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You are very old to be on tumblr lol. I'd freak out if my Mum was on tumblr

Well then I’d say thank fuck I’m nobody’s mom, because I promise my interests have not shriveled up and died just because I turned 27, and I highly doubt they will when I turn 57 either. Am I just supposed to stare at drapery all day just because I’m not 19 anymore? Do people think men just stop being attractive, and movies suddenly aren’t interesting, and having sometimes witty, sometimes idiotic and raunchy banter with friends online isn’t fun anymore when you’re an adult? I promise it is. It gets better, in fact. So I shall continue to enjoy my Meemaw-ness here on this, my blog.

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Any moment when ym have no personal-space ? 😂😃😋😍

sooo many

1) this video
2) rookie king
3) casual
4) dubai
5) january 19

6) bon voyage pt 1
7) bon voyage pt 2
8) bon voyage pt 3
9) hands
10) shoulders

11) isac
12) all of these
13) run bts! ep 19
14) like they’re in this position all the time
15) emotional personal space

So @blacklionshiro got me thinking about some shiro-centered sheith. And thinking. And thinking.

Shiro, who crushes pretty hard on the ace pilot the class below him who doesn’t seem to care about much aside from flying.
Shiro, who finds the perfect spot in the garrison library to both study and catch unobstructed glimpses of Keith studying across the room. Shiro, who pesters Matt to help him find out more about Keith.
Shiro, usually confident and sure of himself, getting flustered when he talks to Keith for the first time.
Shiro, awkwardly stumbling over his words as he finally befriends the boy that’s occupied his thoughts for the better portion of the semester. Shiro, longing to reach out and lace his fingers with Keith’s as they sit together at lunch.
Shiro, the Garrison’s “golden boy,” suggesting to Keith that they sneak out at night so they can walk and look at the stars together even though he knows that he’ll be too focused on Keith to pay attention to anything else.
Shiro, saving up his money quietly to buy the hovercraft that Keith wants desperately. they’re not even dating yet, Shiro is just /gone/.
Shiro, finding the desert shack with Keith on one of their late night excursions - the same desert shack that they share their first kiss in.
Shiro, whose heart was pounding when he asked Keith if he could kiss him, so worried that he misread the entire situation and anxious that Keith would turn him down.
Shiro, who tangled his hands in Keith’s hair when Keith returned the kiss enthusiastically, feeling like everything had gone right for once.
Shiro, finding out that he had been selected as the pilot for the Kerberos mission and being torn between excitement at the prospect and upset at having to leave Keith behind, especially since their relationship was still so new.
Shiro, who may have cried a little the first (and last) time they made love, the night before he left for the mission, overwhelmed at the sensation and not quite believing that this is real. Keith never mentions it because he may have been crying too.
Shiro, who has a small picture of him and Keith hanging up on the wall of the spacecraft next to a calendar that marks the day of their return.
Shiro, who fights everyday in the gladiator ring unafraid of death because he’s certain that he’s never going to get back home.
Shiro, who lies awake sometimes at night, worried that Keith thinks he’s dead. That Keith has forgotten about him. That Keith has already moved on and found someone new.
Shiro, waking up in the desert shack, blinking as the sunlight hits his eyes.
Shiro, catching sight of Keith, sitting next to the couch in an uncomfortable-looking chair, sleeping in a hunched over position next to where he lay.
Shiro, moving slightly and feeling his hand brush against Keith’s, their fingers touching as Keith sleeps on, unaware that Shiro has finally woken up.
Shiro, falling back to sleep, safe in the knowledge that he is finally back home where he belongs.


6?/100 days of productivity 11.8.17

~hey folks! long time, no speak. i literally haven’t posted original content in ages, but anyways. i got this cute idea from my fellow fave, @studyflash ,so i hope you enjoy! this was my study day ~

  • 8:30- i woke up to a gusty and damp campus. its been raining all day, and although it’s beautiful, i can’t stand it :( 
  • 8:57- i started reading some poetry to just get my brain going and ready to study
  • 11:10- i finished studying for my biology class (i used anki).
  • 13:47- i went to my biology lab class. i was literally so scared to go today because we had an oral presentation, but i nailed it 
  • 14:55-i finished my oral presentation and started doing research for my lab paper. learn a lot of information about reef corals lmao.
  • 16:27- not really studious, but i walked back to my dorm, and now i am giving my brain a break by making this post before i go out and study for my english quiz tomorrow. yipee. 

You know those Photoshops of Harry Potter books from Voldemort’s POV? I want titles of the TAZ arcs from Lucretia’s POV. Like:

Episodes 1-6: I Finally See My Friends Again!!

Episodes 7-9: I Almost Kill Two Of My Friends But It Turns Out Okay In The End And I Help Magnus Discover His Love Of Maiming Robots

Episodes 10-16: Of Course They Showed Up In Their Pajamas Why Did I Ever Expect Anything Else From These Chucklefucks

Lunar Interlude I: Oh Shit The Hunger

Episodes 18-27: GODDAMMIT BARRY 

Lunar Interlude II: I Realize I Can’t Trust Anyone Outside Of My Space Family With The Relics And Also Adopt A Small Child

Episodes 29-39: GODDAMMIT LUCAS 

Lunar Interlude III: I Have A Spa Day With Merle And Apologize For Erasing His Memories Though He Doesn’t Really Get It Because I Erased His Memories

Lunar Interlude III Alternate Title:  I Walk Into The Cafeteria One Day To Find Lup’s Name Burned Into The Wall In Giant Letters And Nearly Have A Heart Attack

Episode 41-59: They Spend Twenty Minutes Buying Shorts When The Fate Of The Universe Is At Stake Of Course Why Do I Even Try

Lunar Interlude IV: Magnus Is Being Super Weird Was It Something I Said?

Episodes 51-57: The Hunger Is Coming And I Think I Might Have Gotten My Friends Killed

Lunar Interlude V: Magnus Dies But Gets Better Also GodDAMMIT BARRY

Episodes 60-65: The Story Of How I Became Totally Awesome 

I będziemy to wszystko pamiętać, na fotografiach,  zwykłych zdjęciach zrobionych w nie odpowiednich momentach, gdy byliśmy wtedy razem.

I będziemy to pamiętać, gdy ludzie spytają o Ciebie, czy o Mnie i wtedy my wrócimy do chwil gdy byliśmy sobie jeszcze tak bardzo bliscy.

I będziemy to jeszcze pamiętać przez jakiś czas, gdy usłyszymy piosenki, słuchane niegdyś razem czy cytaty, które sprowadzą Mnie na myśl o Tobie.

I będziemy to pamiętać, nawet gdy poczujemy na sobie kogoś innego za jakiś czas, czy gdy będziemy sami się zastanawiać jak tam po drugiej stronie.

I będziemy to pamiętać na kartkach zapisanych słowami, które sobie jakiś czas temu powiedzieliśmy.

I będziemy to pamiętać jak wszystkie inne wspomnienia, odrobinę wyblakłe i zmieszane z innymi. 

I będziemy to pamiętać gdy będzie nas to boleć i gdy przestanie już zależeć po jakimś czasie bo nie wszystko poszło jak chyba miało.

I nawet gdy zapomnimy większości.
Miłość będzie to wszystko pamiętać.

zawsze będzie pamiętać.


9/04/17 - 05/04/17 22:57

 i pamiętam jak to wszystko pieprzyliśmy 

i żyliśmy jak chcieliśmy / byliśmy sobie bliscy 

miłość będzie pamiętać