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Despicable Me is so important

if you follow my blog at all you’ll know that I absolutely fucking love Despicable Me. Like… LOVE. It’s one of my favorite movies of all time. The writing, the comedy, the timing, the animation; it’s all incredibly well put together. 

In fact, I’m a fan of Illumination Studios in general. 

Granted, I’m not a fan of their movies. 

LE GASP you say. How can you be a fan of a studio but not all their movies

Becuase, dear reader, their movies lack a lot of things. And, for the most part, many of their movies aren’t really displays of “We Do What We Want”. They’re more “We Do What the Audience Wants.” Which… sort of makes sense. They’re a new studio. They don’t have the funds to really take huge risks yet. But god, their audience-pleasing choices can be so…. 

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Like remember that time a few people stood up and said “hey those Minions were sort of cool”

and Illumination Studios said 


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And brought us one of the most annoying things to grace this planet. 

Goddamit Illumination. 

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Dating Sodapop Curtis would include…

- Hanging out with Steve and Soda at the DX

- Sitting on the counter while Soda works the register

- Watching Soda fix cars

- Having to deal with Steve and Soda constantly talking about cars

“But Steve did you see it? That thing was a beauty-”

“No that thing was a piece of junk. Did you miss the mustang we saw last week? That was a beauty.”

“You’re crazy. You know-”
“Would you both please take a break for three minutes and not talk about cars? I mean seriously, carry on some other, normal conversation, please.”



*sigh* “Oh whatever. You two are hopeless.”

- Hanging out at the Curtis’s house

- Soda taking you on little dates randomly

- Making Soda blush because it’s so easy

“You are so cute.”

“No I am not. I’m tuff-”

“You’re like a little puppy. You wanna be all big and bad but you just look so adorable! See, you’re blushing again! Aww you just look so cute!”

- Convincing Darry, Ponyboy and the gang that you aren’t like Sandy

- Dealing with Two-Bit’s jokes

“Hey, can you get me a soda while you’re in there?”

“God y/n, you really love soda don’t you.”

“I mean, yeah it’s alright.”

“How often do you drink soda?”

“Well, um, I mean I don’t really-”

“Shut up Two-Bit!”

“I’m just making conversation!”

“No you are trying to be vulgar so shut it!”

- Reassuring Soda that you don’t care if he’s a dropout

- Getting real nervous when the draft starts and Soda is eligible

- Saving up for years with Soda so that you two can afford a place together

- Coming home to Soda

- Seeing his bright smile every morning

“You have such a pretty smile.”

“You’ve got a pretty face.”

“You’ve got the brightest smile I have ever seen.”

“You are the most beautiful person I have ever laid my eyes on.”

“Oh please.”

“The best view i could imagine waking up to.”

- Trying to win over Ponyboy, who is convinced no girl is good enough for Soda

- Getting angry when other girls flirt with Soda

- Him calling you his baby

- Soda singing to you when you’re sick because you made him one time and discovered he has a real pretty voice

- Sodapop loving to go down on you, just all the time. He doesn’t even ask you to return the favor

“What are you doing?”

“Good morning baby.”

“What are you- ohh, oh God Soda,”

“Just relax baby, let me get my breakfast.”

- Soda admitting through truth or dare that his favorite place in the world is in between your thighs

- Lots of morning sex because Sodapop never fails to wake up with morning wood

- Him being really demanding in bed, always insisting that you tell him exactly what you want him to do before he will start anything

“Come on Soda, please.”

“Nope, you gotta say it.”

“But you know what I need Soda, just, please, come on.”

“Not until you say it.”

- He is really passionate but he can also be very playful and lighthearted when it comes to sex

- He adores the way your legs feel around him, his waist and his neck

- Him absolutely loving blowjobs but never wanting to ask for fear of pressuring you

- You trying to get him to stop being so nice every once in awhile and really say what he wants

“Too nice?”

“Yes. I mean it’s great that you are so well mannered but, I just need for you to tell me what you want ya know. At least pretend like you want to be in this relationship.”

“What do you mean?  I want this y/n I do and you know that.”
“Then act like it. Just take something you want for a change and stop being such a pushover!”

“You want me to stop being a pushover? Take what I want?”


“I want you. I want you everyday for the rest of my life. I want to come home to you in my home. That is enough for me y/n. You are more than enough for what I want in my life.”

- Having little fights with Soda that always seem to end with long hugs with Soda whispering sweet nothings into your ear

- Fighting some of the girls who go too far

- Him never letting you alone with Dally

- Showering with Soda

- Patching Soda up after he gets in a fight with some socs who were trying to hit on you

- Trying to get Soda to stop from going to the rumbles

- Getting caught staring at Soda whenever he is changing

“What are you looking at huh?”

“Something very sexy.”

“What did you just say?”


“Did you just seriously say that? In front of everyone?”

“No. I have no idea what you are talking about.”

- Sometimes suggesting that Soda should go with pants for a while

- Soda asking you to start your life with him so that the two of you will never have to be separated.

I am so sorry.


Bangtan reaction to cuddling to their neck when you’re cold

Kim Seokjin

Seokjin wouldn’t mind at all that you decided to snuggle against him like that. He would wrap his arm around you, getting you even closer. “Are you comfortable like this jagi?” You nod and a small shiver ran up your spine causing you hid your face into his neck even more. “You’re warm.” You spoke. “Am I?” You nod again. “It’s making me sleepy.” You hear him giggle at your cuteness, feeling him kiss the top of your head. “We can stay like this for a little bit then.”

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Min Yoongi

Yoongi would enjoy the feeling of you nuzzling into him. It was just another lazy day and you two were still in bed just talking, but you really couldn’t listen because of how cold it was in your room. “What are you doing?” He’s ask feeling you move closer up against him. “It’s freezing in here and I need you keep me warm.” He would chuckle and bring you into his arms. “Weirdo.” “Shut it, I know you’re enjoying this too.”

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Jung Hoseok

Your random acting would catch Hoseok off guard, but he noticed what you were trying to do he would love it. You two were watching a movie alone at the dorms, which was a little cold at the moment. You who was too lazy to get up and get a blanket, scooted closer to your boyfriend and cuddled into his neck. “Jagi, what are you trying to do?” He’d ask a little playfully as he tried to look down at you to see what you were doing. You shook your head snuggling in closer to stay warm, that’s when he felt you shiver. “oh I see, my baby is cold.” He’d laugh. “Just keep me warm Hobi.”

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Kim Namjoon

Namjoon wouldn’t have much of a reaction at first because he’s so used to you random actions, but he would find that you hugging him while nuzzling into his neck really cute. “Are you okay babe?” You’d just move in closer enjoying the warmth coming from his body. “Y/n,” He’d smile, leaning on your head while petting your hair. “is something wrong?” “You’re just really warm Joonie.” You’d hum. He’d smile would being to grow even wider and begin to get all shy. “Ah, cute.”

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Park Jimin

Jimin would find it absolutely adorable at what you were doing. He’d be sitting on the couch minding his only business till you came walking over in his hoodie. “Can I sit with you Minnie?” Of course he’d say yes. You ran over sat down on his lap hiding your face in his neck. You sighed happily and put your arms around his neck. “You’re really warm babe.” Your words making him blush and hold you tighter out of shyness. “You really need to stop being so cute.”

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Kim Taehyung 

Taehyung’s a softly(in my eyes at least) He’d love that fact that he gets to hold you close to him. You would be sitting out on the swinging bench on your balcony cuddling together enjoying the view of the sunset, you were sitting in between Tae’s legs with a blanket over you but that still didn’t protect you from the cold breeze. You moved so that your legs draped over one of his and hid your face into the crook of his neck. “Cold sweetheart?” He giggled. “Yes, now don’t move too much because you’re really warm.” He wouldn’t be able to stop grinning at your cuteness. “Don’t worry, I’ll keep you warm.”

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Jeon Jungkook

You don’t do it a lot but whenever you snuggle into his neck Jungkook always giggles because of your nose tickling the sensitive skin in that area. He loves when you whine to him about it being cold because then he has an excuse to cuddle you. “Kookie I’m cold, can you please turn on the heater? It’s cold in here.” Instead, he just pulls you so that you’re laying on top of him, wrapping his arms around your waist. “It’ll get too hot if I’ll do that, so instead we can cuddle.” Jungkook would giggle at the feeling you smiling while nuzzling in closer to his neck. “Are you sure abo-” “We’ll be fine like the baby.”

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Drabble Prompt List

since i don’t feel like writing entire fics today, we’re gonna do drabbles. Send me a prompt number and a character and I’ll hopefully get to writing it today.

1. “Don’t hate me ‘cause I’m beautiful.”

2. “I’m feeling very emotionally vulnerable right now so just hold my damn hand.”

3. “We should get a dog.” “Absolutely not.”

4. “I need you to stop doing that because it’s really adorable and I’m trying to concentrate.”

5. “Damn okay fine, I won’t send you anymore selfies.”

6. “I won’t let anything hurt you.”

7. “I’m personally offended that you accepted that solo mission when you knew that you’d be away from me for four months.”

8. “Am I annoying?”

9. “When you’re sad, I’m sad, and then we’re all sad.”

10. “No, no. Not the puppy dog eyes, don’t you fucking dare. Dammit.”

11. “Prove it.”

12. “If you use another pick-up line like that on me again I might punch you in the gut.”

13. “You’re telling me you’ve never been to Ikea?!”

14. “Tell me you need me.”

15. “I’m sorry, it’s just, you make me k-kinda nervous, and, wow, is it hot in here?”

16. “I ship us.”

17. “You make my dopamine levels surge.”

18. “I will never leave you by yourself.”

19. “It’s starting to kind of hurt my heart that you don’t say I love you back.”

20. “You’re jealous of who?!”

21. “Stop looking at me like I’m your everything.”

22. “You’ll catch me, right?”

23. “Did you seriously just ask me that?”

24. “Well that was immensely attractive.”

25.  “If you touch her I will end you.”

26. “You’re a fucking child.” “I simply suggested that we should go splash in the puddles outside, damn.”

27. “You look so great, I might cry.”

28. “I can cook Pizza Rolls and Cup O’ Noodles and that’s about it.”

29. “Shut up, I’m hilarious.”

30. “Mine.”

31. “Having something you can’t bear to lose is fucking scary.”

32. “I don’t want to go, your dad doesn’t like me.”

33. “Salad? Do I look like a fucking rabbit.”

34. “I don’t tell you I love you enough.”

35. “I’m not clingy, I just like being near you all the time.”

36. “Baby, I will never stop trying to help you see your beauty.”

37. “Well if that’s how you feel, then leave.”

38. “That can’t be legal.”

39. “I would just like to remind you that I love you before I destroy you in laser tag.”

40. “Wow okay, this is not going the way I planned it out in the shower.”

41. “I don’t deserve you.”

42. “I’ve never been happier in my life.”

43. “My side of the wedding party is much cooler than your’s.”

44. “You’re dangerously gorgeous.”

45. “I should be the only one making you happy.”

46. “All I want is to be everything you need.”

47. “Please come home, I miss you.”

48. “You’re a very different drunk than I thought you’d be.”

49. “I fucking adore you.”

50. “Of course we’re not going to duet a Disney son-” “mY wHOLe liFE Has beEn A sERieS of dOors IN mY FAcE.”

51. Author’s Preference

the fanarts with both older and younger vitya really hurt my heart?? i just can’t stop thinking about vitya looking at his younger self and knowing how much he has to go through before getting to where he himself is now? vitya would absolutely adore his younger self and i can see him thinking of things like “things are going to get difficult soon but it’ll be okay, i am so proud of you and i love you, so just hang in there” but i can never see him saying those things out loud and i just hurt

We’ll Be a Dream - Cedric Diggory Imagine [PREVIEW]

A/N: so, my first Cedric Imagine request! :D haha here’s the preview!

Anonymous said:You are one of the best authors I have seen on Tumblr! And I read a LOT of fan fiction lol. :-P Could you please write a really fluffy Cedric Diggory x Reader story? Maybe the Reader is in Cedric’s year but she acts like a mom to the golden trio cuz she is a caring Hufflepuff. :-) And her and Cedric have been dating for a while, and they plan on getting married and having kids? Just a lot of cuteness, affection, and no sadness at all. :-D Thank you!

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter :)

We’ll Be a Dream

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*chants* drag queens drag queens drAG QUEENS DRAG QUEENS DRAG

Drag Them

Summary: Ludwig just wanted a drink to get away with the thoughts of an ex and a bad day at work. What he got instead was a man who had a woman’s persona


Fuck her. Fuck your job. Fuck everything on the earth. Ludwig was livid as he clenched his hand into a fist and stared at his broken door. His crazy girlfriend just threw his brand new toaster through it and he was glad he kicked her out on her ass.

He already had a bad day out work, being a lawyer was fun until the FBI were ruthless and breathed down your neck. Stress was all he ever had and now that she was gone he couldn’t breath.

Good riddance. Yeah! Good riddance to that stupid bitch! He didn’t need her, and hey! It’s Friday! No work tomorrow, hang over maybe?

Whipping out his phone he clicked on the Uber app, already half way out the door with his jacket thrown over his shoulder. The poor door was just to his kitchen, not the front door so he practically ripped it off the hinges (it was already falling off in the first place) and set it on the wall.

He was going to get a few drinks at the bar, spend a few bucks on a few strippers, be entertained. He’d forget about this stupid evening with some rum and gin.

In about ten minutes the Uber showed up and drove him to a bar called the Kitten Kaboodle. Shrugging at the name he waited in the line and was allowed in by the huge guard when he showed him his depressing ID.

The show was about to start, so he sat down at a table with two other men and ordered a pint of beer.

“Welcome everyone!” A voice cried and a Drag Queen walked on the stage.

Huh. This was what he was going to watch. He just snickered and drank the rest of the beer in the cup.

The Drag Queen was very similar to everyone with a large padded waist and large boobs. She had a blonde wig and dramatic make up. She introduced herself as Gina Gorgeous and whipped her hair with a delicate hand. “We have a huge show tonight, I’m sure you’re going to love it, first up with got Faye Queen!”

A Drag Queen with a red hairdo and almost perfect make up strutted on stage with a flowing white dress and jewelry all over. She whipped the microphone from Gina and winked at the crowd, “isn’t the crowd just beautiful!” She purred.

“Don’t undress them now,” Gina reminded jokingly. Faye had this kind of aurora to her that made Ludwig smile. She had this adorable accent and the prettiest whiskey eyes.

She lipsung to some Beyoncé song, swaying her fake boobs and doing the death drop at the end that made him cheer. Damn, her poor knee.

Another Drag Queen took Faye’s place and entertained them with some crazy pole dancing, but someone tapped on his shoulder.

“Oh hey,” he blushed seeing Faye still in her Drag.

She smiled cat-like, “can I steal your drink, I think you need a drink.” Red nail hands clasped around the handle of the cup.

“I mean you’re already beautiful and I’m only one pint in, so I’d rather chat with you when I’m not drunk off my ass.” He brought a hand to set the drink down by the rim.

Faye raised a painted eyebrow and laughed, “you’re absolutely adorable. I’m working now, but we can always get coffee sometime.”

“Don’t throw my number after a give it to you, I want you to text me,” he paused, the pen stopped scribbling the number, “I actually want to go out on a date with you, I promise.”

She stopped and smiled a little bit cleaner, “I understand, I’ll think about it,” he swiped the number from under Ludwig’s hand and stuffed it in the front of his bra.


Unknown Number: Is this the guy from the bar last night??? I hope you don’t have a huge hangover lol

Ludwig: I mean, I have a tiny one, I can hold my liquor. I’m glad you texted me back

Cute Drag Queen: Of course :)! I thought you were cute, I usually don’t have straight men flirt with me.

Ludwig: I’m Bisexual actually, but after my last girlfriend and my poor kitchen door, I think I’m gay.

Cute Drag Queen: Oh gosh, what happened to your door!

Ludwig: She threw a toaster through it during an argument yesterday. It was brand new too!

Cute Drag Queen: I promise you I don’t have the strength to throw a toaster through a door. Just give me enough room to store my make up ;)

Ludwig: How much is there lol

Cute Drag Queen: [one picture attached] Lots.

Ludwig: Well goodbye to my spot in the bathroom, I should just slap your name on it!

Cute Drag Queen: You’re so sweet!


Feliciano: Thank you so much for bringing me my make up, I love you so much

Ludwig: Idk how you forgot it at my house

Feliciano: Things happen, a hot boyfriend distracted me ;3

Ludwig: Guilty as charge, have a good show sorry I can’t come to your show!

Feliciano: that’s alright you can’t come to EVERY show I have, but you will come next week.

Ludwig: Yeah! I’m free on Monday so I’ll be cheering you on. Your poor knee.

Feliciano: I’ll teach you how to do the death drop don’t worry

Ludwig: my poor knee D:


Ludwig: this is the fifth time you left my house without cleaning up my counter. Foundation is hard to get off marble, stop doing this to me


Feliciano: I love you! Thank you for the key to your apartment! I promise not to ruin your new kitchen door

Ludwig: [one picture attached] why is your name written with lipstick on my kitchen door?? I thought you said you weren’t going to ruin it.

Feliciano: lol, it’s my door now ;3

Ludwig: smh I actually hate you oh my god

Feliciano: Nah you love me!!!

Ludwig: no

Ludwig: fine, I love you lots. Kisses for your show tonight.

Feliciano: Thank you!!


Don’t Pick Up: Who is Faye

Ludwig: lol, hello Diana

Don’t Pick Up: Who is Faye, asshat.

Ludwig: my boyfriend, how do you know about him??

Don’t Pick Up: I went into your house to retrieve one of my dresses you kept from me, you dog. I found make up in your bathroom and lipstick on your door.

Ludwig: ahuh, so you didn’t rip apart my closet, put a hole in my wall, and rip apart all of my boyfriend’s shit.

Don’t Pick Up: I did not! Stop it you liar!


Unknown Number: Hello Diana

Diana Brown: Who is this??

Unknown Number: I am Ludwig’s new boyfriend, you broke into our home and trashed almost all my make up. We are pressing charges and hope for you to pay over three hundred to replace my things.

Diana Brown: Why would you need make up you fucking freak.

Unknown Number: I know people and honey you don’t mess with a Drag Queen and his boyfriend


Ludwig: Why did Diana say you threaten her?

Feliciano: I just told her I was pressing charges and if she crossed me again i’d snatch her weave.

Ludwig: Slay baby… fucking slay her


everyone loves jimin...

this is for all the haters and everyone who doubts that ALL of bangtan absolutely adores jimin…ok basically this is shameless jimin/everyone appreciation. edit: part 2 here

anyway, lets start with our charismatic leader kim namjoon-ssi;

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joonie finds jimin absolutely adorable. 

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what about our oldest? 

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do i need to remind everyone how seokjin literally walked across the damn stage so that he can hug jimin bc he was hurting? like he went to jimin SPECIFICALLY for comfort???

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do you SEE the way yoongi is looking at jimin? 

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describe that expression to me. hate? no? didnt think so. 

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like, do people need to be reminded how MUCH hobi ABSOLUTELY ADORES jimin?

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i need to stop before this turns into a jihope post bc i could go on and on. lets move on to taetae;

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find someone who looks at you the way taehyung looks at jimin. 

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seriously…look at taehyung’s look of absolute adoration. DAre to TELL me otherwise. you cant. since im jikook trash i would like to point out how jungkook is looking at jimin as well.also i had to stop myself from turning this into a vmin post. 

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i will shamelessly insert this gif every chance i get. fight me. 

conclusion: everyone loves jiminie <3333

next up: probably thirsty!bangtan  i really should be studying right now

Sportsball Yay (Hamilton x Reader)

Summary: ¾ of the Hamilsquad go to a volleyball game. Awkwardness and (hopefully) cuteness ensues.
Warnings: Um I don’t think there is anything. Well besides really bad writing.

“Dude come on, your writing at a volleyball game. A girls volleyball game, I mean look at them.” John said shaking Alexander’s shoulder.
“Oui, Alexander we are here for John’s friend you should at least respect them and watch for a little while.”
“They’re just warming up.” Alex complained and rolled his eyes.
“I know but damn.” John shouted a name and Alex looked up for a moment. A girl that stood near the net waiting for the team turned to look at them and she smiled at them and waved. Alex stopped for a moment, she was beautiful. Strong arms, great body, amazing legs, her face was elegantly beautiful. Then her coach came over and started tossing a ball to her. She would set it to her teammates and they’d hit it over. Then she switched out and go to another line. She was soon up to hit. She screamed some number, he couldn’t quite make it out. Then she ran, jumped, and hit the ball. It was the loudest noise he’d ever heard as it hit her hand and then the floor. It hit the floor so fast that all he saw on the way down was a blur of white.
“Damn.” He whispered.
“I know.” John whispered.
Alex shook his head escaping the trance he’d been in for the last ten minutes.
“Whatever.” He said and went back to writing.
“Alex look out!” Was all warning he had before a ball came at him. It knocked into his head and onto his work. Making his papers go all over the seats in front of them.
“Oh my god, John, John’s friend, are you okay.” Her voice, it sounded really weird at a normal level, because all she had done was yell on court.
“We’re fine, don’t sweat it.” He said and threw the ball to her and she threw it back to the officials.
Needless to say they won.
“Come on,” John whined,“come celebrate the first game of the season with us.” John begged as she walked with them. Alex hadn’t said anything yet and was walking stiffly as he glanced at her.
“I’ve got practice in the morning, and I have to study. Maybe after the season?” She said.
“Your always at practice.” John groaned.
“You know if you wanted to hang tonight I could just come over and study while you guys get drunk.”
“I like that idea.”
“John you have to see this!” Laf yelled from down the street. Then he was gone leaving Alex and her alone together.
“Sorry about tonight.” She said.
“What?” He asked. She walking with him. Standing beside him, this goddess was standing here talking to him. She was so beautiful it made him insecure. Which was hard, because Alexander was never nervous or self conscious.
“You know, the ball messing up your writing.” She said and started to unbraid her hair and running a hand through it. She winced as some of the hair was tangled.
“Anna always braids tight.” She said as she shakes her hair out.
“Hey are you okay?” She asked, he’d been staring. How could he not she looked absolutely adorable with her hair poofed out like that.
“Um yeah, it’s okay nothing that couldn’t be fixed. So, um, how do you know John?” He asked.
“Oh we use to date in high school, we came here together and realized that we didn’t work as a couple and decided to stay friends.”
“Really?” He asked.
“Yeah.” She said and nodded. Her phone started ringing.
“T.J., BFAM, what’s up?” She asked. “I’ll stop calling you that when you stop wearing that ridiculous shade of pink.”
She looked at Alexander and gave an apologetic smile.
“Listen I need this to be quick, I’m standing here, in the cold, sweat dripping from me, and the wind just picked up. Also there’s a very cute guy standing beside me that I’m about to ask out to coffee, and then go to his friends house and watch them get drunk, while I study for class, so.” She didn’t look at him when she said that. She could feel his eyes on her though.
“Yes yes yes, it’s in my apartment, I will give it to you tomorrow. No, you will not go over there, and you will not break in. Good bye Thomas.”

“Thomas Jefferson?” Alex asked unimpressed.
“I thought you’d be more interested in the coffee date, but yes. Thomas Jefferson, the most annoying adoptive big brother ever.”
“He’s your brother!” This was a woman who could keep him from working by just standing there. This was the one and her adoptive brother was Thomas Jefferson.
Dear Jesus.
“Yes.” She sounded annoyed. They walked in silence for a while.
“So that coffee date.” She smiled and looked up at him and his heart stuttered.
“Well, more like protein shake date. For me any ways. My favorite coffee shop makes me one, because I’m special, and they happen to have amazing coffee.”
“I look forward to it.” He said as they reached the car. John and Laf were already there laughing at some joke.
“Johnny where’s Herc?” She asked. Did she know all of his friends?
“Aw he was working on a dress for class when we left.”
“It better be for me, if he’s missing the first game of the season.”
“Do you always go to the volleyball games?” Alex asked John.
“We haven’t missed a game since freshmen year Lex.” They all piled into the car and Alex sat in the back with her.
“So you said you had to study for something.”
“I do, would you like to study with me.”
“It would be my pleasure.”

  • You guys think Zach and I are relationship goals. Let me just tell you about my parents.
  • Dad: (takes drink out my moms energy drink)
  • Mom: "you son of a bitch who do you think you are? That's mine you bastard."
  • Dad: "no it's ours. You brought it to share."
  • Mom: "no I didn't. You asked me what I brought for me. You never asked what I brought for us."
  • Dad: "baby that's not nice."
  • Mom: "it's not nice you drank my drink."
  • Dad: "it's a good thing I only took a drink."
  • Mom: "you don't know what a sip is ass." (Punches dad in arm playfully)
  • (Silence in the car ride//me snickering into my sweatshirt in the back seat.)
  • Dad: "how's your foot baby?"
  • Mom: "it's not terrible."
  • Dad: "you need anything? Want to stop anywhere?"
  • Mom: "no I'll live till we get lunch."
  • Dad: "who said we were getting lunch?"
  • Mom: "fucker you just drank my drink you better be buying me lunch."
  • Dad: "I'll buy you anything you want fucker."
  • Mom: "that's what I thought dick head."

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I find it absolutely pathetic how you try so hard to be like the good accounts on tumblr @mrsjugheadjonesthethird @thatsadbreakfast and the others. Your writing is complete trash compared to yours and you need to just stop posting all together because let's face it no one actually reads your writing anyways so Delete plz

i mean i don’t want to stoop down to your level by calling a complete stranger an asshole BUT id just like to say that i don’t ‘try’ and be like anyone. i am who i am and i adore those two accounts you’ve stated and well aware that their pieces are amazing and ive always hoped that someday I’d be half as good as they are. if you don’t like my posts stop checking my blog, its seriously thats simple. next time your try to 'drag’ me make sure your not telling me information that i already know. atleast i can work hard to improve my writing, oh and scratching my first sentence; you’ll always be an asshole so good luck fixing that issue xx

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So I only just came across your page thanks to a mutual friend and Dear Merlin where have you been all my life? 😂 Your drabbles are so adorable it should be a crime. I hate that it took me this long to find you and am now seriously contemplating writing a 'People you must follow for all the Drarry goods!' post for new tumblr users because honestly everyone needs fluffy Drarry ❤ Anywho, sorry for such a long ask that technically isn't an ask, I just had to fangirl out for a moment. 💙

OMG WHAT?? That is such a huge compliment, I have no idea what to say! 💙 *forgets how to breathe*

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JFC! Thank you so so much, you adorable person! 💙 You absolutely made my day and I don’t think I will be able to stop grinning anytime soon! 💙💙💙

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(Ps: omg, who is the mutual friend?)

My wonderful anon,

I so appreciate you bringing this moment up in more detail because, well, I have a lot of detail that I could go into and I’ve been lowkey waiting for a chance since… basically the first time I saw this livestream!!!

You are absolutely right that it’s not just Jaebum being jealous! There’s some definite jealousy on Youngjae’s side too because of the adorable Markbum interaction, and then Jinyoung comforting him once he stops giving Mark heart eyes and notices Youngjae sulking slightly, and that’s when Jaebum notices and starts getting jealous, and just… there’s so much in just this 30 seconds. But are you also aware of the other 16 minutes of this Vlive?? Because this whole livestream is one of my two absolute favorite vlive videos, and we need to talk about it!! 

Honestly, as the hardcore ot4 trash (and YugBam fan) that I am, I could go on and on about every moment of this video, but I’m going to attempt to focus on the 2jae bits since that’s where this began and I need to give myself some limits or I’ll go on forever I did anyway… SO LET’S JUMP IN WITH MY FAVORITE 2JAE MOMENTS AND THEN WE’LL TAKE IT FROM THE TOP! 

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i just needed to stop by and show u some appreciation bc i feel like i dont do it enough. tonight you literally calmed me down and helped me realize that things will be okay one day. gabi you do so much for me and i love you dearly for it. you have no idea what it means to me to know that i have someone in my life who genuinely cares and wants to help me. you are absolutely wonderful and i adore u for everything you are. this friendship means so much to me & im glad to have you. ily angel - j💙

omg you are so cute jasmine thank you so much!!! honestly i love you so much, you’re one of my best friends and i’m so grateful for you💜 i meant every word i said, and i’m just glad that i could help you tbh. idk why you did this on anon but anyways thank you so much this is so sweet @starlit-endearment 💙💙

Jealous (Zico)

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(Happy Birthday to one of my ultimate biases! I hope your day is absolutely perfect, cause you deserve it! And I’m pretty sure we all need some cute jealous Woo Jiho in our lives)

“Oppa?” You called out softly.

“In the bedroom baby.” Following his voice you entered the shared bedroom. Blushing, you stopped, staring at Jiho pulling a shirt on over his head. You barely muttered out a ‘sorry’ before he smirked, “like what you see, babe?”

“I-I uh… uh…” With a red face you bowed before trying to back out of the room. He loved watching you get flustered so easily like that, it was adorable. Maybe, just maybe he should stop teasing you for once.

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Sick (Newt x Reader)

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Request: “Could you maybe write one where Newt cuddles with the reader when she is sick and takes care of her! I currently have a terrible fever and a cold, would love to read something comfy and warm!”

Note: Fluff fluff fluffity fluff fluff!

You and Newt had been dating for a few months now, and everything was absolutely lovely. Sure, you each were still getting used to the other’s quirks and habits, but neither of you were ever happier. With his creatures and someone he absolutely loved and adored by his side, he needed nothing else, and he reminded you of this everyday. And you felt so lucky to have such a loving, adorable boyfriend.

One evening, Newt came into your apartment, calling “Love? I’m here! I have loads to tell you about this new creature I just-”

Newt stopped when he saw you lying in your bed, blankets curled up around you, face flushed, and barely cracking a smile. He strode over to you quickly, worry across his face, “What’s the matter, (Y/N)? Are you alright? What’s happened? What can I do? Do you-”

You gently placed your hand on top of the one he used to cup your cheek. “I’m alright, Newt. I’m just feeling rather ill. I must have caught something, but I’ve been in bed all day and can’t really do much else. I know I’m supposed to help you with your creatures, darling, and I am so sorry! Maybe I can-”

You tried sitting up before Newt brought his arm around you and laid you back down. “You’re not going anywhere, love. You’re burning up and need to rest. I will be right back.”

You nodded and closed your eyes. You felt Newt stand and go into the kitchen, and you missed his warm presence right away. You heard him talking softly, and you figured he was talking to that silly Niffler again. Perhaps it was trying to steal your silverware. You barely registered the door opening and closing, and you slowly drifted off.

You awoke but a few minutes later just as Newt was crawling into bed beside you, “How long was I asleep? Did you take care of your creatures alright? Do you need any help?”

Newt smiled at you sweetly, “Just a few minutes, love. The creatures will be wonderful. I gave them to Jacob tonight. He will get Tina and Queenie to help him take care of them.”

You began to protest, “But Newt! Those creatures need you, and you love nothing more than being with them and taking care of them. They love you, and you love them! You can’t just-”

He cut you off with a gentle kiss, “They will manage just fine tonight. They adore our friends, and our friends adore them. Besides, you also need me tonight, and I love you. I want to take care of you.”

You blushed even redder than you were from the fever, “You love me?”

Newt began blushing too, realizing what he said. Though he had felt it for a while now, he was nervous to tell you, not wanting to scare you away or have you not say it back. He stammered, “I-I mean…I c-care about you a l-lot, and I-I j-just want to be happy…I mean you to be h-happy, but-”

Now it was your turn to cut him off with a kiss, “I love you too, Newt!”

You both kissed again before you pulled away quickly, “I don’t want to get you sick!”

“Well, one, it’s probably already too late for that. Two, I love you and I don’t care.” He pulled you in for another kiss, and you happily accepted. You loved him so much, and you wanted to show it.

Once you were settled into his chest, Newt reached to your nightstand, and lifted the bowl of soup that you didn’t notice before. “I made you some soup, love. I thought you could probably use a little something to eat.”

You smiled, completely in awe and completely smitten with the man before you. You laughed as he fed you, and enjoyed every second. After you finished your soup, you curled back into Newt, lying on your side, you head on his chest as Newt lay on his back, his arm tucked beneath you, bringing you closer to him. He gently stroked your hair, and you didn’t think anything could ever be better than this. You implored him to talk about the new creature he found, and he spoke softly, but with excitement and passion in his voice. You slowly drifted off to sleep, and Newt smiled, kissed your forehead, and fell asleep right next to you.

The next morning, you were feeling much better. Newt had taken such good care of you, and you wanted to do something nice for him. You snuck out of the bed quietly, and made breakfast, filling the table with pancakes and eggs and biscuits and fruit and sausage, filling mugs with tea and coffee and hot chocolate. Just as you finished laying out the tableware, you felt his arms wrap around your waist, “Everything looks and smells incredible, love. Mostly you.” He kissed you on the cheek as you blushed at his compliment.

“We both know that’s you, darling. Now sit down and eat before it gets cold.”

Newt did as he was told, and the two of you enjoyed the lovely meal together.

As you were cleaning up the dishes, you spoke, “I just wanted to thank you again for yesterday, Newt. I am so lucky to love you and date such a sweet, kind man.”

He smiled, blushing, but pulled you into his arms, “I’m lucky to be dating such a kind, intelligent, beautiful woman that I am lucky to take care of. I-” Suddenly, Newt turned away quickly and sneezed. He looked at you, mouth open, disbelief on his face. He didn’t want to believe it.

You smiled, and gently pushed him out of the kitchen. “Looks like it’s your turn to stay in bed, mister. I’ll finish up in here, and then I will be right there beside you.”

He pouted a bit, but you kissed him and he walked off, resigned to his fate. You made a quick phone call, “Hi, Jacob? Yes it’s me. Do you think you all could watch Newt’s creatures one more day? It looks like he’s sick.” You heard Jacob start laughing on the other end. Before he could begin making jokes, you thanked him and quickly hung up, laughing yourself.

Now it was time to go take care of the man you loved. Maybe being sick was not so bad after all, as long as you had each other.

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ok so now that ive watched the movie and both seasons, do you know the manga parts i should read??? ive fallen so deeply into sarumi hell and i need more of it


ok imma stop using caps lock so it’s easier for you to read xD

so what i recommend is this:

1) read Lost Small World. It’s a novel/manga detailing the past of Saruhiko and Misaki and how they met up to the point of Saruhiko’s betrayal. It’s so fucking gay and adorable and also angsty (filled with so much sarumi it’ll have you dead). it’s the book that freakin’ ruined my life and I will never ever recover from it. The novel is longer and more detailed than the manga but they both pretty much have the same storyline. You can find the links to the novels here (first half) and here (second half) and here’s the full index with other novels too! The manga can be found just by searching up ‘lost small world manga chapter 1′ on google. smallworldscanlations and ryuumm have translated a majority of it. 

2) read memory of red. it’s a manga that can be found here and it’s a nice story about the members of HOMRA, and if you want the angsty sarumi bit, read chapters 10 and 11. 

3) Listen to the drama CDs!! There are some realllyyy cute sarumi ones that i just love to death. You can find most of them on youtube, i’ll give you a list of the names with links :3

there’s a full index of drama cd’s here so feel free to check out any of the others whenever you want!!



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Aww thank you!! I love everyone and especially you too❤️❤️❤️

Prompt List

Hey guys! Right now I have one request left and then my inbox will be empty, so I decided that this would be a good time to do prompts again. :) Please send me the number of the line (three of them max) and a character name (I do Stiles, Scott, Isaac, Derek and Liam). I can’t promise that I can write every request, depends on how many float in, but I’ll definitely try. :)

1.       “You don’t have to be anyone but yourself.”

2.       “Your anger management issues are absolutely adorable.”

3.       “Great. I guess that means we have to share the bed.”

4.       “I’m trying to flirt with you!”

5.       “Who let you be in charge? That’s a terrible decision!”

6.       “But did you die?”

7.       “I never even knew that you could be so romantic.”

8.       “Can you stop distracting me?”

9.       “I’d be more than happy to show you a good time.”

10.   “Somebody needs to take a chill pill.”

11.   “I think we should make the most of an unfortunate situation.”

12.   “I don’t like to be told what to do unless I’m naked.”

13.   “This is why we don’t hang out!”

14.   “I’ll never get that picture out of my head, thanks!”

15.   “You are literally the worst person I have ever met.”

16.   “You know that you’re constantly underestimating yourself, right?”

17.   “Careful, you might make me fall for you.”

18.   “Are you following me?”

19.   “If you’re not going to eat that, I will.”

20.   “I don’t need your sarcasm this early in the morning.”

21.   “You know, I can’t decide if I want to strangle or kiss you right now.”

22.   “You know what this situation needs? Alcohol.”

23.   “You seem a little nervous.”

24.   “Don’t be such a drama queen!”

25.   “I didn’t really believe in love. Then I met you.”

26.   “You are my ultimate weakness.”

27.   “I’m always scared. Always. It’s a natural state.”

28.   “Is this going to be a reoccurring thing?”

29.   “You are an idiot but I still love you.”

30.   “Great, let’s kick some ass, shall we?”

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Russian!mafioso Castiel with tattoos, crazy sex hair, tons of guns, thick Russian accent when he speaks English & a bad smoking habit who is an absolute sweetheart to his sweet husband Dean is my jam & I had to share 😍😍😍😍

Are you even aware what are you doing to me?
I was supposed to go to sleep. And how the hell am I supposed to sleep now when I can’t stop thinking about this.
I am very happy that you decided to share this with me because it’s absolutely perfect 
Just perfect. 
It’s basically everything I need. 
Cas would be ruthless and people would be terrified of him ; but then he comes home and he just spoils Dean in every way he can because God, he adores this man so much. 

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