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Honestly?  The ultimate 1D dream:

  • No stalkers
  • Harry and Louis being at ease, and interacting without looking off screen every five seconds at someone behind the camera
  • MITAM tour with Olivia and Long Way Down, and A.M. with everyone feeling nostalgic and emotional
  • Not having to place Harry and Louis at different parts of the world before something happens; they’re band members for goodness sake
  • More band interactions through social media from all of them, instead having to rely on Niall, the official 1D selfie taker, for it all. 
  • Interviews they actually enjoy with no intrusive questions/obnoxious interviewers
  • All the boys getting equal vocal time on the upcoming album
  • OT4 being their own opening act and doing some solo stuff during the MITAM tour with the other boys being their hype men :(
  • 1D Day 2.0
  • A team that respects them/their intellect/experience/input
  • happy boys happy fandom :))))

did you know i/this blog has a kiwifarms thread? or used to??? that’s so funny to me. it had like 50 pages of information but a lot of it was really wrong. like all these insane dudebro 4chan cuck hackers thought i ran 400 different other blogs, was a girl, etc

the funniest part of it was the information that WAS correct (they literally had my ip address and phone number) like nothing came of. no texts. no calls. no threatening pieces of mail. like what

500 Followers Celebration

Well I just finished the 400 follower celebration mood boards!!! They were so much fun.  I had a blast doing them. So I am going to do them again. This time they will be open to everyone. Just a few rules. 

And here are the rules:

1. You must be a follower to get a mood board. 

2. You may pick a story or yourself. 

3. If you pick yourself: Please answer the following questions

  • Favorite Color
  • Favorite Quote 
  • Soft or Hard 
  • Inside or Outside
  • Anything else you think I should know

4. I am only going to take 15 like I did last time. 

5. I wont take them if you are on anonymous. I want them to be the best they can and I need to be able to see your Tumblr to do that. 

6. I will only answer if you are not one of the 15. I lost one last time so I want to be able to keep up with all of them together in my inbox. 

7. If you got one in the last round, I ask that you not do it this round, please. If I don’t have 15 by Sunday, I will make a new post to open it back up. 

Ok I think that is it!! And thank you again to all my wonderful followers. You are all amazing and awesome. And I can’t believe so many of you like me. You make my day so bright. 

lizziea2  asked:


Actual count: 382

Jenny and Donna were already lounging by the pool when Rose arrived. “There you are,” Donna said, saluting with a hand holding a cocktail. “Oh, the Doctor is going to be disappointed he missed seeing that bikini.”

Rose smiled as she reclined in the third lounge chair. “Oh, he might have already gotten a glimpse,” she drawled. Jenny and Donna frowned blankly at her, and she tapped her temple. “What’s the point of sharing a telepathic bond with your husband if you don’t tease him with it sometimes?” Donna threw her head back and laughed, and Rose picked up the cocktail waiting for her to accept her friend’s toast.

Send me a word count between 200-400, and I’ll give you a paragraph (or two)

anonymous asked:

have you ever thought about drawing aqours? I have the feeling guilty kiss would look AMAZING in your style! ** btw, different question because I'm curious, what are your dream URs for both muse and aqours? c:

I’ve only gotten around to drawing Riko so far but that was a while ago so the style is rlly different from my more recent work ;v; but I definitely do want to draw some of the other aqours girls!! maybe around each of their birthdays ^^

also, my absolute dream UR is Victorian Kotori, I spent 400+ gems for her last august and didn’t get her.,, so here’s hoping her birthday box is kinder :’) as for aqours, so far I really really love new year’s Ruby but I’m also waiting for Riko’s next UR so we’ll see!

Help me write!

I have a lofty goal tonight, friends: 3500 in net word count, which will probably amount to 4500-5000 actually written. My hands are feeling good and my brain is firing on all cylinders, so all that’s left is the accountability/motivation. 

Send me a number between 200-400, and I will come back and share a paragraph with you. Let’s get through Midnight together. 


look i’m not saying keith is gay but… that is not the face someone who likes girls would make if they had allura in their arms