i :) am :) so :) upset :)

I kind of hurt my back really badly yesterday and am so upset at myself because I want to draw and can’t. I so want to say sorry about the lack of art lately. My tablet wouldn’t behave, then I felt uninspired and now my back hurts and I can’t sit to draw on my art pad. I think everything is inspiring against me to not draw lol

I’ve also been feeling low about my realism..again I know. I know it’s not a favoured style and it takes me so damn long to draw it. You get the smallest thing wrong and you can notice it. It’s an unforgiving style to be sure. I worry so much that it appears creepy, is stiff and hits uncanny valley. I got so much grief for that in an old fandom the demons rear their ugly heads for me sometimes. Sometimes I wish I could draw differently, but this is the way I draw and I can lessen it but in the end it’s my style. It’s as much a part of me as my handwriting. Which if you’ve ever seen my handwriting it’s godawful and maybe I should’t be comparing my art to that. lol

I do have something to post later though.

ive been playing this nutty ass VR 1v1 pvp sword combat game and its so much fucking fun, but tonight I queued and ran into this dude who said in the goofiest voice “do you know who i am” and started mumbling and i told him to stfu and started pummeling him the entire time he kept mumbling things like “you are foolish to think you can beat me” in the funniest semi-monotone mumbly voice ive ever heard and he did not take a single round on me and i dont think ive ever laughed harder at a videogame. i had to take off my headset for a second to wipe my eyes because i was crying. i am so upset i was not recording

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My mom told me to work on getting a tighter body even though I'm far from overweight. Like I do have a little fat on my belly and hips but only a little. But now I feel fat and awful about myself :(

What a harmful comment to make! I am so sorry anon, that must of been very upsetting. Your body is your body and your parents can not dictate what you do with it. Everyone has tummy fat, no lie literally, everyone. It sounds like you are in great shape and I would give no weight to the comment your mom made. If you are happy with your body then that it all that matters. I can tell though that this comment has been a blow to your confidence and I want you to please be kind to yourself while you recover from that! Try and use positive affirmations, “My body is beautiful” or “My body is mine and you can not tell me what to do with it.” If you have curves, embrace them. If you have fat on your belly embrace it. It is beautiful because it is a part of you. Next time your mom tries to make a comment on your body remind her to focus on herself:) XOXO



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why u hate riverdale

i thought it was going to get better but it didn’t! the writing was bad! i am upset i spent so much time on it!

  • Joker: Batman? Pffff, what dumb superhero, I'm totally over hi — [trips] [hundreds of thousands of Batman pictures spill out of tailcoat] What a - what a weirdo, t-these aren't mine, I'm just [gathering them up and frantically sweating] Ok, ok, listen - I hate the guy, l-listen [thousands of Batman pictures scatter across the floor] Oh my gosh, I-I'm just holding them fo-for Harley, oK jUsT LIS T E N

pew pew pew!!

((ALSO!!! thank you guys for 1.4k!!! ;u; what the heck where do y’all come from ;;; big thanks to the ones who are still with me and welcome to the new peeps!! i hope you enjoy your stay and talk to me sometime! <33)))

Manchester attacks

You know what pisses me off about the Manchester attacks?

It was children that were the victims.

Innocent children’s lives were taken that night.

Imagine how excited they must have been coming home from primary and their parents getting them ready for the concert.

Imagine the students that had just finished their English exam or geography exam just enjoying the music hopeful to meet their idol that night.

Or the people who travelled all over the country because it was the closest place they could book to see Ariana.

Just imagine the sheer fucking terror that they must have felt in that moment. The uncertainty that they might not see their families again. It sickens me.

It’s even worse that people are trying to use it as an excuse to justify their beliefs about people who are islamic.

The religion isn’t barrbaric and the people who practice their faith just like any other person across the world who are entitled to practice their faith isn’t the reason why this terrible event happened.

The people who take the beliefs of others and bend it to fit their own agenda are the barrbaric ones. In any religion you will find people willing to go far enough to bend the teachings of a religion to commit such vile acts so they feel justified.

What happened last night was earth breaking for everyone across the UK and I (as well as many of you) hope that this doesn’t make us weaker and that we finally stand up for ourselves and not shy away from this bullshit that is commited everyday.

Thank you to everyone that helped save everyone in that horrendous situation and to the people of Manchester willing to open their own homes and car doors to complete strangers to make sure they’re safe and that they will be reunited with their family this is an awful event and I hate to have seen too many innocent lives lost in just one night.

The same thing can be said for the terrorism that was seen in Marawi, Bangkok, and Syria.

(Boi I am so mad and so upset for everyone involved I can’t even get everything I want to say down)