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I noticed a lot that with former Undertale artists, usually the ones who got really big because of it, that they really actively avoid content including it as well as even mentioning it, and when they do mention it there's a lot of disdain. What do you think went wrong with the whole situation?

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I can’t speak for others but I can sure explain why that is true in my case.

my biggest problem with getting reminded that undertale happened is that while yes, I got a lot of visibility for it, it was also a fucking nightmare.
I created the human au for fun, and I got at LEAST 70 asks every day for it. it was enjoyable at first, I enjoy designing and I enjoy writing, and others seemed to enjoy what I put up, so it was fine. but for some ungodly reason, every fandom has that asshole type of fan that somehow think they’re the owners of the goddamn franchise and its fandom and that they have the right to demand shit from artists. it’s in every fandom, but since UT was so big, these assholes were EVERYWHERE.

so I started getting pressured into drawing more. asks like “when will you draw more papyton?” or “I miss your mettaton art”, constant guilt tripping and just general negative shit thrown into my inbox and then my deviantart submissions and getting called a “crazy sjw panderer” for not making the human skeletons white, it was just…. doing a big number on my mental health and it made me realize I might be depressive because of my work. the breaking point was around Christmas when I took a quick break from UT art, and when I posted UT fanart again after a month, I got an ask saying something along the lines of “good to see youre fucking finally posting art again you lazy ass lol”.

I think every mutual follower I have here that was a popular artist in the UT fandom at the same time as me has the same thing in their FAQ. “when will you post undertale again?” “when I fucking feel like it”.
it’s not the game that we hate or that we hold anything against, it’s mostly how these fuckers wouldn’t leave us alone to draw other shit for ourselves. it was toxic and controlling and I hated every minute of it.

seriously i hate it when i pay fucking 70€ for person to cut my hair and i say that “cut 4/5 of the length off. and i want the manliest man hair ever” and then they cut 1/3 of it off and say “i left there a bit of lenght to make it more feminine :3” and then i have to go 20 rounds of “could you make it even shorter pls???” until its desired length

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Can you explain more about the meditation you did when you were first figuring out DID stuff?

The way I did it was really unsafe and was arguably self harm, so I do not want to share the details of what I was doing at that time.

But! I will tell u about what I do now!

I lie down in a low stimulus environment like on the sofa or in bed with low lights and either silence or white noise. I start at 100 and count down to 0. in the 90s i work on visualizing myself internally. in the 80s i find and go through the door to the headspace. 70s-40s i listen to see if anyone is calling for me or wants to talk. if yes, i go with them, if no i go forward on my own 30s-0 i solidify myself again and focus on my internal environment. if by 0 i have not made contact or been immersed in the headspace, i count from 40-0 again doing the same thing, if not there, another 30-0, 20-0 and so on. if at that point im not in, it’s just not happening and i should try again later. Also, if you screw up your counting at some point, try starting over again. I find it helps better to start over instead of trying to repair a derailed train of thought.

When I go in through meditation I try to have an objective. Sometimes its search a new area, talk to a specific alter, or just go to my room and do some things there. It helps me stay focused.

my first post -- an intro to my studyblr

hello everyone!

i decided to start a studyblr as a way to motivate me to focus and excel in my studies better as well as stay inspired by what the this whole studyblr community has to offer.

i’m currently on spring break so i will begin posting my own original posts beginning next week once the new quarter starts.

for now, i’m planning on:

  •  participating in a “70 days of productivity” challenge
    • i’m doing 70 instead of 100 days since there are 75 days in this upcoming quarter so i’m giving myself 5 days off due to plans such as my birthday and friends visiting
  • starting a bullet journal of some sort
  • posting my class notes
  • sharing personal posts related to school

the classes i’ll be taking are:

  • introduction to programming: java
  • pre-calculus
  • organismic and evolutionary biology

let’s make this study blogging successful!

thanks for reading :)

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How good is the new Mass Effect game?

I’ve enjoyed it so far, except for that huge glitch I encountered that set me back like 6 and half hours, but I haven’t seen anyone else having to deal with that so I’m still not sure what that was all about. 

There’s the usual bioware missteps. Weird facial animations and odd walking glitches seem to be their trademark. But the combat is smooth and I love being able to jump and dodge (that roll from ME3 was so clunky and hard to control) I’m reserving any opinions about the plot/story itself until I actually finish the game though. 

Honestly all the little things that bug me are made up for by the existence of Vetra. I paid $70 for the deluxe version of a turian romance simulator and I have no regrets. 

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I'm like 70% sure you say you where taken. So not single. (I'm on mobile and don't want to go and write this out but want to put that out there cause you should totally have to write some fluff since your going to try and kill us with spc )

You are correct my friendo

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wtf is batpanda. i feel like a 70 year old man trying to use an iphone.

Another weird ass acronym lmao I have no clue what half the letters stand for hsgshdhdvfhf