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Before you go on hiatus thought I’d try to submit these guys real quick too =w= 

Name: Theodora
Title: Manipulative Strategist
Unit Type: Grey | Staff | Cavalry 

Character Description: A concubine of Garon and the mother of Leo. Seems airy and delightful, but actually delights in toying with and manipulating others’ feelings and actions.

Neutral 5* Lv 40 Stats: 38 HP | 33 Atk | 22 Spd | 19 Def | 33 Res

5* Weapon: Fear

Special: Solid-Earth Balm

Assist: Physic

Skill B: Escape Route

Fear, Physic, and Escape Route all seemed like they fit into her manipulative nature. Also considered Live to Serve as her passive skill since she would also benefit from that (at a safe distance thanks to Physic), but didn’t want her to be TOO similar to Elise. 

Name: Livilla
Title: Envious Servant
Unit Type: Grey | Dagger | Infantry

Character Description: Elise’s mother and a maid in castle Krakenburg with a jealously possessive love of Garon. 

Neutral 5* Lv 40 Stats: 35 HP | 27 Atk | 38 Spd | 20 Def | 27 Res

5* Weapon: Poison Dagger+

Assist: Shove

Skill B: Desperation
Skill C: Threaten Defense

DANGERMAMA. Tried for a poison dagger user that plays differently than Kagero, weaker but speedier. Her skills all play into the yandere stuff so even her assist is kinda backhanded hah. 

Name: Asher
Title: Upbeat Prince
Unit Type: Red | Sword | Infantry

Character Description: Second child of Garon, and Xander’s younger brother. Optimistic and loves adventure. 

Neutral 5* Lv 40 Stats: 40 HP | 30 Atk | 28 Spd | 32 Def | 27 Res

5* Weapon: Ruby Sword+

Special: Noontime

Skill A: Sturdy Blow
Skill B: Brash Assault

Asher is a brave boy. He does his best. 

Hope I did them proper justice! x3x As before, I leave them open for their creator to tweak stuff if desired. 

Moffat said recently that Clara was no longer the apprentice, she had “sort of become the Doctor”. But audacious doesn’t even begin to cover him following through on that all the way. This is where we leave Clara Oswald, zipping around time and space in her own Tardis, with her own companion Ashildr, stuck in the moment between two heartbeats, accepting of her fate, but taking her sweet time about it along the way. Crucially, she turned the Doctor’s duty of care back onto him, flip-reversing the nature of Donna Noble’s exit years ago. In ostensibly killing off his companion, Moffat delivered possibly the most upbeat ending we’ve ever seen.

22 days of winter: nam taehyun

“You said you’d paint me a thousand skies, going from red, orange, pink and blue, hiding our late night conversations and hundreds of secrets that you might keep too. You said you’d sing me a thousand songs under the moonlight, the melody of your voice raspy as your sing out your thoughts, yet your guitar is still at that corner left abandoned and unknown. You said you’d give me a thousand roses, yet, I rolled my eyes, you were always a dreamer and I always had to pull you back. You said you’d love me forever and I was breathless at that time, thinking that there were a million of reasons why you were on my path. You said, Taehyun, you said a million lies.”

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5 for Darcy/Sam (Falconshock, I think?) Please and xoxoxoxo! <3

oooh thanks for making me try something new, Dres! I’ve never written Falconshock before, but I absolutely love Sam. Hopefully I do it justice.

(warning: there’s a very mild description of someone beginning to panic ahead.)

“I thought you were the sane one!” Darcy yelled as he landed. Sam took his goggles off and opened his mouth to reassure her, but she didn’t let him get an word in edgewise. Before he could so much as blink, her lips were on his. It was messy and fervent, a kiss to prove he was still alive.

She had absolutely no technique as she pressed her mouth against his, sliding their tongues together in a sloppy dance, but she didn’t care. Her heart had taken a dive when he’d jumped off the rooftop, and it hadn’t had a normal beat ever since. Not even when she’d seen him go sailing safely by, cackling like a madman, in the pursuit of Captain America. As always. She didn’t dislike Steve, of course; it was impossible to dislike Steve.

She just wished that their idea of hanging out was more like watching explosions on TV rather than starting the explosions that ended up on the nightly news.

As her hands came up around his neck, Sam snapped the wings on his suit closed so they wouldn’t accidentally cut her. He returned the kiss with equal passion, hands coming up around her waist and to her back, pressing firmly between her shoulder blades. Eventually, he broke away to mutter soothing words in her ear. “Breathe, baby,” he said, spreading his palm wide and taking deep, even breaths to guide her. She hadn’t even realized that her breath was coming in hitches and gasps, but he helped her even it out. Their eyes stayed glued to each other the entire time.

When he felt her heart rate slow and her breathing even into a steady tempo, Sam grinned in relief. His lips found hers again, teasing and tasting with a much slower pace than before, drawing her into a steady simmer that lingered under her skin. As he kissed her leisurely, like they had all the time in the world, his hand slowly drifted to where her shirt had ridden up in her haste to reach him. He lightly stroked the bare skin there, making her gasp in an entirely different way. His touch was electric, as always, and she sank into his firm chest with a nearly inaudible groan.

Sam’s hand kept up the motions, lips moving up to press against her forehead, until her whole back felt like it was on fire from the scorching touch. “Better?” he asked quietly.

Darcy only nodded, not trusting herself enough to speak.

“How about we go get some Ben & Jerry’s and watch a movie for a little while?” He asked, clearly concerned about her anxiety levels. This was why she loved him. He was always so sweet and considerate. But her terror was turning into adrenaline of a different kind, now that she knew he was safe and sound, and all she wanted was him. Naked, in bed. And she intended on telling him so.

“We can do that later,” she said, tugging him to the elevator. “I still need to make sure you are fine. And that requires an examination. A thorough one,” she added with emphasis, in case he hadn’t understood her.

Sam’s hand stayed at the small of her back as he kept pace with her. The gentle strokes of his fingertips was driving her crazy, and she willed the elevator to arrive faster. He grinned that mischievous, handsome smile and his eyes twinkled—he knew exactly what he was doing. His wings folded closed with a snap. “Anything to make my girl feel better.” He was so good at giving her what she needed. Both in and out of the bedroom.

“I love you,” she said as the elevator doors finally opened. Darcy broke eye contact to step inside and push the button, but when she looked back at him his whole face was shining with affection.

“I love you too,” he said, stroking his fingers through her windblown hair and leaning down for a tender kiss.

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favourite black sails fics

the pen is mightier than the swordfish, by morwrach ( @nettlekettle )

Jay Flint is an embittered London food critic, John Silver is the incompetent head chef of new Thameside gastro-seafood restaurant ‘Silver & Pearl.’ Hijinks ensue.
 That 'James Flint as Food Critic’ AU that wouldn’t leave me alone and haunted my dreams until I wrote it.

why: sadly, this fic is a WIP and has been for quite a long time, but I am a sucker for AUs - especially when they get really original and creative - and I absolutely love this one. I have no idea how the author came up with the idea of Flint as a food critic (however in my top ten list of jobs for modern Flint there’s chef so I see a pattern) but it’s amazing and absolutely terrifying and I love it! I love the incipt, the descriptions and most of all Flint’s not-even-half-star review of Silver’ swordfish (and that Silver is still an incompetent chef, good things never change). I will never stop hoping for a chapter three and beyond.

“Narcissa and Hermione”

I was catching up on a fan fiction that was I reading called “Glass Silence” by Zarrene Moss, and I got inspiration from this paragraph:

“Her figure boasting the sort of finery Hermione had grown accustomed to, but would never be able to fully comprehend. Draped in robes of a pale sage, cinched tight about the waist but only just clinging to her shoulders, Narcissa was the image of a fey queen, ruler of some dying forest, disgraced but unbroken, determined to reclaim her failing realm.” chapter 16, Glass Silence

I absolutely loved that description, so I had originally decided to do a colored picture of Narcissa. However, I got carried away and did small sketches of Narcissa, then a scene from chapter 18, which I made more dramatic than I needed to…but I was in the zone.

Guren volume 7 novel spoiler

The ones behind the end of the world are Hiiragi. Kureto knew nothing about it. The only ones to survive are those that have an oni in their weapon. Upon realizing it Kureto commands Aoi to save as many subordinates as possible. I’m currently done only with half of the book. A big part of the first half is dedicated to Kureto. According to his conclusion, there’s someone bigger and way more powerful and scarier that stands behind Hiiragi, behind Hiiragi Twbei’s back. Someone’s so powerful that even Mahiru did not dare to go against him. Because she could easily lull Tenri the way she is now but since she didn’t, she apparently thought it wouldn’t change anything because he’s not the main mastermind. If I’m not mistaken that someone might be not human.
Other fact about Mahiru derived from Tenri and Kureto’s conversation. All the stuff she’s been doing is actually FOR Hiiragi because they’re basically holding Shinoa as a hostage. It has been decided long ago that Mahiru would die when world ends. I absolutely love The description of Kureto’s emotions and thoughts here, as well as his conversation with Aoi.
But mind it, I’ve read only half of the book and second half is one big chapter called ‘The Catastrophe at 16’.

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I would absolutely love a more descriptive Sense!8 post with andreil if you have time :)

<3 of course! i hope you enjoy it! i’ve put it under a cut bc it got a little long haha.

  • alright so i’ve already mentioned in the first post (which you can find linked here for anyone who hasn’t seen it and would like to) that the first time they meet it’s in visit form, when mary and neil are attacked just before she dies bc it’s andrew who steps in to fight for neil.
  • neil can fight but not particularly well bc i have this headcanon that mary was the fighter and she told neil to run if he needed to, to always know that there is no shame in running away from a fight you can’t win or that might cause you serious damage (in my head mary is a Beast she’s a trained fighter and has learnt a lot through her contacts as they’ve been on the run).
  • the reason neil DOESN’T fight particularly well at this one point is that he takes a knock to the head and is disorientated. andrew was pulled into a visit through his panic and after a bit of eye rolling he helped out. neil chalked it up to a head injury.
  • the second time they meet is when coach, kevin and andrew come to millport to convince neil to sign with the foxes, which goes similarly to canon in most regards (in this version neil is more heavily shielded by mary, who is aware that neil is part of a cluster and knows that anyone he sees could be one of his other parts and he might recognise them and catch on, so she seriously limits all exposure which means he knows who andrew is but not really what he looks like at all.
  • the third time is another visit, before the airport scene. it’s a really short one, where neil is having second thoughts while sitting on the plane and suddenly andrew is in the seat next to him. when andrew sees where he is (he glances out of the window and lets lose a stream of curse words that make even neil’s ears ring) he promptly, through sheer force of will, vanishes again. neil is left believing he’s losing his mind a little. 
  • nothing really changes from here until columbia, which, instead of andrew getting neil’s secrets out of him, is used as a way to info dump on poor oblivious neil bc andrew is fed up of the others dancing around the topic and he wants to create Trouble.

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rainykoalabear  asked:

I absolutely love your writing!!! Your descriptions and characterizations are so wonderful, and they paint an amazing picture in my mind!! I especially love A Blue CatAstrophe, and Mythics AU!! It's just so lovely and it makes me so happy to read your writing!!!

I took a sip of root beer before reading this-
I regret that decision now

I inhaled too fast when I read your kind words and ended up choking-

But aaaaa!!!! Thank you!!!!! I’m glad you like my works!!!!! :D

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Can I have the link to your 10 favorite mmfd Fics

Sorry it took me a couple of days to get this done. These are in no particular order I’m kinda going as they come to my mind.

1. My all time favorite fic is the 1930 AU by Shawna! It is so beautifully written. It’s not complete yet but the 13 chapters that are, are so amazing. It is so descriptive that I swear I can actually picture everything in my head. Ahhh, you really have to read it to understand what I mean.

2. I really love the Blurry series of fics by butyoushouldbemine. There’s quite a bit of angst in this one and some of it kinda made me cry but it’s so great!

3. Inside the Eye of Your Mind by Lou! 65 chapters of pure epicness. All told through Finn’s point of view during the first series. She added so many things into this fic that I feel that we know more about Finn through her fic than the actual show. IF YOU HAVE NOT READ IT WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

4. Think the Archie, Chop, Finn? fic by adaftmyriad might have been the first fic I read. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Still enjoy going back and reading it. I’ll never stop loving it. It’s got a bit of everything. Go read it!

5. The Series 3 fic by fanningon. I can’t even explain this one. She writes so much and I mean that in a good way. It takes me forever to read them and I absolutely love that because it’s so descriptive there’s angst and smut *wiggles eyebrows*. There’s a lot to love about this one here. You never really know what to expect and it keeps you on the edge of your seat just like the show.

6. I Rise As the Morning Comes and Crawling Through the Blinds. by howlinchickhowl. This takes place as Rae wakes up in the field after the rave and she actually goes back to Finn’s place. I would have given my left butt cheek for everything that happens in this fic, to have happened in the show.

7. I fell in love with this fic called On The Home Front by learningacceptanceme. I think I have a thing for Rae and Finn in the old days. No, but this one has a lot going down. There is quite a bit of sadness going on in this one but still I loved it a lot. It’s worth the read.

8. Sunshine On My Shoulder by nixvicious. Morning after gloriousness and cuteness!

9. Rae’s Pregnant Part 1 and 2 by nicrememiralleggro. I really love reading Rae and Finn future fics and I’ve always really, really loved these. I mean a little Rae and Finn baby, c’mon! That itself should make you want to read it.

10. Simplicity Itself (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) by sassy-curmudgeon. This one isn’t completed yet but the chapters that are up are so worth the read. It’s so great. It starts off as a good time until feelings start to grow and there’s some angst and all that other good stuff.

These are just 10 of my hundreds of favorites. There are so many great fics out there it was so hard for me to list just 10 but here is an AMAZING masterpost by Ana that has mostly every single fic ever written on here. She updated it not too long ago. You can also check the “mmfd fanfic“ tag or the ”mmfd fanfiction“ tag for updated and new fics.

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Hey, I saw "Into the Water" on your shelfie and since I absolutely loved "Girl on the Train" I want to read it, but the description doesn't sound as thrilling as "Girl on the Train". Have you read it? I haven't seen a review on your blog (or scrolled enough). And if you've read it, what do you think about it? Would you recommend it? Hope you have a nice day :)

I have and there is a review on it on my blog, but that’s already a far away again I guess 🙊 I liked reading it and it really had a certain atmosphere and that feeling was really unique (it was always night in my head (although it was also sometimes daytime!) and everything had this blue filter over it, if you know what I mean?). But I didn’t like it as much as The Girl on the Train, which was much more thrilling and suspenseful in my opinion. Nevertheless, I’d recommend you read Into the Water!! 🙌🏼 Thank you, same goes to you! ♥️

Sex with BTS ( Jin )

A/N: I’m sorry, I just had to let this out T_T This will be a series with short descriptions of how I think each member would approach sex with their lover. And of course, this is in no way how sex would actually be with them. Just how I imagine it. 

Jin is not really my bias even though I love him to absolute death, that’s why this wasn’t as long or descriptive as I would’ve liked it to be. Sorry Jin stans.

Others: Yoongi // Hoseok

Seokjin: This man would be all about going slow and hard. He would love caressing each and every part of your body.  His plump lips would slowly give you hard kisses while they suck, bite, caress yours till they are left bruised. They will also give you amazing hickeys that will remind you of the mind-numbing pleasure he gave you. He will be all about making you feel good. Putting you first before him. He won’t be shy about eating you out. And oh man, will he give you the time of your life once those gorgeous lips touch your clit. He’d slowly make his way down, kissing your breasts, tummy, thighs, teasing you till he finally reaches your beautiful pussy. He’ll give open mouth kisses and devour your pussy lips in a slow and tantalising way, loving the way a certain flick, or suck would leave you squirming underneath him, moaning his name. His round eyes would be wide, watching your every reaction, following it so he could give you the best orgasm he can. He would be a Dom in a very gentle way. Once he enters you, he’d ride you slow and hard, thrusting into you till the hilt. You’d be a moaning, over-stimulated mess. He’d most likely prefer the missionary position so he can look down at your gorgeous glowing face on the verge of cumming. He would love to take you to the point where you’d be begging him to let you cum, scratching his back, asking him to fuck you faster and harder. He would bury his face in your neck, kissing and leaving love bites while he picks up the pace. He would want to cum with you, and would start rubbing you faster if his climax was approaching before you. In the end, after everything, you’d feel amazingly content, wrapped in his arms as he kisses your forehead and whispers soft loving words. Smiling softly as he watches you fall asleep.

Okay, but can we seriously talk about this gif right here!!! (I apologize for the appalling quality)

You know what my favourite this about this is? There is so much tenderness amongst the fierceness. It is almost a punch in the face to be honest, especially from Finn’s part.

Finn looks like he’s ready to deadset kill a man, he looks so fierce and determined, but the moment he lays eyes on Poe BOOM his whole entire demeanor chances for split seconds. The way he lowers his gun a fraction, and his facial features change to become softer. It’s almost like he looks at Poe, and becomes an entirely different person. 

I love the way that they give each other such direct looks, as if the moment they spot each other, nothing else matters. 

The camera angle used here is really super important as well!! I remember reading an article that described it as if Poe and Finn were “orbiting” around each other and I love that description so fricking much because it us absolutely dead on!!! When I look at this, I can see nothing but two men who care for each other deeply, in the sense that even when they are surrounded by people, about to embark on a dangerous mission, they look at each other and everything else just falls away into background static. 

or i could just be embarrassing stormpilot trash idk you decide.

You Look So Cool // Robbers // The 1975

insp.: (x)