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To the girl I’m in love with, who disappeared -

I recorded this cover of 102 by the 1975 on the last day of 2016. Today, on the first day of 2017, I am letting it loose in the tumblr world, hoping it somehow gets passed around enough that it someday finds its way to you when you’re scrolling through your feed. If that day never comes, then so be it, I tried, I really did. However, if that day does come, and you are you and you are reading this, then this is for you:

When I hear this song, I think of falling asleep with you in a little apartment in San Francisco. I think of regarding you through sleepy morning eyes from your passenger side. I think of the stick figures you drew of us on my foggy sunroof on the 405. I think of your kiss. Your presence. Your loveliness. You. In retrospect, I’ve realized this song was the background music to all of the little instances in which I was so stupidly unaware that I was falling in love with you. To sing this now, knowing how our story has devolved from these beautiful aforementioned moments to weeks of empty phone static and heartache, to manic drives and sleepless nights, to chaotic helplessness and confusion, is harder than I could ever begin to articulate to you. But for me, this song will always be you, so here I am sending this out like a little dove through cyberspace.

I’m sorry things got ruined. I’m sorry we are beginning the process of becoming strangers so prematurely. I’m sorry I couldn’t be perfect. I’m sorry you felt you had to disappear. I really am. But the thing is, after everything, I’m singing this now because there is a piece of me still holding on to hope as I embark upon this new year and board this flight to the other side of the continent. Hope that this song finds you in a happy place. Hope that when you hear it, it will make you think of these things too - the little snippets of memories we made together that cannot be tainted by our mistakes, all of the good we shared - and you will smile. Hope that it reminds you of how much you truly meant to me, and how much you still do. Hope that maybe one day - when we’re older, when things aren’t so complicated, when there is a revolution around the sun that is more fair to us than this one was - I could still be the girl you fall asleep to this song with.

a girl out there who, after everything, thinks of you fondly, lovingly, often

|| when I knock
at one hundred and two
and I see your pajamas 
i can’t stop smiling at you ||


I’ve gleaned enough wisdom through some experiences to understand what is going on a little bit and hopefully not become a huge toolbox through all of this. I think when you are younger and hit a certain level of success you can lose perspective really quickly. I’ve struggled enough and it’s been a slow enough growth that I’m not going to freak out or anything. Hopefully! We’ll see. Mark my words. “Chris Pratt found naked high on meth on I-405 claiming he was abducted by aliens.”

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hey guys i've had a bad few days since my sister in law just said she wants to get a divorce and i was wondering if you guys could please rec me some happy ending divorce or break up fics please

Awww, sorry to hear it bb!  Here you go  -Emmy

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It Will Come Back to You by ladylade 

(<5k I Teen I Complete)  *sterek

Teen Wolf kink meme prompt: After breaking up with his boyfriend, Stiles finds a wounded dog in the woods. Something about it reminds him of his ex, so he names it Derek. He doesn’t know exactly how fitting that name is.
(or, how Stiles finds out that the ex-boyfriend that he’s still in love with is a werewolf)

Broken Hearted by trilliastra 

(1,405 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek

Derek drops his bag to the floor. “Did your dad try to set you up with someone before, or this is the first time?”

Stiles shakes his head, defeated. “I guess he really likes you.” And he knows Stiles likes Derek too, he thinks but doesn’t say. It’s a lesson he will have to learn: never have heartfelt conversations with his dad while drunk. That can never end well.

“At least someone does. I’ll take a shower.” Derek says, heading for the bathroom without sparing Stiles a second glance.

I’d Do Anything To Protect You by makingitwork 

(2,323 I Explicit I Complete)  *steter

Except hurt you further

It’s Been Four Hundred and Ninety Days by paradis 

(4,486 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek

It’s been four hundred and ninety days, and it took Derek forever but they’re at day one again.

Derek and Stiles Take a Break by iKnightWriter 

(4,700 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek

Derek and Stiles need a break from their relationship

Waiting for You to Say it First by paradis 

(82,15 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek

Four months.

Four months they’ve managed to avoid one another. Stiles quit going to pack meetings. He quit doing research unless Scott really, really begged him to. He avoided driving the road that led out to the turnoff to the Hale house, he avoided going to all the spots where Derek might possibly be. Four months, and now, here they are, standing in the Minit Mart, Stiles thinks, staring down at the grimy tiles. He can hear the catch of Derek’s breath, and he closes his eyes and breathes deep.

When It All Falls Apart by Peter Hale (SebastianVael) 

(8,354 I Mature I Complete)  *steter, past Stackson

Stiles doesn’t know what to do.

He’s on the verge of losing everything in the divorce, on the verge of breaking down. He hates himself, hates what he is, what he’s not. He has no husband, no alpha, no mate. He’s about to lose his mind, and he has no hope.

His mother used to tell him; when you’ve hit rock bottom, the only way out is up. But what’s the point in trying to climb out of Hell, when the Devil’s waiting for you with an army of lawyers?

And with his heat just around the corner, Stiles doesn’t think he has anything left to give. He needs a miracle.

He just didn’t figure his miracle would wear Alexander Amosu and fight his battles with a smirk that could kick-start the apocalypse.

Parachute by dreamerjules (jelaine3), OnTheGround2012    

(8,424 I Mature I Complete)   *stackson

This is about Stiles too and he deserves his freedom even, maybe especially, if it permanently locks the door on Jackson’s prison.

In Quiet, A Favor by Helenish 

(12,619 I Explicit I Complete)   *sterek

“You like happy endings, huh?” Stiles says, lying pressed in against his back, sliding his fingers along the edge of Derek’s chest, along his ribs and up his sternum.

For Better, For Worse by Vendelin 

(13,336 I Explicit I Complete)   *sterek

Derek and Stiles have been married for six years. Derek loves his job as a successful lawyer, loves his financial security and his large house. It isn’t until Stiles gets shot while working that he starts to understand that maybe Stiles isn’t loving their life as much as Derek is.

You Were Right Here All Along by RedCoral 

(16,278 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek

He opened his eyes and through the blur of his tears, he looked at his own hands where Derek was now holding him and said in a broken whisper, “W-What did you do?”

Because of what Derek did, Stiles left to Paris and didn’t look back, not even thinking about all the ties he just cut. Now he’s opening his own restaurant in New York and Derek’s a three Michelin star chef, who Stiles finds necessary to warn of his arrival.

Somehow that one conversation turned into much more and Stiles find out things weren’t what they seemed, neither when it came to the past, nor the future.

Coming in Full Circle by heartsdesire456 

(22,215 I Teen I Complete)  *Petopher

Peter never expected life to end up bringing him back to Beacon Hills nearly seventeen years after he left it, but when his estranged son’s mother abandoned him without warning, it was up to Peter to go back and step up to be the parent he never really had been. Life trying to be Jackson’s father was hard already, but little did he know that only six months into the struggle, his world was going to be shaken once more when the man he both married and divorced before he could legally drink walked right back into his life.

Mating Habits of the Domesticated North American Werewolf by lielabell 

(35,458 I Mature I Complete)  *sterek

Derek doesn’t do pining.  He doesn’t.  So when it becomes clear that Stiles is much more interested in having Derek as a new best friend than a boyfriend, he puts on his big boy pants and makes it fucking work.   He becomes the best goddamn friend a spastic teenager could ever hope to have.

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Rosy! JAHA WAS EVERYTHING. The RATIONAL Kane/Earth Dad revisited we never knew we needed. He pushed Bellarke forward. Eliza sold me on C's deep love for B tonight. So proud of her. The constant looks, drawing nearer to him, joking with him, SMILING at him, finally. The list scene that killed us all. B might be steering away, but C's steering right for him. I feel 405 will be "the" episode. There's 2 months to live, man. We even got the Kabby parallel sleep scene from 301. Bellarke's going down.

Baby. Baby. Baby. I am flying. That was great. 

I TOLD you that Clarke loved Bellamy. You’re right. She’s steering for him. When we got that nuzzle, and what was Bellamy’s response? “get some sleep.” 

He DEFINITELY steered away. Taking care of her, getting her to rest, instead of addressing these emotions, this mutual… isn’t it a kind of commitment? I won’t live without you. Isn’t it kind of an echo of when they took that flokru vial together, not knowing if they’d live or die? They’re not married, but they’re married. 

“I’m probably alone in this one but i highly dislike the idea of alya and chole becoming miraculous holders, the idea seems pretty unoriginal and childish to me, I can pretty much accept alya but chloe never she’s freaking horrible and she has done nothing to deserve such powers,she’s a horrible human being who only cares about herself i don’t even think the writers are good enough to pull a well done redemption arc” 

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Do you still believe bellarke won't interact next episode? After all these "too many spoilers" "answering that would be spoiling to much" (I don't remember the tweets word for word) tweets from Tiffany and Selina when people ask if bellarke will be together next episode, I have this feeling we're gonna eat a surprising bellarke scene 😬

Well, Tiffany said we’d love the first 5 minutes, so I’m sure we’ll get something there. Possibly a goodbye scene or something, I don’t know. Apart from that, it’s possible we get something like a character calling Bellamy’s feelings out due to him writing her name on the list. It’s also possible Bellamy’s used as a bargaining chip from Roan because he knows what Bellamy means to Clarke. I’ll just be up front and tell you that the scene of Clarke standing in the valley in front of the Ice Nation happens in 405. I’m positive. And I’ve got a good source that states Bellamy’s with her in that episode. I think there’ll be some big moments then.

My hands wrapped around a stick shift
Swerving on the 405, I can never keep my eyes off this
My neck, the feeling of your soft lips

All we do is drive
All we do is think about the feelings that we hide
All we do is sit in silence waiting for a sign
Sick and full of pride
All we do is drive

It’s so simple but we can’t stay
Over analyse again, would it really kill you if we kissed?

Halsey – Drive

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I feel like Bellarke will continue to be separated for two reasons: 1. being the leads, they can carry parts of the story that other characters can't and 2. just as always, it would be so unrealistic for them to be in proximity and not start making out. The only way to stall the relationship more is to keep them physically apart.

I gather you mean physically separated. I think they will be separated for 404 and 405, I suspect they are back together again in 406, and I predict several smaller separations (aka-not a whole episode) after that. Bob said they work together, then apart, then together and based on the preview for next week its obvious that Bellamy is in Polis while Clarke is in Arkadia. 

The most obvious reason for the separations is as you pointed out in your first point, they are the leads and therefore the story flows better when they are present. 

At this point though, I suspect that Bellarke is so….full that they will continue to grow whether they are together or apart, and I’m ready to see that happening on my screen this Season. 

I am still predicting canon romantic Bellarke (not just a confession,m but an all out physical type of canon) before this Season is over and so far they are right on target to reach that benchmark. 

Broken Limbs

Pairing: Philip Hamilton x reader

Words: 819

Warnings: slight swearing

Request: Requested by anonymous: Can I have a #405 with Philip please?

Prompts: “I took advice from my friend and pretended to trip in front of you to get your attention except I fell harder than I thought and now my arm is broken can you drive me to the doctor please”

A/N: I’ve never been in emergency care or broken a bone so idk how hospitals work in those situations?

“What do I do?” You begged, giving your best puppy dog eyes to Theodosia.

“Trip.” She stated simply.

“WH-what?” Your look changed to one of confusion.

“Trip in front of him. It’ll get his attention; maybe he’ll even catch you.” She winked, noticing the rising blush on your face.

“I- I guess that could work?” It was almost a question, as you walked towards the oblivious Hamilton boy. He stood near the food table, holding a glass of liquid. You hesitantly approached a space near him. Suddenly, you slipped on your heels, purposely falling without trying to look like too much of a mess. As you fell, your arm knocked the side of a table. As if it couldn’t have been more painful, you landed on that arm. Pain shot through it, and you could’ve sworn you heard a slight cracking noise as you hit the hard tile floor.

“Are you ok?” Philip’s voice rang out. You groaned, instinctively grabbing the arm that was in pain.

“No. You see… I took advice from my friend and pretended to trip in front of you to get your attention except I fell harder than I thought and now my arm is broken can you drive me to the doctor please…” You rambled slightly, sitting up just enough to see Philip’s face. Worry overtook his features, and you realized, through the pain, you were extremely close to him.

“Oh, uh, yeah! Of course!” Philip grabbed your uninjured arm, pulling you off the floor. Out of the corner of your eye you saw Theodosia giggling. You sent a quick glare in her direction before letting out a yelp as Philip dragged you away to his car. He carefully sat you in the passenger seat, sprinting to the driver’s seat.

The car ride was spent in tense silence as Philip brought you to the hospital. When you arrived, he tried to help you out of the car.

“It’s ok, my arm is broken, not my leg.” You joked, but Philip didn’t laugh.

“You literally broke your arm. How are you so calm?!” He exclaimed, rushing you inside.

“I’m not sure. Shock, maybe?” You shrugged, but quickly stopped when your arm protested in pain.

“Hey, uh, she broke her arm at a party.” Philip explained urgently to the receptionist. She nodded in understanding and walked you into an empty room. She laid you down on a bed and you felt a light sting in your arm.


“Anesthesia.” A new voice told you. You assumed she was the nurse.

“O-Okay.” You were suddenly really tired, and you tried to glance around the room for Philip. You spotted him sitting in a chair that sat in the corner of the room.

“I can’t believe you broke your arm for me.” He laughed once the room was empty. You were already half asleep, but you laughed anyway.

“What can I say? I’m one for entrances.” You joked, desperately trying to stay awake for this conversation. “Could you… Wait until I wake up? I might need a ride home.” You whispered.

“Yeah, yeah totally. But you didn’t have to go to such extremes to get my attention, you already had it.” And just like that, you drifted off without a response.

The light almost hurt to look at. You reached up to cover your eyes, when someone grabbed your hand.

“I’m glad you’re awake. Now we can get you home. They said you could leave when you woke up.” You recognized Philip’s voice.

“Thanks.” Your throat was dry, so the word came out weak and your voice cracked.

“Damn, when we get to my place we need to get you some water.” He laughed. You sat up, confused.

“You’re place?”

“Yeah, haven’t I made it obvious enough? I like you, Y/N.” You smiled, standing up.

“Good. Otherwise I’d be even angrier at Theodosia for making me break my damn arm.” You laughed, allowing Philip to sign you out of the hospital. You were thankful to get out of there, it smelled weird and the white walls were too bright for you.

“You’re cute when you pout.” Philip laughed, opening the car door for you.

“You’re cute all the time.” You retorted, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. For a moment, you both stood there, blushing. Suddenly Philip broke the silence.

“How bout when we get back we all strip down to our socks?”

Gentle Eyes and Careful Hands

characters: woozi, you

genre: extreme morning fluff

word count: 405 (i suck im sorry)

You spend the night with Woozi and wake up to a PEACHY morning.

You felt a soft nudge in your back as your eyes fluttered a bit, struggling to wake up. You take in your surroundings and panic for a second, before your thoughts set in to tell you that you had spent the night at your boyfriend’s dorm. You slightly shift your weight to turn around and face the mess of pink hair that was staring at you. You feel his arms find his way around your waist and pull you closer.

“Morning, princess.” Woozi said, tiredness oozing from his voice.

“Morning peach.” you smiled up at him, giving him a slight kiss on the nose.

“Hey.. I thought we talked about you calling me that..” he says, eyebrows furrowing at you.

“But it suits you so well!” you giggle at his annoyance.

“It doesn’t! I am not a fruit.” he pouts down at you, leaning his forehead against yours. You smile at how beautiful he was to you, all gentle eyes and careful hands. You couldn’t believe how lucky you had gotten. You snuggle your head into his chest and he laughs at how silly you are, bulldozing your head into his chest. His hands fly from your waist to your stomach and neck and all places ticklish, leaving you in a flurry of laughter.

“W-woozi s-stop!” You laugh, your hand catching his and shielding yourself as best as possible.

“Am I still a peach? Huh?” his hands continuing to tickle you.

“Yes! Look at your hair!” you scream in between laughs.

“I’m noooot a peach! I’m not leaving you alone until you say that I’m not a peach.” suddenly, the door of his bedroom flies open, and in the quickest moves you’ve ever seen, his hands fly from your sides to his own as he closes his eyes and pretend to be completely asleep. You take the hint and closer your own as well, before S.coups opens the door.

“Hmm.. I swear I heard laughing. Guess they’re still asleep.” S.coups says, shrugging.

“Come on, hyung! They can make their own breakfast!” Dino comes and pulls the leader out the door, slamming it close behind him. You turn to your side to face Woozi, but it seems like he really did fall asleep. You close your own eyes and get ready to fall asleep yourself. Just as you’re doing so, a pair of arms snake once again around your waist and pulls you closer.