always wanted to be a humungous, green giant.

Did you always want to be an actor?
I decided at 15 I wanted to be an actor so I took a class, auditioned for my first gig and booked it. I then took that pay check from my first acting gig, coupled that with money saved from working at a charcoal chicken store and flew to New York in my school holidays. I knocked on the door to a film school building in Manhattan and told the concierge I wanted to be an actor and he told me to go find my parents. I think he thought I was lost.

On your down time what other things do you enjoy doing?
I love shooting hoops, hitting the water and playing video games. I picked up boxing a few months ago too but my heads so big, it makes it ridiculously hard to dodge punches.

How does working overseas compare to working here at home in Australia?
The biggest difference I’ve found is the pacing. I can’t speak for either industry as a whole but my experience on Neighbours was a much more fast-paced environment than something like The Librarians. It was actually a fantastic way to learn to nail your first few takes and within that, I found preparation was key so I make sure to show up to any set now with my lines absolutely ingrained into my brain so that the real fun can begin once you start shooting.

What advice do you have for actors, especially Australians wanting to make it in the industry and overseas?
Trust your choices. It’s so easy to second guess if you’re on the right path or not but just back yourself and everything else will fall into place.

And finally, what can we expect from you next?
I’m actually in the middle of editing my first project right now so I’m hoping to complete that before we start work on Season 4! Way too excited to see that finished and then to get to go back to work with Dean & the gang is going to be an absolute blast as always!

Thank you so much for your time John. We can’t wait to see you on screen in 2017!

faeheyjesper  asked:

sooo thanks to your post about persuasion and the excerpt of THAT LETTER I immediately got the book and read it in a day and lemme just say that I have read every other one of her novels and persuasion blew them all out of the water I am absolutely in LOVE. I put off reading it for years and I have no idea why. the scene with Mary's toddler son? the carriage? being so completely aware of each other all the time? every single time they saw each other and blushed like murder me!!! AAAHHH thank u


Like, there is charm in each book, of course, and each is unlike any of the others, but for INTENSITY none can hold a candle to Persuasion! I’m so thrilled my post made you give it a go. I mean, that thing with the toddler is SO underrated because we so rarely get to get a glimpse of what an Austen hero would be like as a dad. I mean, Mr. Knightley is a cool uncle and all, and some adaptations get him to hold Isabella’s youngest baby, but those scenes, to me, almost feel more about softening Emma by having her hold the baby and his (subconscious?) viewing of her as a mature and maternal figure. The infant is a prop. The Musgrove toddler being a little shit? That is too real. Wentworth wading in to swiftly and silently do the sensible thing?

Be still, our pulsing gonads.

Anne is left to contemplate the children she’d imagined having with that caring, generous, strong, practical, delicious hunk of a seafaring fellow.

Now, as soon as you can, check out the 1995 film adaptation! The 2007 is quite adequate but the 1995 is superb. The director decided not to allow the use of make-up, and wanted everyone and their environment to feel lived-in and realistic for the times, as well as shooting the scenes in chronological order to allow the natural progression of characters’ arcs as Anne and Wentworth slowly come back to life as something more like the people they once were, together.

hideoandemika  asked:

To be honest, I am glad that Nesryn and Sartaq did not have sex. Chaol and Yrene felt rushed to me and the way Nesryn and Sartaq got to know each-other was more satisfying to me. I would love a novella of them after the war tough. I would actually love a post-war spin-off about the khaganate... but... :(

I honestly thought that we’d get more Nesryn and Sartaq 😭 like it’s okay they didn’t have sex but part of me just wanted more fluffy scenes. And I absolutely love Chaorene 🙈 their story line was so beautiful, and I couldn’t wait for them to start getting along. But I understand what you’re saying, by chapter 21 they’re already attracted to each other, so…

Thank you for the ask!! And I like post-war spin-off idea too, I just hope Sartaq doesn’t die in ToG7 omg


I have no idea of what I’ve done but I just absolutely love this AU and couldn’t resist drawing this small scene I imagined a while ago.

Seems like Jimin forgot to lock the door and someone (i’m sure you know who I mean) didn’t bother to knock before entering and got quite a surprise.

I’m so sorry if it’s anatomically incorrect, I don’t usually draw humans, and I don’t even know if I’m supposed to submit here ^^’

Kate Lethbridge-Stewart: A Love Story

I first fell in love with Kate from her very first appearance in Reel Time’s straight to video special ‘Downtime.’ I already loved The Brig, Classic Who, UNIT-based episodes and Sarah Jane Smith, so the spin-off synopsis had me hooked in. Kate and her backstory was a lovely idea to connect it all together. She’s definitely not a girly-girl, extremely independent, feisty, new to all things alien and UNIT and everything I would have liked to have seen in one of the Doctor’s companions. But there were also big chunks of her story missing and so much potential for her character to be developed further.

Fast forward a few years and we were re-introduced to Kate in New Who during ‘The Power of Three’ where her entrance is simply stunning. Everything about that scene was absolutely ‘nailed on the head’ perfect. You could really have believed that Jemma’s portrayal of Kate was indeed the natural evolution of Beverly Cressman’s Kate. I was thrilled to see Kate again and even more pleased that she’d joined the UNIT fold. It was after both Nicholas Courtney and Lis Sladen had passed away and I was sad that there wouldn’t be a reunion and a continuation of the story started in Downtime. But I think that the story really honoured The Brig and his history with the Doctor beautifully. So I fell in love with Kate for the second time and then decided to catch up on the second Beverley Cressman story, ‘Daemos Rising.’

I fell in love with Kate for a third time because of ‘Day of the Doctor’ and the appearance of Osgood. With their chemistry and interactions, her femslash potential skyrocketed and ticked several more of my boxes. Kate/Osgood has become one of my most prolific fanfic pairings to date and has a very special place in my heart for a number of reasons.

shattering-colors  asked:

I just noticed something that may be important from The Scene. (Yeah, I'm still thinking about it.) Okay, so on the wall, it looks like Haru's shirt from the argument scene in season two, the one with the stripes. I might be wrong, though.

So I hadn’t noticed this the first 36 times I watched it, so upon reading this ask, I went back for the 37th time and you are absolutely right.

That definitely looks like the shirt Haru wore during their fight and I have no idea what this may mean either. Perhaps it’s just one of Haru’s shirts hanging on the wall just like any others, but knowing KyoAni, they do love their symbolism and dropping hints, so this could honestly mean anything. Since this is part of Makoto’s dream, it could mean that their fight, although resolved, is something that still plays through Makoto’s subconscious often, or that it ties in with his fear of being left behind by Haru since that is the main theme of his dream. Maybe it’s a hint at another confrontation happening in season three. All of this could be the case, but it could also just be a coincidence, just the artists at KyoAni having to draw some clothes in the background and the choice of the artist happened to fall on this shirt. At this point, there’s nothing we can do but speculate.

Thank you for pointing out that detail! Like I said, I hadn’t noticed it, so if you notice another detail that you haven’t seen anyone talk about, then feel free to hit me up with it, haha!

I hope you have a lovely day!

The idea of having the Doctor fall in love with Clara is Absolutely disgusting.

They love each other but not romantically.
Affection for a companion is one thing – and he has affection for them all – but romance? NOOOOO
They are friends and fellow travelers; to suggest something more is… well, tired. I found their scenes in S9 forced and annoying.
There are more relationships between men and women than just being in love: teacher and student, father and daughter, best friends, You can tell he see’s her as a best friend, or daughter like figure. a lot of people are not interested in Doctor with Clara, They are unappealing to me, and since the ratings dropped, the viewers think the same. And whouffaldi makes me more uncomfortable than anything.

Do you remember straight up watching TFP in russian on a nice saturday afternoon and hearing John Watson mention Oscar Wilde before the explosion but having absolutely no idea of the context and thinking this is it. The gay. But then they go on murder prison island and Mycrosoft disguises himself like fucking Count Olaf and Moriarty has glass sex with Euros and we have the three garridebs moment except it’s over in like 2 seconds. The I love you scene is about Molly who really should have higher standards by now. Have I mentioned that this was all in Russian? What an Experience™

drdrdrfitzsimmons  asked:

I was just rereading Wait Out the Sun and I was wondering...how did you plan out all those time jumps? They work so well at telling the story, and I absolutely loved seeing fitzsimmons dynamic changing up close like that, but planning that must have been a headache! You did brilliantly though!

well first off, thank you so much!! I’m so happy to hear that you were re-reading WOtS, old as it is! :-D

so, the dirty little secret (not-so-secret?) of that fic is that I… really did zero planning initially. almost none. ideas for different scenes just started coming to me - the opening was the very first thing I wrote, go figure - at all times of the day (in the shower, when I was trying to fall asleep) and sometimes I would make quick notes to myself so that I wouldn’t forget the idea later. but a lot of it I just kept in my head. I knew the arc I wanted - I knew very early on that it would end with the two of them sitting on the floor of one of their rooms, and I knew that at the end of the mission, Fitz would be seriously hurt and Jemma would save him. but everything else I just sort of filled in. 

after around the 40k word mark I started reorganizing scenes, moving them around and identifying what story beats were missing and what I needed to add. so for the last third of the fic, I was working from an outline of sorts. I’ve written in more detail about what “planning” I did do here, here, and here, if you’re curious! planning out Hideaway in Daylight was definitely harder, although to this day I don’t really know why. I think Fitz’s POV just came to me a lot more naturally.

I just… needed to write Wait Out the Sun. and so I did. *shrug* I wish I had a better description of it than that, lol. ;-)

Juicy Bits And All

Request: can u do one where sebastian is on set for civil war and y/n is his personal assistant, its her first day and they fall in love:)

Words: 983

Warnings: None

I thought this idea was super cute! It’s our first time on a Sebastian fanfic but we tried! Hope you like it! <3 Emma Xx

Originally posted by sebastianstahn

32 minutes to go

Jumping out of bed and twizzling up my hair into a messy bun, I sprinted across to the bathroom and began to run the shower. How had I let myself be so late!

Whipping away my clothes and jumping into the instant heat, I lapped up the soothing yet refreshing warmth. The steaming hot water trickled down the small of my back and washed away any ounce of tiredness from within me. It was going to be one hell of a day.

28 minutes to go

Pumping out some foundation and tapping my face violently with my sponge, I hurried to get my makeup on. My eyebrows were barely combed through and my eye shadow was practically invisible. It was my first day on the Civil War set and of course, I would wake up late! I just would.

I could just imagine Sebastian’s disappointed face if I was late. Sure he is lovely, as I’ve heard, but he would definitely be annoyed. I mean, I am his personal assistant.

14 minutes to go

I released my hair down from my hair tie and flung it infront of my shoulders. It would just have to do. My hair wasn’t especially straight, neither curly. Just ok for me.

My bad, from Disneyland embarrassingly, was stuffed to the brim with tissues and medicine, hair brushes and hairspray. Anything I thought a star would need.

Maybe I was being stupid. I couldn’t possibly tell.

6 minutes to go

Hauling my bag into the boot of my car, I jumped into the drivers seat and sped away before I was behind schedule. The cast and crew all seemed to be based in Chicago except for me, who luckily or not, lived in the suburbs of Atlanta.

The scorching hot sun seared through the window, my heart feeling sorry for the cast who would have to complete fight scenes in such torrential heat.

3 minutes to go

Speeding round the corner and into the car lots where many of the trailers were being dragged away, I parked up against the far wall of hedges and lept out of the car in a jiffy.

Glancing around, many people seemed be preparing something or other for shooting or sets. Camera, boom poles, sound systems, CGI wall boards. I recognised them all. I scooted round to the front of set where all the directors and actors were gathered. And there, in amongst all of the commotion, was Sebastian. He was mingling pretty well with the rest of the cast, standing at the sturdy side of Anthony.

“Ah! You must be Y/N!” called Sebastian, weaving in and out of the people.

“Err, yeah! It’s me! God of assisting. Not to mention personally!” I joked, laughing as I walked casually at the side of Sebastian. He chuckled slightly before nearing over to his trailer, marching up the steps and up to the door.

“Come with me, this is my trailer.” Insisted Sebastian, leading me up the steps by his hand.

“Haha. Thank you.” I smiled, dipping through the door and opening up to admire how large the trailer actually appeared. “Oh wow! It’s a lot bigger than I thought it would be!” I exclaimed, marvelling at the full kitchen right next to me.

“That’s exactly what I said when I started on The First Avenger! I must admit though, they seem to get bigger and better each time!” he smirked, leading me into the seating area. Perching down with my bag still on my shoulder, I smoothed down the pleating of my dress and fiddled with the small hem beneath it.

“Is there anything you need now?” I asked, trying to spark up some form of conversation.

“Haha. No thank you. You aren’t my slave anyway. If you were I’m sure you’d being saying my lines!” Sebastian chuckled, leaning for a jug of water to pour. His eyes squinted so cutely as he gleamed over towards me. Alright, I was going to have to admit it, he is pretty hot. And cute!

“So tell me about you then…”


“Y/N, tell me about yourself!” he exclaimed, taking a sip of water as I began.

“Well do you want the fun stuff or the boring stuff?” I asked, chuckling slightly as I lowered my bag down to the ground.

“Only the fun stuff! And all the juicy bits in between!” he laughed, his smile immaculate.

“Well. I have skydived 3 times if that’s something fun! And I totally failed my Physics exams. I got a U!” you laughed, glaring up to his icy eyes. “Erm… I am the best at basketball so if you ever need someone to lose to then you know where to come!” you exclaimed, Sebastian instantly bursting into hysterics as you finished.

“Haha I look forward to changing that idea!”

“What about you then? Juicy bits and all!” you insisted, shuffling backwards in your seat.

“Well… erm… I can speak fluent Romanian but I suppose that’s a bit boring!” he began, looking up briefly to meet your eyes. “I had to do some gay scenes a couple of years ago! That was different!” he chuckled, pulling an awkward face as he did so. “Oh! I absolutely love tequila!” he leaned back, pointing to the already open bottle on the table.

“Haha you have scenes to shoot!” you replied, pointing at him like he was your son.

“I suppose!” he whined, standing up with you as you wandered out of the door.

“I have to go. Need to talk to the directors. I’ll see you later!” you spoke, leaning in and pecking him on the cheek. And by crazy surprise, a huge tingle shot through your whole body. One piece of contact and you were trembling.


You couldn’t.

Not Sebastian.

The actor.

You couldn’t have a crush on Sebastian Stan.

Especially when you work for him.

Isaac Lahey x Stiles!sister Request

Hi! Can you please write an Isaac Lahey one shot where him and the reader are dating (she’s stiles’ sister and a werewolf) and it’s their one year anniversary, so he gets her a really cute gift and they go on a really cute date?? I love your stories!! <3

You woke up with a text from Isaac. “Good morning and Happy Anniversary, Love. Picking you up at 5 today. Wear something nice. Love you.” You sent him a quick reply saying you were up and saw his message, and that you would be ready by 5. You told him happy anniversary and got out for bed, getting ready for the night ahead.


“Y/N,” you Dad called up to you, “Isaac’s here.” You threw on your shoes and walked downstairs. He was in his tighter dark wash jeans with a white button up, blue jacket, and a thin black tie, with a bouquet of red roses in his hands.

“These are for you,” he smiled and handed you the flowers. “You look beautiful.”

“Thanks, you clean up pretty nice yourself,” you kissed his cheek and took the flowers, putting them in water before you left. He walked you to the car, opening your door for you, and drove off to wherever he had planned.

He came to a stop on the side of the road. “Is there something wrong,” you said worried.

“No, everything is fine,” he said simply and grinned, getting out of the car and opening your door. “Come on,” he urged you out. He took your hand and led you through the woods were a small path had been cleared.

“This feels like the part in the movie where you murder me,” you whispered to him, trying to figure out what was going on.

“Darn, I think I left my knife in the car,” he joked and pulled you along the path. Lights started to shine from ahead and you gasped when you saw the scene in front of you. A circle of rose petals lined the area where mini heaters, lights, and a table sat. “You have no idea how hard it is to find battery heaters,” he squeezed your hand.

“You did all this,” you looked up at him bewildered.

“With a little set up help from Scott,” he admitted. “Do you like it?”

“I absolutely love it, babe,” you kissed him and then followed him to the table.

“And,” he walked over to a locked box and pulled out tupperware, “I even cooked.”

“What?!” You couldn’t help your excited tone, Isaac never cooked anything that wasn’t a grilled cheese.

“Hold your excitement until we know it’s not bad,” he chuckled. “Spaghetti with meat sauce and rolls. I dropped it off just before I picked you up so it should still be warm.”

“Well it smells delicious,” you reassured him. The two of you ate, holding a hand across the table as you spoke and ate. The only other sounds was that of the woods around you. After your plates were clean you sat down your napkin and smiled at your boyfriend. “I think you should cook for me more often.”

“I don’t know about that,” he chuckled and looked down.

“I have something for you,” you grabbed your purse and opened it, pulling out the the small gift bag. “Happy anniversary.”

Isaac opened the gift bag and pushed aside the tissue paper, pulling out the watch and looking it over. “Everywhere I looked it said that the modern first anniversary gift a clock. And I remembered you saw that awhile ago when we went shopping and you said you liked it,” you rapidly muttered.

“I love it, Y/N. It’s perfect,” he squeezed your hand. “I have something for you too,” he got back up and walked back over to the box he had had the food in. “I, on the other hand, had no idea of what to get you. So, I came up with, what might be, the dumbest gift ever,” he ended with a shrug and handed you the bag.

You reached in and pulled out a Build-A-Bear Wolf. “You got me a wolf,” you giggled, definitely not expecting that.

“Press the paw,” he told you in shame and buried his head in his hand. When you pressed the paw a recording of him howling sounded off.

“Oh my gosh,” you laughed so hard that tears started dripping on your cheeks. “Did you howl like this in the store!”

“No, I bought the recorder, went home and did it, then brought it back and made the wolf,” he too was about to cry from laughing. “I thought it would be cute.”

“It is cute,” you grabbed his hand. “It’s funny but also very cute. I love it! And now I can hear you even when we aren’t together. Thank you.”

You helped him clean everything up and walked back to the car. “Do you really like your present,” he looked at it as it sat in your lap during the car ride back.

“I love him,” you pulled the little wolf to you. “It might even be cuter than you.”

anonymous asked:

Hey, I absolutely am in love with your g/t work, and I'd like to make a request. Could you make a scene where the giant guy is giving the tiny guy a bath? The tiny will most likely be very stubborn, especially when the giant makes remarks about his cuteness. Thank you, and I can't wait to see it!

I love the idea of this scene, but I just don’t have the motivation to draw it out. I will draw it out if you want to commission me

cinema-corner  asked:

Hi, I wanted to take a moment to say that I absolutely love your writing and it's a pleasure to read anytime, SWAS is a particular favorite of mine but I like them all. Also I know requests are open & if it's not too much I have an idea: Astrid strikes me as someone who'd laugh at the idea of being a mom, with her wanting to be right in the action and adventure like hiccup, but would love the thought after having to look after a baby who really likes her. What do you think. Workable scene maybe?

A/N: Okay, first–this is insanely late. I’m so sorry that I haven’t fulfilled this request until now.

And second of all–I put a little spin on it and placed her in the situation of caring for more of just, like, a little kid! On the other hand, I do have some snippets of interaction between Astrid and an actual baby saved in my drafts, but they felt a little not-as-good-as-they-could-be. I’ll get them out eventually!! :’)

From his place in the forge, he could easily see Astrid sitting a short distance away from the workshop.

She was seated in the grass with a young girl of five years sitting in front of her–a girl who Hiccup recognized to be Ragneid, the only child of the Haugen family. The two were stationed near a patch of small wildflowers; while Astrid skillfully twisted the child’s light brown locks into an intricate set of braids, the young girl babbled happily and weaved flowers into strands.

Hiccup couldn’t help but stop his work to watch the two bond.

It was a rare sight, after all.

Keep reading

self-doubting-writer-deactivate  asked:

Hi! I'm writing a scene in one of my chapters where sports is involved. I'd like to get into detail of how the game would be like but I have no idea how I'll start. Do you have any tips? Anyways, I absolutely love your blog! Thanks! :)

Thank you! I’d love to help, but since I don’t know what the exact support is you’re writing, I’ll go ahead and get together everything I can find on basic sport writing. The good thing is, no matter what the sport is, the writing should be the same–fast paced, action based, and engaging. Of course, you’re going to want to do your research and know the rules, know the terminology of the specific game (don’t say “goal” when you’re writing about basketball), but all of that can be found with a simple Google search. What’s more important is to note the adrenaline your character is feeling, the thoughts racing through their head; are they nervous? Are they imagining the embarrassment of tripping over their own feet? Do they fell the sweat on the back of their neck? Is the grass on the soccer field scratching their ankles, or are they so focused on the goal that they don’t feel a thing? Do they analyze the other players, note their expressions, the folds in their uniforms, or are they mapping out the field, playing each part of the turf like a battlefield, thinking up strategies? Each player is going to be completely unique, and chances are your reader–probably sitting on the couch with this book in their lap and not on the field–is going to care more about what the character is thinking, what they’re feeling, than they are about the game play by play: that’s what newspapers are for. Focus on your character, focus on descriptions, on the world you’ve built, and the sports will just become a background–important, but you don’t need to be an announcer to make it work. 

With that in mind, here are some tips for basic sports writing:

How to Reset Your Story

You’ve probably been told numerous times to stay away from “it was all a dream” when writing fiction, and this is sound advice. I don’t mind so much that it’s a cliche. The bigger issue seems to be the rug you just yanked from under your readers. They often feel cheated and unsatisfied if you tell them it was only a dream. 

But if you’ve been following my blog long enough, you know that I don’t like to think about the readers so much. You can’t think about readers while you’re still trying to write the damn thing. You should be using any method at your disposal to get a draft finished. So instead of running from “it was all a dream,” use it to your advantage. 

Don’t Scrap Your Beginning

My very first NaNoWriMo almost ended on Day 10 because I got all up in a huff about how disappointed I was in my story. The writing was weird, and the plot kind of curved off in a direction I didn’t like, and I just felt like deleting the entire document and starting from scratch. Until I realized I had written 6k words at that point, and starting over would have been a huge setback. 

So I employed the ultimate reset. It was all a dream. My character woke up and BAM! we started right back at the beginning, and I kept those first 6k words. 

Yes, the advantage here was that I didn’t have to lose a huge chunk of my word count, but let me tell you what else it did for me. 

  1. I stopped doubting the quality. I knew my beginning was awful, and by using such a huge cliche, I embraced the awful. I knew that my final draft would not include this weird, pointless beginning, and once my brain was out of the final draft mindset, it was much easier to write without caring how good it was. 
  2. The pressure to write a kick ass first line was gone. My first line was 6k words ago. We’re well into the story now. I got my reset without having to stare at that blank Word document for eons while I thought up the perfect first sentence. 

If you absolutely hate your characters and your plot, you can still use this. Have your character wake up and think, “I had a dream where I was this weird guy named Bob and he had all these weird friends…”

Give Your Character 11 Birthdays

So maybe Groundhog Day would have been a more recognizable reference, but I love 11 Birthdays, so I chose that instead. Anyways, if you like the general idea of your plot and your characters, but the scene went in a strange direction, you can still do this nifty reset. Have your character wake up and relive the same day over again. You don’t have to have your character acknowledge that they’re reliving it - just do it! Write your new ideas and see if it takes you further. 

If you’re really stuck, then do have your character realize it. Will they want to relive this day, or will they try to make changes? Or will their changes result in even worse outcomes? Have fun with it. You may not write this same plot in your second draft, but you could use this same character. And after reliving the same day with them over and over, you probably know exactly what they want and don’t want. That puts you in good shape for whatever plot your pursue in draft number 2. 

Don’t be afraid of either of these techniques. Use them as tools to move forward with your story instead of backwards. Anytime you feel trapped in a corner, just write your way out of it and move on to the next scene.