i absolutely adore anna; she's so cute


This is absolutely crazy!!! Just the thought of 300 lovely human beings following this little guilty pleasure/hobby of mine is just mind-blowing!!! And so, I want to thank you in one of the best ways possible: through sincere recommendations of other blogs!!! These people are inspiring, kind, cool, hilarious, and have overall 1000000/10 blogs :)))

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Everything under the cut :))))

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okay to go along with the Disneyworld Kristanna- not sure if they have them at Disneyworld, but at Disneyland they have matching couple's shirts that say "I'm his Minnie" & "I'm her Mickey" & just imagine Anna trying to get Kristoff to buy/wear the shirts with her.

(not sure if they have those at Disney World but I’m running with it byeee)

“Matching Up”

(Kristanna, WC: 874, Rated: K)

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Hang in There, Joan!, a frozen fanfic | FanFiction

“Anna,” he called down the corridor, a small laugh mingling with his words, “weren’t you-”

“Shh!” Anna turned to him with a finger pressed to her lips, then gestured for him to join her. Kristoff raised an eyebrow and walked toward her. He’d personally always found the Hall of Portraits to be rather boring, though he’d never dream of admitting that to Anna, so he couldn’t imagine what was in there that could have possibly retained her attention for so long. When he neared her side, she jerked her head in the direction of the room, an adoring smile on her face.

Kristoff shook his head and obliged, only for an instant warmth to radiate through his heart. No wonder Anna had been so focused on the room. There was Petra, Anna’s magenta cloak on her shoulders and his boots on her feet. The cloak was far too long for her four-year-old self and the boots looked awkwardly big and reached well past her knees, but none of that mattered because she looked so unbelievably cute. She’d even managed to find the winter hat he’d given to Anna during the short-lived winter; Petra wore it atop her golden, wavy hair.

“Oh my goodness,” he breathed. 

Here you go, jessica988! A fic of Kristoff and Anna’s daughter dressed in her parents’ clothes and going on an adventure, starring daddy!Kristoff and buckets of fluff. :) I hope you like it!

This story is based on this absolutely adorable fan art by Sarah (sargar3000) as well as the original idea proposed by Jessica. I thank both of you ladies for the inspiration and allowing me the privilege to write this! I had a magnificent time. <3

Enjoy! :)