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not the snotacon gotham deserves but the snotacon it needs right now

@asokkalypsenow and i just posted the first chapter of our metal gear fanfic, 

Coming Back As We Are, snake/otacon, chapter 1/11 (5k words) 

That one time Snake and Otacon had to pretend to be married for a mission. Meryl’s a hero, Naomi’s a friend, Nastasha’s James Bond, and Mei Ling may or may not be Big Brother. Featuring two heists, one road trip, several instances of bed sharing, and an overabundance of the word “hack.”


  • this takes place in 2006, about a year and a half after mgs1. 
  • it’s not an au but it does diverge from canon in that it assumes that 1. meryl worked with philanthropy a bunch because that’s more fun and meryl’s the best 2. naomi, after getting busted out of prison, gangs up with the rest of the team. so okay maybe it’s an au a little but. but this is what happened in my heart. 
  • i wont say how long we’ve been working on this because it’s a while. the whole thing is written, we’re just editing the rest at the moment, and today lara was like “we could just … post the first chapter today…” and then we did.
  • snotacon is not the only ship in the fic but the New Ship has yet to arrive so it’s not gettin tagged yet. 

I’ve been good to my word. Here is your New Years Yang! I’ll be coloring in the near future but for now I’ll give you the black and white version.