i 4got this


some sonic doodols, including:

-half assed shadow on lined paper
-rouge in a different outfit
-very small knuckles that i was apparently excited about
-human shadow, less half assed

anonymous asked:

Hi! Would you mind recommending a few storyline based legacys? thanks in advance x

AH this has been sitting in my inbox filling me with dread!! ummmmmmmmm ok i’ll just list /everything/ i’m reading bc i rlly dont kno wat constitutes a storyline legacy n wat does not…… so here we go: 

brix’s life by @literallywhothe rip bug xoxo

the goon legacy by @cabsim sonkle is love sonkle is life

the reynolds legacy by @wrixles if suspense could kill i'd be dead

finding marley by @sandy-sims the music killz me every time

the woods by @bratsims rip arthur xoxo

kismet family by @kismet-sims if u like blue space worms this is for u

the linton legacy by @geekmoodlet fleur & penny ♥‿♥

covington legacy by @laenyrie i just rlly luv knox ok

i THINK that’s everything but i already kno i’m gonna wake up in a cold sweat at three am bc i forgot someone !!!!!!! 

and u didn’t hear it from me but word on the street is that @similie has a juicy story in the works