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Hey can you do 35 with Sherlock??

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Reader x Sherlock

35. “I may be drunk and you may be Spider-Man but will you marry me?”

You knocked on apartment 221b in your sweatpants and Spider-Man sweatshirt ready for another lazy day with your boyfriend, Sherlock.

He swung the door open, giving you a lazy grin. Sherlock’s hair was tousled as if he had just woken up and his five o’clock shadow was prominent, even in the dimly lit hallway. “Y/N, hello, Y/N.”

“You seem to be in a good mood.” You looked at your boyfriend, amused at his good mood and walked in. It was clean- cleaner than normal. The mantel was rid of papers and case files and the knives were all tucked away in the drawer. “And the apartment is clean. Sherlock, what’s going on?”

“I tidied up a bit.” He shrugged, grabbing your arm and pulling you next to him on the couch. “I clean sometimes.”

“Only when you’re drunk.” You reminded him.

Sherlock grinned, laying his head on your shoulder. “I still cleaned. You should be happy, Spider-Man.”

“I’m Y/N.” You rolled your eyes. “How drunk are you?”

“No, you’re definitely Spider-Man today.” Sherlock drawled on, pointing at the superhero on your sweatshirt.

“Don’t tell anyone, okay?” You bent down and whispered in his ear, not wanting to spoil his good mood.

“I won’t.” Sherlock reassured you. “Besides, it’s easy to see that you’re normally Y/N. You’re just in disguise today.”

“Congrats, Sherl, you just solved your first superhero case.” You laughed lightly.

Sherlock lifted his head up ever so slightly and stared at you. “You’re beautiful. I mean you’re always beautiful, obviously, but today you’re extra beautiful.”

“Thank you.” You blushed. It wasn’t everyday that Sherlock gave you compliments, so you intended to cherish every last one of them.

“And I would hate for such a moment to be put to waste.” He told you, continuing.

“What do you mean?” You asked as Sherlock jumped off of the couch and ran over to the mantel. He came back and gave you the biggest smile you had ever seen before getting down on one knee.

“Y/N,” Sherlock opened the box, revealing a ring. “I may be drunk and you may be Spider-Man but will you marry me?”

“Yes!” You jumped onto Sherlock without warning. The two of you fell back onto the floor laughing. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Sherlock placed a kiss on your cheek and took the ring out of the box, slipping it onto your finger. He pulled you into his arms. “I knew from the second I saw that ring that it belonged on your finger.”

You looked back at him and gave him a short, sweet kiss before looking back at your ring.

“Mrs. Holmes.” Sherlock said. You could feel him smiling against your skin.

The ring sparkled as the moonlight from the window hit it. You couldn’t believe what had just happened. You were going to be Mrs. Holmes, and you couldn’t be happier.


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42, 35, and 33?

42: The last thing I ate? There was a CHICKEN SANDWICH here. It’s gone now.

35: What I find attractive in men? Sick tight abs like holy jeezes if you want to kill me and you have a six pack just take off your shirt I will melt. Also deep voices are pretty nice.

33: What words make me feel the best about myself? “transformers” “robots” “marvel” those words are good because I can focus and geek out about those rather than focus on me and be self conscious.

Kara Luther, age 35.

  “Personally, I knew I owned that photoshoot, not only from the feedback I was receiving, but my own instinct. And trust me, my instinct never lies; I have two children. Just the other day, my son got into my vanity and I knew immediately. And guess what? I was right. Plus, I am much older than these girls, I know what I’m doing. They do not.”