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Gruvia confession be like:
  • Juvia: Gray-sama~!
  • Gray: Ju...via...
  • Juvia: Um... does Gray-sama love Juvia back?
  • Gray: I love Emilia.
Let’s not fall in love - Jaebum scenario

Jaebum x reader
word count: 2582
genre: angst, kind of fluff?
warning: language, mentions of blood.
author: sammy

AN: This scenario was inspired by the anime Kaichou Wa Maid Sama, so it follows the asian schools pattern (kinda) I hope you all enjoy it. 

P.S.: This is my (Sammy) first scenario in english, sorry if there’s any mistake

After climbing a lot of stairs, I finally found the apartment number 502.

I knocked twice and wait, holding the anxiety in my belly.

“Act like the student council president, not like a little girl in love”, I mentally repeated to myself.

No one opened the door, I knocked again, harder.

“Guess he’s not there”, a random guy smoking said.

“You’re his friend?”

The stranger seemed to think.

“You can say so”

“I need to talk to him, do you know when he will come back?” I asked the guy, he looked somewhere and release smoke through the nose.

“In two seconds maybe”

Seconds? Nice, crazy people.

“Can you move away from my door?”

I turned and saw him, he was wearing and black hoodie and smelled lightly cigarette.

“Im Jaebum”

“y/n l/n”

“To you is President l/n”

He looked away discontent.

“What you want with me? Came to a private visit?”

He haven’t change.

“You don’t come to the school its been two months. The tests will begin next week, you still have the chance to not repeat for absence. If you don’t go, your name will be no longer in the school register”, I opened my backpack and took the folder “Those are the subjects”.

“No, thanks. Can you move away now?”

I took a large breath.

“That’s what you want for your life? Seriously? Just because of–“

“Yah! Do you think you have the right to say something?” He stared deeply at me.

“As the president of the school that you supposed to be at, I think I do.  You have one week to come back, or you’ll be expelled”

“Not that you care, but the last time I was there, I punch half of the basketball team. Is that someone that you want in your school?”

“I don’t care about what you did. By the way, if you come back I will erase this episode off you record” he raised an eyebrown.

“You seemed to care a lot when that happened” he said with a serious tone “I’ll think about it. Now move”

I smiled and moved away, going to the stairs, but feeling his stare at my back.

“Morning” I said the next day, sitting behind my table.

“Good morning president” the other council members answered.

“President, the month is about to end, should I remove the name of Im Jaebum off the students system?”

“Not yet, Sato. I gave him one week to come back”

“Y-you talked to him?” my friend, the vice president, asked.

“Yes, I got his address at the system” I opened my math book.

“You shouldn’t do that anymore, he’s dangerous, he could hurt you”

No one at the council knew about the two of us before the basketball episode happened, not even my best friend Yui.

“Stop the drama, Yui. He’s not a bad guy”

“He’s here” someone said looking through the window, I stood to see as well.

Jaebum was wearing the same black hoodie under the school’s uniform. His backpack was hanging in the shoulder. Some girls that talked over there backed away quickly.

“You can go now, warn the 3C teacher that Im Jaebum will be there”

“Okay, see you later president”

“Bye, Y/n” Yui said.

As soon as everyone left, he entered and sit across my table.

“So…I’m here” he said.

I grabbed a bubblegum package in my pocked and gave to him.

“You haven’t quit the cigarette, huh?” he took the pack and eat one.

“You’ll remove that suspension off my record or not?”

“I removed yesterday”

“What? Why?”

“I knew that you would come if I asked” I smiled at him. He laughed ironically with that beautiful smile I used love to see.

“How cocky” he took his backpack and moved to the door, I followed him.

“Do you still remember where’s your looker?”

“I remember everything” his eyes stared at me and I knew what he was talking about.

“Why didn’t you come back?” I looked down “You were suspended for only two weeks, Jaebum”

“Maybe I didn’t want to come back. Who could blame me?” I held his stare for less then ten seconds “What happened to the moron basketball team captain?”

“His father took him out of school”


We left the room and I locked it.

“Hey, you” I called the kid that was walking by the corridor “Where’s your pass?”

He keep walking pretend he didn’t listened, but Jaebum grabbed him by the collar.

“She asked ‘where’s your pass’” Jaebum said intimidating the boy. He got nervous and grabbed the pass out his pocket. Jaebum let him go and the boy ran to the bathroom.

“That was unnecessary” I said.

“I though funny, he got pale”

“Go to your class, and don’t disturb anyone”

“President?” he called, soon his arms were in the wall behind me, his face got close and whispered “You won’t get rid of me easily now”

“I know”

The last class was physical education. Yui and I changed in the locker room, ready to play volleyball. But before going to the court I saw a familiar face sitting on the bleacher with a cheerleaders pompom and a sarcastic face.

“Why Im Jaebum is cheering for us?” Yui asked.

“Pick a team, Yui” I told her and went to Jaebum “What you’re doing here? You’re supposed to be on the basketball team”

“My back hurts” he said with a fake pout. I knew that this was only an excuse.

“Go the nursery room then”

“I wanted to see you play” he smiled  “You still wear this shorts after what happened?” he pointed to my short shorts.

“That’s the physical education uniform, all the girls wear”

“You could use a large one” I sense the jealous in his voice.

“I’ll take you to the nursery myself after the game”

“President you’re at my team!” Hana raised her hand.

I loved the volleyball classes, boys stayed away and I could calm down around the girls.

The school boys messed up a lot, always intimidating the girls and the weakest ones. When I became the council president I had to fix their behavior, and… well, I hasn’t the most loved one because of this.

“Hey, Jaebum wasn’t expelled after that fight? What’s he doing here?” a girl at my team asked.

“He was just suspended” Yui said.

“He’s hot” another girl said looking at him and missing a ball.

“Attention” I said.

They keep quiet until the subject returned.

“Is it true that he knocked the basketball team because of a girl?”

I freeze.

“Jaebum! What are you doing?!”
He was on top of the team captain, Jaebum’s fist was covered in blood and it keep hitting the captain’s face.


Before I could raise my hands to defend the ball it was already in my face, and I was at the ground.

My nose burned and I could barely breath.

When I opened my eyes all the girls were around me and blood ran through my nose violently.

“Move!” a hand pushed away the girls and I saw Jaebum’s worried face “Who needs to go to the nursery now?” he said in a low voice.

Yui was terrified, asking if she should call someone or and ambulance.

“I’m okay! Enough drama” I covered my nose wishing that it didn’t break.

“Keep the game, I’ll take her to the nursery” Jaebum took my free hand helping me stand and put the other hand on my waist giving support. But soon as I stood everything started to swirl, my feet didn’t seem to be on the ground.

“The ball hit you hard, it must had hurt your internal ear” I felt something behind my knee and I when I realized, Jaebum was carrying me.

“J-Jaebum put me on the ground, if someone see me like that–”

“Shh, stay quiet, okay?”

I was dizzy and with too much blood on my face and mouth. Jaebum carried me slow, I placed my head on his shoulder so the world stop spinning.

For a moment the memories came back.

“We shouldn’t be here. My class will come to the volley and yours to basket” I whispered feeling his lips at the sweet spot on my neck, his hand caressed my thigh.

“I don’t wanna play today” his voice tickle my neck.

“But I have to, sorry” I lightly pushed his shoulders. He sighed with the forehead on my shoulder.

“Fine, but seriously, think about using a larger shorts”

“Why? Boys hate me anyways”

“I don’t hate you” he pouted cutely. I couldn’t resist and I pecked him before moving away from his lap. I quickly ran my hands through my hair.

Some voices echoed in the locker room when the basket team entered.

“I’m not saying this again, Im Jaebum, keep your stuff inside your locker. This is a school not your house” I threw the jacket that was on the ground at him. I turned to leave and the team was quietly listening my fake fight.

Before I leave someone said “Dude, what’s her problem with you? You guys looks like Tom and Jerry…” 

That was the only way we could spend some time together so no one get suspicious.

“The first day I’m back and already have to rescue you. How did you survived two months without me?”

I didn’t answered. Soon I saw the white nursery room. Jaebum slowly put me on the bed there.

“Don’t lay down, stay sit” he left for seconds and came back with a damp fabric. He took my hand off my face and cleaned the blood “Hold this. Is your nose hurting? Don’t seem broken” he searched for something in the first aid box and took a large band aid.

“A little” I finished cleaning the blood off my face and lips, not feeling dizzy anymore. Jaebum put the band aid on the top of my nose.

“There’s still blood on my face?” I lifted my chin at him.

“Yes, over here” his face was already close to mine, now there was no distance between us when his lips touched mine. I tried to pushed him away because of the blood taste, but he hold me close and deepened the kiss. His hand ran up my exposed thigh and squeeze it hard.

“y/n?” I heard Yui’s voice at distance. Jaebum backed away slowly.

“I’m here, Yui”

After long minutes trying to convince her that I was fine she finally gave up the idea of taking me to the hospital when the bell ranged.

“This is so embarrassing” I lowered my head ashamed of the band aid on my nose. Some people looked at me worried, other ones looked disgusted, to those Jaebum stared a threatening look. I stopped at my locker to pick my stuff and check my face at mirror.

“Dude!” I heard Jackson’s voice. He gave Jaebum one of those ‘men hug’. “I didn’t know that have you returned. You gonna play on the team again?”

“No, I’m trying to stay away from issues” he quickly looked at me through the mirror.

“What happened to you president?” Jackson asked worried.

“Just an accident at volley” I touched my nose and he hissed.

“So… what’s your status now?” he pointed to me and Jaebum. Jackson knew about us, and the basketball episode.

Before I could answered something, Jaebum whispered something to him, Jackson laughed and leave.

“What did you said?” I asked.

“Nothing much” he kissed my cheek and went to his locker.

After I changed back to my uniform clothes, I went to the teachers room and talked to the 3c teacher.

“Don’t worry, y/n. I will keep an eye on him”

“Thank you” I said and leave, ready to go home.

“I need no nanny” Jaebum said soon as I left the room.

“You were listening?” I sighed “It’s not a nanny. Just a guarantee”

We walked slowly outside the school where the sunset colored the streets orange.

“Guarantee that I’ll not punch anyone else?” he asked offended stopping in front of me. I remembered that day again.


I stepped out the locker room and joined the girls at the volleyball game. We took half of the court and the boys the other half. I focused at our game and only realized what was happening on the other side of the court when a girl screamed “President!”

I ran to see what was going on, some boys from the team were lying on the ground. I recognized Jaebum’s black hair.

“Jaebum! What are you doing?!”

He was on top of the team captain, Jaebum’s fist was covered in blood and it keep hitting the captain’s face.


I pulled him by the arm, almost getting hit. His face was red in anger. Some students took the captain to the nursery room and called an teacher. The teachers demanded that I suspend Jaebum.

“What was that?!” I asked him soon as we stayed alone. He didn’t look me in the eye, his hands were shaking. “Answer me!”

“He was talking about you”

“So what? People do talk about me why–”

“He was talking disgusting things about you! About what he would he do with you in that freaking shorts!” his face was red again. I breathed deeply.

“Did anyone else heard this?”

“No, just me”

“I’m sorry Jaebum” he looked at me confused “You are suspended for two weeks for attacking an colleague”

“What?! What about him?!”

“I can’t prove what he said, the other boys told that you attacked him without a reason”

“You must be kidding me…”

“Take your things, you must leave until the next class starts”

He looked pissed, but turned and leave.

“I had to do something. You put me in deep trouble, I thought the three of us were getting expelled that day” I sighed “I don’t wanna see you like that again”

“What was I supposed to do? Listen to that son of a bitch talking those things about you?” we slowly walked toward my house.

“Don’t you think that if I cared about those kind of comments about me I wouldn’t get expelled myself?”

“You don’t understand, y/n. He was looking at you as an animal, and still had the courage to whisper at me what he wanted to do to you. Not even Buda would let a guy say those things and walk away without a punch.


“Listen to me” he stopped in front of me again “I know you’re tough and shit, but I rather get my hands dirty so your name stay away from those assholes mouths” he stepped close, his hands held my face and looked me at the eye “You’re the only one I true care about”

I grabbed him by the tie pushing him to a kiss. He kissed me lightly, carefully to not touch my bruised nose.

“I missed you” I said.

“Be my girlfriend" he whispered. His words shocked me, I looked into his eyes to see if he was serious about it. “Be my girlfriend” he repeated.

I lowered my head resting on his shoulder thinking about us. I mean, I like him, how he made me feel, his protector instinct, his smile, his kiss…

But his temper worried me.

He waited patiently my answer, caressing my back. I lifted my head and pecked his lips

“Only if you promise to control your temper”

“Fine, with the condition that you’ll wear a lager shorts” I laughed and he smiled.


More Than Words

Summary: In which the way you feel about Bucky is more than you can put in words.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,502

@avengerstories - I hate you (you know exactly why) but I also love you and your help with editing this.

Originally posted by procrastinatingmoose

When Bucky first tells you he loves you, you act like you don’t hear him. Hiding from the words and their unbearably heavy implication is much easier than confronting them.

The second time Bucky tells you he loves you, you play it off with a joke. It’s not a funny one and you can tell Bucky doesn’t appreciate it, but it’s the best you can do. Dealing with the aftermath of a bad joke is a walk in a park compared to having to do something as emotionally taxing as talk about your feelings.

The third time Bucky tells you he loves you, you’re right on the verge of falling asleep. Luckily for you, he thinks you’re already sleeping and doesn’t expect a response. Instead, he presses his body against yours and hides his face in the crook of your neck, as if doing so will keep him safe from all the monsters that haunt him at night. He falls asleep easily that night. You don’t.

The fourth time Bucky tells you he loves you, you run. Correction, you try to run but you don’t get very far. Bucky doesn’t let you.

“We need to talk.”

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I’m sad swen is sad. I wish none of you had to go through this.

I personally made my peace in 502 that #SwanQueen was not going to be endgame. I continue to love #SwanQueen but I haven’t watched the show since 502.

I’m just sad that people I call friends are hurt and disappointed. But I guess we all need our own moment where we realise that it’s a lost cause and then mourn such a good story is not being told. #SwanQueen is the untold story.

And you know what? You have every right to feel sad, upset, betrayed. You have every right to rage and tweet the writers expressing disappointment. It is your right and don’t let anyone tell you how you should react. You’ve invested days, weeks, months years in this show and you’re treated like crap. It’s your right to be upset and disappointed.

When he told me he had fell for her, my heart broke. My heart broke into a million pieces while I put on a smile and pretended like I was happy for him. I felt my world crashing down because he was my world. Only if I said something a little sooner maybe it would have been me he fell for, but I doubt it because she is thunder and he is lighting and you can’t have one without the other.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #502