random dallas headcanons

-he can’t stand the word “moist”

-he’s so good with animals without even trying, like every dog he’s ever met loves him

-but he actually really likes reptiles

-he had a snake when he was little

-he has reallllly clear skin and just a few freckles on his cheeks that get darker in the summer

-he gets sunburned badly bc he’s so pale, but refuses to but on sunscreen so he just burns

-his hair is so blonde, people always ask him if he bleaches it and it pisses him off

-he stays up really late, but is like totally fine the next day? like he’s not tired at all

-modern dally ends up watching a lot of reality TV bc that’s what’s on late at night

-let’s just say he knows way too much about the kardashians

-he doesn’t eat a lot, and when he does it’s barely anything

-like no one knows how he doesn’t starve

-he loves sour stuff though

-modern dally would liiiive off of sour patch kids tbh

-modern dally also loves eminem

-he loves long car rides

-when he really doesn’t have a place to go, he’ll just drive until he’s almost out of gas

-he’s a very good liar, but he actually lies a lot less than most people assume

-he always smells like smoke, not like cigarettes, but just smoke?

-his favorite color is blue

-you know his ring that he gave to Sylvia? according to ponyboy, “he rolled a drunk senior” to get the ring, but that’s just what he told people. his mom actually gave it to him before she passed away

-he decided he’d never let anyone else wear it unless he truly loved them

-and he actually thought he was beginning to love Sylvia when he gave it to her

-so when she cheated on him, it hurt a lot more than he let on

-he decided he wanted to give it to johnny, bc he knew johnny didn’t have much and he was really the only person dally loved

-but johnny died before he had the chance to do it

-johnny reminded him of himself as a kid. his parents didn’t care much about him and he turned mean and bitter because of it

-and he knew johnny might become the same way, so he kind of dedicated himself to making sure that didn’t happen

-the only reason he stayed in Tulsa after he left New York was bc he met the gang and johnny, and he realized that he had to save that kid before it was too late

-and he began to feel like that was his only purpose in life, so when johnny died…he had to die too

-to summarize, dallas could be a loyal and selfless motherfucker

Les Mis Characters as Songs from Phineas and Ferb
  • (Idk why I did this but if you listen to the songs maybe it will make sense?)
  • Valjean: Chains on Me
  • Javert: Busted
  • Cosette: What'cha Doin'?
  • Marius: Gitchee Gitchee Goo
  • Eponine: Home on the Road
  • Montparnasse: Fabulous
  • Enjolras: There's a Platypus Controlling Me (no really, listen to this one)
  • Grantaire: Ain't Got Rhythm
  • Combeferre: Somebody Give Me a Grade
  • Courfeyrac: Squirrels in my Pants (idek)
  • Joly: Not Knowing Where You're Going
  • Bossuet: Give Up
  • Bahorel: Roller Coaster
  • Jehan: She's Got an Alien Heart
  • Feuilly: Carpe Diem
  • Gavroche: Come Home Perry

ok we all know how íþróttaálfurinn is an elf, yes? well let me just tell you this, icelandic elves are not like what u see in movies. like no. 1 rule about icelandic elves is don’t fuck with them or they will either make u go insane or steal ur babies. they might do it anyway even if u do nothing. also don’t mess with the rocks or the hills where they live or ur cursed for life. if an elf tells u to do something u better do it bc u’ll get a reward and everything will be good but if u don’t…. hoo boy u gonna regret it


The Edge of Seventeen Tag

Thanks for tagging me @cookiesimslp967!

Here’s the original tag post by @alwaysimming

rules: reimagine your founder (or a sim you made as an adult) as a teen! maybe even on prom night?

For this tag, we have my dearest Amara, a sim for a story im writing (which I haven’t updated in over a month). I won’t reveal too much about teen Amara because she’ll actually make an appearance in my story at some point. But, for the sake of this tag, i’ll throw in a few things. 

As a teen, I would say that Amara was sort of dependent on others in the sense that she would make decisions based on the opinions of others. For example, most of Amara’s fashion choices were heavily influenced by her ‘friends’ opinions, like trading in her ‘dorky’ glasses for contacts. She’s grown out of this for the most part, but when faced with difficult or important choices to make, she’ll still tend to lean on others a little. 

Breathtakingly Beautiful

with: Seongwoo (WANNA ONE)

genre: fluff, idk???

count: 478

brief: based on a dream that I had??? i swear i’m loyal to Daniel

You swept your bangs that tickled the bridge of your nose from your face as you try not to let your frustration show. Clicking through the photo’s that you’ve taken again, you sigh. This photoshoot was not going as well as planned.

You look over to the model, standing with no awareness that you were glaring holes into him. “Ong Seongwoo is the best model I’ve ever worked with.” “He doesn’t even need to model, his good looks will be good enough!” “He’s so kind to the staff as well!“ You mimic the other photographers in your mind, cursing them.

Seongwoo stood dumbly beside the tall plant, hands in his pocket as he looked off to space. He slouched slightly before softly letting out a half groan, half sigh kind of noise.

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The signs as: Things that have been said at Robotics
  • Aries: Wheels are just misunderstood circles
  • Taurus: Our team colors should be orange and orange
  • Gemini: I'll let you do that because if it's messed up, it's your fault
  • Cancer: You're supposed to be helping us build a robot and you call a fork a spoon
  • Leo: We don't make sense, we make robots
  • Virgo: And now I look stylish with my Avengers bandaid
  • Libra: Smash Mouth isn't a Christmas song
  • Scorpio: People who breathe die, so just don't breathe
  • Sagittarius: I can't, she's hitting me with a churro
  • Capricorn: Daylight savings time was created by lizard people
  • Aquarius: I connect with that furby on a personal level
  • Pisces: Dean Kamen is the love of my life

So I really should be working on Thomas, James, and the Schyler sisters(+Maria)’s info sheets but I’m just over here drawing John because I love him

I’m so overwhelmed like this song literally spoke out loud my thoughts for the past 4/5 years?? all these people and forces around me are pushing me towards picking this one path i have to go down for the rest of my life and expect me to know all the answers to their questions when i actually have no idea and i’m begging them to just tell me what i’m supposed to do bc i don’t know! i don’t fucking have a clue and days just keep going past me as i keep going forward but not really, not with any purpose, and i’m left with all these decisions i’m not ready to make and it completely terrifies me bc i just want to find myself like everyone else has i just want the answers everyone else has but i don’t know how to get them there’s no cheat sheet to life i’ve got to somehow figure this shit out by myself and i wanna do everything and nothing at the same time there’s so many possibilities that i can’t even choose one and jjp understood that precisely in tomorrow, today

book of mormon-actual song titles
  • Hello!: If You Don't Believe In God You're Going To Die Alone
  • Two by Two: Congratulations! You Are Not Being Sent to Orlando
  • You and Me but Mostly Me: I'm Better Than You- That's What The Universe Says ft. Elder Price
  • Hasa Diga Eebowai: Our Life Sucks and So Does God
  • Turn It Off: Depressed? Compress.
  • I Am Here For You: Cunningham Just Wants A Friend
  • All-American Prophet: Wildly Inaccurate, Yes. But also a Bundle of Fun.
  • Sal Tlay Ka Siti: This Girl Gets Her Hopes Up
  • Man Up: Gotta Be Like Jesus; Now Flex!
  • Making Things Up Again: It's Okay to Lie, It's Right In Theory.
  • Spooky Mormon Hell Dream: Think Committing Crimes Is Bad?! Local Mormon Proves Hundreds Wrong.
  • I Believe: Even if Things Don't Make Sense They're Still Correct.
  • Baptize Me: Mormons' Excuse For Sex
  • I Am Africa: We are Africa, Not African.
  • Joseph Smith American Moses: This Girl Gets Her Hopes Shattered but At Least They Tried
  • Tomorrow Is A Latter Day: Ignore Your Impending Existentialism Because At Least We Have God

Honestly? I love trans girls. Absolutely all of you.

Non-passing trans girls? Beautiful. ❤️
Trans girls of color? Amazing. ❤️
Trans girls that still like masculine things? Wonderful. ❤️
Trans girls that don’t want to start hormones or get any kind of surgery? Absolutely perfect. ❤️
Trans girls that aren’t out, whether because they can’t come out or because they aren’t ready? So, so amazingly wonderful. ❤️
Nonbinary trans girls? So great, you have no idea. ❤️
Any trans girls I didn’t mention specifically with this post? Absolutely wonderful, so great, so amazingly perfect. ❤️
All of you are so wonderful and absolutely valid, and I love all of you. You’re all so great and so beautiful and so pretty and you deserve the absolute best. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

anonymous asked:

i totally get the excitement as someone who's Vietnamese and grew up w/ a lot of internalized racism largely bc of white media, but isn't it wrong to have a Vietnamese actor play a Korean person? Is it really good representation if it's actively erasing the actual ethnicity of the character (by a Korean author, no less), who should rightly be played by an actor of her actual ethnicity? This isn't an attack or anything, & sorry if this is raining on the parade--just wanted to get your opinion!

no yeah totally great and valid point!! i completely understand everyone’s qualms about having a vietnamese actress playing the role of a korean girl because it does in fact perpetuate the whole notion of “all asians are the same” when really asian americans are comprised of multiple, diverse, and distinct ethnicities, not just one.

(in all honesty, part of me feels like they chose lana because she’s already got a foot in the industry with her role in x-men so she’ll garner more exposure for the movie)

but we are still so far from where we should be in terms of representation in the media that i think the fact that we are getting a teen romantic comedy movie featuring a main asian american cast at all is an incredibly monumental step for asian americans. from my perspective, the asian american community still shares a certain identity, no matter our specific ethnicities, that binds our experiences together.

of course, i’m not trying to equate the cultural experiences of a vietnamese american with those of a korean american (and please let me know if you find any of my opinions offensive) but i feel like we also have to take into account the story being told. lara jean’s story is not about her half-korean identity; it’s about her first love. how i’ve always seen it was that jenny han was trying to prove to the world that asian americans can have modern, everyday love stories too – we’re not some “exotic” group confined to kung fu and manga and period dramas.

we see the characters make that same point too. lara jean has an “asians only” rule when dressing up for halloween (not specifically “koreans only”); margot encourages LJ to join an asian american organization in college (not specifically a korean organization). i think this speaks to the fact that while our cultures may differ, our experiences as asian americans in white america are in fact plenty similar. lara jean may connect with her family and her mom through her distinctly korean roots (as seen with her references to korean food and of course traveling to korea with her sisters and grandmother) but her experiences in everyday life (that pushed her to choose to only dress up as asian characters, for example) pertain to the wider asian american experience.

so yes, acknowledge the issues when it comes to casting a different asian ethnicity for an asian american character, especially when production is made of primarily non-asian people (i think neither the director nor screenwriter is asian?). but also i think it’s important as a community to encourage and support asian american actors in all types of roles because we need white people to realize that our presence in major roles can be successful. the success of asian americans in film and television means more roles will be written for us, which in turn will give asian americans the option to actually choose to play a character of their ethnicity rather than settle for one that’s close enough.

idk i’m sorry if i seem biased in this situation because i am in fact vietnamese and so seeing my favorite book character being played by someone of my ethnicity (one in which it’s rare to find prominent actors) is a kind of special that’s difficult to put into words. i really don’t mean to condone erasing lara jean’s korean identity; i just feel like we have so much more out there in the media to fight for as a community that again, it’s important that we support these asian american actors anyway. 

i remember when ki hong lee played a vietnamese character on unbreakable kimmy schmidt and i was furious because ki hong is korean not vietnamese and it felt like once again, hollywood didn’t give a shit about us and just needed an asian dude to fill the (VERY RACIST) role. i also remember that, despite all of that, i was honestly overjoyed that ki hong was essentially a main supporting character of a very popular show. i was so proud to see him on that screen and i knew that the exposure would allow him better opportunities for better roles (and also i just love ki hong in general).

tbh idek what point i was trying to make with this abominably long reply (kudos to you if you read this whole thing lol i just have a lot of feelings about asian american representation). i guess what i’m trying to say is: to my korean friends out there, you are 100% justified in feeling angry about the casting choice, but i’m asking you as a fellow asian american to please consider being supportive anyway of a vietnamese american actress playing the main character of this very important movie

cruel world - z.h

“did what i had to do, cause you’re so past me now” 


WORD COUNT ; 1063 words

WARNINGS ; swearing

kind of ? based on cruel world by lana del rey from her ultraviolence album

you and zach were only fourteen nearly fifteen when your relationship started. a few months before you were just the new girl in school who was confused on why so many girls swooned over him, you were unaware of his social media status. even when he asked you out on a date you were unaware, it was only until the middle of your first date you asked for his instagram and saw how many followers he had compared to your just over four hundred. 

the more longer your relationship with zach went for, the more stages you guys pushed through. sometimes you even went with tour with him for a day or two, everything was good. the two of you were just two kids in love and no one could break that, despite everyone around them knowing about them. his fans didn’t know about them, everyone who knew zach through social media, all his fans that met him during the social media tours he did had no idea of his girlfriend. she was his little secret for over a year and she went with it, she liked the thrill of it and really at that point she would of done anything to be with him.

and maybe that’s what made innocent y/n become the person she is today, the reckless but driven girl standing three years later. because no one gave her the time of day before zach, to say he was her first love is an understatement. she shared her body and her mind with him, he was her first everything. there isn’t anyone in this world that knows y/n better than zach. but like usual, all good things must come to an end. because just before zach turned sixteen, around april just after your own birthday you had come to a realisation, he was finally becoming something big and you were slowly falling behind. it was difficult catching up with him, difficult for the both of you to maintain the relationship you guys built. 

so y/n came to the conclusion, she had to break up with zach. she could tell it was tiring him out and all she wants is for him to focus on this, focus on the band because this was all he dreamt and worked hard for. he loved you and you loved him and maybe nothing was going to change that even years later but she had to do what she had to do, for him and for her. she could still remember the day she broke up with him like it was yesterday. it was the morning, four hours before she had to fly back home to texas. she was staying at their la house and the days coming to this day even he could tell something was wrong, he was laying in bed, she was packing her suitcase, sitting on the floor, her back facing towards him. 

“do you want to tell me what’s going on now?” he asks, scared to know what her answer was going to be because as in denial as he is even he knew what was coming. 

“you already know zach, you know me more than anyone” she replied back, sounding tired, sounding… distant like she wasn’t even in the same room. 

“don’t do this” he begs, suddenly standing from the bed and sitting next to her on the floor. “please don’t do this, i love you, i love you so much.” he stares at her, wanting her to turn her head and look at him, but tears started to form in her eyes, her hands started to shake as she tried to collect her tears. “y/n please” 

“i don’t want to do this” she snaps as she turns her head towards him, “i fucking love you idiot, this is why i’m doing this. i’m doing this because i love you okay?! so don’t make me say the words, don’t make me fucking say it.” her voice was bitter, angry even which made him get angry. this was starting into a fight, a fight she didn’t sign up for. 

“because breaking up with me is showing you love me?! since when?! since fucking when was that because please tell me. if you loved me, you wouldn’t be doing this y/n!” he snapped back, standing up and pacing around the room as she zipped her suitcase and stood up, standing the suitcase up as well ready for the both of them to leave. 

“if you loved me, i wouldn’t be feeling like a dirty secret that’s swept under the rug and only taken out when you need. it was fun at the beginning zach, but over a year is too long.” you replied, your voice wasn’t raised. it was calm, more because of the fact you didn’t want a fight to happen. you didn’t want things to end that way. 

“do you want me to tell them? about us? about you? i will, if that’s what it takes” he was getting desperate because over a year was eternity for him, as young as he was it truly felt that y/n was the one.

“no, no that’s not what i want and you’re not going to do it either way. you have one thing to focus on right now zach, and it’s not me, it’s this. i watched you work hard for this, this is your dream and i’m not going to stand in between that.” you finally explained, feeling the salt taste of tears going to your lips, your vision of him was blurred because god the guy you truly wanted for the rest of your life, you were letting him go. 

all of a sudden you felt a pair of wet lips against yours, his arm wrapped around your waist to pull you closer, his other hand on the side of your neck. desperation, passion, want and love was placed in this last kiss, you didn’t know how long it was but it felt that it went away too quick. “and what if you’re the girl of my dreams?” he softly asks, “then we’ll meet again… i guess.” you answer. 

and again, you don’t know how long you two stood there for, desperately holding onto each other like no tomorrow because there was no tomorrow, there wasn’t even going to be a next month. at the end you ended up leaving that house with the biggest hole in your heart, the hole that zachary dean herron used to fill. 

A/N ; aH THANKS FOR READING MY FIRST IMAGINE ON HERE, IM SO SORRY IF ITS MESSY OR IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE. but if you wanna see the part two of cruel world and get to see the “reckless but driven girl” that you become and that zach finally sees then request !! or maybe if i have enough motivation i’ll do it myself lmao but, i hope you liked it!

anonymous asked:

How would you go about trying to make friends with someone online? There are so many people (you included) that I want to talk to but I get so fuckin nervous... And, while its my own issue, I tend to not message/reply for weeks sometimes and I fuckin hate it... Sometimes I feel like its better if I just don't interact w people one on one. Hell, I prefer talking in a public space.. But its just so... I don't know man sorry for the ask love ya. You keep doing your thing.

eh this might just be me but i rly dont click well with people who are specifically ‘trying to be friends’, if that makes sense. like im always open to chatting w people who hit me up (well usually. im not keen on it w people like 16 and under just cuz it makes me uncomfortable) and if we talk regularly thats just how it ends up

but when someone says like “can we be friends?” or tries to awkwardly force conversation (like “hey!” “how are you” “what are you up to” all the time even when im non responsive) i usually just kinda drop contact eventually. it feels disingenuous and its easy to tell when it’s only bc im Scotch™ cuz like, no way would someone care that much about pushing a “friendship” along with anyone else who seemed disinterested. it rubs me the wrong way.

anonymous asked:

Hi Human, I noticed bot gets lots of notes when they do things right, do they understand that? Like when a bunch of people are like "good job!" is bot like "hey I did that one right! Lets keep doing that!"? Im sorry if this doesn't make sense I don't know that much about robots!

Hi, human operator here:

No, picdescbot doesn’t read the notes and can’t understand them.

The way picdescbot works is that it fetches a random image from Wikimedia Commons, passes it through a series of blacklists to filter out offensive images (see the last question I answered for details), then sends it to Microsoft Cognitive Services to get a description, passes the description through another blacklist, neutralizes gender, and posts it to twitter & tumblr.

Since the Microsoft service is a “black box” for me and picdescbot (which is not affiliated with Microsoft in any way), there’s no way for picdescbot to influence the service and improve it. While the service does improve over time, it has nothing to do with picdescbot itself or the feedback people leave for it here.

You can imagine it as a magical box that you put a picture in, and a description comes out from the other side, with no one knowing what goes on inside. The bot itself is just a “messenger”, whose job is to feed the box pictures and then post the results for the world to see.

I hope this answer won’t disappoint too many people, since I really like the way people personify the bot.

important quetions
  • Kirishima: bro, you think Bakugos gay?
  • Kaminari: IDK bro, I know how you could find out though!
  • Kirishima: HOW?!
  • Kaminari: go up to him and say, you gay bro?
  • Kirishima: no.
  • Kaminari: or... you could ask every one else in our class what they think.
  • Kirishima: Yes!!
  • Kaminari: I was kinda kidding.
  • ...
  • Kirishima: Hey Jirou!! Do you know if Bakugo is gay?
  • Jirou: why would I care and why do you ask?
  • Kirishima: Just curious.
  • Jirou: I dont know. He dosnt really seem that type.
  • Kirishima: what type?
  • Jirou: you know the gay type.
  • Kirishima: There are different types of gay? What type am I?
  • Jirou: You'er... OOHHH that actually makes a lot of sense.
  • Kirishima: What does?
  • Jirou: Im just gonna go away now.
  • ...
  • Kirishima: Yo Midoriya! You'er close with Bakugo right! Is he gay?
  • Deku: Kacchan?
  • Kirishima: Yeah! him!
  • Deku: well I went to elementary school with him and middle school and I dont think hes ever liked anybody, boy or girl, that I can think of.
  • Kirishima: Ever?
  • Deku: nope. why do you ask?
  • Kirishima: No reson!
  • Deku: Oh!... I am so sorry for you, Im sure you'll get over him soon, if you'er lucky.
  • Kirishima: Why do you say that?
  • Deku: No reason
  • ...
  • Kirishima: Kouda! you know Bakugo right? very angry very spiky? do you think he's gay? you know into other guys?
  • Kouda: ...
  • Kirishima: right thanks
  • ...
  • Kirishima: Todoroki! My man! Blasty McSplode gay? is he?
  • Shouto: Did that sentence make any sense to you, because it didn't to me.
  • Kiri: Bakugo. Is he gay?
  • Shouto: See that made much more sense. I don't know.
  • Kiri: Great.
  • ...
  • Ida: I don't approve of inter class relationships!
  • Kirishima: I just asked wether or not you knew if he was gay!
  • Ida: *disapproving look*
  • ...
  • Kiri: Hey Sero! you'er close to Bakugo right?
  • Sero: He once used me as a means of transportation. Is that what you meant?
  • Kiri: Did he seem gay to you?
  • Sero: out of every one part of that horse? no he was not the one setting off my gaydar. you were there to.
  • Kiri: true.
  • ...
  • Kirishima: hey Tsuyu!
  • Tsuyu: YES.
  • Kirishma: I didnt ask you anything yet.
  • Tsuyu: I dont care just yes.
  • Kirishima: Cool thanks.
  • ...
  • Kirishima: Excuse me Uraraka?
  • Uraraka: Yeah?
  • Kiri: You are one of the few people Bakugo possibly respects.
  • Uraraka: I am?
  • Kiri: Yes. Do you know if he's gay?
  • Uraraka: Do you want to ask him out?
  • Kiri: Why would you think that?
  • Uraraka: I can see the appeal, hes loud and strong and his abrasiveness is weirdly admirable, not to mention when hes not scowling hes not bad looking. I think you should go for it whether you think hes "gay" or not!
  • Kiri: ... Thanks Uraraka! To be clear you'er not interested right?
  • Uraraka: No. maybe if he wasn't an ass to my best friend, maybe if I didn't other have interests. *glances at Tsuyu*
  • Kiri: cool
  • ...
  • Kiri: Yo Momo! you'er VP is Bakugo gay?
  • Momo: *in a state of mental and emotional breakdown due to many things* YES HES GAY IM GAY YOUR GAY EVERYONE IN THIS DANMED CLASS IS GAY EXEPT FOR THAT GRAPE HEADED MOFO.
  • Kiri: Are you OK???!!!
  • MOmo: NO! im sorry.
  • ...
  • Tokoyami: Iv already heard. My answer is just go ask the guy himself, and possibly activate your hardaning before hand.
  • Kirishima: Great advice Birdman!
  • ...
  • Kirishima: Hey Shoji, you have great ears, have you possibly herd any clues to Bakugo's sexuality.
  • Shoji: ... Kirishima, if this is a very convoluted way of coming out to the class...
  • Shoji: Then ask him.
  • ...
  • Kaminari: So did you get any answers?
  • Kirishima: Nothing helpful.
  • Kaminari: I think the only person who's sexuality is now known by the entire class is you.
  • Kirishima: I dont care.
  • Kaminari: Actually the one person who isnt aware is probubly Bakugo.

chocolatey-umbreon  asked:

Don't worry about the other ask, you can forget it if you want Mmm I'm not sure how to write this. I was thinking of the feeling when you have a crush on someone that's just completely out of reach? Like, they're right there but they're so perfect they won't even look at you? That with prince being anxiety's impossible crush? Idk if this makes sense...


I’m sorry its short and i took so long ;-;… I dont know how to write about crushes? but I tried :/ 

Im not gonna tag everyone but… @analogically-prinxiety @starlight-sanders @beach-fan @inalandofmythandtimeofmagic @princeyandanxiety @princey-and-hottopic

Glances over his phone, from under hoods, from across the room. 

He never got caught staring, Well not from the one he was staring at. 

“You have realized by now he’s out of your reach.”  He heard from beside him. Glasses being adjusted as he peered at him from over a book, judging. 

“He, regrettably, just doesn't like you.”   Logan added, trying to sound like he understood. 

He didn’t. 

He was right there. 

Only meters away… If he extended his arm, he could touch him. 

Emphasis on ‘could’  But Prince never took notice and if he did? He never acknowledged it. Not even to shut the feelings down, Anxiety never received closure on the matter. 

The crash had always been there. Simmering away. 

Even the banter was full of guilt. Every rude word he had towards the Prince was nothing but lies. He left every conversation with a sour taste in his mouth and his heart strumming sadly. 

Those feelings were not reciprocated. Romans words held a lot of passion, he did not lie when he called Anxiety a beast.. or that he crushes Thomas’s dreams.

He tried. Multiple times, to get the feelings out, to rid himself of the meaningless torture and fruitless longing. 

But every time the crush came back, just as strong. 

He couldn’t have him.

Because he had another.

And even then.. when he watched them from afar. Kissing, cuddling. Everything that he would practically die for, the feelings stayed. 

Tears became more frequent. Conversations and banter, even the arguments, stopped.  

They didn’t notice. In their happy little bubble. The Two brightest traits. Content in each other's arms.  Scenes like this teard Anxiety’s heart. Suffocated him in the loneliness. 

His crush turned against him. 

He no longer fantasised about being with him, because when he did, it resulted in tears. He no longer watched, because his chest would ache. He no longer cared. 

Because he .. was crushed. 

honestly newt is probably one of those people who keep photos of their family in their wallet, except of his creatures. and there’s that plastic slip that falls out when his wallet is open and he tries to keep it to his favourite animals but he loves all of them, so there’s basically a photo album of photos in his wallet. and its not just one of each animals, he probably has two or more for every each individual animals. i love him.