I’m going to go on semi-hiatus for a while. At the moment I’m going through some issues I don’t want to talk about and I’m really freaking out.

Also, I don’t feel like drawing for a while. Please understand and don’t take it personally. I’ll still draw things sent to my ask but I just need a break from everything right now. I have other things I want to do but can’t because I feel obligated that I have to draw everything everyone asks and it’s overwhelming sometimes ;A;

Anyway to the anon who asked for a little Prompto comic I’ll get back to you soon. I did not forget about you. I’ll post up a quick doodle to compensate for your wait. I’ll be back soon. Take care everyone~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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"Let me take care of you." -older!dolphi

“…… I’m okay… just need sleep…”

He had been resting on the couch for a while now, hoping a brief lie-down would help him feel better, but it became increasingly clear that that wasn’t the case. He looked up at her with a flushed face and an adamant expression.

Even as sick as he was, he didn’t want to trouble anyone.

You Coming Pt. 3

[Hoseok] Part 1 Part 2

“Hoseok you need to rest. Look at what this fever has you saying~” you laughed.

“No really.. please.” he hummed, his hand still holding on to you.

He tried sitting up, but you could see he was straining himself too much.

You pressed his shoulders down to the cushions while you stood back up.

“Just rest alright? You need it, you’re still burning up.” you sighed.

He finally gave in and he released you from his grasp, his fingers still longing to hold on to you.

“I’ll be in the other room okay? Just call if you need something.”

“No, no. Stay here..”

“What’s gotten into you? First all the rambling in the motel room, now this?” you mumbled.

He pulled the sheet just barely over his chin, getting comfortable and slowly dozing off.

You took a deep breath as you settled into the chair next to the couch, grabbing the tv remote and switching it on. You quickly put it on mute, making sure not to wake him up.

You would glance over to him every few minutes, seeing half his face poke out from the blanket and how cute he actually looked.

Suddenly, his phone began to ring, and you grabbed it from the pile of things you emptied from his bag. You answered it seeing it was Taehyung calling.

“Hello?” you whispered quietly, making sure to keep your voice low.

“___? Why are you answering? Did you already kill Hoseok?” he laughed, you could hear the others chuckling in the background as well.

You walked into the bathroom and closed the door gently, the lock jimmying into place.

“Hoseok’s sick, so I’m sort of, maybe, taking care of him.”

The line went silent, not even a breath coming from the other side.

“Hello? Taehyung? Are you ther-”

“HAHAHAhahahAHA! You’re actually taking care of him!? What did he swoon you with his arguments enough to paralyze your brain for a while?!“

You thought about how it sounded coming out of your lips, and even you couldn’t believe it. If you would of been told two days ago that you would be giving medicine and tending to Hoseok like how you are, you would of laughed your ass off just as Taehyung did.

“I don’t know. He just- I’m not sure.” you gazed at the white tiles decorating the floor of the bathroom, trying to look for answers.

“Hey Tae?”


“Did Hoseok- Ever, talk about .. me?” 

“Um, not really. If you weren’t already in the room then no. Why?”

“No reason. I was just.. Nevermind. Anyways, his phone is running out of battery so I’ll talk to you another time.” you lied.

And with that, he hung up.

As you looked at his screen, seeing the battery level at 80%, you saw it.

You locked and unlocked the screen, but the photo never changed.

It was a photo of Hoseok, and you. You were sleeping in his arms, the night before in the motel, and he had that famous smile on his face. It wasn’t his super happy smile with teeth showing, but the edges of his mouth were curled up, his lips a bit thin in the middle, and his head slightly resting on you, as his lock screen.

You exited the bathroom and placed the phone face down on the table in front of him, taking your seat once again in chair next to him.

You watched how his eyes would move slightly, how he would fidget underneath the sheet.

“Do I actually like him?”

What you didn’t know, was that Hoseok was listening to everything you and Taehyung were talking about. Even though you kept your voice low, there was literally no other sound in the entire room, leaving your voice to echo through to his ears, his mind, his heart.

He stared at the ground, listening to the words he was afraid to here.

Did Hoseok- Ever, talk about .. me?”

“No reason. I was.. Nevermind.”

He closed his eyes once he heard the bathroom door open, but he could feel something.

He shuttered a bit when he heard you sit back down next to him, but he played it off well enough.

“Can you get another glass of water?” He spoke softly, not even startling you.

“Yeah, of course.”

As you approached him with the glass in hand, he gestured for you to place it on the table in front of him while he tried sitting up again.

You tried to help him, but he wanted to do it himself.

“Am I still warm?” he asked, lifting up his bangs and looking down, waiting for you to give him your expert diagnosis.

You sat down next to him and placed your hand on his skin yet again, smiling at the results.

“You’re a lot better~ Still a little bit warm but you definitely got better.” you said happily.

“You shouldn’t of gone back to help me when it was raining last night. That’s probably why you’re so sick.” You assumed.

“And you should’ve told me you weren’t feeling well earlier today, I saw the opened medicine bottle.”

Just as you were about to get up, he placed his hand on yours, looking straight at you.

“Will you listen to my words now?”


“I want to be with you. I want you, and me.. To be together.. I’m tired of hiding behind our fights. It’s not because of the fever that I’m saying this, I want you to listen to me loud and clear.”

“I’m saying this because every time I see you, I get butterflies and I just want to run up and hug you and stay with you and protect you and never let you go. I knew how I felt about you months ago, but seeing how scared you were yesterday.. It, it made me realize that I want to be there for you, take care of you, protect you. Love you.”

You were speechless.

After all this time, this was how he really felt. All the times he never said a word but just looked at you, the glimmer in his eyes when he saw you were staring back at him, how happy that made him.

You saw him reach for the glass but you couldn’t of even predicted what would happen next.

His hand trailed to the back of your neck, and he smashed his lips onto yours.

Your eyes were wide open, genuinely surprised by his action. You marveled at his face, how concentrated he was on the kiss. Before you knew it, he had you.

Your eyelids closed and there was no turning back.

He started to pull away but you brought him closer, intensifying the kiss, and how amazing it felt.

Your fingers knotted in his hair as his hand trailed to your back, closing the empty space between you.

He smiled into the kiss, realizing how much you were enjoying it. He was almost completely sure that if he tried to pull a move like that, he’d just get slapped and utterly humiliated, but, you were loving it as much as he was.

You wrapped your arms around him, and he carried you up, only to fall back down on the couch, your body flattening out on top of him. His fingers trailed to the small of your back  and your nails dug into his bicep.

His eyes opened and you stared directly into them, seeing every detail of his iris, how large his pupils looked.

He sat back up and detached your lips, cupping your face in his hands. He leaned in slowly and pecked your lips again, but softly this time, more emotion, more sentiment, more love.

The feeling came back, that thought in the back of your head, and you finally knew what it was.

“Will you give me a chance? Instead of fighting with you, we can laugh together and enjoy everything together.”

You smiled and looked up to him.

“Only on one condition.”

His face went blank, and scanned your expression, wondering what you were thinking.

“If I get sick from kissing you, I get to hit you.”

He chuckled. “Of course.”


A few days later, you finally went to the beach..

With your boyfriend Hoseok.

“Are you sure you feel well enough? I don’t want you fainting on me again! You’re heavy as hell!” you smirked as he ran ahead into the water leaving you to sink your feet into the sand.

Well?” he yelled over to you.

“You coming?”

Me watching Friends

12:00; Okay, just one more episode.

12:30; Just one more episode

1:00; Maaaaybe another episode

1:30; Okay, seriously, last episode

2:00; I should probably go to bed

2:30; What am I doing

3:00; Alright, this is REALLY the last episode

3:30; Ami no

4:00; aMI, NO


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Okay I just need to make a confession, so I've recently got very into kpop girl groups as well and seeing their slim toned figures is making me feel quite inadequate and I've been trying to lose weight to look more like them for about 2 months is this an unhealthy obsession? idk

It’s always unhealthy to compare yourself to someone else. You shouldn’t put that kind of pressure on yourself. Idols are meant to look “perfect” & they are put through so much to achieve that. It’s not even healthy for them. The fact that you’re trying to look like them makes me sad because honestly, it’s a waste of time to worry about something like that in my opinion. I know you might feel bad about yourself because of how you look, but everyone does. Even idols have things about themselves that they don’t like. You have to realize that a lot of things factor into how you’re shaped. Your metabolism, your BMI, your genetics, it all plays a role & that’s true for idols as well. Everyone carries weight differently. Please don’t put your body through the trauma of forcing it to be something that it’s not. 

As someone who suffered/suffers from anorexia, I can tell you that becoming obsessed with your weight can never lead to anything good. Even if you lose weight, you’re not going to be totally happy. There will still be those 2 pounds that you’re always focusing on. It never stops. Losing weight to be healthy is one thing but the obsession with being perfectly toned & skinny is not worth the health risks. I’m sorry if I sound harsh or judgmental. I don’t mean to because I personally understand not liking what you see when you look in the mirror, but don’t let how you look control your life. Those idols that you’re looking at are people too & they struggle like you do. Please don’t put yourself down because you don’t look exactly how society wants you to. You’re beautiful. xo

I just want more backstory for Fairy Tail okay I need more of a Fairy Tail Zero
I want to see Mavis meeting Zeref again
I want her to have dreams of Zeira and fairies and I want Yuriy be her bull dog-like big brother
I want Precht to be so over protective of this tiny cute girl and I want to see Warrod honing his plant magic and making tiny dancing bouquets for Mavis when she’s sad
I want to see them go on more adventures together and look for fairies or treasure or fighting dark guilds and taking names together
I have so many feelings about this hhhh

It saddens me to know how much you go through just to cut off all forms of contact between me and you. I don’t want nor need to talk to you. Sometimes I just need to see that you are doing okay. That’s all I ever want.

okay guys, listen up: i just want you all to know that you absolutely should feel like you can get toxic people out of your lives. I don’t care if the person if you think you love the person, if you actually do love them, if they are your parent or your best friend of 10 years. If they are making you emotionally unstable or hurting you physically: GET THEM OUT. PLEASE. For yourself and everyone else that actually cares about you. You don’t deserve abuse and you don’t deserve toxic people. 

okay so !! I decided to compile all my headcanons for the pairing meury (mary/meu) and yeah :D :D

☆ Mary met Meu after she heard of a psychic in her town, and asked nanashi if he would accompany her to the psychic

☆ Upon seeing Mary Meu is like “oh no she’s hot”

☆ Mary asks for her fortune and stuff (nanashi tries to help meu as well since nanashi) and meu is like “yES okay” and does her future for her career

☆ Mary is v satisfied with the fortune is thanks nanashi for taking her there

☆ fast forward a few weeks and Mary is also very attracted to Meu and really wants to romance her but she doesn’t know how to (she asks nanashi which in hindsight probably wasn’t a good idea)

☆ So they spend a few more weeks in mutual pining and angst before Mary finally tries to ask her out and it goes rLLY wrong (like embarrassing) but it works out and suddenly they’re girlfriends

☆ Okay so now they’re v cute girlfriends and their first date is probably the beach since Mary likes it so much and Meu somehow convinces Mary to actually wear a swimsuit (still pastel and has lots of ruffles whoops)

☆ also imagine Mary being like “sorry nanashi you’re fired I found a new off agent but we can still hang out” and it’s Meu and nanashi is Slightly Concerned

yes as all can see I am Meury Trash

Run #2 back from injury!

I had a decent run today!! It’s only my 2nd official run back and I was feeling a little apprehensive about running with my team, and I was originally planning to run like 2-ish miles today, but I did 3 with some friends (very very very slowly) and it was fine! I wore KT tape on both Achilles and had really minimal pain - some tightness/mild pain in the first mile, and some achy twinges every once in a while for the other 2, but for a good portion of it I actually had no pain at all! It also seemed to get better over time, rather than worse/the same, which is the opposite of how it was before and is definitely encouraging.

Now I just need to cross my fingers that this continues to go okay and doesn’t start to landslide again 😱 BECAUSE XC CAMP IS IN 6 DAYS HECK YEAH

Also I need to total up my summer mileage one of these days. Considering that I’ve been injured for a good portion of the summer (only 3 solid weeks of training), I’ll be thrilled to have 125+ miles by mid-August. I just want to beat my mileage from the summer after freshman year, and I think I only ran about 125!