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Don’t tell me Natsu and Gray hate each other
Don’t tell me they don’t care about each other
Don’t tell me they don’t think of each other as brothers
Don’t tell me they wouldnt kill for each other
Don’t tell they they don’t have each other’s back and will never have their back
Because they don’t, they do, they would, and they always will.
Because that’s what best friends- hell, brothers do.

Fairy Tail Chapters 522&523

I’ve seen a lot of posts about that one panel that Zeref mentioned something about Lucy’s influence on Natsu. But the real winner for these chapters??

Gray and Natsu. 

First, Gray throws caution to the wind. His life has been saved so many times by so many people, and I love that Mashima keeps coming back to this. That Gray continues to struggle with the fact of why he’s still alive when so many others have sacrificed their lives for him. 

He knows that his life is not just his. He respects all of those who have been lost, who have sought to protect him. His parents, Ur, Ultear, Juvia, Natsu… 

But just as he has cried so many times before, he doesn’t wish that heartache on anyone. So instead, he becomes selfless. He takes away the pain his friends will bear by erasing his entire existence. 

So, we’ve got Gray willing to sacrifice himself (again) for the ones he loves with his infamous iced shell - with a twist. 

And of course…




Like, can you remember back when all Gray and Natsu did was fight? They couldn’t even stand being on the same team as one another, and somehow, along the way of this crazy journey, they became best friends. 

And their relationship has always had an undertone of friendship, but they have never confirmed it. Others have made note of it, but Natsu and Gray always denied it, with harmless nicknames and rival bantering. 

But this…

Natsu reminds him how he had to stop him so long ago on Galuna island, because Gray’s life was more important than defeating an enemy. That they would always find another way. 

And Gray feels so guilty for fighting his best friend - because this time it wasn’t the normal playful fighting they engaged in. This time it was full of anger and hatred and the will to actually kill one another. 

Natsu then tells him that it’s okay. Because he’s sorry, too. That they had both been under the spell of emotions threatening to drown them. That they’re…

This panel right here drove it straight through the heart. I love these chapters so much. I love that Mashima took the time for them, that he gave us this amazing brotp, and gave them this moment. 

And what seems to be a recurring Fairy Tail theme…

God. I love these two so much. I love that Mashima doesn’t solely concentrate on the canon parings of Fairy Tail. They are almost always on the back-burner to friendship. And the character development between these two astounds me. I just want so much more of this.

But, as always…

Natsu ends it all fired up and in flames :)

To be loved: Part 5

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Part 4:

Quick Note: Y/N/N is your last name

*Present Day*

We need to talk face to face meet me in room 522

I know you saw the picture it is not what you think

I know that sounded like a cheesy movie line but it really wasn’t what you think 

I just need to see you in person I should have not ended things in text

Please Y/N I need to explain my actions

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I’m sorry... What?!

Ok… Mashima… I absolutely love your story… But what?!

How, in any way has Natsu’s upbringing and personality been altered by Lucy? From when he met Lucy to now, how and when has Natsu’s nature deviated. Since they met, Natsu has been the same brash, loud-mouthed, fun-loving dude that we’ve all come to care for. And yes, Natsu’s had his mature and deeply emotional moments throughout the series. But how many of those were actually affected by Lucy? Her mother and ancestor were crucial to Natsu’s arrival to the present, but Lucy has mostly been the maiden in distress for nearly the entire series.

Lucy: Hi I’m Lucy! I hope you’re ready to save me countless times and be the one to give me pep talks when I’m down! I however will not do such in return other than hug you just so the fans can feel good about their ship.

Natsu: Eh, Ok. Cool. I guess I’ll worry about you constantly with no real motivation for doing so other than you being one of my nakama. I’ll have total faith in everyone else though.

Lucy: Awesome!

Please, can somebody give me a GOOD reason to believe this isn’t just forced?

 ( adele voice ) hello .  .…. it’s me with some v important news.

      It’s Munday !! And a lot of us celebrate with memes and telling all about us and posting selfies and I honestly think that’s!!!! So great that we’re all comfortable with each other and can do something like that !!!!

            But I’m here to tell you that you’re IMPORTANT. I have 522 followers, and I know I don’t talk to even nearly 100 of you on a weekly basis. Some of you are scared to talk to me, or think I’m out of your league, whatever. It doesn’t matter. We’re in this fandom together and honestly I think you spending your time here with us is awesome !! I love seeing all of your guys’ portrayals, how you develop your muses and how much each and every one of you individually loves and cares for them like children. 

      In case you haven’t heard it today, too: you’re LOVED. There’s a lot of people in here, but know you have people here who care about you and your well-being. There are people who would give their left arm for you and would do anything to make you happy. There are people here that are open for you to talk to, all you gotta do is open the IM and send them a message. Like me !! I’m here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 2 in the afternoon or 2 in the morning. There’s numerous other people who want your experience here to be amazing and fun, but if you’re not feeling like yourself or need some reassurance, there’s plenty of people who will be happy to sit in with you and cheer you up.

               Let me tell you that is 7:07 AM where I am, and where ever you are: if you’re going to bed or you’re waking up, or if you’re seeing this in my queue, I HOPE YOU HAVE A GOOD DAY TODAY. I hope your day is bright, and I hope you can find something within your day for the good to outweigh the bad. I know times are tough but I hope you can find a reason to SMILE today !! I hope you know just how irreplaceable you are as a human being, and I all of you have some of the biggest hearts and the most amazing character traits I’ve ever seen in people. I’m so glad I came back to tumblr, and even decided to join the FE fandom because my experience here has been nothing short of good.

                 Do your best to be happy today, guys. I believe in you, I really do.  ♡ ♡ ♡

                                                    Happy Munday. from me to you !!