That finale was surprisingly pretty good. It addressed so many issues with the overall volume. I’m really impressed.

  • The Nuck fight scene was pretty cool albeit a tad short
  • No semblance reveal for Jaune but his upgrade is actually pretty cool and he manages to be rather useful. Other than helping Qrow he’s actually pretty lowkey during the finale. So Stop believing stupid thumbnails
  • RENORA IS CANON(And Ren is lowkey a perv)
  • Haven is really pretty
  • Everyone is alive and moderately happy
  • JNR have a nice quiet bonding moment that’s probably one of my favorite scenes yet.
  • Oscar arrives to Haven and has finally met up with Qrow!
  • WBY on their way to fuck shit up
  • Leo is kinda a  traitor apparently?
  • Ending Song is badass.

Overall, this volume has been pretty rocky but I think the finale wrapped up most things pretty nicely and it looks like V5 is when shit will really start to hit the fan again.


Iain and I just got on from the very beginning.
I know there’s nobody that loves [Brett], but I, for one, do.

The Ultimates, Blackpool. 12.06.2016 [x]


Ever since I read “Sweet and Savory” I can’t stop thinking about Makki in skirts?? But since it’s a chat based story I don’t actually know what kind of skirts he wore. Sure I could have asked, but I kinda just felt like drawing Makki in all the stuff I wish I could wear. :P

Updated and expanded here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/6645298


Everybody knows Bilbo Baggins returned from his strange adventure with enough gold to fill a several rooms in Bag End (and that’s probably with a few piles left spilling over into the hallway). After all, dwarves love gold and it was a known fact that Bilbo had come back with one of them, too.

For several months the Shire gave Bilbo a wide berth because of his strange new guest. Friend. Husband. (Did a hobbit that got married outside the Shire count as married? It was a subject of debate many a night at the Green Dragon.) For several months Bilbo enjoyed the lack of visitors immensely. 

He might have had the opportunity to get used to it, except of course Bilbo was closely related to Tooks. Now if he’d had only Proudfoots and Bolgers in his family tree he might have managed to spend the rest of his life without visitors. By the time they got over their fear they probably would have settled comfortably into the habit of not visiting Bag End, of not risking a conversation with Bilbo and his dwarven… companion. Not so with the Tooks.

One spring morning Ivyblossom Took knocks on the green door of Bag End fearlessly. She is wearing her favorite yellow dress and a new hat. Her husband, Adriac, is a few steps away from her, puffing on a pipe and pretending not to be at all interested in who would open the door. But they are both disappointed when the only face that appears on the other side of the door is Bilbo’s. He looks much like he did before he disappeared for a year on an adventure except he’s not wearing a jacket or even a weskit and it’s half past eleven in the morning. 

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Here is the requested Nightcrawler’s No Angel alpha edited and re-textured in all 18 EA colours, enabled for both m&f!

To get rid of the original textures on the mesh here is a tutorial I made. This hair does not look right in laptop mode.

DOWNLOAD <- The mesh is required for it to show up in game!

Credits: S4S, Nightcrawler.

EDIT: I made a small alpha edit to make the cute little gap in the fringe like the original.

DOWNLOAD <-  The mesh is required for it to show up in game!

Okay i don’t think i can swing a queue tonight, i’m exhausted and moody from pms and i’m literally two seconds from falling asleep.

However I’d like to make sure i start tomorrow with a smile, so…

How about you send me something? Can be anon or off, about anything. Send me a joke you heard, something that made you smile today, something you’re proud off, questions from an ask that’s going around, snippets from a fic, whatever you fancy. And tomorrow I’ll send something back. :)