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87 + taekook, please °^°

This is pretty short, but its pretty soft too. I hope you like it! Thank you for requesting~

87. “I saved you a seat.” + taekook

“Are you on your way, hyung?” Jeongguk’s voice was shaking, but only a little, and no one would really have noticed it if they weren’t someone who knew him well like Taehyung.

Taehyung gripped at his phone tighter as he ran, his brows coming together in concentration. “I’m running as fast as I can, Gukkie-ah. It hasn’t started, right?”

“No.” Jeongguk’s voice still had a tremor in it. “But it’s going to soon and hyung, there’s just so many people.”

Taehyung let out a cough, his chest restricting as he ran. His feet slapped against the icy pavement and while he ran the high risk of slipping and falling on his ass or his face, Taehyung really needed to get to Jeongguk.

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Zayn is not the face of the brand though? He's doing a collab with them that's out in May supposedly. So yeah he could've (should've?) been at the show but this show had nothing to do with his capsule collection which is a separate thing. Maybe he swerved since both Gigith and Bella walked and he's clearly been avoiding in person stunting. Also, it's highly unlikely he'll be at the Versace show, Versus is a separate line owned by Versace. And also, Versace shows in Milan, not London.

Oh hey thanks for correcting me! I feel like it was only maybe 87% condescending! I’m aware the show is in Milan. Also totally aware of the difference between Versus and Versace - I know what a diffusion line is please and thanks, but Zayn has been wearing both Versus and Versace. 

To ever so gently correct you now, Zayn is absolutely positively the face of Versus in the campaigns, which are debuting this month and later this year:

So, I’ve been pulled over a few times in my life. Not many, but a few. And I’ve also been in a couple of cars that got pulled over. And let me tell you, if you were actually doing something wrong, the officer doesn’t make any small talk, just straight into “I clocked you doing 70 in a 55.” The only time I’ve ever gotten the “do you know why I pulled you over?” was the time when I wasn’t doing anything wrong, and I got let go even though he insisted to the end that I was doing 87 in a 70 (white privilege at work).

“Do you know why I pulled you over?” is a trap. It means there’s a good chance the officer doesn’t actually have a good reason to ticket you, and is trying to get you to waive your 5th Amendment rights and incriminate yourself. If you make a guess, that’s a confession of guilt.

But there’s another trap, that I’ve heard of but haven’t yet experienced. It’s “do you know how fast you were going?” With that one, they’re hoping you’ll say no, because then they can name whatever speed they want – you just said you didn’t know how fast you were going, if you deny the speed they name then you’re lying to them.


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