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I Graduated! :D

I didn’t think I would get here because of anxiety and depression but I did it! I graduated it from uni/college (whatever you call it where you’re from) :D It just shows you that anything is possible. So if you guys have dreams, go chase ‘em because I believe in you! <3


@therealjacksepticeye and community, are you guys proud of me? :P

p.s yeah that’s a music dress you can see in the picture, got it made specially for the occasion :)


Happy 22nd birthday, Lee Jihoon aka Woozi  ♡ ♡ ♡

It’s not even an exaggeration when I say Seventeen wouldn’t exist without you because Seventeen sounds the way it does because of you. Thank you for using your God-given musical talents to give us songs that entertain and comfort. Thank you for your hard work, all those sleepless nights. Thank you for pouring your passion, your soul and emotions into the melodies and lyrics you beautifully craft. For you whose personality and charm is significantly larger than your small stature (which we love nonetheless), I only seem to hold praise. We admire your sharp intellect, your voice, your large heart. I can’t even say that you are lucky for having made it this big because you earned it. It was all deserved, and we only see greater things for you ahead. Have a wonderful birthday.

Just something quick I drew to thank @shukketsu-hai @gabi-2 @katesenpai @aphani-taeya @chubsthehamster @oddrayofmoonlight @cherry-blossom-wish, and everyone else who liked /those asks/, for the moral support! (ง •̀_•́)ง Just as it has always been for my content, I won’t falter, TodoDeku will continue on! 

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hi can i ask for some broganes headcanons if it isn’t too much


  • keith is lying down on the trampoline and shiro jumps on it so he can’t get up. keith is screaming the whole time
  • keith: “look at this shiro” shiro: “whipped cream on anchovies? gross, you’re not gonna” -keith inhaling the whole thing in one bite- shiro: “…well you didn’t get it from my side of the family” 
  • they play mario kart and it ends with keith sitting on shiro’s shoulders yelling and pulling his hair while shiro screeches 
  • keith: “shiro i love you do you know that?” shiro: “lmao new phone who dis” 
  • keith: “shiro i love you you’re my favourite brother” shiro: “i’m your only brother you snake” 
  • shiro ran a minecraft gaming channel when he was 11, and in all his videos you see 3 year old keith waddling around in the background and biting the heads off barbies 
  • shiro: “keith if you don’t stop jumping on my bed i’m going to commit fratricide” 
  • keith is lactose intolerant and tries to drink 3L of chocolate milk in one go while shiro cries and tries to wrestle the bottle away from him 
  • they both tie their hair into little floofs at the front and laugh until they cry because it keeps bounces around
  • 16 year old shiro lets 8 year old keith sit at the front of his motorbike while they drive down the highway, and keith shrieks from laughter because he’s never been so happy 
  • when he gets in the flight simulator for the first time it feels exactly the same, a rush of exhilaration that makes his head spin and his nerves light up like they’re on fire 
  • shiro takes him up on their roof to show him stars and teach him about constellations, and keith falls asleep with shiro stroking his hair 
  • he looks up at those same stars when he’s alone in the desert, and cries because he lost his best friend 
  • when keith first started kindergarten, shiro walked him to his class and wiped away his tears, kissing his head and saying ‘i’ll always be with you, ok buddy?’ 
  • when keith first started at the garrison, shiro walked him to class and ruffled his hair (much to keith’s embarrassment), saying again ‘i’ll always be with you, ok buddy?’ 
  • he didn’t mean to lie 

happy kyunsterday ! ♡

thank you for blessing humankind with your presence & angelic vocals. your dorkiness, playfulness & delightfulness completes Monsta X. im very grateful for your hardwork & courage to share your dreams with them too. may all things are sweet & bright for you always!

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I’m excited. Not for fame, but to be able to do what I want and chase stories. It’s all about stories. (My friend and I) will often chat on the phone about what makes us passionate, and a lot of it is the working heart, the dream. And then when you get there, it’s like, ‘Oh my god,’ You get a taste of it and you become so much more hungry and you’re searching for the next story, the next role.

Happy 23rd Birthday, Dacre Montgomery! (Born November 22, 1994)



happy birthday to monsta x’s honey vocals, yoo kihyun! you’ve blown monbebes away with your incredible talent, and bring all of us happiness just by being you. you’re one of the most amazing vocalists i’ve ever had the chance to support, and monsta x wouldn’t be the same without you and your sharp but gentle personality.

happy birthday, kihyun!


to our jihoonie,

god, happy birthday to possibly one of the many great blessings the world has given us. Truly, thank you for everything, every song, every note, every tune. Being exposed to that amount of stress and pressure at a very young age, you showed us just how strong you are. We, carats, will surely do our best to really show you that every single second of your sleepless nights will never go to waste. We will always be here to support you and the boys. We love you ! 

#VOBOWOOZIday #천재작곡가_우지야_생일축하해