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Au where Lukas saw Philip before he came to tivoli because Lukas and his friends were in the city and they stumble on this massive pride parade. And they watch for a second and then his friend are like this is ridiculous and they leave but around the corner there's Phillip hanging out with friends. He's got rainbow paint on his face and there's glitter in his hair and Lukas just stops in his tracks because hot daMN and they make eye contact and then two weeks later he's at school and then

oh my god!!!!! oh my god!!!!!


Hey! It’s Bisexual Visibility Month! Here’s some visibility for ya! A few weeks ago we had Pride week in our city, and this was the first time our 501st Legion Garrison - Capital City Garrison was participating officially in the Pride Parade. SO many of our members came for the event and it was really awesome! 

I came out publicly as bisexual this past June, and it’s been a wild ride of finally accepting something I’ve felt my whole life (I’m 33!), feeling valid, and being loved for who I am by friends and family. My husband of 10 years has been so amazing in this whole thing and we’ve become even closer as a result (he’s the stormtrooper with the rainbow lei!).

I proudly wore the bisexual flag (as a cape along with a pink bikini!) in the parade and was cheered on with my garrison by the sidelines. When people wearing bi colours saw me they were so excited! It was amazing, and quite emotional at times - thank goodness for the helmet! Proud to have my pals @kaitlyn-shepley (bowtie!) & @heychief (rainbow cape!) and husband to walk alongside. <3

Walking home from work during Manchester Pride weekend is the best thing ever. Last night I was walking behind two dudes who’d obviously just had a great night, one half carrying the other because he was so drunk.

And the super drunk one turns around to his mate and he’s like “Cole. I know you’re straight and all. But I would love to take you on a date.”

And Cole was just like “yeah?”

And the super drunk one was like “Yeah. Just me and you. One on one. No one else. I’ll take you for ice cream and I’d just cuddle you. Nothing else. I want to cuddle you all night long.”

And Cole was like “well, if you’re good, and you go straight to bed when we get you home, I’ll get in bed with you and you can cuddle me then. How’s that sound?”

And ???? My heart just melted ??? Like according to his friend Cole was straight but it was just a pure loving moment between the two of them. And you could see from the way they were together they cared so much together.

Idk. Walking home after Pride was just so much nicer than walking home any other Saturday. Especially hearing such a cute moment like that. The city just felt so loving. I was smiling for ages after getting home.

gay books i would splinter my soul to see movies for:

  • the abyss surrounds us: honestly if u have ever looked at this blog or how much i love pacific rim on my main this should be super self explanatory. lesbians, pirates, sea monsters, lesbians, sharing a bed trope AND handcuffed together trope, an “oh no shes hot” moment, “i don’t just raise monsters. i AM ONE” ARE U KIDDING ME AAAAA
  • you know me well: feels good gay teen friendship in arguably the gayest city in america?? teens who were in the same class all year and never talked until they realized the other was gay and then instantly clicked (not just a platonic m/f friendship BUT theyre both gay!! what a gift) AND cute lesbian couple getting together!! pride week friendship good times!!
  • everything leads to you: CUTE LESBIAN ROMANCE…….. LITERALLY THE PURE FILM MY HEART YEARNS FOR!! no coming out or homophobic nonsense AND its about the beauty and love that goes into making a film plus gay girls like!!! i love movies and i love girls and i love feel good love shit…. its ideal
  • crush (by sr silcox): i know its probably the least well known on this list and definitely the least likely but its super cute and cheesy and its teenagers who want to save their small town festival and the new girl from out of town is cute and possibly secretly really famous but whos to say ANYWAY i loved this one its just a small town sweet teen summer romance again w no coming out/homophobic nonsense
  • s/o to under the lights, which is a sequel so it probably wouldn’t work that way but like the cheesiest gay teen hollywood movie imaginable…. also i recognize that i am just 200% biased toward this beachy romance novel even as something low budget if they followed the book it’d probably be like my favorite movie akjsfkgjhdf

“Go on a road trip together. Take a picture of the girl with a Polaroid camera while she isn’t looking. Watch the Polaroid develop: first the over-exposed orange of her dark hair, the nails (-short, painted-) tapping the steering wheel. Next the shell of the ear, red from the light. Next the sunburnt arm, blurry and out of focus.
Watch the girl crawl into the photograph one skin cell at a time. Rub your finger over the photograph once, then put it in your glove compartment.”

-excerpt from an unfinished poem [its pride week in my city, yall ❤️]

hi y’all. my name is amy. I am Bisexual. 

in the weeks and months leading up to Pride, I never thought I’d be making a ‘coming out’ post. It didn’t seem necessary, I reasoned. Being bisexual seemed unimportant to the whole of my identity, in the same way that liking cookie dough, or led zeppelin was. It didn’t feel important enough to announce it on tumblr, in an online community where being lgbtq is widely normalized, accepted, supported. 

Recent events, though, have changed my perspective. I am lucky enough to live in a city and community of love, to have friends of differing genders and sexualities who were there for me to answer my questions, to listen to me sort through my feelings, to accept me and love me as I am. i am stronger for knowing them, both in spirit and in voice. and this morning i woke up, and the world was grieving, and i found that i had something to say. 

a year ago I went to pride as an ally to my friends. I was terrified of my sexuality, of how it would be perceived. of how it would reflect on me. 

today I went to pride out and proud, as they say. I was terrified that something would happen. We listened to the news of the Orlando shooting in the car, heard the reports of the suspect stopped in Santa Monica. I felt sick. I felt scared. I kept wondering what I would do if someone pulled a weapon during the parade. I spent the entire Lyft ride to the Pride Parade thinking about ways to save my friends if something happened. 

a year ago I was scared. Today I was scared. But I stood on Santa Monica Boulevard with my best friends, and celebrated. Joyously. Fiercely. I screamed myself hoarse. I hugged strangers. I high fived people of all sexualities and genders and ages and ethnicities and religions. I danced in the streets. I laughed. I cried. I was proud

so I’m coming out today because there are people who can’t. i am coming out today because there are girls like me who were raised to think it was only okay to love one gender, and anything more was just plain selfish. i am coming out because i am proud of who i am. a long hard-fought battle, years of closeted self-loathing and confusion, led me to this point. 

my heart is so fucking full after today. the lgbtq community is resilient and strong and immovable. we are not going anywhere. 

love. will. prevail. 


Three days after the Vancouver 1989 show and I still can’t believe it was real. Best night of my life. I got to see the beautiful city of Vancouver again (during pride week no less, there were rainbows everywhere) with my best friend, and I got more tswift merch because you can never have enough. Then we got into the stadium first because our gate was hard to find, made it to the Taylor Nation line and sang with hundreds of people the whole time, and then the craziness started.
Sierra from Taylor Nation told us she loved our costumes and that they were super creative and original, then she asked us if we were big fans and where we were sitting. AND WE GOT UPGRADED TO FRONT ROW TICKETS. I was so excited I couldn’t even eat or sit still. I got to see my hero and favorite artist of all time from just feet away. We got a picture with Toshi, one of her backup dancers. Shawn Mendes and Vance Joy sounded amazing, and she brought out Nico & Vinz to sing “Am I Wrong?” And she sang “Sparks Fly” acoustically for the first time on the tour. I finally got to see the insane helicopter stage and the thousands of wristbands lighting up in sync and hear the songs I’ve been listening to on repeat for months. I didn’t sit down or stop singing or dancing once. I saw her during the Speak Now tour at the Tacoma Dome but honestly seeing her perform this tour was the most amazing experience, and I know I’ll be telling my kids about it someday.
Thank you so much to the best friend Travis for going with me, to my mom for helping with the costume ideas, to Sierra at Taylor Nation for making a night I’d never forget even more memorable, to everyone who complimented the costumes or asked for a picture you all made me so happy I can’t even describe it. And thanks mostly to Taylor. Your music has been the soundtrack to my life for the last 9 years and you have honestly saved my life. I never imagined I’d be lucky enough to see you sing the lyrics that have meant so much to me from so close. This whole story sounds more like a dream than real life.
We will be at the show this weekend in Seattle too! We’ll be wearing the same costumes but upgrading them a bit for the second show. If you see us come say hi! We’ll be in FLR 7 Row 8 seats 17 & 18. See you in four days at CenturyLink, taylorswift! Hope you get to see our sick beets this time 😘 love you


Hey Ashley! First off I love you and your videos. You are an incredible inspiration to me and I relate to you a lot. Second thing, I went to this pride event in my local city a week or two ago. When I went through the stuff I got, I noticed this on the Trevor project pamphlet thing and I think it’s you? The cover that the photo is on says it’s their 2013 youth advisory council