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sheakspaere  asked:

how do you think jackie and hyde would react to their son on daughter coming out as gay or bi???

We are talking about a coming out in the 90s, probably.

For what we’ve seen in the show, both characters don’t care much about other people’s sexuality (mostly because the show didn’t care to actually talk about that, just once in season 1. And the kid’s reactions are more of the fact that they don’t believe that Buddy is gay, but not because of his sexuality but because none have a gaydar like Fez’s).

Particullary, I think Hyde would be ok, no matter the kid’s gender. Jackie wouldn’t care either, but will be worried about what other people may do to them or say to them. She would probably be fighting everyone and internally it means there’s a part of her that is still thinking about what other people may think of her child, her family and her.

I think this experience would make her let go of the rest of that part of her that started to disappear when she started dating Hyde, that she will finally let go of what other people may think. That’s a possible scenario. Ultimately, I think she would accept and love her child no matter what.


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bloodyblondevamp  asked:

Hey there, I'm trying to write a fanfic and I wanted to ask your opinion on something Kitty & Red related. At one point in the series a member of the gang comes out as being gay. And since your the expert on Mr. & Mrs. Foreman, I was wondering if I can get your take on how'd they react.

Hi thanks so much for the question and kind words!

I think a lot of how Red and Kitty would react to the news of one of the gang coming out as being gay would depend on which of the gang it was. There might be certain things they did or said if it were Hyde versus it being Fez. But I’ll try to give an overview of what I think would happen and I’m assuming it’s not one of their own biological kids either.

At first I think it would take Red and Kitty some time to get used to their initial reactions might be a dismissive ‘it’s just a phase’ kind of thing or saying ‘you’re too young to know what you want.’ Kind of thing but eventually as time went on and they maybe saw how much more happier the person was and maybe saw them in a relationship Red and Kitty would be happy for them and would more supportive.

I don’t think Red or Kitty would have some horrible outrage or anger about one their son’s friends being gay and they wouldn’t ban the person from their home or anything like that. There would be a lot of awkwardness at first I’m sure but no anger.

Here are some of the ways I could see Red and Kitty behaving/reacting to one of the gang coming out as gay.


  • At the beginning Red would probably be very awkward trying to make small talk that avoided the subject but would eventually lead to the very thing he was trying to avoid which would just make Red more awkward and embarrassed.
  • I know people might think Red would probably get very upset with the idea of one of the gang being gay but I don’t quite think this would happen. Red is more understanding than we think.
  • There’s a moment in the series. Season 4, Episode 10, Red & Stacey where after talking to Eric about going out with a girl from work and Eric declines, Red says this: “You…you still like girls don’t you, son?” And he says it in a tone that’s not so angry, even sounding a bit concerned, but what really catches my attention is the way he calls Eric ‘son’ in that moment not ‘dumbass’ or anything of the kind. He calls him son as if letting Eric know that if the answer to the question really is no that he’s still his son.
  • Also somewhere in the old T7S fanfics, there’s a fic that has Red’s brother Marty coming out as gay and in a flashback scene Red is actually seen saving his brother from their father’s angry wrath, so that’s always kinda stayed in the back of my head…
  • If the character who was coming out as gay was one of the characters Red was close with say Hyde or Jackie, I could see him having a moment with them, putting his firm hand on their shoulder and telling them how he hopes they realize this life isn’t gonna be easy for them and that they’re headed for some tough times and judgement from others but if ever they needed help dealing with whatever thing some dumbass threw their way, he’d be there to help them out.

Overall the character’s sexuality wouldn’t matter much to Red, he’d just see them as another dumbass taking up space in his basement.


  • Kitty might actually take a while longer to fully comprehend that the character was gay, she might try setting them up with people of the opposite sex because she tells them, ‘Maybe you just haven’t found the right girl/guy yet.’ After a while though Kitty would soon be setting the character up with any other gay person she met.
  • Being a nurse Kitty would also probably make sure the character knew of the growing epidemic of AIDS and the precautions that should be taken to stay safe.
  • Kitty might ask sort of stereotypical questions like if the character were a gay male she might ask him for fashion or decorating advice.
  • Overall I think Kitty wouldn’t let the character’s sexuality change her relationship with them and I think having the character in her life and wanting this person to be happy would actually lead Kitty to becoming a proud support of the LGBT community.

I hope this helped! Sorry it was a bit long. There’s also a season 8 episode where Red and Kitty meet their new neighbors who are gay and Red is more upset that the men are Viking fans than anything else. Of course, theses reactions would probably be different, meeting these new people and finding out they were gay versus finding out a kid who’d they’d watch grow up was gay; but it might give you a clearer picture if my ramblings were a bit too much or confusing. Lol

Thanks once again for the question! And thanks to @jacquelineshyde for sending the question my way!

I did a Wonder Woman event last night (my first since the movie came out)
  • *playing Simon Says with some very energetic young ladies*
  • Child: We shouldn't be playing Simon Says, let's play Diana Says!
  • ****
  • Child: Can you tell me how to get to this island with no boys, pleassseee?
  • ****
  • Child: I saw your movie!
  • Me: And what did you think?
  • Child: It was awesome!! *proceeds to karate chop and kick as she says it*

top 50 otps of all time ☆ #27. Jackie Burkhart & Steven Hyde 

“Look Kelso, I’ve never felt this way about a girl before, and that pretty much beats our third grade pact. I’m sorry but I want to be with her.”