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Do you know what’s been killing me since Wednesday? Out of everything? 

This. SO MUCH this. I mean, yes, also the William stuff because I’m me. But, mostly, it’s been this. Know why? Because this has meaning

Oliver washed up on Lian Yu, undoubtedly soaking wet, dirty, traumatized and exhausted.

He survived through sheer force of will and a refusal to give up.  

He fought. He bled. He almost died countless times, but he just kept going.

Imagine for a minute this is you. Imagine you’re cold. And sore. And hungry. And tired. And in pain. All. The. Time. For years. Imagine the level of athleticism required to survive. 

It isn’t quirky that Oliver has a thing for socks. And it’s not a throwaway meaningless moment. With shoes undoubtedly worn through the soles and socks worn to threads, the only replacements available found on the feet of the people he killed. Imagine how badly his feet hurt. Imagine how blistered and sore they were all the time. Imagine, when he washed up, how badly he wanted clean, dry socks and shoes. 

Oliver needs socks now because Oliver knows what it’s like to go without socks. And that is what’s been haunting me since Wednesday. 

Don’t tell me Natsu and Gray hate each other
Don’t tell me they don’t care about each other
Don’t tell me they don’t think of each other as brothers
Don’t tell me they wouldnt kill for each other
Don’t tell they they don’t have each other’s back and will never have their back
Because they don’t, they do, they would, and they always will.
Because that’s what best friends- hell, brothers do.

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i mean. moriarty: arranges murders every day, responsible for killing children... is treated as a fun antagonist and problematic love interest. mycroft: did god only knows what as a spy, mistreated his brother, mistreated joan... gets a hero's sendoff. kitty: manipulated sherlock and joan to melt her attacker's face... was given a new life with apparent complete happiness. morland: lizard person... treated as morally gray w/good intentions. then shinwell... dies? what kind of shit would that be?

Beanarie I can’t remember the first part of this ask (I know I posted it), but tonight… grossly appropriate isn’t it

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Let us fill the gruvia tag with some positivity. What are your top 5 gruvia moments?

It’s the school holidays somewhere isn’t it. I like the idea anon! Let’s spread love and positivity for Gruvia :)) Thanks for sending the ask ^^

5 - Gray stopping the rain/their first meeting

I love that Gray had such a big impact on Juvia. She was blushing and FEELZ everywhere, she is precious. Then the moment she sees the sun is when her heart is forever with Gray Fullbuster, ahhh! I started rooting for her since, so you could say I’m complete Gruvia trash, honestly.

Gray was pretty in the zone of “saving nakama” and they were battling sure, but he was also very confused over her actions. Despite that he said he wouldn’t go easy on her, he was still respectable.

For any ship, I always love where and how it all started. Anime episode 25 and 26 have a special place in my heart, as are manga chapters 56 and 57 :)

4 - Gray saving Juvia from Ultear in Tenrou

Like he told Ultear, he followed her because he was suspicious of how truthful she was. However, he made himself known when Juvia was at risk. Why?

We’ll probably never know unless Mashima treats us to a glorious Gray-POV of everything, which is highly unlikely.

3 - Gray’s flashback to Juvia in Tartarous (Ch. 392)

I love this moment for many reasons. One, he thought of Juvia, and Juvia is separate from the likes of Lucy, Erza and Wendy (by how she was separate and not included in the smaller panels). Two, this is the first time we know/see anything from Gray’s perspective on Juvia through his eyes. Three, the fact that he thought of her the moment he casted iced shell, a spell he knows he won’t come back from. Meaning he knows he means a lot to her, and thus knows she’ll be devastated if he was gone. Something that is showcased again in chapter 522, and in 522 she was among the likes of Ur, Natsu, and Silver, so the distinction that Juvia is special to him is made even clearer.

That said, 392 was the catalyst, so it’s why I didn’t include 522, haha.

I have a tough time deciding the final two moments.

It’s a toss between 416 and 499.

416 - because Juvia reached the decision that she can’t love Gray anymore, that she had hurt him too much. Not in a “yay, I’m glad she’ll be goners” way, but more of a, “you are honestly too precious and too good for this world”. She was ready to give up her feelings for him, was ready for him to hate her and lash out at her. Can you imagine how much courage she’d have to have had in order to say this to him? IN PERSON?



I won’t even get into how great the panels were placed during this scene, the anticipation and tension was well-built, and the fact that it was snowing added a touch of romance to it all. Their moment in 416 was great and all the things I could ever ask for and more.

I was also new to the FT Tumblr fandom back when this was released. I spazzed like nobody’s business when JUST THIS PICTURE ABOVE was spoiled, fangirled like crazy when the full chapter came, and reblogged all the edits I could ever find of 416 after that, it was amazing.

499 - Everything about 499 hurt me. It was angst in the most beautifully tragic way possible, in a SHOUNEN manga of all places.

We expected Juvia to sacrifice herself, it’s how she is and has been her shtick, but for Gray to think and act on a similar train of thought? Sacrifice himself for her? WHOA. If this isn’t the most tragically beautiful way of showing love for one another, I don’t know what I can say to convince anyone otherwise.

Just about everything Gray does and says in 499 made it clear that Juvia is special to him. He loves her but couldn’t tell her in time. His world falls apart and he rages at the man who “killed” her. JUST. ALL. THE. FEELINGS!!!

Honourable mentions:

GMG unison raid - I love the eye sex stares they shared! I loved that Gray initiated and encouraged her. Their unison raid moment was all about teamwork and just how compatible they are, in terms of fighting and magic. (If it weren’t obvious already) Then them STILL holding hands later, ohohoho.

413 Days - a whole omake dedicated to my OTP, the animated episode released on VALENTINE’S DAY. I couldn’t ask for more.

“I’m here with you” and 453 balcony scene - I’m a cheater and I know it, lmao. Oh man, how could I forget about these two moments!? For “I”m here with you”, it’s a very intimate moment, but said with so few words!?!?!?!?! HOW U DO THIS GRAY GAWD. I love that Gray said he is with her, rather than a very general statement along the lines of “nakama”… There’s a difference and I think it started here, or much earlier, I’m not sure.

Then 453, Gray is so honest!?!?!?! He is so frank and chill talking about his feelings!?!?! I LOVE THIS. I loved that Juvia is the person who brought out this side of him. I love that he’s like this WHEN IT’S HIM AND HER. And then him being flirty with Juvia?!?!?!?!? JUST!?!?!? *dies*

I chose to put these two together because both are rare insights into a very different Gray. Gray with Juvia is different from Gray when he’s with his friends.

Silver’s “take care of Gray” - as I mentioned in my shounen tropes meta, it’s everything that solidifies that Gruvia will happen, and it’s the Silver Fullbuster stamp of approval, no doubt about it. and I just really wanted to include Silver somewhere in this ok

Avatar/One-year timeskip - six months living together - A GOLDMINE OF HEADCANONS AND FANFICTION AHOY. Just what is Mashima thinking wasting opportunities NOT doing an omake or flashback to this!?!?! UUUGGGGHHHHHHH. There are so many things!

I cheated and this is actually a top 10 and not top 5, lmao. They have so many moments. So, so many.


Persepolis - Iran

The ancient ruins are all that remains of Persepolis. Known in Persian as Parseh (پارسه) which literally meant “City of Persians”. The city was the ceremonial capital of the first Persian Empire (the Achaemenid Empire) which dated from 550-330 BCE. The oldest parts of the site date back to 515 BCE.

Persepolis was chosen by King Cyrus the Great (founder of the first Persian Empire & first King of Iran) as the capital of Persia, but it was during the rule of King Darius I (522-486 BCE) that the terraces & great palaces were built, they were mostly finished during the rein of King Darius’s son & King Cyrus’s great-great-grandson Xerxes I (486-465 BCE).

The city was destroyed by Alexander the Great in 330 BCE upon his conquest of Persia. Some scholars & historians suggest it was an act of revenge for the burning of Athens during the second Persian invasion of Greece in 480 BCE.

Persepolis today is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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i think my ask got lost or maybe i didnt send it but if i did im sorry! so theres this fic where derek builds a house in a tree for stiles? thats about all i can remember :( help

@cathcer1984 says it might be this one!

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under your skin feels like home by airplanewishes

(1/1 I 32,522 I Teen I Sterek)

This is not how Stiles wanted to come back. Him coming back isn’t about him and his ex-boyfriend. It’s supposed to be because Scott and Allison are getting married. It’s supposed to be a fun reunion and not the kind that maybe his friends are still hoping for him, something that Stiles doesn’t know what to think about. Sure, Derek may be his one great love, the one that got away as well, but that didn’t mean that Stiles hasn’t moved on. Derek clearly has and Stiles has too. Stiles being back doesn’t change any of that. It doesn’t change the fact that it has been three years and that it’s over.

To be loved: Part 5

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Part 4:

Quick Note: Y/N/N is your last name

*Present Day*

We need to talk face to face meet me in room 522

I know you saw the picture it is not what you think

I know that sounded like a cheesy movie line but it really wasn’t what you think 

I just need to see you in person I should have not ended things in text

Please Y/N I need to explain my actions

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So you were wrong about a 522 reunion.

I specced that 522 would be a good place for the reunion to fit in, Nonnie. I’ve always believed we’d get a reunion by the end of the season. Guessing which episode is just that, a guess. However, I’m not sure what you were watching, but we got the reunion. They’re dating again. It’s a done deal. 

And this was kind of what I was warning about when it comes to people’s expectations. They spent quite a few episodes focusing on the Olicity relationship so the actual reunion just had to be a conversation because all the hard work has been done. We had the conversation. To me, Olicity are back together again. 

Having locked down ideas of what the reunion had to look like to count will always get you in trouble with Arrow. That’s why I was open to however they went about it, and the way they did it fitted with what I expected. It sounds like you’re not convinced, which is fine. Maybe you’ll see something in 523 that convinces you but to me, I’ve been following the writing style of these writers for a long time, and I’m pretty sure they’d considered that conversation the reunion. Not saying there won’t possibly be another scene confirming it over again, but I could see why the writers wouldn’t deem it necessary at this point. :)

Naqsh-e Rustam. Ancient necropolis located about 12 km northwest of Persepolis, in Fars Province, Iran. Four tombs belonging to Achaemenid kings are carved out of the rock face at a considerable height above the ground. The tombs are known locally as the ‘Persian crosses’, after the shape of the facades of the tombs. The entrance to each tomb is at the center of each cross, which opens onto to a small chamber, where the king lay in a sarcophagus. The horizontal beam of each of the tomb’s facades is believed to be a replica of the entrance of the palace at Persepolis. One of the tombs is explicitly identified by an accompanying inscription as the tomb of Darius I the Great (c. 522-486 BC). The other three tombs are believed to be those of Xerxes I (c. 486-465 BC), Artaxerxes I (c. 465-424 BC), and Darius II (c. 423-404 BC) respectively.


I just wanted to finish some reactions in my drafts when something caught my eye and I was like HOLUP

522 FOLLOWERS? Thank you all so much!!! Like hold up y’all I don’t deserve that bc I am a poop swirl that takes ages to finish requests!
I want to thank everyone who enjoys my writing that is extensively filled with my bad humour and links no one asked for!

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I feel like I should do something cool to celebrate it but I have no ideas what I could do definitely let me know if you have any ideas uhm but for now

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