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I'm the anon who doesn't like Harry. I've tried to make myself like him but I just find it impossible to do. And I'm not saying this because I buy into his kale enthusiast-zen-yoga whatever persona aka official narrative, because I don't... I dislike him for other reasons. Could you tell me why you think I'd be missing out? Maybe you can give me your opinion that's different than mine and it would be nice for me to confront to two

I feel like I’m under spotlight and my reply’s content will be the only factor if you are willing to give him a chance. He is family oriented, he loves kids, he loves Louis… and we can say that from many people but what makes Harry Harry is these little things that he comforts crying fans, he stops singing when a fan is fainting or looks sick, he always thanks everyone everything, when Faye gave him the fanart book and she asked the boys to sign it Harry said no, you sign it please because it is an honor to get your art, and that is such a Harry thing to do, he always cares about safety of fans, when he is being chased he stops and asks nicely to stop and unfortunately he is too good for this world because he asks for their twitter and follows them feeling bad for being stalked, when he sees a car he says put your seatbelt on, when the world is shit he tweets his condolences, he does so many good things we don’t know about - meaning charity, he is funny and adorable and a dork, his personality is pretty similar to Louis’, he steals golf carts, he jumps in the auir and the bodyguard barely catches his stupid dorky self before he breaks his neck, and he is a pain in the ass and a cheeky motherfucker just like his boyfriend, he is changing lyrics so they won’t hurt fans, he is willing to and wanting to learn, genuinely interested in the world, raised to shake hands with everyone in the room, even climbing up a tall ramp - when Louis just stops and prays he’s gonna be ok - just to shake hands with the crew, his face lights up when he remembers a joke and you can see that he’s dyyying to share it with you, and once the joke’s out he’s absolutely proud of himself, he is a damn good entertainer and performer, always making sure everyone has a good time, he says thank you for having us after every interview and he is respectful, he really is. Has he fucked up? Sure he has. Did he learn from it? Yes he did because he stopped doing what was bothersome to people. But we all fuck up. We all do. None of the boys are saints, but considering that the rug was pulled from under harry at age 16, that he is rich af and famous af, he ended up as a very good egg, considering. He could be a major asshole but he’s not. He could have a big head and trash his bandmates wherever he can. He’s not doing that. He could act nice to fans and then when they turn their back to him roll his eyes at them. He’s not like that. He could have left the band and ‘prove’ that the solo and this holier than thou narrative is true. He didn’t. And he didn’t have it easy. These shame of walks from the main entrance, being constantly touched, flirted with, having his opinion laughed or belittled (oh he was just joking he didn’t mean it) is so difficult to deal with. He somehow does know the way and he is very very much in love with this amazing boy Louis Tomlinson. And no one deserves Harry more than Louis and no one deserves Louis more than Harry.

I would advise you look up the Who is Harry Styles video by freddieismyqueen on youtube. I have another one under the tag: HARRY VIDEO.