i 57

“Zaman gösterdi ki, cennet ucuz değil; cehennem dahi lüzumsuz değil.”

Bediüzzaman Said Nursi ‘yi vefatının 57.sene-i devriyesinde rahmetle ve dua ile anıyoruz.

Can you believe Lily Evans turns 57 today??? I hope her grandkids wake her up with warm muffins and hot chocolate and I hope James gives her a good morning kiss and tells her she’s beautiful and she laughs and smiles at his wrinkles and I hope Harry twirls her round the kitchen whilst the radio plays tunes from the 70s and I hope Sirius and Remus come over for tea and joke about time flying and the grandkids surprise her with a gigantic cake and she slaps Sirius’ hand away when he tries to take the first slice and they both laugh and then the whole tables laughing and everyone’s happy and smiling as it should be

in my experience swearing is different in french vs in english like you can’t say things like ta mère en string devant carrouf or c'est toi le jus de poire or bordel de cul de pompe à merde in english it just doesn’t sound the same


Hyogi, I’m certain Ravi was more than excited to help and was proud of you for taking on this new challenge ^^.